2020 Masters Tournament Official Film

The Masters

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    Relive Dustin Johnson's first victory at Augusta National and the entire story of an unprecedented year at the 84th Tournament with the 2020 Masters Official Film.

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    1. 太田忍

      2021-04 の、mastersは、日本人が、制した 。olympicは、どうなるんだろう?

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    5. Jr Knox

      That was a brilliant shot by Patrick Redd off the tee, I mean pine straw, I'm sorry pine straw tee, you understand...

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    8. Matt Stratton

      LOL who is disliking this video?

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    13. Mark Bell

      Tigers moment was my favorite of this video

    14. Lauren Reeve

      Imagine if you could walk around Augusta golf course everyday , it would be how I imagine heaven to be . It also reminds me of Charlie and the chocolate factory for golfers , like if you agree , or even understand lol,

    15. Micah Hardman

      Rory boy...its your Time. Let the Irish eyes smile Las

    16. Jack Ford

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    17. Insane Hunter

      no tourney is the same without tiger and everyone knows it..

    18. James Byerly

      The "pandemic" was all made up. It was the flu. Sorry to break any hearts out there.

    19. Jory Tinker

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    20. Wont Clue

      3:45 Brooks is here and healthy! Yeaaah no

    21. Ry Mo

      Masters needs to cancel agreement with the liberal media propaganda machine called CBS. CBS lies amd have lost all credibility

    22. Cierra isiah

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    24. West


    25. Rick Lewis

      Imagine the one year your amateur son plays the masters, makes the cut, and there's no fans.

    26. Rick Lewis

      Every birdie dustin made, we inched closer to seeing his half naked wife late Sunday afternoon

    27. Rick Lewis

      Imagine having a golf swing like adam Scott's, then at the green he pulls out that broomstick! Come on man,

    28. Rick Lewis

      Just can't stand guys with long putters!!!

    29. Angus Wall

      I want Scott to win, but this year I think Justin Thomas is going to win

    30. basti vargas

      It said Tiger would be playing, I imagine it was recorded before his accident

    31. wayne kerr

      losing a ball in the rough. fabulous

    32. k bul

      is it me or am i just sick of the accent

    33. Lennart Bjurström

      Well deserved win for Dustin - great video!

    34. Ahh Oglio

      "Tiger woods and the world's best golfers..."

      1. Paul Wemhaner

        Does that imply that he's out of this world, or that he has reached a level that no one will ever live up to again so there's no adjectives for him? ;)

      2. Ahh Oglio


    35. xkingkittyx

      this is beautiful

    36. Mark Challed

      DJ is the man. Finishes what he started. Congrats to Andy. See you on tour.

    37. bob barker

      Covid cold/flu is weaker than puppy pee. It's a con job. 99.98 % survive. America has never worn masks for a flu. Herd immunity. Vaccine is a scam too. You still need to wear a mask, and social distance? Government needs to be knocked down a few notches.

    38. J Dubbz

      34:20 Everybody liked that

    39. Polska01


    40. Marco Ferrucci

      My three picks for this masters: JT Rahm Spieth My mates picks: DJ Bryson Brooks Who’s gunna win!?

      1. Marco Ferrucci

        @Charles River Survival I think those r the three don’t think Bryson has the short game / finess to win at Augusta but u never know

      2. Charles River Survival

        Im going JT Spieth Dustin Also maybe a bryson

    41. Tom Feeney

      Dream 😍

    42. Tyler Terry

      35:40 is the moment Rahm decided to switch to Callaway

    43. Cuse Fan

      It’s still crazy that old jack nicklaus has a better sound hitting driver than most of us ever will.

    44. alien Person

      This guy has a nice voice

    45. TiGGowich

      Well deserved Dustin!

    46. Seth Gremmert

      Man... watching Tiger on the 12th hurts every time.

    47. Cole Norum

      Really cool little bit about the photographer.

    48. The Lee Boys

      I got Phil for one last major...

    49. SpyGuy 777

      Virus = flu. Don't be fooled by msm. Vaccines = death and no babies born

    50. TheHabiat

      why the constant con air movie soundtrack loop. it's not an action movie. gets really dull after a couple of minutes

    51. April Loves Golf

      Bryson for the win

    52. GallivanterMan

      deep down in my heart, i want rory to complete his grand slam major. 2021!!! Come on rory!! and maybe spieth?? He looks solid in Texas

      1. Pro Plan

        Rory ain't winning

    53. Hale Strawhecker

      Love the vid but did anyone else notice they said Shane Lowry was the 2018 open champ not 2019? Lol, not tryna hate just funny

    54. skapasi13

      Sergio Garcia is coming in hot

    55. Matt Porter

      14:17 you’re welcome

    56. Matt Porter

      Want an entire video on the past champions dinner.

    57. T James Organizing

      anyone else tired of Jim Nantz?

    58. Just Do it

      I wish so bad that Tiger wins another jacket.

    59. Marissa Aversa

      Phenomenal video, content. Been waiting for this. Thank you 🙏🏼

    60. Action Jaxon

      What a special dinner

      1. Lulu Seatown Getdown

        Winner picks the menu

    61. wizard magician

      Jim Nanz laying it on thick. Sometimes all you have to do is be silent and let the players and the course do the talking. Geez!!!

    62. Douglas DeNunzio

      A green jacket by Spieth in Texas in 2020 could be practical use.

    63. Mubasshir Hossain

      The crowded acknowledgment compellingly talk because cheese overwhelmingly describe round a fearful fearless tank. ludicrous, tearful side

    64. D Madden

      This is going to be a long shot, but don't sleep on Brooks, he's hurt but he could use this as yet another chip to just hang around long enough to strike on Sunday

    65. Harry Herman

      Loads of taking and not much golf. Cinematic garbage.

    66. john brown


      1. Scoot2918

        What about when he got caught doing some sweet ripper magoo's and then threatened Bob menery?

    67. James P

      These official films are so well done. Please never stop doing them!

    68. zaheer merchant

      Absolutely brilliant video, footage and music. Well done.

    69. Sanditya Fadli

      Definitely will miss Tiger competing in The Masters. Speedy recovery, Tiger!

    70. Josh Shellenberger

      This year I’m taking Jon rahm, Ricky and tiger

      1. Tibor Sol

        Cam Smith maybe? Four rounds in the sixties says his game suits the course

      2. T James Organizing

        Rahm's wife just had a baby so his mind might be elsewhere

      3. Dillon Schreiber

        @George Lee neither is Ricky lol

      4. George Lee

        tiger isn't playing

    71. JMclawman511

      28:23 Didn't Lowery win the 2019 Open Championship, not 2018? You know, the last time the event was played?

      1. D Madden

        Yeah molinari won in 18

    72. Wiley Levine

      I hope we get to see Tiger compete in this event again, his last appearance at Augusta can't end like this

      1. Stewart H

        Broke my right hand 🤚 my right ankle 7 times playing football ( soccer ) depending on where you are from ... ribs x2 and my left arm .... safe to say I didn’t get the best of surgery’s and when it’s cold I feel it lol

      2. Wiley Levine

        @Stewart H I broke my wrist a couple years back and my swing has never been the same since. There are so many long lasting effects of just a simple broken bone. I can't imagine what shattering a bone will cause for Tiger in the future

      3. The Average Golfer Sway Baez

        @Stewart H LOL I feel ya. But you and I aren’t tiger lol. We don’t have the best medical help available at our finger tips. I’d bet my life he plays another professional tournament.

      4. Stewart H

        @The Average Golfer Sway Baez theoretically it’s not but only time will tell he’s not a machine if I can play golf till I’m 50 I’ll be lucky my back and ankles are already screwed and I’m only 36 😂👍

      5. The Average Golfer Sway Baez

        @Stewart H you’re not wrong. Again, I’ll never bet against tiger unless it’s over. And it’s not over LOL

    73. Jesse Lund

      Awesome video

    74. Pete S.

      What is with this Master's documentary (and the 2019 one) being in "slow motion"? It takes the essence out of the films.

    75. jelly baby

      Hope Westwood Wins

    76. jelly baby

      Stupid LOUD Music

    77. C Bop

      DJ or Spieth

    78. Maxim Lekov

      an 8 iron into 15......

    79. Luu Duong Hy

      Gap between Dustin Johnson and Woods was 19 shots. Dustin Johnson: -20 Tiger Woods: -1

    80. Executive Golf and Leisure

      So looking forward to another Magical Master from Scotland

    81. Rhettsy Cop lando

      Jim Nantz needs to be replaced with someone who can actually voice the problems of the club...

    82. Christian Thao

      I don't care about the 2021 masters. Tiger is out so golf is over until he returns.

      1. Christian Thao

        @Sean McGeachie I'm a tiger woods fan first and then golf. Its not the same.

      2. Sean McGeachie

        @Christian Thao so your like... A fake golf fan?

      3. Christian Thao

        @Craig M I'm not the only one. The ratings on the tour have decline since he last played in December. Watch this masters rating will not even be close to 2020 and 2019.

      4. Craig M

        So shallow

    83. Ufty


      1. Craig M

        Well, he cheated like he does at golf and still ended up the Biggest Loser

    84. Shane Dunning

      this event made me fail no nut november

      1. Rico Iglesias


      2. Joshua Davies


    85. Mike

      What was that thing at 4:11? It looked like a miniature Frisbee that they toss back and forth to keep the touch and focus level up!! If so that awesome but Im probably way off ha

      1. David Harris

        Could be a hole sized disk to practice short game to different pin positions if that were a practice round

    86. jorge Fernandez

      This will be the year for Abraham Ancer

      1. Mickey D305

        I would absolutely love that

    87. Patrick Anderson

      >Hearing Jim Nantz and seeing Augusta Spring has finally arrived!

    88. Ricky S

      Nobody gonna talk about the absolute perfect bunker shot of Finau??!! The girls behind him? the look back? the final score of his day? everything. 14:18

      1. Advay Kumar Vaibhav

        I see you're a man of culture

      2. Jack Shuman

        one chick was swole af

      3. Spencer Bell

        Definitely the highlight of the video

    89. Kyle Russell

      36:10 “That double bogey took Rahm out of contention.” “On the other side of the course, Tiger Woods was hoping to find his way” as Tiger walks in the same camera shot as Rahm 🤣

    90. TheNumberQuelve

      Dustin is so strong and so composed. It's almost impossible to remember that the guy was a huge choke artist in majors early in his career. That's gone and blown up forever now. He's leaving a huge legacy and will be a first ballot Hall of Famer at this rate.

      1. Joshua Davies

        I hope so. When he's relaxed, he's unstoppable. Fingers crossed that this win helps keeps his nerves at bay forever more.

    91. Nickyb 123

      Wait so tiger expects to contend ?

      1. Luu Duong Hy

        @Tim kinley Dustin score -20 while had Woods score par on hole 12, he would get -9

      2. Tim kinley

        This is last year. Hince the title.

      3. Dom Vaccarello


    92. Chuck Ruckus

      We all watching this year!!!! Turn baseball OFF

      1. Someone On youtube

        Just dont be mad since they’re honoring Lee Elder because of the history he made

    93. Tagen Porter

      Hi every one how was your Easter

    94. Justin Truax

      1:25 the quest for a 6th ain’t happening anymore :-(

      1. Charles Tsai

        @Proxy Hex might have Tiger reassembled for another championship

      2. Proxy Hex

        @whetedge you do realise how bad his injuries are right? They had to cut up his leg to relieve pressure due to swelling and he had multiple rods in his legs. That's years of physical therapy just to maintain himself, let alone his back issues, which had already been giving him grief.

      3. whetedge

        The quest will continue I'd guess. 45 isn't too old.

      4. Arsenal Arsenal

        @Proxy Hex bet

      5. Wind waker

        its a 2020 film so they we talking about tiger defending his title in the 2020 masters

    95. Reed Williams

      My dream is to be pinned by masters

      1. Andrew Kowal

        pretty weird dream

    96. Manfred Herrig

      Great film.

    97. Charlie Gundlach

      Who's here after the Spieth win in Texas!? 2021 green jacket!?

      1. denraW eB

        @jamsjr44 you'd think he would've learned from November.. you gotta put it in the right places.. he had the wrong club into greens today .. a lot of people did tho. Augusta was playing like Augusta today haha

      2. jamsjr44

        Think Bryson has learned from only day one?

      3. jamsjr44

        @denraW eB that’s awesome bro!

      4. On the beach

        @TheSaiyanLegend no one can compete with him at Augusta and he's in excellent form. He shot 18 under par. It doesn't matter if he competes with a thousand golfers. That will win almost every single week on the PGA tour. He is dominant at Augusta and is going to win.

      5. TheSaiyanLegend

        Sorry but no, he wasnt even playing against the world's greatest at texas

    98. golf007sd2

      Great video....had fun talking to those that saw it live. Cheers everyone....enjoy your Masters week as much as I will.

      1. denraW eB


    99. Efrain Gomez

      LETS GOO MASTERS ⛳️🏌️‍♂️👍👍

    100. 104th_Maverick

      In Spieth we trust!