2020 Razer Blade 15 Review


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    Dave2D review of the new Razer Blade Base and Advanced Models. The new 15" Blade is the best gaming laptop razer has made to date.
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    1. Dave2D

      Solid update from Razer this year. Fast screens. Good performance. Want one??

      1. Brent Marsters

        Is it good for music production and video editing.

      2. Han Seo

        But they are so expensive

      3. JDub

        Yes I do. Are you offering? 🤔

      4. Isu

        I'd buy but if 4:3 screen is used, current 16:9 is no go for me ;(

      5. Hev Eliz


    2. wenkai zhang

      love gaming without headphones

    3. wenkai zhang

      laptop needs to have good speakers !!!

    4. Snilsson

      Me to my boss: “hey, I need a new work laptop” My boss: “ok, get something that works. keep it reasonable” Me: 👍🏻😇🤝😋😏😎

    5. Dylan Frost

      Having owned a Razer Blade for a few months now I can honestly say my main problem with the way it's manufactured are those speaker grills. It's super easy to get debris in them. Dead skin getting trapped in them is by far the worst cosmetic thing about this laptop for me. Ahead of fingerprints because as at least with that you can put a decal on it - which I have (Dbrand's Swarm is amazing on it).

    6. Jamie Overland

      Would you recommend the 2019 razer advanced over the 2020 basic as they are around the same price?

    7. ??? ¿¿¿

      Is the m1 Mac Pro better?

    8. Raf Lurv

      damn i hate those small arrow keys

    9. CorkoOsrs

      Once you see the dell xps 15 screen or even the razer book 13's screen in real life. It makes these screens look ancient. That bottom chin is horrible

    10. guy

      It's good, but it gets hot when you use it for gaming

    11. Gaminghunter 2000

      that is like asking why apple is so expensibe or why is louis vuitton so expesnicve

    12. Thanapong Angkha

      The only reason I would want it is that it's SO beautiful.

    13. OG Cisco

      Razer=$500 Blade=$500 15=$500 That's how they priced it🤣

    14. Photoshopuzr

      Because of you I’m looking into this laptop, I was going to buy a MacBook Pro but if I can get a good windows laptop made out of aluminum I would but these do look good and I like the quality of it. Some video editing and photography work with some coding I think this will be nice, although I’m looking to get a the Mac so I can run both widows and Mac. OS but it’s great to see something like this out there, I wish they had a backlight in their logo as well but its all good if I can still get something made solid and thanks for the information. If I do buy it I’ll definitely swing by and let you know. Thanks again. Great job here.

    15. makestyle

      Razer Blade 15 Advanced Gaming Laptop 2020: Intel Core i7-10875H 8-Core, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Max-Q, 15.6” 4K OLED Touch, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, CNC Aluminum, Chroma, Thunderbolt 3, Creator Ready You can buy it here: amzn.to/3rCMvHY

    16. Hassan Murtaza: TheAlpha313

      I got razer blade 15 base 2020 3 weeks ago and............ I had the worst experience freaking 3 replace and still things are worst First Week First Replacement: Battery, Fan and charger pin Issue. The battery overcharged and heated up at idle so much that the processor was confused "should I heat up or the battery???" and the fan issue was that as soon as you move your laptop from one place to another the fan started making ticking noises and the plastic coating on the pin had some barely visible scratches like you put the pin on a floor and grab a heavy piece of rock and hit it few times and then clean it up with a cloth how will it look like? this is how exactly it was looking like but only the plastic coating the pin was hope fully good. Second Week Second Replacement: Hinge Issue and speakers issue so as the laptops is a fingerprint magnet because of the texture on it you have to clean it time by time and I can live with the because of the beauty it offers but almost every other thing about this laptop sucks I was cleaning this laptop and I wiped my cloth on the hinge of the laptop and heard a crackling noise "What's that?" I wiped it again and the same crackling noise so I decided to return this tomorrow as it was night and I had an idea that I should also test out the rest of the things like battery, speakers, keyboard, trackpad etc so the battery was perfect keyboard and trackpad had no problem but when I came to speakers another story begin the right speaker had 26% lower volume than the left one and even on a low volume the speaker was making a weird noise and had way less bass than the left one the fan issue was also resolved, 2 issues gone 2 issue came wow what an excellent job razer! keep up this ****** work with every laptop you make!!! and this issue was not only present in 1 laptop or 2 laptop in 3 laptops that I've tested so far and I know there will be soo many more laptops that will have different issues just like the 2019 models had what improvements did you made? making the right Shift key bigger? that was already bigger in the 2018 model that was your improvement? Third Week Third Replacement: Another Shiny looking laptop Another Shinny Unboxing Another WTF Same Speaker Issue but this time had little more sound than the previous one this time around 20% and the same hinge crackling little bit stiffer than before because the in the previous one I could barely feel it even if you put a short amount of weight and one more issue got present it's the right fan (GPU Fan) It's loose If you move the laptop a little bit the right fan make sound like there is something like a piece of plastic stuck in it I don't if if it's something els the battery is not the issue in this one and the previous on it was only a problem in the first one but one thing to keep in mind is that there are no standers of a battery capacity as I've tested the batter in every laptop and they all hade different capacity like the second one has gone to 72 watts after doing a full charges from 25% to 100% this one has just got to 66.5W and it is fixed there the first one had got to over 78W and then next day fall to 54W and every razer laptop I've found yet has a battery life of 1- 1 hours and 50 minutes with a normal use on just web browsing on chrome and when you do stuff like photo shop, primer pro or just play Microsoft Solitaire the battery last around 45 to 53 minutes and shows the battery warning that is defaultly set to 10% low battery and 5% critical if you chose every settings default like you just simply installed the windows that comes with razer and you don't mess around with the setting which is also called "Factory Settings" I'm just a normal guy not a "Reviewer" or anything I'm just sharing how I've been treated by razer and I know The time that have gone wasted and that struggle I don't think any actions would be taken on me because simply they don't care. A great lesson from razer🙁

    17. T Crash

      they are horrible. I have had so many issues with them and I will not purchase another one. The customer support was initially good but they suck overall.

    18. Frank Valen

      What is the model and the name of the advance model of this laptop

    19. J-Slip !

      If you can buy a MacBook then you can buy a razor... I have neither 🤣

    20. livingMoBile

      I do think all laptop companies, gaming or otherwise, need to work on their speakers but does anyone really game without headphones? Even if playing single player?

    21. 27. Ashwin Wilson

      5:52 what is this game?

    22. Productivity Factory

      we can always comment and ask questions as many as we want, Dave never answer a single one

    23. Henri

      Hi Dave. The MSI GS66 seems overall to be better: seprom.info/clone/video/0bGvasBpfqOn2Ik.html

    24. TRAVEL ADDICT 81

      What about reliability? I am looking for a laptop to edit some videos and all i read is how bad this laptops are build. I am talking about gaming laptops in general.

    25. Nick Renowitzky

      This video is a big lie. The laptop is extremely hot, loud, and has the worst tech support ever.

    26. D

      So it's basically what a Macbook Pro WOULD be, if it had evolved properly after Steve Jobs died and not gone in such a crazy direction with no ports, soldered in memory and goofy touch strips and shit.

    27. Adrian890722

      Waiting for your rtx 3080 review :))

    28. BrennonMitchell

      Can I make a plea. Razer is very very very very very very very very very overpriced. Thank you.

    29. mehmet akbaba

      The peaceful granddaughter dfly calculate because tire surely form circa a dysfunctional curve. illegal, large bath

    30. exothermic ethan

      Finally a 300hz refresh rate gaming laptop thats perfect for using Synapse X on roblox lolololl

    31. 구교승

      Nice video!

    32. Rafeena Ali

      ill buy this soon B)

    33. Mubashir Mahi

      My soul ain't worth that much.

    34. Mubashir Mahi

      Wow, he did in fact get into it. 10/10.

    35. dimensional X

      how heat out fans seemtoo close and lid close it.

    36. Meow Meow

      Don't buy this computer. Ever heard of battery bloat? I didn't,....until it happened. It's when the the battery expands. It's so common with them, the rep who first handled it told me the name they have for it....."THE COMPANY HAD A LABLE FOR IT, IT'S SO COMMON" Given a laptop has no space for expansions to begin with,...maybe you can imagine the damage this can do. Disabled my track pad (unusable),...the bottom of the laptop looked like it was smiling on 3 sides it was so bad. Customer services first acknowledged the problem and sent me a prepaid fedex label. I'm thinking,....good job,...they're going to fix their product problems. Today,....I got a email listing $630 worth of problems that battery caused and them asking for payment. The laptop was the 15 inch white purchased in 18...$2000+...and now they want another 630 for a problem caused by their defect. HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN. I will spread the world forever,.....don't f^^^^ with this company.

    37. Slav1c

      The new Blades are out. But why are they using RTX30 but no Tiger Lake?

    38. Ron Cosby

      EVERYBODY is waiting for the new AMD systems coming out that are going to stomp ass. Especially the HX series 5000 chips that are unlocked .

    39. The Bagel Blitz

      Playing Doom Eternal on a laptop is just so fucking amazing.

    40. highlanderc

      What bios version do you ahve and how much your battery lasts? My battery lasts 1.5hrs with a 2019 advanced.

    41. Kang JIn

      seprom.info/clone/video/z8d5p7Ntc2R416M.html&ab_channel=CareyHolzman I have $4000 razer blade... and the charger just started buzzing whenever i charger my laptop.... is this safe to use? i do not want to hurt my laptop... HELP!!! any expert? My laptop is the advanced model... help! anyone have same problem?

    42. SquirrelPlayz

      David Lee >Bruce Lee does anyone notice the similararty

    43. Elninoo

      oddly enough the lenovo y50 70 has fantastic speakers for a 6 year old laptop.

    44. shane avlis

      Watching this with my razer blade 12.5 lol woot!

    45. Dhanvin Vinod

      Wait, There is a right shift key? WHAT?

    46. K. Baller

      Blah blah blah blah blah get to the point

    47. Lloyd Turner

      Have to wear some good gloves to avoid getting sliced by these razors.

    48. vaishali byloor

      Where are the store links. I only see the insta and discord links

    49. Jason Walker

      5:50: both your mouse and desk surface are begging you to increase your mouse sensitivity.

    50. seanwiththewind

      Greetings from my 2011 razer blade 1st gen. It has survived a high speed motorcycle crash, getting through my engineering degree, long gaming hours, and band practice/recording sessions. Sure it was expensive, but it still runs great and pretty fast ten years later, other than the battery and outdated graphics card. Razer has amazing build quality, just got my 2020 performs really well and an even better/stronger build

    51. Hugo Ruiz

      Just got one for $1200 let’s goooo

      1. Hugo Ruiz

        @Thrivin much better than my G7, the thing is very quiet when you run throttlestop I get 75C on Cyberpunk max settings I want to use liquid metal however it’s risky on a device like this. I’ll try to download those programs tho

      2. Thrivin

        @Hugo Ruiz if you wanna play some warzone or other games hit me up my steam ID is "thrivin"

      3. Thrivin

        @Hugo Ruiz Glad you got it bro. It looks brand new right? Make sure you download RSST and HWinfo to monitor the temps. I love this thing man we got such a good deal. The beautiful part about these machines is that they can be resold for >$1300 for the next year or so.

      4. Hugo Ruiz

        @Thrivin just got it, wow am I amazed runs a little loud when browsing even unplugged. If you use throttlestop however the thing goes silent and runs cooler when doing simple tasks

      5. Thrivin

        @Hugo Ruiz yes for two days

    52. tee jay

      Nah.... I wouldn't get the Razer blade even if it was half the stated price. Asus laptops always seem more appealing to me

    53. Liron Dadon

      U r like the best

    54. Alexandr Garlock

      I can finally buy a razer blade. They fixed the right shift. Thank you Razer. Scooped up an advanced for $1200 on ebay refurb. SWEET!

    55. Callum O'Donnell

      Just bought an advanced model with the 2070 Super 2020 model FOR £1687

    56. Alen Atanackovic

      I ordered the base model, but it seems like i got a grill :D they sure run hot in a very short time.

    57. flame gameplay

      I widh i could get it

    58. Tiffany Nguyen

      does anyone know of the base model supports usb c charging

      1. Thrivin


    59. 👨🏻‍💻

      MacBook Pro knock off much? 😂😂😂

    60. 八極麻花捲

      I am very upset because I purchased blade 15 after believed in this review. 1) razer power supply connector: The way its formed is very difficult to hold and plug into laptop if one didn’t try in person. It’s way more dangerous to get shock than traditional round connector like used through dell and all other brands. It may looks fancy but it’s unsafe. 2) razer 15 2020 can’t work with Xbox wireless controller. It recognize and paired via Bluetooth in windows but does not work at all in every game including halo. If usb plugged, it works. I don’t know if razer tried to favor it’s own game pad and intentionally failed to work on ms Xbox controller(latest). Btw, the build quality of razer is way off than dell xps. Though it may run game and run faster, it don’t last long as xps. It’s very fragile.

    61. Betaflame

      You can get this for under $1400 on Best Buy right now! You should buy it before the sale goes.

    62. XxAtheris xX

      So is this worth all the money it costs or should I get an alienware laptop

      1. Lo Low Beatz

        I have it right now, originally wanted new m15 or area51m but was on sale for prime day & so far its a beast... m15 r3 ram is soldered & motherboard is inverted in case u plan on repasting. Saw a lot of scary reviews on razer blades dying after warranty expires but so far so good

    63. Battleburger116

      Am i the only one who likes the rgb logos?

    64. Lorenzo Bernacchia

      Always good videos Dave, I just got the base one on Amazon, can someone recommend a 500gb SSD (compatible and possibly cheap) to put in the second available slot? Thanks!

    65. Oli Branch

      Doesn't it run really hot - I saw 60-70 degrees surface temperatures whilst running doom in one review - is this a typical problem?

    66. cdkraft

      Dave - what is your assessment of the actual Razer Blade hardware quality? I am one of the army of Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2018 customers who had the notorious camera hardware failure. A great quality company provides great support as well. What i learned is that, not only is there a design flaw in this model, but they also don't stand behind it and divert customers to software "fixes" that don't work or a $100 RMA fee to diagnose the (knkown) problem. This really needs to showcase more in reviews. Tells the true character of the company when products fail.

    67. Gill

      just got base model ayyyy :)

    68. KroutSuprem

      no numpad... don't care 😑

    69. Arshad Siddiqui

      On Amazon the base model of the 15 is like £500 off putting it at around £1000. Is it a good deal? 16gb of ram, i7 and 1650 ti.

    70. Lauvo

      i am going to buy the razer blade 15 RTX 2060 , i7 10750H , is that good ?

    71. Mockedarche

      Apple of windows laptops. Extremely overpriced but far more planned and polished.

    72. Aasif Ibrahim

      I have heard that though Razer sell the base model as single zone RGB but we can change it's settings to 4 zone RGB. Is that true❓

    73. Michael

      I have the Razer Blade 5, with Core i7 9750H, 16 GB Ram and RTX 2080 MQ. It’s running hot under heavy gaming, so I had to buy 2 small laptop foldable lifters (3 USD on AliExpress) The temperatures are now 80-90 degrees with fan turbo. Red Dead Redemption with high settings runs smoothly 🙂 I will definitely buy the RTX 3080 Super model in 2022 😀

    74. Ogas Sherby

      Razer Blade 15 (2020) or Zephyrus G14 R9 + RTX2060. Which Best?

    75. Charles P.

      Thanks Dave, that was an informative and well produced review! Told me much of what I was curious about. 👍🏼 Been hearing good things about this kit. I’m patiently awaiting Rocketlake for my main build, also waiting for the furor of the new cards releasing to die down before I begin. My old PC is (literally) wheezing for dear life. One of my GPU fans is on the fritz and the sound of electronic death is in the air. Intermittent shutdowns and constant unpredictable behavior. Don’t want to spend to fix it as I’ve been saving for a while for a new PC, but as I’m at $5k currently and it still looks like I’ll have another $2-3k saved before the stars align for a new DT, think I’ll drop on a laptop. Need CP2077 on the go/in bed. Thanks for the vid.

    76. Chapel

      I planning on having my parents buy me this laptop for my birthday on January 3rd, i could get it for Christmas but I’m getting a Nintendo switch

    77. Memer. Dad

      No num pad No buy

    78. SERUM

      Just ordered mine with black friday sale, €2050 for the base model with a 2070 max Q, so hyped 😄

      1. ions

        Mine comes today I’m so buzzed

    79. Steven Does Stuff

      Does anybody know what screen does the base model have? I cannot find it anywhere, they talk about the OLED and IPS displays on the newer versions but never really the 2060 model that I have.

    80. slick

      Bruh so basically, I ordered a cheap lenovo laptop but they shipped me THIS laptop. im not fking returning it

      1. Max Rodriguez

        I ordered this laptop and got a toaster..


        These bois telling how fortunate they are just givin' me a depression.

      3. slick

        @Arthur Waring damn dude

      4. Arthur Waring

        Kinda the same thing happened with me. Ordered a 2nd hand Dell lap and got a HP Omen instead though it had overheating and battery issues got it cleant out and replaced the battery now it works good as new and is twice the market price of that dell laptop lmao best investment ever

      5. Pupicchino

        I ordered this and they sent me a Gateway laptop....man fuck Wish.com

    81. Louis Calisse

      would have been good to hear more about the graphics cards and graphics comparison. good review otherwise

    82. Michal Ngo

      OK, you got me on Kurzgesagt.

    83. DylxnSzX

      When he said "VERY EXPENSIVE" I thought $3000+

    84. AJ

      please do a comparison of asus gx701 , msi gs75, ans razer blade pro

    85. Happy

      its outrageous how small the battery is on the base model. Like stupidly small.

    86. Yahya Alim

      Just bought base model for 2k after a year of saving

    87. Jeff Apellido

      They're expensive, but my new job just told me that they're sending me one free for my new work computer. I think it will just be the base model, but I'll take it.

    88. Ruhan Darshak Trivedi

      would you recommend the advanced model for a professional coding

    89. tomatenmassaker

      They have horrible support which ruins the product!!

    90. Gruncle Stan

      Does Razer Blade 15 run rocket league in full resolution?

    91. H C

      There is a black friday deal in Germany for base model with i7-10750H and GTX 1660ti for 1199 Euro. Surprisingly cheap for a Razer laptop but not sure if it's worth it. Similar hp omen with i5-10300H and RTX 2060 costs the same (no discount yet, not sure if it will be reduced in Friday)

    92. seanwiththewind

      Greetings from my mint 2011 Razer Blade Original, almost 10 years and all it needs is an updated graphics card and battery. The blade has even survived a 45mph motorcycle collision, build quality is amazing.

    93. Zac Osborne

      does anyone know if you can expand RAM in the 2020 blade? client wanting to use large revit drawings and i'm not sure about the 16gb being able to cope (going off the rule of 20 anyway) TIA

    94. vinay mv

      But why no good quality camera?

    95. Zayn Umar

      I want to buy the razer book 13

    96. WanG

      The last omen is better

    97. Jake Waters

      Plz can you make a video on the best gaming laptops of 2020 ? Really want to get one but not sure whether to wait or not

    98. pure love

      My heart is beating out of excitement for these laptops!!! Way better than APPLE 😒

    99. pure love

      My dream to have a razor gaming laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it will become reality )))

    100. JustinOnTopNoLs

      I can afford this..... In my imagination.