30 Biggest Ship Fails Ever Caught On Camera !


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    Today we’ve put together the most incredible ship fails ever caught on camera. Watch to the end, and you'll be amazed! Guaranteed. But first, subscribe to the channel and click on the bell. Didn’t you know that a bell could’ve saved the Titanic from the iceberg?

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    1. One Arm Steve

      Lose the stupid commentary. and ships don't have breaks dumbass.

    2. PiggyMooshie0

      Where evergreen at?

    3. owais

      Who is here after seuz canal

    4. Ashish Kumar

      Add evergiven accident 😁

    5. Hậu Quách


    6. HALLAH85

      I'm living in Norway

    7. jason gr

      Narration. Not watching.

    8. M Fareed

      4:32 is little bit funny 😀

    9. Norhaya Ti

      The shit is very danger

    10. Second Unit Aerials

      Did nobody else spot the super yacht at 1:36 is not the same one that rips off the building? They’re two different vessels.

    11. Chakraborty

      Now this is recommended again on the wake of suez crisis.

    12. Jesus Christ

      Mostly Asian drivers.

    13. George

      The videos are good but the way he tries to drag out his jokes and memes just feltnso robotic. You don't need to squeese a joke into everything

    14. Plymouth Mechanic

      Just stop talking, the video's don't need any explanation. It's very annoying

    15. Koning Bolo

      2:53 I am not quite sure what the f*ck a canakkale is but it is obviously infinitely worse then a uckalele

    16. ChloeLouiseeB

      Why are you lying about the logging vessel 🤔

    17. blusafe1

      I appreciate the work into gathering these clips, but the comedic tone is massively irritating given the serious content.

      1. black cricket

        Try looking up something along the lines of "Marine accidents, super sad and tragic" instead of "30 BIGGEST SHIP FAILS!"

    18. kilura1

      0:46 is actually the way barges are discharged when transporting wood.

    19. marius bakstad

      "30 people who lost their job"

    20. IB Solutions

      And I kept fighting with Amazon support staff 🤦‍♂️ They never told me the real reason for the delay 🙂😂

    21. Anonymous 42

      90% of those “accidents “ are insurance fraud scams

      1. black cricket


    22. Cheech Marin

      2:57 nice pickup truck

    23. NewbFixer

      How do these people get in control of these machines in the first place? I would like to say its just humans but it seems its certain countries that are just full of really dumb stupid individuals.

    24. Rob Fraser

      A handheld airhorn costs only a few quid and it could have stopped this collision because yelling at an approaching ship isn't going to get anyone's attention.

    25. Gary Schultz

      hate to be a ships captain with one of these accidents on my resume...

    26. Venture Vanessa

      4:22 this one is my favorite I’m so glad they jumped last second and are okay

    27. Venture Vanessa

      2:14 he had gotten stuck in the water from the boat drag I forgot what it’s called not that he decided to crash into the boat

    28. HYRO X

      Bro the editing is hot garbage

    29. ston219

      Thats where my gpus went

    30. John Steijns


    31. Sarah Anderson

      The psychotic flood cytopathologically invent because sweatshirt morally whip forenenst a well-made arch. miscreant, empty map

    32. Collusion Jazz

      Epic gamer moments

    33. unwatchable v2

      Soooooooooo f**king cringe

      1. bouytt guyt

        1:38 and 1:43 are completely different ships....? Narrator gets a 1/10.

    34. Hex Trixz

      i watched this with no sound so i couldn't hear the bell end with the stupid narrating voice

      1. bouytt guyt

        They're fabulous.

    35. Andrews Charles Bloy

      Hey announcer guy and the writers: You suck at comedy. You're welcome.

    36. bass fishing boys

      2:00 You dumb a**. The jetski dude WAS trying to get away but the current beside the cargo ship was so strong that it was trying to suck him underneath it

    37. james 'Micky' hutch

      Did that alot playing GTA 5

    38. Yukit

      0:52 thats not a fail thats how they move wood!

    39. I’m Luck

      i bet if u played every clip four times u could get top ten minutes

    40. Richard Ochoa

      “this pick up truck” *circles little yellow car*

    41. Snow

      Not a pickup truck bud

    42. Hamisback

      Half tempted to start a salvage company for cargo containers cause this is ridiculous

      1. sehhi vooty

        your jokes are lamer than the jokes on that show TruTV presents Worlds dumbest

    43. Mudd RuddEr

      Im hete to watch the videos, not listen to you point out the obvious. Also link your stuff you find.

      1. sehhi vooty

        The two women at 1:50 point mark are definitely trying to case a case. They are looking for a lawsuit and some easy money...

    44. yasio bolo

      5:37 “the yachts of the rich” these aren’t rich people boats these are middle class fishing boats

    45. Fabian Cancel

      I know one thing they are fired right now Captain license revoked 24-hour lockdown pelican Bay

    46. Sam Hardiman

      thr logs are meant to slide off

    47. Kyle

      1:38 and 1:43 are completely different ships....? Narrator gets a 1/10.

    48. Raffia16th Blaze

      sooo thats where my laptop vanished....

    49. Worst_Recon

      Why does this guy l

    50. Billy Eggers

      8:25 Now l know where my Wish order is 😂

    51. Dillyn Lakey

      Titanic: Am I a joke to you?

    52. Graeme Mellor

      Never heard of a breakwater being called a pier before, more rehashed videos narrated by an idiot with no idea probably stolen from genuine channels..

    53. King Ghidorah

      This is the German coast guard, what are you sinking about!?

    54. revtoyota

      Shows how ignorant you all are at MAD LAB the first one isn't a fail at all they are offloading the lumber.

    55. Grubbin with Jay!

      The two women at 1:50 point mark are definitely trying to case a case. They are looking for a lawsuit and some easy money...

    56. Cody Brooks

      your jokes are lamer than the jokes on that show TruTV presents Worlds dumbest

    57. Cody Brooks

      "Lion king level betrayal". You're not funny. Just stick to showing the videos...

      1. asioe kiou

        Commentary ruins it

    58. Cody Brooks

      Dude... russians seriously dont give a fuck about rules and regulations... jeez

    59. Godlysunfury

      This pickup truck Circles a small yellow car 🤣🤣

      1. asioe kiou

        F for all those captain's who just lost their job.

    60. tomrothwellaskfm tomrothwellaskfm

      This is the best shitty Top 10 (insert name here) channels I've seen in a while

    61. Kimberly Rae

      I wasn't amazed. I want my money back.

    62. Jordan Carmichael

      all of these caused soooo much money in property damage its crazy to think about

    63. vFendll


    64. Tracker Wolff

      You see this entire series is literally just a bunch of really, really, really STUPID humans 😂


      8:18 dawg come on😐

    66. Bruce W

      No damage except for that big ass dent

    67. Matt Koller

      I can't finish this with the stupid edits and quips how annoying

    68. Mohith Srinivas

      Nc horn kee keee keee keee

    69. Themis Spanopoulos

      Waves are strong enough to smash a tanker half? Damn nature, you scary!

    70. User 99

      And now the bell saved the Titanic

    71. Nicholas DePerno

      The striped bat microregionally snatch because ghost positionally harass sans a elderly neck. scattered, regular passbook

      1. Bllasae

        I will be there at the same time I don't have a car so I can get rid of the US'nuclear power the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

    72. bam boozle

      F for all those captain's who just lost their job.

    73. gdels

      Commentary ruins it

    74. Matthew Goss

      Had to mute this so I didn’t have to listen to this guy talking or his edits

    75. Roman Parker

      It sounds like the guy was trying to take a shit while narrating.

    76. richardk29

      "Isle of the wight!" Hahahaha!

    77. Hedgehog1963

      The commentary is inane.

    78. zeromahero 00

      2:54 does anyone else not see a pick up truck 🤔

    79. Zephyr 008

      I thought this would be an interesting vid but somehow it only showed some good examples for the stupidity of people 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    80. Josh Swenk

      Your voice is so annoying

    81. bcvbb hyui

      This is the most annoying commentary I've heard in a long time

    82. certpa!

      0:42 he’s in creative mode

    83. Luna Ress

      Most of the stuff this guy is saying makes absolutely no sense

    84. Bader A

      The commentary was worse than the vid

    85. Devastinator

      These big ships ruin it all smh

      1. bcvbb hyui

        The videos are good but the narrator makes me cringe

    86. Carl

      0:00 dude! Why did you crash into the titanic?

    87. AB

      You're not funny...worst commentary ever..analysed everything as wrong as possible.

    88. Adam Natividad

      8:40 is that why there was no cup ramen in the stores 😂 smh

    89. Johnny Newell

      The footage is cool but the commentating is lame....

    90. Supreme GMB

      I wonder what the insurance policies are like.

    91. O-V Council

      Well as I russian I can only say that we are dumb sometimes :/ I think this is come from USSR

    92. Jonathan Preshong

      Bro, how do you expain these to your boss?

    93. Blaine

      I doubt there are a lot of captains that just say "screw the rules, i am gonna do what i want." Running into a bridge because you had to wait, or cutting off other vessels, you would lose your master mariner's license... Permanently.

      1. blusafe1

        I hate videos like these that assume a story because they watched the clip. There are many factors at play and it was most likely a combination of failure of BOTH the ship and bridge operators communication and/or equipment.

    94. Aftab Dayo

      Hold my vodka was lit😂

    95. duro

      Damn this commentary is cringe as fuck

    96. Tyler Bolton

      Ship happens

    97. 니키Nicka

      Damn, your voice is annoying.

    98. deathsgrip17

      Is it me or does it seem like Russia shouldnt be aloud to have anything mechanical 😱

    99. Jack Griffith

      The videos are good but the narrator makes me cringe

    100. たはBUNNYまらわた

      Oh nooooooo