$70,000 Extreme Hide And Seek - Challenge


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    watch until the end to see who wins the $70,000
    DOWNLOAD HERE: dragoncity.onelink.me/3213014026/MrBeast
    Open to legal residents of the Eligible Countries. Must be 18+. Challenge begins at 12:00:00 AM (UTC) on March 13, 2020 and ends at 11:59:59 PM (utc) on March 19, 2020. Void where prohibited. Subject to T&Cs: socialpoint.helpshift.com/a/dragon-city/?l=en&s=hot-topics-what-s-new&f=mr-beast-quest-giveaway.
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    1. MrBeast

      Subscribe and I might invite you next time ;)

      1. I’m tired


      2. Tammy's World


      3. Qaher Cool

        iiiiiii love

      4. Andre Joseph

        Where did all those comments go

      5. GachaPotatoCookies

        Just cuz im invited doesn't mean ill come UwU

    2. Dean Holland

      𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚜 𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕤 𝕤𝕟𝕠𝕨


      love from pakistan

    4. Wendy Mayes

      I saw the shrek

    5. Koen Thomas


    6. Ree United

      Only me that reacted to when Chris says “this is a good spot” but he literally would have found anybody who hid there. So it wasn’t a good spot :/

    7. Dennis De Brief

      That sound is off piggy on roblox XD

    8. Navinpat Soontrapa

      I have a dragon city

    9. Abhiram Maddali

      They didn't even ask where Thomas was.

    10. Noob Commentary

      Mary kinda toxic

    11. 101septic_sam101 Plays

      Right on the day schools closed

    12. livvy jones

      "that Karl kid" haha

    13. Parker Klass

      is it just me or is there a moist shrek ;)

    14. Next

      of course someone on the channel we barley know wins

    15. Hi

      Anyone see that eyeball in the moon thing

    16. Bertha Miyanda

      If you find karl I'm subscribe

    17. Anita

      Mr beast can You give me a iPad and a mcbook pliss

    18. Mellow Marsh

      Lasting until the last 4 would be my goal, just the thrill of excitement and fear...I wouldn't want it to end so soon

    19. White Guy

      6:42 a face XDDDDDDDDD

    20. Eaglesfan45

      Now I don’t get mad at fortnite because of I rage more than Karl when I lose a game but he ragged at $70,000 !

    21. Ruby Wells


    22. Mark Varey

      I really wanted chanler to win

    23. Silas DeLong

      Why is it aways Chandler

    24. Behrad X

      Best Man ever

    25. Lakita Coyle

      So cool

    26. ThePopcorn Kernels

      Me who always plays dragon city everyday 👁👄👁

    27. CB

      Thanks for 50 Abb 60 karwa do please Love you all

    28. Funky Monkeyy

      Karl wearing a stitch onesie is the most adorable thing ever someone help-

    29. Abstractify

      5:29 Whats the musics name

    30. Stinky Man

      i didnt know shrek was hiding to

    31. Purple Dinosaur

      The final 5 were Ts and Ks, Karl and Kelly, Tyler, Thomas and other Thomas

    32. Jopi

      Chris sees a wall : DuDe ThATs A gOoD sPoT 😎

    33. Jelyn Gallego


    34. Jelyn Gallego


    35. Angel Martinez


    36. Josiah Miles

      The shrek LoL

    37. Cassandra Dees

      It was the noooooooooooo for me 😭😭

    38. Noah Fondren

      7:36 that just kills me!

    39. Archer Snell

      chandler is poor

    40. Amp World Fan

      You put the sponsor on such a cliff hanger moment 😂

    41. jace taylor

      Crazy lit lmao

    42. Filippa Pålsson

      6:43 just me who saw shriek in the moon?

    43. Magnus Bringaker Pedersen

      When jimmy says 70 000 dollars The text says 17 000 dollars cuz it is so much Money

    44. hello im pump and skid is sleeping


    45. Angel Cares

      Mr Beast pls help me I just need $10 I need to buy medicine for my mother plssssss heeeeelllpp me sirrrrrr😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


      6:43 shrek is watching

    47. Ricardo Sanchez


    48. Jack-Mister

      6:42 there’s a shriek portapody with shriek in it


      Ight I have DragonCity

    50. 百合

      if they shut down one of the areas i would still stay there LOL

    51. Brylee Credeur

      I see a lot of people on roblox wearing mr beast dhirts

    52. Ronan Fleming Jr

      6:42 Anyone else notice the shrek in the outhouse?

    53. Felicia Souva

      The smiles on peoples faces makes me so happy!!

    54. Uizuku Shamiji

      I want KARL to win

    55. Felicia Souva

      "Theres a worm but we're good, no, under that"🤣🤣🤣🤣

    56. Shimpow08

      shrek approved

    57. ale _di•

      Karl in a stitch hoodie is amazing

    58. PurpleJellyOscars

      s u s


      Chandler Is a sweet person ❤️

    60. Ze Sean't

      Mary lisa is just too beautiful 😍😍

      1. Austin Wijaya



      give me a chance then see i will win

    62. Claire Fedak

      Oh no! Chandler with his yellow hat on very disappointed eating pretzels 😂 Sorry Chandler 😂

    63. Lalobo Lamar

      dragon city should be for pc also

    64. Ketchup TV

      Good that i subbed cuz i dont wanna loose my Roblox account

    65. Mr. Master


    66. Kanav Sharma

      70000 $

    67. Aarush Kulkarni

      Man , being Jimmy's friend is sort of a career

    68. Moises Gan

      I have dragon city but idont have diamond

    69. SwipeOut

      I Subcribed

    70. Darshan Patil

      if you are original mr.beast then give me 10 grand

    71. DEEPAK OP

      Happy birthday Mr Beast

    72. MjGuImBa

      6:42 Shrek?

    73. Keteru Yamiko Chang

      I got dragon city a few days before the mr beast dragon was out and I didn't even know about mrbeast

    74. Keteru Yamiko Chang

      I am on level 52 of DragonCity

    75. Violet Holmes

      this is war training

    76. mar

      give my poor man Karl a prize

    77. mar

      Thomas won... it hits different when Karl was second again and they almost discovered his hiding spot

    78. mar

      I mea- if Ben had won once again, I would've lost it lmao. it had to happen 😭😭😭😭

    79. FCpl Barnett

      Abandoned amusement park* chernobyl?

    80. ༻ • KingBalex • ༺

      Man i in malaysian i hope i can go here is it cold?

    81. Art_Skully 714

      Let’s go I thought Carl was going to win

    82. azad pareek

      I want to win gift

    83. Jissel Ocon

      Oohh, I'm rooting for Karl though. Too bad he lost.

    84. Weeb-chan

      Poor Karl! Noooooo the second time!

    85. GAURAV S 9th_2021-22

      Fan from india😁😁

    86. Mohammed Taha


    87. Wheres The Horror Section

      Why didnt you deliver my mr beastburger

    88. the_ gubler

      "I think I'm laying in aspestece." Nooo sis that's FIBER GLASS!!!!

    89. Amor Penny

      You are the bees

    90. DNK Music

      Ohhhhh yaaaa! I’d crush it

    91. Jester Soreño

      Happy birthday MrBeast!

    92. izuku midorya•

      Karl and Chandler are such Hommies

    93. nadia shafquat


    94. Abrar Faisal Rafid

      2:28 easter eGG

    95. Lochlan Murphy

      Karl’s the best at getting second

    96. Paul Corrigan

      you should buy a backhoe and smash the building that will get them out

    97. matthew hornyak

      I have DragonCity it’s the best app ever

    98. Megan Tate

      I have DragonCity

    99. game up with chamar47be

      NOOOOOO KARL!!!! :(