Adam McKola’s RAGE & REVENGE | Spurs 1-3 Man Utd

The Kick Off

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    It was a rollercoaster of emotion on The Kick Off as Man Utd went from behind to win at Spurs. Here’s how it went on The Kick Off
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    1. The Kick Off

      Are Spurs out of the Top 4 conversation?

      1. sagnik basu

        Yessss almost !

      2. Hamzah Hafesji


      3. Lukas Hillbrandt

        They was never even in that conversation lol

      4. Izzat Ilmin

        are they ever in?

      5. Bruno The Magician

        they wish they were.

    2. Khiêm Đỗ


    3. harsh asher

      the spurs fans face is so irritaing the way he celebrated the goal what an idiot!

    4. relentless 1989

      i can hear a girls laugh, but i cant see the girl

    5. RATH TV


    6. pep guardiola

      Why is it posted late??

    7. wang qingyue

      As a United fan, I just want to slap that dude with black hoodie when he stood up.

    8. Supratim

      you will be going to laught the last laugh man! i just saw the full to see others reaction on your laugh! GGMU

    9. Qamar Satti

      When Cavani scored and It went to VAR, I was comfortable that nothing will happen but when Refree started to walk towards VAR screen, I was like "Oh No Oh no no no"

    10. Tay Spiegel

      Philsophers: He who laughs last laughs hardest Rory: U wot mate?

    11. Ram Karki

      ❤💯Manchester United 3v1 Tottenham🤣😂

    12. Ranjan Ningthouja

      It is too much boring to watch modern football. No one can touch each other in modern football. What is the point of playing play just goal keeper instead of 11.

    13. Theredevils 302

      4 vs 1... revenge is sweet 😂😂

    14. Luk Gray

      Even in jest you shouldn't be making fun of that var decision, you should all be slating it. We might get change then

    15. Muzammil Parkar

      That Spurs fan looks like the B/R football SEprom dude that does videos

    16. lee madden

      It cracks me up with the guy that wears his headphones on his neck because he does not want to mess his hair up, has he never heard of pods?

    17. Jacob Scott

      Kills me that they all straight away jumped on adam when the goal was disallowed 🤣

    18. Anthony Gurirab

      How sweet it was in the beginning and sour at THE END

    19. Nikunj Pasari

      Karma is a bitch...especially against a team known as the Comeback Kings !

    20. robert catterall

      Love you guys love you channel..... respect.... ❤️

    21. y1521t21b5

      He who laughs last... Looks like the _UCL_ and _UEL_ are headed to _Manchester_ this season...

    22. Shaan Ramruchaya

      That transition tho😂🤣

    23. Georges Michaud

      Man united fans are so aggressive its actually crazy

    24. Tami dis

      Loved hearing Adam say Ole has been a success. Props man

    25. Collins Acquah

      Nice show

    26. Collins Acquah


    27. Mr P

      That Mun U supporter should seek anger management therapy, a loose cannon 😱🙈

    28. flawless093

      4:10 that rorry laugh

    29. Dee Dubya

      God I love Adam - a passionate united fan

    30. Callam Brackenbury

      I'm not inviting violence but I think the entire United team should get sent off and start a fight 😂😂

    31. LukeVaughan

      Mckola the man!!!

    32. Justin Sealy

      “I hope his eye is gone” lmaooo

    33. RAMBO Margalane


    34. James Chunu

      Notice how quiet all these men got after every United goal? I bet United ruined their childhood 😂😂

    35. Sukhdev R34

      Wow Adam is such a baby.

    36. Todd ZiLLa

      6:23 Im sorry wash n go. I use wash n go as well🤣🤣🤣

    37. David Temilade

      Yoooooooo Rory’s laugh is fkn killing me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      Lol who heard Rory Laugh jheeeeez

    39. Aeden Stewart

      Imagine being so happy about being 2nd in the league😂

      1. Aeden Stewart

        @Adam McKola I'm a city fan. A team as big as manchester united shouldnt settle for anything less than first especially when they always talk about being the greatest english side should the greatest team in england be happy about being 11 points behind in 2nd place, knocked out of caraboa cup and playing in europa and not champions league? Thats the point im making i understand celebrating winning the match but to be bragging about being 2nd is unacceptable for united fans. Real united fans will agree with me.

      2. Adam McKola

        Who do you support? You don't celebrate goals/wins unless your top of the league/winning a trophy? 🤔

    40. Andy C

      Mckola the legend 🤣🤣🤣

    41. Nathan Kearney

      He’s definitely on drugs right?

    42. JALLA

      This is the best😂

    43. Ben Richardson

      Such a funny video 😂

    44. Bara Tibza

      I've never seen Adam that mad

    45. KayDee

      "Deal with this anger" 😄

    46. KayDee

      Love watching this after the result knowing that all that cackling will end in premium tears 😁

    47. Feez Ok

      This was FUCKING BRILLIANT 😂😂

    48. Ray & Cat Johnston

      Adam looks like you are the only one on here that knows anything about football. Who is the twat that says what McTominay did is violent conduct? If that is violent i dont know

    49. Will Jessup

      Rory was dying 😂😂😂

    50. Sean Chin

      Adam's reaction throughout was basically my reaction as well watching the game at home. Bloody hell man, United didn't deserve to lose.

    51. LM10Gaming

      I was the 6 thousandth like👍

    52. Cockney Red

      the LAST laugh is always the best you mugs. Big up for adam in that nest of ABU's.

    53. K 95

      2 foothim😅😅😅😅 i was same Adam moving hella angry

    54. james turner

      Should of been a goal

    55. shahmir saleem

      If u cant see loz and brians agenda against man u u r stupid

    56. Krishna Agrawal

      @Craig Mitch Typical Spurs fan.. Bantering on first Spurs goal like the match was over there and then.. Not even surprised because the club's mentality is of being bottlers keeping fans like Craig utterly deluded!

    57. Scars Music

      6:24 😂😂😂 I'm dying

    58. gebar

      Lawrence is actually such a prick

    59. J Dodger

      The irony of a man United fan having a moan at refs 😆😆😆

    60. Joshua Loftus

      Just can’t not laugh at Rory, so funny 🤣

    61. Solomon Aragaw

      Adam is the man😃 It looks like others are laughing to make him go nuts 😅

    62. Jibran Zafar

      Guy with a black and pink hoodie said only reguilon doesn't get beat and both the last 2 goals were his fault because he got done 🤣

    63. Joe Skinner

      this spurs fan is so f*cking annoying

    64. Bee Yearly

      Adam, make your own podcast show man. Those guys are always making fun of you on this show.

    65. Ugbadboy

      Adam's energy is the reason I watch games alone! I be going off every call against United!

    66. Caniz Z

      For the first time Rory hardly speaks, but laughs the entire clip, golden

    67. machael shaikh

      I felt Adam at every point in this video!!! Rollercoaster of emotions but so glad we got that win! This one feels good!! UTFR 🔴

    68. jc Manish

      As a wise man once said Never celebrate too fast against man United

    69. RazBaybee

      "with all due respect, I hope he dies" - Adam. HAHAHAHAHA

    70. Tharun Chelley

      This was Adam at his best 😂

    71. Shivansh Tandon

      @0:14, at this point True Geordie is evidently thinking that Lawrence is going to shave his thick beard off.

    72. chris thomas

      "i use wash and go as well man"

    73. Tom Derby


    74. JLU41

      I'm a united fan and watching Rory wet himself in real time was incredible!

    75. Lance Vance

      Adam is the worst fucking winner. I say that as a Tottenham fan.

    76. Azツ

      The way Rory and Brian look at each do be kinda sus :D

    77. Bruno The Magician

      add this to the hall of fame list pls.

    78. ReplacedByDrumbot

      This thumbnail xD

    79. Steven Kilgariff

      And I quote “ I use wash and go to man “ absolute poetry

    80. Abhijeet Mishra

      oh man you should see Georgie face its so red

    81. peter redpath

      Adam, drop the gaffer tape hoodie

    82. TheLukeJefferies

      This was hilarious

    83. L O L

      The Saudi’s will now try and buy TG

    84. MrClumDog

      Embarassing how anti United this channel are

    85. Alex SB

      Let’s go United, I love Adam😂😂

    86. Wanizame

      Does Craig grow that silly moustache so he looks like less of a lesbian?

    87. Eisa Mohamed

      That laugh is so annoying

    88. Amro Arafa

      Adam celebrating in midst of all the silence. INJECT IT. Watching their reaction to Son's goal knowing how it all ends is hilarious.

    89. Kslater23

      I just love that Adam doesn't do watch a longs on his own channel, nor Stretfords for the most part and mostly does the Kickoff.

    90. George Jones

      You guys should do a 'soccer Saturday' equivalent when we get back to 3pm kick offs. Would definitely tune in for the banter 👍🏻.

    91. Dxj19

      I love Rory so much king 😂😂😂😂

    92. Leonardo Styan

      i dont particularly dislike Lawrence but my god he looks like a wanker

    93. Gary Barnes

      Utd fans are soooo sensitive

    94. Jacob Baines

      Love you Adam! 21 is coming.

    95. Sasha Rodenacker


    96. Emmanuel Oyelese

      4:05 Mitch doing far too much

    97. cyberman

      Brilliant show! By the way, Mourinho was finished when he went to Chelsea that second time, and the players then kicked him out. He was washed up at United, and he's totally lost it now. Sen him back to Serie A or something, cuz he's never going to win anyhting again in England.

    98. --

      United fans celebrating 2nd after going out in the CL group, what's happened to the club.

    99. Joe Parmenter

      I use wash & go as well man

    100. Joseph 'Shovel Brother' Bradford

      Really annoys me when someone is losing, and go "wHeRe ArE yOu In ThE lEaGuE"

      1. Adam McKola

        It means your head is gone and mine was.