amazing video and work machine 321

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    1. HYDRA


    2. Tariq Gujjar

      , 💕🌹💕💕💕💕🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    3. ゆっちゃん


    4. Griselda Barajas romero

      A friend cut three fingers off that machine.

    5. •Diana Ganikyzy •

      you watch how the planet is littered

    6. Tecnotrucker80

      NEVER bring your Hand (or other Body Part) inside ob that Machine

    7. 존예

      손 들어갔는데 기계 작동되서 손 짤릴까봐 무섭디

    8. Sharmina Emmy

      Satisfying video...

    9. Rakhi Mehndi Art Creation


    10. Abrasive Atom305

      Jesus this thing should be in a horror movie

    11. 🔥❤️ Vinay ❤️ 🔥

      Piym sound

    12. hadji1968 kaman

      Dangerous work for hands.

    13. Ut Nguyenminh

      Không an toàn

    14. Love Japan


    15. Abdi Boys

      Awas kena tangannya kalau gk hati2

    16. Maria Clara

      Um carai que botava a mão ai desse jeito boy

    17. Anthony C

      10 / 10

    18. はね


    19. the death chanter

      And paaffff, he cuted his hand 😂😂

    20. Bruh

      Хочу всунуть туда руку матемотички

    21. khanal bikas

      Wow great paper cutting machine I also used that in our factory

    22. Артур.AKMALJON. TJ

      Опасная штука, если перепутать кнопку

    23. un Otaku ctm

      Did someone think that sound is cute? Cause I do

    24. Bakchoders

      That sound was so satisfying

    25. Agus Cahyono

      You ar not safety bro...

    26. Nats Tv

      there is always a first time

    27. sasirohith revu

      That sound😝

    28. Ravi vlogs

      Ohh my god that is dangerous work


      POV: se te va la mano y quedas cómo naruto

    30. Md Sarif

      this machine name is maybe pollar cut

    31. Mubashir Ahmed

      Why this

    32. Арнур Амангали

      So why stealed video

    33. • Cloudy Flowers •

      I’d be the one worker who gets their hand sliced in half because I accidentally pressed the thing to start it while adjusting the paper

    34. 玉见。


    35. Alexis Martínez

      Scary job

    36. Ioan Ciurea

      I work with this machine 7 years ,is a great cutting machine wollenberg , it have pedals for press and simultan button for cutting and foto cels for stop cutting if any persons put the hands in cutting zone ,great machine with automatic cutting programs.

    37. Devin

      Was i the only one secretly hoping the foot peddle got ahead of the hand

    38. Shehani Jayarathna

      Off-set department jelating mashing 👍👍👊👊👊👊❤

    39. loot obtained

      F that

    40. Denise Williams

      I need thiiiiiiiiissssssssss I be sick using a cutting board for my prints

    41. Simone Moschettini

      col cazzo che metterei le braccia lì sotto

    42. MI Imon

      anyone tell the background music name please 🥺

    43. Reptilerabbit

      Amazing video and work machhine 321

    44. Being Sushmi

      So satisfying😂

    45. 澤宇

      好可怕 一個失誤 手就切下去了


      I'm olsw sem machine working in 🇴🇲oman

    47. AISYI AMV

      Watch your hand

    48. Sindhu 23

      Be careful 💜

    49. Руслан Сабитов

      Автомат сломается, без рук останешься

    50. edhart 18

      Machine polar ???

    51. Mr. Choplanskie

      Sheeeeesh. 1 machine glitch and your done

    52. موسى العنزي

      هذا لو تخرب وتنزل فجاه تقطع يدين الرجال او من يشتغل عليها

    53. Ultrashone

      Haha I used to do this for a living, working in the “bindery” department of a printing company. It’s fun

    54. Tell me your name first

      Who other figured a Final Destination Scenario when the person's hand gets in there?

    55. Senshi Endo

      So satisfying!

    56. DIGISORA

      Amazing 🔥🔥

    57. kenneth l

      Why do you speed it up?

    58. Sabrina Onassis

      Осторожно,это опасно

    59. J Blue

      Put your hand in there and press the pedal. Yeah I’m good!!!

    60. Phan minh hoàng

      Máy cắt

    61. thais moura

      Não existe um técnico em segurança no trabalho não é?

    62. Om Ganteng

      Meleng dikit abis tuh tangan

    63. Ali Madrigal

      Its called a cutter

    64. HUMAN HELP

      Waste of paper

    65. Esauu Poncee

      Eso hacía auron play cuando tenía 16 años

    66. gn01715185


    67. Reflix TV

      Imagine your hand got stuck 😪

    68. CallMeSoonTM

      top 10 ways to end up on live leak

    69. CallMeSoonTM

      top 10 ways to end up on live leak

    70. Nancy Sawyer

      I remember doing this when I worked for a printer. More cost efficient to make them out out a standard size large piece of paper or stock and then cut to size like this. Can do 100’s or thousands at a time instead of handling ‘onsies’.

    71. Arthur Bastos

      Não é 51 mas é uma boa ideia 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    72. pollin Sandi

      No desperdicien el papel un arbolito más talado no se les ocurre que en un futuro puede haber. Gerra por un solo árbol son. Muy inconscientementes

    73. Torta de Abóbora

      Aí! Minha mão!

    74. Yedhee Heelaberd

      *Put the hand in the machine* Machine: pewww

    75. hao-Kun

      Sounds cute 😊😊

    76. Centro América

      Bye hand..

    77. Mechanic

      Unsafe work.

    78. Master One


    79. Eduardo Gabriel

      Y asi se van tus impuestos

    80. Alex Rostás

      So dangerous 😐

    81. ぽっぽ


    82. Ultra Epik INDIA !

      Still waiting for that amazing part

    83. Ashok Rudra

      What if you remove your hands a bit late? Chuing!!! Finger candies 😅😅

    84. Ps깔아라


    85. Ruan Mota

      Se der um bug nessa máquina, a mão dessa homem já era! 😥

    86. Crusader

      One guy I know chopped all his fingers off on a cutting machine like this

      1. OrangeAction

        I know a guy who passed out drunk in the winter and his hand was in a puddle. He lost all his fingers to frostbite.

      2. Howard Greenhalgh


      3. Hannes Vogel


    87. Игорь Смирнов

      Как можно туда руки то?????

    88. Cesar Rodriguez Cortez

      i didn’t know paper could aneeze

    89. のやきんと


    90. 1907FENERBAHÇESK

      Dont put Your hands idiot..

    91. Weez Walt

      Scary machine

    92. sunxhalo

      Brain: *just do it* Me:nooo Brain: *just do it*

    93. تيسير عبدالحق

      I was afraid that the machine will cut his hand

    94. cart man

      ,, Dad how did uncle Larry lose his fingers again? "


      Demasiado peligroso meter las manos. Lo debes de hacer con algo que no introduzcas las manos...

    96. hunkuss47

      Mn nem fudendo eu colocaria a ✋ ou o braço sabendo que pode decepar 🥴

    97. Coca Cola

      Deberías meter la mano, seria un corte fino jjaajjajaja

    98. Kanchan Yadav

      Bhai bled ke andr hath dalna risky he Bhai