Amish Girls See Airport For The First Time | Return To Amish

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    Maureen and Rosanna have decided that the Amish life is not for them and plan to fly to Florida.

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    1. number letters

      I couldn't stop laughing when the guy said I can't help you lol

    2. Laura Choueri

      Start by taking off those hats

    3. Amo 4.0

      Daniel my Friend, Florida Changes People 😏😏Ha Ha Ha she’s gone Forever

    4. britty bee

      I also don’t like robots in the toilet

    5. John Kama

      On they eat the apple of knowledge and sin no return their innocence

    6. John Kama

      Who made this.exposing clean hearted girl to this corrupt evil world

    7. Franktastic

      Mad respect for them. A couple of girls that left everything they knew for the pursuit of their own truth and happiness.

    8. gg Sonny

      "how do you have social security with out ID?".... says the guy with an accent. Really bro?

    9. JD C

      I feel bad for these girls. I could never tell my daughter "don't worry about coming back" or "you might as well leave now then". Isn't robbing them of a normal childhood enough...

    10. Fatima Garcia

      "how do you have a social security without id" is this guy stupid??

    11. S. Adam Bernstein

      TLC sucks. They set up this whole thing and obviously knew the girls didn't have ID so couldn't fly, but had them go to the airport expecting to anyway. Despicable!

    12. Mx Bx

      Not even sure this show is legit. There is ample evidence on social media showing these girls had already left the Amish before this was even filmed, so this is more like a weird re-enactment. Also notice the "English" footwear at 2:56. Do the Amish buy shoes like that?

    13. Kane Huff

      Cue all the dumb leftists projecting their own insecurities on everyone who doesn't obey their cult.

    14. Daniel Anderson

      Shouldn’t they have an option to choose? Like, why do they have all this burden from their parents and other family?

    15. Ane Falaniko

      Happy for these two to step up and made a decision for themselves. Good luck on your journey

    16. Arielle


    17. 180

      I never will understand or accept how some families place religion and tradition/culture before their loved ones. I believed loved ones come first.

    18. Johan

      Aren't they supposed to talk old German 🤔 Coz only heard like 2 3 german words

    19. robinaboy

      I’m intrigued as to how the skinny one picked up the modern use of “like” for every second word. And why did the taxi driver have to give the girl his phone number? She’d already said she called him whenever she needed a lift. I smell a rat with this show.

      1. Leslei Nguyen

        Of course it is scripted.. like all things reality

      2. Mx Bx

        This show seems to be fake. Evidence on social media has the girls living normal "English" lives in 2019 before this was even filmed, so this appears to be more like a weird re-enactment and they had quit the Amish long before that.

      3. Jellybean Frandsen

        Calling him before might have meant telling a friend to tell another friend before.. now... they have freedom not to use the soapbox to transmit their information

    20. carmine carousel

      Daniel has such beautiful eyes with eyelashes like lampshades! His smile is genuine. What more could you ask for?

    21. Victor Contreras

      If an ex Amish girl wanted to be my girl, the first thing I'd tell her is to throw that dumb bonnet away! It makes you look like an OLD LADY.

    22. No Life 77

      I’m actually pissed that the crew didn’t tell them what they needed. They were so excited to get on that plane

      1. MaybeKaylee

        Gotta get those reactions

    23. TajaS

      This is honestly so adorable ^^

    24. Jeff Clark

      Fuck the Amish, straight up Cult. How can you treat your children this way. Terrible. Good for these girls having the courage to go out on their own and make a better life for themselves.

    25. Melisa Keskin

      Doesn't she already have his number if she called him for the taxi?

      1. Philippe De Deken

        Seriously, she doesn't even have a phone.

    26. jay bee

      feel so sorry for these girls and all those living under Armish rule, they live in a bubble, ruled by old wasted men who believe whatever happens to a person there, be it good or bad that God allowed it so lets leave it alone. called themselves believers in God but have no idea of His name. Its a cult that's all it is a cult run by a bunch of uneducated men.


      I another year she will be coming home like the prodigal child in the Bible...when there is no food, shelter, water or jobs in the cities.... Sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. Good Lord, they are SOOO innocent and Naïve.

    28. Jay Pro Sr


    29. Tradez


    30. TheMintyDuck

      pennsylvanian dutch is a weird language

    31. THE420COUGH

      This shit is scripted made up bullshit all actors

    32. Faust

      More proof that religion is a disease of the mind...

    33. Ron C

      The plain and simple stairs were right beside it

    34. Unicorn Bunny

      She shoukd just return home , tell Daneil to go ask his parents for her hand (i assume that's what Anish people do) n marry her. Actually modern big city life is not as glsmour or easy as small town/village people thinks. Its tough n most people n not good. Way better for them to stay there..

    35. billybryang

      This made me smile. The little things we take for granted huh? Two innocent girls discovering everything

      1. Andre Chandler

        Yes... me too. Unbelievable .. lol

    36. iris72

      What a bunch of actresses. This is fake.

      1. Shelbyville Rules

        They're former Amish but this whole video is basically just a reconstruction.

    37. Shelbyville Rules

      If they thought God wanted Daniel to drink Drano, how did they know he didn't also want him to get the plastic surgery?

      1. Váta Szilamér

        I thought the same.

    38. Bernardo

      I love them ♥️

    39. Tom Senft

      Amish people have vinyl siding?

    40. Paul Braasch

      I stopped at the teeth...I couldn't go on ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

    41. Jon Cunningham

      Does anybody else think this is a bit fake...?

      1. Shelbyville Rules

        I think it's basically a reconstruction. These girls are former Amish but they've just dressed them up and gotten them to act like this is the first time they've been to an airport etc. It may as well be a dramatization that they then tag with "Based on true events".

    42. Zuschauerquaeler

      7:10 "Why can't there be stairs plain and simple?" Can you make it even more obvious that it is scripted lmao

    43. Ricky 99

      Imagine being Amish and coming back home with a black dude 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Brown Bear

        *Or anyone in general who isn't Amish*

    44. Jose Portillo


    45. Elmacho Elseñor

      What language do they speak.. is it English?

    46. Michael S.

      It's true about the escalator when I was in my teens in New Rochelle we were going up and escalator and my sneaker got stuck in the teeth if I hadn't pulled my foot out at that time I would have lost my toes I was lucky.

      1. Mx Bx

        That's why escalators in the UK have those brushes. It's designed to warn you of the edge.

    47. Marko25Polo

      If shes dizzy on the escalator shes in for one hell of a flight....

    48. Asmr N

      That's sad yall can't smoke weed hate to see it

    49. Neda asd

      it's so heartbreaking seeing this kind of life in anywhere in the world especially in the middle of the moddern country like usa,I'm from Iran and this video is abit like our life in Iran because of religion,religion distroy happines and freedom 😔😔😔

    50. mr nobody

      Ma pa I know this is a big surprise but I don't want to live a life of oppression and judgement in this batshit crazy social experiment called an Amish community being limited to the technology of 1850 in 2021.

    51. Barkinmarmot

      Guy at the airport counter? Total dick. Needs to find a different job.

    52. marmoris

      Daniel’s story made me sad. Its horrible how they left his face scarred like that. That girl is so sweet and they deserve to be together :)

      1. Reyhana

        The "call me" part was like 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    53. Mike Smith

      I thought all Amish were allowed to experience the world at about 18 yrs and decide whether to stay in their Amish community or not.

    54. Mike Smith

      This is terrible ! Someone should accept their SSN card as an ID. And it's horrible that doctors were not allowed to fix that boys face.

    55. aron ackermin

      So funny. Women are more likely to be led away by flashy things. It is very predictable. That is why Eve was tempted first to eat the apple, because satan knew that a woman is easily led astray by delusions and because Men can be susceptible of letting their love for someone cloud their judgement, this in effect was how satan knew how to get Adam to disobey God as well and also eat the apple. Another sad thing, they were probably better off living a purer life in an Amish community than to be corrupted in our world. Many of you reading my comment will undoubtedly laugh at my perspective, but If you do laugh, deep down, you know I am right about this.

    56. Colin Andrew

      Dem inbread teeth though 😐

    57. cyber pet

      8:42 PERIODDDDTTTTTTTTTYYTT😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    58. Timothy Thomad

      Fun fact: You can actually fly without a photo ID (although you do need a ticket). You just get searched VERY thoroughly. I once forgot my ID in a rush to the airport. I still flew, I just had to go through enhanced screening. Actually they send you to the front of the line. Still, having ID is obviously better.

    59. Henry Lau

      I'm surprised the Armish taxi driver didn't remind them that they need IDs to fly.

    60. Henry Lau

      I thought they don't use any technology, but it looks like they do wear modern shoes.

    61. Lowell Gallery

      A lot of people get mixed up with words because words become symbols devoid of origins, but when you look at words as constructs that have origins, it makes more sense. "Dutch" isn't even a word the "Dutch" really even use. Dutch comes from Deutsch, which is what Germans refer to themselves as. We have the term "Teutonic". Notice the similarity between TEUT and DEUT... yes. OK, so We see now the Teutonic --> Deutsch connection. Now, imagine you are in central and western Europe over 500 years ago. There is no Netherlands, there is no Germany. There are hundreds and hundreds of little countries, kingdoms, principalities and city states. Who are these people? No idea... but they all seem to be Germanic, all these people along the Rhine. We know they're not French... and I think they call themselves... hold on, Harry knows. Hey Harry!!! What do those folks call themselves? Dotsh? No? Deetsh? No... Dutsch? Yeah it's something like Dutsch. Cant' remember exactly but they call themselves something like Dutsch. I think. I mean, they sounded like those people we heard back in Hamburg. Yes I know this was Amsterdam, but they sounded VERY similar. Yeah, so these Dutch people... So that's basically where the English word "Dutch" comes from. Mistakes. So then a bunch of actual Germans move to Pennsylvania and the English call them "Dutch" as is the custom, not really knowing whether this person is from Amsterdam, Brussels, Hamburg, Dresden or wherever. They all "sound the same" so they're probably just those "Pennsylvania Dutch" folks. To the point that even the Germans themselves in America call themselves Pennsylvania Dutch when talking to others. BTW... this is a VERY HIGH LEVEL explanation. It's waaaay more complex. Oh, and let's not even go to the word "English" itself. That's a whole can of worms since "England" literally comes from the fact that the Engeln tribes populated and ruled that area of Britain. Who were the Engeln? Well, you might known them as the German tribe we call the Angles. And when grouped up with the Sachsen, who are now known as the Saxons, they were called the Anglo-Saxons. Again... very 30,000 foot view explanation...

    62. Diego

      They (used to) live in a beautiful place

    63. Jean Hawken

      Such abusive parents. Love is about ensuring your children are safe, well educated, see that they self actualise to their best ability. The Amish worship ignorant old men and their rules. This has nothing to do with god.

    64. Kawasaki Man

      The Amish life seems to be a great way to live but something doesn’t seem right about this video

      1. Alexander Manuel Benedict Sumera

        Yes it is mice to know you can feel it too

    65. John Stafford

      I’ve worked with the Amish on a few occasions. Very good people!

    66. Cri cho

      This is sooo scripted.

    67. purberri

      I don’t understand how parents can turn their back on their children because of religion

      1. Ajax Maintenance

        It’s not a religion, it’s just a very legalistic culture where a person is not allowed to live or think outside the box they have created or God Will Be Mad At You. It’s all about control.

    68. Elijah Johnson

      Good time to call what’s his name!

    69. P.Krawczyk

      "The Amish taxi driver is a very handsome guy" ...girl, you haven't seen much in your life...

      1. P.Krawczyk

        @Gabrielle Josef-Marie yes, you're right BUT personality and body features aren't same thing.

      2. Gabrielle Josef-Marie

        I thought he was cute.. more than that, he has a beautiful heart.

    70. Juliette B.H

      This lifestyle is pure abuse.

    71. Nock Nock

      Homie got chompers

    72. Eddie K

      Daniel, get your butt to Florida bro

    73. Mike Bridges

      Beware the robot toilets!

    74. Drea Gardiner

      They should've at least changed their clothes 😂

      1. Eci Majic

        And wear what? Lol

    75. گل عشق

      Amish Girls See normal people For The First Time

    76. Daniel and Jess

      “How do you have social security and no ID”....bc it’s mailed to your house when you’re like 3 months old 😂 idiot

    77. Austin McNally

      To attempt to entrap members of your own family through fear and ignorance, is cruel and morally despicable. But to then banish them from the family, for not being cowed by that fear and ignorance is simply inhuman. Parents who behave in this bullying authoritative way towards their offspring are themselves weak and degenerate. They do not deserve the love and respect of their children. No excuse can ever justify their stupidity.

    78. kisstherain73

      This is all made up. I grew up around Amish...they travel around the world more than you think. fake.

    79. Borostyán Kvaszta

      The thing is they have this thing called 'rumspringa'(i dont know if i spelled that right) where they are encouraged to go out and see the world.

    80. Anu Marika

      Danny’s teeth!😅

    81. babykrul

      Lol remember that TLC set this situation up they knew these girls didn’t have an ID card because how in the f would tlc forget to ask them if they have an ID beforehand and just film this?

    82. Chris Wahlers

      So they filmed this knowing they weren't getting on the plain, might have been nice to warn them.

    83. Adam Gossett

      The end pissed me off 🤣

    84. kimberly castro

      I have no ID but I have a social security and some other documents tf u talking about

    85. Matthew Wyszatyckyj

      How sweet

    86. Echø Miles

      Florida ?? Haha welcome 😁. Remember when my girlfriend first visited here to spend time w me it's a beautiful place

    87. Camilla Pinheiro

      Mano q bosta cmss nao ajudaram elas a tirar um passaporte????pqp ne os cara gravando tbm garai eh p acabar hein

    88. Charles Robinson


    89. PilotWolfe09

      Bruh imagine this girls reacting to a chip in them

    90. JEP

      "I have a crush on this really handsome guy" *sees buck teeth * Me: what the fuck!?

    91. manhattan9718

      Wait. How come she didn’t already have his number? I thought she called him for a taxi ride? So she must have had his number already or am I getting this wrong?

      1. Shaena Dean

        there are these things called letters you mail

    92. Tijn Gerritsen

      That guy should go to the dentist at some point

    93. Sibyl Saint

      What the fuck??? All that and they cant get on because they don't have ID??? The fucking camera crew didn't tell them?? Nobody fucking told them. This went from hilarious and cute to angering and depressing. My god....

    94. ila1964

      it was unkind to mislead them into thinking they had tickets to fly merely in order to garner youtube cash - perhaps what the mother meant by 'it's hell out there'

    95. Werner Pohlmann


    96. Luis Ortega

      This idiot said how do you have social without ID 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Bruh lmao you can’t have an ID without a social I hate when people just legit lazy and don’t even try to show the slightest amount of help

    97. Chong T.K -

      isnt this too modern in Amish life? do they use smartphones or cameras?

    98. Earl Archibald Campbell of Argyll

      He is handsome!! Poor guy.

    99. Jeremy

      They would be a cute couple. She'd make a good wife.

    100. Onky Luna