An Afternoon with Prince Harry & James Corden

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    Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are settled into Southern California, James Corden thought it was time to show his friend Prince Harry the sights. From tea on an open top bus to visiting the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" mansion, Prince Harry gets the tour he never dreamed of. Special thanks to Spartan for providing an incredible Spartan Race Obstacle Course to run. Learn more:
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    1. Meiling K.

      Honestly, Prince Harry has a more 'royal' British accent than James does! lol for some reason... Or is it just me?

    2. wanjiku njoroge

      Harry’s personality and energy is the definition of a gentleman. What a guy that’s so rare to find

    3. ana franco

      ...and I thought he wanted this private life,away from cameras etc...great job

    4. Nat Olu

      Harry is free at last!

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    6. KSMaxiefan01

      How does Meghan look so beautiful on FaceTime? In fact dare I say she looked even prettier than she did in the Oprah video

    7. Kindness Matters

      I thought it was cute the way he was supporting you James. Very very positive man that Harry 🌸

    8. Ralph Onzel

      Them: talking abt prince harry* Me: Realizing how prince harry had a iphone*

    9. Maria Garcia

      Don’t talk to me like I’m a dog!... I feel like I’m Archie at the playground 😄

    10. Charlotte martha

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    11. chaon65

      So sad that Prince Harry is under the Skirt of witch meghan

    12. Corina Thorose

      I laughed more than I should have at the cameraman nearly going overboard.

      1. Moriss Alan

        Hi there hope you are having a good day so far??

    13. LisakenntguteMusik

      James Corden s better than Oprah.

    14. Aradetorreon

      This video should be introductory to ANY video of Prince Philip’s dead/funeral where people keep attacking Meghan and commenting on how “sad and manipulated” Harry seems to live now. This video should be renamed “The UNHAPPY life of Prince Harry in California” 😏

    15. Grace Boichoko Ndlovu

      So humble down to earth sweet His voice is so polished like Lady Di the Princess who stole our hearts.Harry is loved and the jealous ones go hang.

    16. Katrina Ross

      Made me laugh

    17. sista love

      Megan was the not the women to fulfil the role in the monarchy. Her interview with Oprah was all drama. Dianna was drama as well.

    18. The Ava Stark

      The queen and her husband served in ww2, that deserves respect

    19. Demonic's Gaming Domain

      Yeah Corden, people can do that when they aren't gluttonous.

    20. June Kirri

      So surreal to actually see Prince Harry like this. Never thought I would. Glad I'm alive.

      1. Totally Hemp

        Makes life worth living doesn't it.

    21. Daan ten Doeschot

      Harry seems like a fun dude when he leaves Meghan at home.

    22. Adelyn Havens

      Okay but do the black gloves look really good on Harry for some reason or is that just me being weird?

      1. Totally Hemp

        You should see him when Markle puts him in handcuffs he looks amazing !

    23. madeline a

      this is one of my most favorite videos on the internet oh my god

    24. Rai Mae

      This is awesome!

    25. Celina HM


    26. TinSuperTin B

      Imagine spilling tea in the Prince and him being cool bout it

    27. Agopuntura

      La padrona di casa UNA SORELLA

    28. TheKelly5741

      He is just one of a kind!

    29. nils kanal

    30. Urvi Mainkar

      The fact that Harry wasn't rushing alone instead waiting for James and even motivating him. He's a real 🤴


      Prince Philip is great man! As a Royal member he had done great royal services for England beside the Queen. Who is Meghan Markle? Was Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle for her to become a British Royal Duchess? Was Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle to stay in USA for free royal duty life?

    32. Prapti Panchal

      I expected him to call him Harold but then he's the only one.

    33. Jay Trimmings

      James your so Embarrassing.

      1. Joe Hartley


    34. Jay Trimmings

      Lol. Cart full of breakfast

    35. Lorelyn Delas Alas

      A happy prince harry,🥰😘🕊️

    36. Gaming Avenue

      He looks like Ben Stokes for Some reason

    37. Bliep Bloep

      Didnt expect him to be this charming & funny! I wanna see more prince harry content now - PLS JAMES BRING HIM BACK SOON

    38. Samprikta Das

      I like the way he put 'very much a member of the BTS ARMY' 😂😂😂😂

    39. Richard Nogalez

      They would be So Great in a Comedy movie!!♥️

    40. clotilde besson

      I played that part where the bus brakes and the crew member flies off so many times xD And hearing Prince Harry refer tot he Queen as his grandmother is very confusing

    41. Buck His Ops

      "Us royals" you ain't no royale you simp

    42. gabes80

      How dignified

    43. Zan Copleston

      “Us royals don’t carry cash,” not much of a royal anymore 😂 no offense meant btw

    44. Hongki Jeremy

      6:36 I can see some gestures and talking like a Gordon Ramsay princely and elegant version xD

    45. Edith Bateganya

      How he's fascinated about a waffle maker

    46. elyrexo

      Harry 'one of the boys' Sussex.

    47. Raph Fulgencio

      It shows the real personality of prince harry

    48. Aj

      I didn’t know Harry was so TALL!

    49. Sandra McFaul

      Love this video. Seeing Harry smile and laugh is like a bright sunny day.

    50. Lol123 Lol1

      He’s having such a great time it makes me smileee aaaa

    51. Bicki M

      Prime Harry is a cool guy !

    52. Daniela Jacob

      We need will smith to react to this asap

    53. Shine Bright

      How does it test them spiritually?

    54. Paper Moon

      Hilarious !!! 😂😂

    55. Betty Abarca


    56. gguillevi

      clean it up harrrryy

    57. Bawan Dhillon

      Prince Harry is a cool dude

    58. Lucía José Navarro


    59. VGerring

      This doesn't get old at all. Whenever I come across this video, I just have to watch it until the end.


      But how ironic that when I’m watching this and he’s talking about “FaceTiming his grandfather” (Phillip) they are passing a cemetery 😢 rip Phillip

      1. X andru

        Philip didn't talk to him, it's a lie

    61. cherisenove

      Harry, don’t you know that you are a real prince, and Prince of Bell Air is just a movie.???

    62. BanquetNZ

      H: Same time tomorrow? J: Never again

    63. Nancy Hughes

      I absolutely loved watching this video best one yet

    64. Lakenya Harley

      I love Harry 🤣❤️🤣❤️

    65. Michelle Austin

      As our prince Harry- go the fuck home

    66. Super Jump Bros

      A Zoom Meeting with James Corden and the Queen

    67. Super Jump Bros

      Rest In Peace Prince Philip

    68. Super Jump Bros

      Well... That was intresting

    69. Emily Stry

      did anyone start singing the song? 😂

    70. Emily Stry

      ‘’english tea on the 405’’ 😂😂😂

    71. Jennifer Razon


    72. angie kreuter

      I’m sure Harry felt in his element again after a long long long time .

    73. Anaelle AGATOR

      Harry is so adorable And James so funny !

    74. Francho Benito

      10:04 Harry:my grandfather... look at the background damn

    75. Brahim Di Vincenzo

      I will do the same.. He will never be king so fuck being second 😂

    76. Malu Rufino

      Megan and Henry are unique souls. Blessings and protection to them✨🤍🙏🏽

    77. Alinaaa

      Bts Army experience 😂 i love it

    78. thomasfy4

      Prince “I want a life without the press”

      1. Akire 97


    79. Kieran Robin

      Weird. When Harry mention his granddad he’s passing a graveyard. RIP

    80. Lgbt_ Shannon

      My first time of prince Harry cuss when he isn’t allowed tooooo oh my gosh.

    81. Afriunite

      I'm in love with Prince Harry

    82. Nina Ravindran

      English tea on the 405 lmaooo

    83. XiaoFang Lin

      Who British or born anywhere in britain

    84. Ann McCoy

      As Prin e Phillip fought for his life Harry the twit does this...not impressed.

    85. Anonym #1

      When Prince harry swore 😳😎

    86. Viet Tommy

      2 British men having some tea in the US 😅

    87. LYAP G

      Prince Harry went to Sandhurst and served in Afganistan. The obstacle course was obviously a piece of cake for him.

    88. Janette Abong

      (12: 37 ) James : Very much member of BTS army 💜 😂

    89. eva barnes x

      harry is such a gentleman.

    90. Kau Tanyak lah

      Salah paham ibu / mami aflahsyhamade.. pikirnya Any sfh menerima uang kontrak negara dan semuanya loh.. mintak uang. Any bilang gk ada.. mada gk ada uang any banyak katanya gitu.. lihatlah ibu cuman makan beras bulok.. berapalah gaji guru sd. Seperti itu.. Any di suruh pulang.. seperti itu loh kesalahanya.. dlm bus any nangis gk mau lagi sama anaknya.. Tau2nya di Rubah ayahku wajahnya dan bentuk tubuhnya. Dan namanya seperti itu..

    91. Kau Tanyak lah

      Ayahku Kampung Melayu.

    92. Lee Bentley

      Pair of scumbags should be arrested for treason 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    93. Brianna Brookshaw

      I just noticed they are marching XD

    94. poikjnb ghyuxz

      The picayune nurse recurrently bruise because delete evolutionarily trouble a a murky employee. inquisitive, parched trunk

    95. Duved Det

      James is awesome 👌

    96. Jem Nañez

      "Very much a member of the BTS Army" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    97. Kau Tanyak lah

      Pangeran Harry berganti wajah.. setelah thn 2015.. Any sempat menolak.. karena keselahan ibunya.. atau adik angkat Ayah Donaltrumppotter sm.. y karena any sempat bersumpah gk msu lagi sama aflahsyham ade.. karena kesalahan ibunya..

    98. Kau Tanyak lah

      AnyLofianpotter Hanya meminjam tulisan Ayah.. bkn untuk any. Dan tidak lagi any nabimuhammad.. tapi sebagai anak donaltrumppotter sm.. yg megabarkan keseluruh dunia.. klo mereka salah kiblat atau terbalik

    99. Kau Tanyak lah

      Pikir ayahku any bisa Lupa y dgn kayangan.. dan menempatkanya di kurci nya.. gk lah ayah.. any nabi muhammad untuk ayah Donaltrumppotter sm.. bkn untuk Tuhan