Apple "MagSafe" Wallet - How Safe?

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    iPhone 12 Latercase -
    This video features a variety of iPhone 12 cases and Apple MagSafe wallets for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Mac and iphone 12 Mini.
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    1. Unbox Therapy

      iPhone 12 Latercase -

      1. Khmies Abdellah

        Hi, alright Me, abdellah I'm asking From you Phone ... I can't buy Phone Can you give me phone Gift Diyala's dreams are cell phone Thank you.😍

      2. João Serra

        In Portugal we have Id and driver's license on our phones too

      3. Matej Rezo

        Lew, vid on the studiooo asap

      4. Jamie Dowie

        Respect. 🌹

      5. Sahayeda

        I'm loving the batman studio

    2. AllstarDimo

      60 dollars us wtf

    3. Justin Brown

      This is literally the stupidest item anyone can buy 👌 This just goes to show that people would buy anything that apple puts out..

    4. James

      Lol that’s red pretty sure that’s orange 🤣

    5. Adrian Perez

      I love your carbon vase where did you get it

    6. The Life of Brandon

      I got the black case With the black wallet. And it looks good together. But I like all black everything

    7. Ben G

      Lew take off your later case and put on the apple iPhone case... those have magnets... yours do not.

    8. Aterhallsam

      You dont have id on your phones in America? In Sweden we have something called Bank ID and it works as a digital ID. It launches an app with a 6 digit code and you use it to sign in to your bank account, when you need to see a doctor virtually, when you buy prescription drugs etc.

    9. Hardik K A Premani

      0:25 I love magnets in most "cases".... GET IT !!!!

    10. Ja Ja

      Tie peňaženky Mgs Sú otrasné to už kto za debila vymyslel haha? Načo by mi to bol preboha taká hlúposť…

    11. Khmies Abdellah

      Hi, alright Me, abdellah I'm asking From you Phone ... I can't buy Phone Can you give me phone Gift Diyala's dreams are cell phone Thank you.😍

    12. Khmies Abdellah

      Hi, alright Me, abdellah I'm asking From you Phone ... I can't buy Phone Can you give me phone Gift Diyala's dreams are cell phone Thank you.😍

    13. linda escalante

      I think they should make a silicone wallet to Match the silicone case because who wants to spend $60 on a leather case and a leather wallet not me at least

    14. Penny Cooper

      Where can i find this cheaper?

      1. Chase Stringer

        Sugar daddy

    15. Franco Luera

      I can imagine just keeping the wallet separated for the most part and together when I need it to be

    16. Riley Mannion

      Is it just me or don't magnets wreck your cards?

    17. Rea Shin

      Thanks for the info, question, which iPhone case do you have in this video? that looks very nice!

    18. Junezor bogard

      Lol another yikes product of apple

    19. KJS

      Thanks for mentioning Korea

    20. Albert Brooks

      So it wobble around and you have to take it off to take out your card. Im not sold

    21. bigtakeshi

      or, someone could steal ur wallet OFF your phone easily, big problem!

    22. Jean Mesa

      So, I also “managed to get my hands on the Apple Wallet” also. Didn’t realize they were that hard to get. Reminds me of the Verge PC build video when the guy goes “yea we got one” with a face of almost disbelief like it was really hard to get an 8700k 😭😭😭

    23. Raquel Lei

      I’m thinking🤔. I would use the wallet if I was out at a restaurant and want to be an minimalistic. In and out, no extra carrying. Then it’s worth it. License and 2 cards!

    24. Neiji San

      I got one which is not an original one from china, cost like $3 and I compared it with the original one.. guess what the clone one are more sturdy and have solid magnet than the original one.. that’s make my friend really disappointed

    25. Bofinkenn

      wait. so you have to take the wallet of the phone to get access to the cards? What a dumb idea

    26. Camy Jean-Baptiste

      What color should I get white my white 12

    27. Alpha Centauri

      what next ? apple spring water - with a mild hint of apple - just $99.99

    28. TikToks

      But where is he filming tho??😂

    29. Adam Tait

      Less secure to what? A bit of leather in your pocket?

    30. m3talh3ad123

      Never was a fan of wallet cases for phones, and not a fan of these either. Just seems dumb to me, like not only can you lose your phone, but you can lose your ID and credit cards at the same time.

    31. Ted Wasserman

      Is he in the temporary bat cave?

    32. Abel D

      I had one but i fell off. 3 times I lost this wallet but the third time was the last time. Magnets are weak.

    33. Roman Suvorov

      Here in Ukraine 🇺🇦🇪🇺 we do have IDs in our phones.

    34. Sean Connolly

      Use it every day never an issue. Leather case and wallet it takes effort to slide the wallet off. Glad I tried it and did not depend on the negative reviews.

    35. spencer owens

      Where did you get your case

    36. NextGen Leaders

      simple solution. Superglue the card wallet for good to the phone cover. job is done. Also just wait for a replica Chinese make to come out. A lot cheaper!!!! 🤣

    37. REKON RC

      Omg you use it everyday? Everyday? That’s ludicrous!!

    38. Abdullah Alshehri

      It’s stupid idea

    39. Kimm

      Physics lol. Come on.

    40. Bogdan

      Maybe a battery magsafe will work better 😁

    41. nobody

      this nigga is in bruce wayne's cave

    42. dhr6v

      Shots fired at marques 👀

    43. Prince Naveed

      which case is better leather or silicon ?

    44. santiagowechsler

      I’ve lost my wallet like three times

      1. Robert Hayes

        Wow.with your credit cards in it?

    45. A C

      ngl...those are some nice pants

    46. Funny shores Gamer

      Android is really lagging behind while Samsung is the other android company’s are ping quite well l am mostly a pixel guy when it comes to android l use iPhone and android pixel 3 xl and iPhone XR bought them same year

    47. Rangersix92

      I’m sure a software update would fix the panic of losing the Wallet. When attached you get a notification so why not when it’s removed. Even a notification to a peripheral device like an Apple Watch so you don’t mistake it for a text message. Maybe a custom sound with the ringer to let you know the wallet and case have separated

    48. 오스만 리AZ 7 Z


    49. Christopher Romero

      The wallet is trash and easily falls out. Apple is now the same thing Steve tried to change

    50. Michael John Lozano

      Well for me the magnet is pretty strong for a standard everyday use with three cards on it.

    51. Jay Ay

      Why the fuck do Americans call trousers ‘pants’?

    52. Afaf Abdelazizaly

      Misspelled: iPhone 12 Pro mac. Correction: iPhone 12 pro max.


      Nothing will ever be cheap from apple. Just got to deal with that or sadly go to a device that gets viruses all the time. Or gets hot as fuck in your hand.

    54. corpse

      my debit card and my amex are on the wallet on the device, I really hate the idea of putting my plastics in there. and my id.

    55. Josh

      New place?

    56. Encounter33

      They are trash. Period.

    57. J FB3

      Magsafe wallets r so dumb. Why would u buy a wallet with a magnet when u can buy a case with a card holders and why didn't apple just create a case with it built in and yea I kno,w, it might deactivate the cards if u wirelessly charge it and so people don't have to remove the case but they could of made it Velcro instead of magnets . The wallets look better as just wallets but three slots ain't enough it was a dumb idea🙄

    58. Doyle Lovil

      I'm not sure if there is variation within the magsafe wallet product line; but I have the wallet and the PM leather case and mine doesn't budge at all, left or right, without me applying a good bit of force. Once it locks into where the magnets are, it's locked in. I see in your video it appears to be sliding around very easily and mine doesn't appear to do that at all. Not even close. So I'm not sure if they have updated it since it was launched or if there's a variation in magnet quality, but that caught me off guard. I would have returned mine if it slid around that much.

      1. Encounter33

        Yeah, I have to return mine. It does not stay on the phone well at all. Sadly, it barely works.

    59. Trent Neck

      We have Id on our phone in Louisiana

    60. acom ft LightFromHeaven

      from my real usage, it does stick very well with apple magsafe leather case compare to silicone magsafe case after few days... it stick quiet strong with leather-leather...

    61. eduitguy

      Australia has a digital licence. I haven't really carried my wallet in months.

    62. Nicholas Bersito

      I would get the black one to match my black iPhone 12 pro max case

    63. Nicholas Bersito

      I might consider getting this for my 12 pro max I just feel like it’s very overpriced as an accessory

    64. Diablos718

      That’s not secure at all, if you pants nick the the cardholder it’s coming right off. And yeah you might notice it fall but it’s also annoying having to pick it up every time

    65. moma

      Im like 35.000 lol

    66. BlackLister


    67. Fastline

      I have MagSafe case but I wish I had the wallet.

    68. UNCLE SAM

      Steve Jobs would not have approved the wallet

    69. Carlotta Ghinassi

      The best one are from popsokets 👏🏻

    70. Bryan Uchiha

      Thanks for the video. The product is trash so I’m not going to get it

    71. Enrico Ciccia

      I use a rubber band around my cash

    72. mintico snout

      This apple wallet is garbage. It’s too loose. I always get anxious looking at how weak the wallet is connected to the phone casing. *Gulp*

    73. GUI KJRL

      Genuine leather = low quality leather

    74. Avil Ledger

      Unbox these Element Case Black Ops for iPhone 12 Pro Max Black $249

    75. rickyd454

      Why are you in Batman’s hideout from the dark knight after the bat cave was destroyed?

    76. Miguel Lorenzo

      Imagine losing your phone and wallet at the same time🤣

    77. Jonathan Joestar

      60$ for a small magnet and some leather.... Bruh

    78. Fanserker

      Me: Magsafe! My wallet: NotSafe!

    79. Joey Racs

      This is so fucking stupid. How can the young generations be this fucking lame??

    80. Lambert G

      This will wipe your credit cards!!!!!

    81. Van Wright IV

      I got my black wallet from T-Mobile

    82. kevin garcia

      Are you seriously explaining how a case works bro!? Just put on the damn wallet!!!

    83. Carlos Cadena

      Dude’s in the bat cave

    84. G-63 AMG

      The red is Orange or im like blind?

    85. Jonas Prommersberger

      would be nice if the iPhone vibrates when the wallet comes off

    86. Михаил Фалько

      If you were curious enough, E-ID is not only used in Korea but in countries like Ukraine, here we have an app called "Dya", essentially what you do is you upload the info from your e-banking and the system gives you access to all the documents you have ever obtained.

    87. Tommy Degreorio

      I’m using the wallet on my iPhone 12 with the leather case and I haven’t had a problem. Yes it an adjustment but ones you adjust it’s a nice thing to have.

    88. Jacob Reinhard

      ok so not getting this haha

    89. Ch Gr

      Another old man video once again ! This guy is boring as hell ! Why do people watch him take shit out of boxes lol go buy your own shit and stop giving this guy views !

    90. Roni Simhoni

      if you really want to know what i said when he pulled out his phone at about 1:27 me: "WHAT A HORIFIC CASE"

    91. Brevin Domingo

      I was shopping for the leather case because I received a leather wallet for my iPhone 12 pro for Christmas. I didn’t know if the wallet would attach to the phone with the case on, but I’m glad to find out that it does! I ended up purchasing the leather case thanks to this video!

    92. Mian Abdullah

      This is what chad wild clay uses apple wallet

    93. Devis Natali

      Ciao "unbox therapy". Stò scrivendo dall'italia. Noi abbiamo realizzato un prodotto UNIVERSALE almeno 3 anni prima di Apple e sarei curioso di sapere come tu lo vedi. Realizzato a mano 100% made in Italy. Dove posso linkare il prodotto? Scusa per la lingua ma noi siamo piccoli artigiani italiani e parliamo poco l'inglese.

    94. usama shehroz

      Can i pay Netflix with that?

    95. Starship Alves

      Now try a Twelve South Book Book. Great case, magnetic, holds more cards and cash. I'm on my 4th one and buy them for all my devices.

    96. Lou R

      That little budge is enough for me not to trust it with my cards.ty

    97. BeakersNetwork

      Place your credit card next to a magnet, and ten stick the magnet to a sensitive piece of electronic equipment...discuss

    98. dang ding

      I don't know about the leather case, it's pretty and premium, but my previous 4-5 years usage, it started to peel off at the edge wallet - nah .. not for me i guess, but i wonder will be the card get messed up with the magnet ? card for hotel room ?

    99. APPLE_ Printer

      i've had a leather case from apple for 3 or more years now and it heals sometimes like if u scratch it, it begins to fix its self over time and that's a really nice thing about it

    100. jackal monkey

      I use one of these and have no problems with it... I do like so many comments about people that have so much to say about this wallet when i'm sure they never even held it, yet are experts.