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    1. eli VII

      2:17 sheesh

    2. Jindora The Explorer

      he's so smol and cute uwu

    3. RHGamez YT

      Arrdee needs a collab with Central Cee, Aitch or D-Block Europe or all of them together but i don’t think Central Cee and D-Block Europe would work together, not cause of beef or anything but cause i feel like D-Block Europe and Central Cee genuinely just wouldn’t work ygm but i mean if Arrdee, Aitch, Central Cee and D-Block collaborated then it’ll probably be a banger anyway

    4. Julie Juleez

      Baterry: 1% Me: goes on oliver twist* Battery: I'll wait.

    5. Slime JamezZ

      Whos here at 6.9m views

    6. scott browne

      if you buy aitch of wish this is what you get.....



    8. Sword

      This slaps hard👌👌

    9. natergamer pro

      I accidentally has it on 1.25x it still sounded mad

    10. Vakhtang Chagelishvili

      Billy Gilmour started rapping

    11. francesco giusti

      par gaetanino

    12. Navin bhagawati

      The intro music gives goosebumps 🥶

    13. Leon Pengz


    14. Charlie ckp

      I love this song

    15. Lucky Lee


    16. Chinya N

      Congrats to Ardee and Zel for his beats , the beat is so unique 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    17. T

      "Coz i come from the shore but the poor part all you see is crackheads feening" thats coming from me and im from wolves but live in somerset

    18. aswer huio

      This guys gonna have a hell of a Summer Holiday lool - but seriously love it 'Cheeky Chappy'

    19. Kieran Moore

      He's Smoking a burn on me nans sofa🤣

    20. Hola Chacha

      Quelle langue ?!!!

    21. Pure deppresion


    22. 《•Dåřķ_Đëmøñ•》


      1. 《•Dåřķ_Đëmøñ•》

        @aswer huio what u mean?

      2. aswer huio

        People are actually thinking this is good ? 🤌🏽😂

    23. Marwan Yafai

      This is an Arab personality defo

    24. GriefLeaf

      "Claim your here before 10m views ticket here."

    25. Danyaal Hussain

      mad how KSI's song has been out for less than a day and has the same views as this

    26. shanshan's world

      I actually like aitch lil brother

    27. zRxxg

      Bro the bars marched the beat so much 🔥🔥

    28. FAIRY音兮

      addicted to dis

    29. Beasty

      he's a cheeky chap

    30. Ali Heydari

      Poor Oliver

    31. xMist

      0:30 what dance is that lol

    32. RedHotSauce

      Music for kids

    33. [ds] iwamuro

      0:27 just me or is it green screen on the transitioned part with his coat on

    34. Lyza squire-grier

      I heard this on the radio and my dad was in the car he said it's not like any other normal rap song it's got vibes abd I started laughing, I agree with him

    35. Jake Smith

      People are actually thinking this is good ? 🤌🏽😂

      1. Aykut

        Woi dew yew tink dis not good mait?


      I piaggio dietro sono un tocco di classe. ❤️

    37. Reverse Music


    38. Rave Tapes 1

      LOL ... famous because of tik tok ! Enjoy it whil;e it last lol

    39. Dan Jones


    40. Yoboy 74

      Who has shots of rum😂😂

    41. Aykut

      Yew shüldn't taik wot a sei with a pinch ov solt

    42. Little Vice City

      Welcome to the Shelby brothers limited

    43. Astron

      The way he puts personality into his music is great, this guy w BEXEY could be a banger

    44. Ella Gren

      Not your song

    45. Fin!


    46. Iraiah wong

      The vibe is doooope bro🔥🔥🔥much love fro east Africa 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

    47. Huyt Dresa

      The aboard dentist ordinarily choke because veterinarian shortly satisfy toward a unkempt separated. unusual, miniature japan

    48. King mohamed Family

      I love when he says don’t take the pis

    49. Boku wa Kiandesu

      His like a lyrical blueface

    50. Ross Davidson

      Now this is a banger 👏

    51. Renilio editor

      The beat and the rap really suits yoo😎👿

      1. Chinya N

        Yep the best is AMAZING . True the rap and song go so good together .

    52. Rapid power

      this man don't miss

    53. Rayna rates


    54. V2DHEART

      this was literally filmed outside my nans i’m so posed i wasn’t there 😭

    55. V2DHEART

      is this Aitch's lil bro?

      1. Aykut


    56. David Bienda Saleh

      Its the classical piece in the background for me, !!Kid is too Fresh! Wtf with the dislikes, bladzi hatters...

      1. Aykut

        Yew shüldn't taik wot i sei wid a pinch ov solt.

    57. Precious Me.

      Arrdeeeeee you needa add more adiolas to your videos bruh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    58. Charade

      Melody is fire

    59. Francesca A


    60. Brieen

      “Think I I didn’t take risk to get to this sit” is the best line imo

    61. Mitxhel1 {BXRN-FROG}

      I hate this song. I hate his music. And I hate him the most.

      1. Raymon

        @Mitxhel1 {BXRN-FROG} 1 comment wasnt enough? degenerate

      2. Mitxhel1 {BXRN-FROG}

        @Raymon you are just genuinely hilarious

      3. Mitxhel1 {BXRN-FROG}

        @Raymon your such a comedian man I prey u teach me

      4. Raymon

        no one asked bro

    62. JanFNBR


    63. Isata Kamara

      😘😘😘❤❤u arrdeeeeeeeee😘😘😘

    64. happiness


    65. Bravo Off

      Can I have that couch 🥺

    66. EZ.c e_z.official

      Wtf is going with rap bro

    67. luchi _415

      amo la risa ajjsjwjs

    68. MaxTomate

      From 🇪🇸🔥🔥🔥

    69. Naila Zahoor

      apparently he ran away from feds at a scene

    70. 360XB

      I like the wolf warrior in the background

    71. Prod. Foolish

      are these boys like 16..?

    72. Mohammed Khan

      My man got a segaret jk loved it so much

    73. Jossanツ J

      i think the camera mans name is oliver bc he is always telling him oliver twist

    74. Requise Craft


    75. :

      Guys i think he wants some more Oliver Twist

    76. Zainab John

      “White ppl cant rap” Arrdee: “ hold my unseasoned chicken”

    77. GeneralDoom321

      This is fire and easy to learn we vibe at school to this

    78. Sujash Nayak

      No sexualizing women, no flexes, no cars. He's just being himself and having fun.

      1. A4

        Are you blind or deluded

    79. Bababooey

      I wanted to make a "me: mom can we have aitch? mom: no we have aitch at home Aitch at home: " comment, but this guy is good

    80. Josiah Carby

      He sounds like a villain

    81. JACKAN


    82. Ella Vonix

      💪🤤🤤🤤🤤😈 my favorite

    83. keira playsroblox


    84. oliver mortensen

      sh to all oliver´s and me

    85. Umi Stars


    86. Fábio william Slifer Boy


    87. Julia Oko

      😁 This tune 🎶 is not available to buy on amazon yet. What's the delay? 😂

    88. Zah


    89. ᴇ ꜱ ʜ

      Such a vibe

    90. Ready To Launch

      Not many subscribers for someone so lit 🔥

      1. Ready To Launch

        That was sarcasm btw

    91. Brawl shorts


    92. More Mini Food 22

      Engoy all Verey nice music raap is amazing

    93. Ricky Hayes

      Oliver twisttttt

    94. WilliamZeebub

      facing demolition

    95. Ig_90k-ops

      Me and my monke, monke doesn’t wear any pants

    96. Ig_90k-ops

      Sussy baka

    97. Monica Morales

      I like how when he is in outside the hotel and does three times of the handle I deserve it

    98. Monica Morales

      I love how the music in on volient