Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone 12 after 3 Months! 🧲

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    These are the MUST HAVE MagSafe accessories for your iPhone 12, 12 Pro, mini, and Pro Max!
    Our Favorite third-party MagSafe accessory (Amazon)➡
    All "" Links are to Amazon for best deals ⬇️
    Third-Party Wallet➡
    MagSafe vent charger➡
    Third-Party MagSafe Charger➡
    MagSafe Stand➡
    Minimalist car mount➡
    MagSafe Battery Bank➡
    Ring and pop socket mount➡

    Apple MagSafe Charger ➡
    Apple new 20W Power Brick ➡
    Anker Nano 20W Charger ➡
    Budget 7.5W Qi wireless charging stand ➡
    The USB-C Charger Wattage Tester I used ➡
    USB-A Tester ➡

    Max Tech Wallpapers ➡
    Timestamps ⬇️
    Introduction - 00:00
    Best MagSafe Accessory #1 - 0:41
    Best MagSafe Accessory #2 - 2:01
    Best MagSafe Accessory #3 - 4:00
    Best MagSafe Accessory #4 - 5:06
    Best MagSafe Accessory #5 - 6:06
    Best MagSafe Accessory #6 - 7:51
    Best MagSafe Accessory #7 - 8:31
    Best MagSafe Accessory #8 - 9:11
    Best MagSafe Accessory #9 - 9:30
    In this video, we talk about the top MagSafe accessories most of which are the third party for your new iPhone 12, mini, pro, and pro max. We talk about stands, chargers, car mounts, vent mounts, wallets, pop sockets, MagSafe 15w copy's and more!
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    1. Max Tech

      Which one is your favorite and why? Let us know down below! Our Favorite third-party MagSafe accessory (Amazon)➡ All "" Links are to Amazon for best deals ⬇️ Third-Party Wallet➡ MagSafe vent charger➡ Third-Party MagSafe Charger➡ MagSafe Stand➡ Minimalist car mount➡ MagSafe Battery Bank➡ Ring and pop socket mount➡

      1. XoXo Published


      2. anonymous

        I don't see the point?

      3. Ultra

        They need to keep wired. Just change to usbc.

      4. Sebastian Werner

        @MarnixPro I found the stand I was looking for by searching Amazon manually, looking at the products with similar pictures. Of anyone from Germany is interested, I can fetch the links. Maybe you’ll have similar success with that approach for the car mount.

      5. MarnixPro

        @Sebastian Werner same here, I'm looking for the Minimalist Car Mount, the link doesn't work for me :(

    2. Joseph Guy

      mag safe is over priced trash

    3. mmaged2287

      Does anyone on here know if using a MagSafe sticker helps a MagSafe compatible( non magnet) case stick better with MagSafe accessories and the MagSafe wireless charger? I like my case and rather not buy a MagSafe built in case. Thanks,

    4. Tommior

      First I though that magsafe was the dumbest idea ever. but now seeing all the accessories I think its amazing. And you can still use the normal wireless charger if you want.

    5. JunkionMarnot2005

      9:45 yup. See Excessorize.ME's EDC video on this. For someone who loves to watch tv shows/movies during break time, its a lifesaver.

    6. Francesco Rossi

      people buying a $1000+ iPhone but then buying accessories that work much worse than Apple's ones just to save 20 bucks. Genius.

    7. Jana Chapevova

      Do not use accessories for your iPhone if they’re not original  especially chargers 😱I’ve done it before- not good

    8. M1CHA3L ANG3LO

      Bro! Excellent Video! Also saving us money along the way!!! THANK YOU!


      Hello, I am Jason from THINKTHING Studio, HONG KONG. I have invented a product make your iPhone 8, X , 11 and Android phone, be able to use MagSafe accessories from Apple.

    10. Choetech Official

      Must be something wrong with the title. I didn't see our products here=)

    11. Tarantulaman 0327

      Don’t waste your time with 3rd party crap just go official apple. 40 for MagSafe charger is not expensive, a cable charger should be about 20-25 so MagSafe is a great deal. And if you dont even got 40 bucks you shouldn’t have an iPhone.

      1. Daniel John

        Hello thanks to the legit work of this great Amazon I got my new iOS 12pro Max delivered to me today successfully

    12. Daniella Steel

      If you can not buy apple's wallet full price check out best buy at least they have great prices all the time. Why buy that shit wallet I don't understand

      1. Daniel John

        Hello thanks to the legit work of this great Amazon I got my new iOS 12pro Max delivered to me today successfully

    13. .Axel_YT.

      “So for only 15 dollars for knockout MagSafe” I GOT IT FOR 5 dollars on tao bao lmao.

    14. William Schmidt

      My main gripe with magsafe is that it's no more wireless than lightning but its way bigger. I think the built in magnets are fantastic, but i think that charging through that giant puck that requires you take off your case is a big step back. Apple really nailed it with lightning.

    15. victor chavez

      “I’ve made a prediction” You tubers thinking that common sense makes them wizards.

      1. Daniel John

        Hello thanks to the legit work of this great Amazon I got my new iOS 12pro Max delivered to me today successfully

    16. ASTMA193

      Great video. Thanks

      1. Daniel John

        Hello thanks to the legit work of this great Amazon I got my new iOS 12pro Max delivered to me today successfully

    17. Daksh Rokadia

      The camera stand thing

    18. Raigakuga

      The WAITEE Magnetic Vent Charger is no longer available. They have this one now for $39.99

      1. Raigakuga

        Hm I checked recently again. They may have temporarily ran out of stock during the time of my original comment.

    19. James William Catanes

      I wouldn’t be surprised if apple makes a car in 5 years

    20. MotherDucker42

      Just bought that silver stand I’ve been looking for weeks for one and wanted to get a good one

    21. Mohammed Ali

      Who calls it a “Hex key” Allen key *

    22. Stephen Lister

      I would never put credit cards in a wallet with magnets.

      1. Daniel John

        Hello thanks to the legit work of this great Amazon I got my new iOS 12pro Max delivered to me today successfully

    23. Chattahoche

      Imagine being able to predict that 3rd party accessories would be made for a new iPhone.

      1. Rudiger McGillacutty

        I was thinking the same thing, and this brought me to my own prediction.... I predict this human to be the next nostradamus!

      2. James Jones

        well i predicted it when i bought from ichargair(dot)com for much cheaper prices lol

    24. jay j

      Your gonna tell me apple couldn’t make this as small as the apple watch charger. This is smart. start off as big as possible, let a bunch of dummies buy it then will make it smaller and a bunch of dummies along with a much more bunch of dummies will buy it. SMART MOVE APPLE

    25. Roman S

      Imagine him saying 7.5w is still "pretty fast" 😂. Meanwhile android out here with 120w charging and 55w wireless charging

    26. Albert Lin

      I just really like the charger stand. to me this is the right way of utilizing magsafe. for only the original charger, you still need to use both hands to detach... then where is the convenience for that?

    27. Dmitry Tarasov

      Why would you need a card on the phone if it has NFC?

    28. Jan Edcel Bagasbas

      Is there any 3rd party accesoriess like cases built in magsafe for iphone 11 models maybe soon🥺👈

    29. Double A Unboxing

      Could MagSafe be like Motorola’s Moto Mods?

    30. key bear

      Magsafe still couldn't stop my ip12 from getting heat circle on the back... like wtf

    31. AJ

      Holy fuck, are you saying that you predicted that third parties would release accessories a few months after the release of a new phone!! Fuck!

    32. Joseph W

      Apples MagSafe cases suck!!!!! On my iPhone 12 Pro Max the provide no protection for the screen I’m on my 4th screen protector since launch and i have the leather case and the silicone one 😖

    33. bjmalcom

      "You will be able to charge the battery pack with a MagSafe no wires." Except there is a wire.

    34. Michael

      give it 3 years and they'll remove mag safe to "make phone thinner".

    35. charlie B

      Beware if you have a implanted defibrillator

    36. Seongjin Park

      it's not max tech. it's max apple

    37. Gregory Matos

      is that a ventra pass

    38. karteek c

      why would you recommend a wallet that can slide off the phone !

    39. Andy Lopez

      magsafe is a joke :)

    40. Corey Drake

      This dudes tone of voice sounds like a newsman. Less like a conversation tone.

      1. Steven Irvine

        I only watch selected videos from him because it’s so annoying to me.

    41. Sean Young

      Sooo still no new additional MagSafe accessories yet? Just companies adding magnets to their accessories ?

    42. cubsfan

      Title: “Best MagSafe accessories” Actual video: “Alright so here are some cheap Amazon knock offs for the actual best MagSafe accessories” where I’m sure he has an affiliate link. Fuck these kind of youtubers lol, not to mention he talks as slow as possible to draw it out to 10 minutes

      1. Sean Young

        For serious. Not a single actual MagSafe accessory.

    43. Jason Coleman

      Can this be used just as a magnetic holder? I like to plug my phone directly into the car for charging so there is no audio lag through Bluetooth. Also the maps for my car go through my iPhone 12 Pro Max so that’s another reason I just want this mount to hold it. The phone will be charged through the car USB port.

    44. Christopher Troyer

      I like #6, the car mount. But then don’t I need usbc to usba? And I’m assuming it doesn’t work with Apple CarPlay right?

    45. Adam M

      Can you take the ball mount off of the charging brick so it’s flat?

    46. Will da bomb

      “So our first great MagSafe accessory is a cheap wallet that is really good but then it also really sucks, although it is really great too”

      1. Christian Rodriguez

        Literally this channel, all the time lol

      2. Иван Грозный

        It's so perfect that it's terrible

      3. Bryan Boulet

        i know eh! useless review video lol. Its good, but bad, won't hold 3 cards, and the magnets suck; but if you want it to fall off and lose your wallet, its great!

    47. Inigo G

      Ok ok, BUT MagSafe damages the leather and silicone case over time. That is not tolerable.

    48. Travis Marion

      Apple... The only company who tries to control 100% of a market that isn't needed. They lost a lawsuit and were going to be required to make their iPhone's use USB-C in Europe. Their response... We'll just remove the charging port completely. Anyone who buys and uses their products are just lemmings.

    49. Kienan Maxfield

      One question... which of the car mounts holds the phone the most securely? The knock off one that has its own magnets, or the one where you snap the Apple magnetic holder into it?

    50. Aaron Hodgson

      I have a knock-off MagSafe wallet and can hold my phone by just pinching the wallet and it doesn't fall off. Super strong on my 12 pro max

    51. janene liss

      Here's a list that helped me out. " In the end, I went with #1. 5:25

    52. Brent Smithline

      Will hate to see it if Apple removes the data/charging port. Just do not have the need for wireless charging, and would like to see USB4 port with full options come to the iPhone.

    53. Phoenix Rising

      I'm really interested in Magsafe battery packs. Back in the day, I had a Moto Z Play with battery mods and it was really convenient to charge on the go.

    54. Galaxy rock Studio

      That battery pack will be amazing

    55. Alex Addonizio

      I don’t really see the point in having a magsafe tripod mount, and I bought all the Apple magsafe accessories

    56. James Cherrill

      I do love this channel, but damn son, you do talk slow

    57. Vernon Lopez

      Watch at 1.25 or 1.5 this guy really elongates his words

    58. John Jones

      If you think putting your wallet on the back of your phone, well I really worry for you

    59. Johnny Franks

      Still can’t believe how much of a flop the MagSafe wallet is. From what I’ve read, Apple’s version barely stays on, and now third party options are even weaker?!

      1. Michael Judiesch

        I leave my MagSafe wallet on my phone all of the time. It stays on fine as long as you don't wear tight jeans.

    60. Hardpee789

      What game was that?

    61. Josh McGrath

      3:41 Crossgates! Are you guys in Albany, NY?

    62. April Mary

      I was so surprised when... They delivered my iPhone11 pro max to me yesterday... I saw peoples comment on SEprom about this guy *Dumpsdark* on telegram he's legit and truthworthy vendor..... I thought it was a scam but I give It a try and it was legit... You are the best bro❤❤

    63. Leon Zane

      This wallet is actually from Ali express they just buy it in batch i got one for £2 its soooo bad

    64. Fat Headed Fish

      Does the LETSCOM version of the MagSafe charger fit in the small car mount you showed? I know it’s 1.5-2mm bigger than the official apple MagSafe charger.

    65. Marci Russell

      Can’t see Apple getting rid of the regular charging port on the bottom until they come up with a way for MagSafe to work with CarPlay. Too many cars still require the cord and the wireless converters out there kinda suck!

      1. Max Tech

        Have a video on that topic coming tomorrow!

    66. Malcolm Alvarez

      Who uses there iPhone without a case you should have tryd these with at least a thin tpu case

    67. John Ford

      Why would you buy magsafe products? You buy iPhones because there slim....and sorry but iPhone is stunning looking phone but attached all them goodies and well I think it looks rubbish

    68. Yücel Yücel

      Bin ich der einzige oder gibt es noch jemanden der sich fast die Finger verbrennt beim MagSafe.

    69. Azzray

      The lightning port isn’t going anywhere until they figure out wireless CarPlay.

      1. Max Tech

        Wireless carplay is already here:

    70. Joe Piervincenti

      Nice to hear someone not say “on accident” 😆

    71. Joe Piervincenti

      Glad to find your SEprom channel, up until recently I didn’t know where you went after AI, glad to see you’re doing well here!

    72. Kangen Water Sifoo

      Does magsafe fast charging damage batt faster like normal fast charging compare to normal qi wireless charging?

    73. Guess Who

      Shamesung is jealous.

    74. bla blabljak

      You say extremely often extremely

    75. Matthew

      Hey Max, I bought a knock off Magsafe car mount charger for only $25 and it charges to 15W and shows the Magsafe animation. Yours may also show it. Try it on your 20W wall plug. Yoir car may not be able to charge to 15W is the case.

    76. Michael Overton

      Belkin's mount does support charging as most cars don't have wireless CarPlay so you would need to plug it in anyway, Making it pointless

    77. dkorda

      MT- least expensive is usually the worst.

    78. Shawn Forsyth

      Worthless video. None of the options are Apple MagSafe certified and this cannot perform near the levels of Apple & Belkin products.

    79. Chris Woolsey

      Do any of these MagSafe product work with 3rd party iPhone cases, e.g. Speck?

    80. Julian Wildmann

      Why dont credit MobilReviewsEh for that Wattage and charging-speed diagram? How does it feel, ripping of other youtubers content?!

    81. The This Guy Experience!!!

      So u can’t use a case with the car mount?

    82. James Steel

      My 2 year old had the same prediction.

    83. Jack Wong

      Also the Moft snap on kickstand with card holder.

    84. Christina Schultz

      I hope they don’t get rid of ports. I have both a 3rd party wireless charger and the MagSafe charger. The iPhone 12 doesn’t recognize either on a regular basis. If they want to get rid of the ports they have some work to do.

    85. 0c7o5

      moft magsafe wallet is great, check it out

    86. Alex Bishop

      Anyone looking for MagSafe compatible accessories check out MagBak - great silicone cases and wallets that stay together much better than Apple’s. Also magnetic attachments for your favourite non MagSafe compatible cases. Really excellent quality!

    87. LaughingSaint

      When Anker drops there chargers then we’ll talk 🤣🤣🤓

      1. Mr Smol bean


      2. LaughingSaint

        @Carlos Cervantes only brand I buy 👍

      3. Carlos Cervantes

        Anker has been selling me some solid products I find worth the cost!

    88. Ahmed Hindawi

      Are you kidding me? You are promoting a terrible wallet because it is the least expensive?!

      1. Kendrick Westmore

        The average consumer would usually use 3rd party accessories

    89. nobodynemoq

      As for the wallet... what's the point? Most probably, the presence of credit cards will render Apple Pay unusable...

    90. Richard Hanney

      The reason why the belkin one to use apple carplay and to do that you'd have to plug in anyway.

    91. Fire Heart

      *Putting credit cards next to a magnet?* *Hmm... what could go wrong...* _LMAO_

      1. Fire Heart

        @Carlos Leal , your wallet might not have strong enough magnet, but a magnet that can hold phone’s accessories might easily damage credit cards. Idk... I feel like it’s just another Apple’s gimmick that will disappear in a year, or two.

      2. Carlos Leal

        They have a protective lining or something that won’t mess up your cards. My wallet I’ve had for 3 years folds magnetically and I haven’t had any of my cards mess up.

    92. e g

      Great video... You and your brother have a similar speaking style.

    93. John Wade

      Looks very good to me:-)

    94. Chris Zimmer

      I’m a klutz. I MUST have a protective case not only for the phone but for those protruding lenses. What mag safe accessories play nice with a case?

      1. Chris Zimmer

        @Ricky Olsen thank you for that info! You are a phone saver.

      2. Ricky Olsen

        if you get a magsafe case they all shoud work, some will work even better with the added friction of a rubber case such as the car mounts. Without a magsafe case some standard cases may work, but probably not any that deliver power unless the case is thin enough.

    95. Yash

      What shooting game is that being played? Cod?

    96. Hectors Quintero

      40 dollars is not that expensive.

    97. ColorOfTheDay

      You showed a screenshot of all these cool products up front but then just showed us normal Amazon junk in the video, what gives?

    98. Tope Classiq

      I so much appreciate *HOOKTECHIE* on Instagram he unlocked main perfectly his pro

    99. Sakhawat Rahman

      Am I the only one who believes that wireless charging is completely overrated?

      1. Sakhawat Rahman

        I think wireless technology will get better as newer phones support it; the phones that don’t support wireless will be dying soon. And these MagSafe accessories will get better as time goes by.

      2. Sakhawat Rahman

        @Matthew the main reason why I prefer wired is because it works on both my iPad and my phone. Also wireless chargers you have to buy separately while wired comes with iPhones and iPad.

      3. F

        @Indra Riswandi Why do you say wireless charging is overrated only say wireless power bank is the best?

      4. Indra Riswandi

        Wireless charging really overrated. Wirlese power bank+ MagSafe is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. It's like you have removable battery just like the old days

      5. George h


    100. Chris Chris

      such good recommendations this was brilliant!