Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish

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    Directed by Billie Eilish

    Special thanks to Ashley Nickole, Joya Jackson, Kerrice Brooks, Lexee Smith, Nataly Santiago, Yuliana Maldonado

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Lost Cause. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records


    1. Mrs Ayva

      You not billie!

    2. X XX


      1. سارقةة حليب كوك🥛😎،


    3. ღghost girlღ

      you changed stop it billie DO NOT BE BAD TO YOUR FANS GET OVER THAT LOVELY IT'S NOT YOU

    4. 〤There is a Сontinuation〤


    5. 〤There is a Сontinuation〤


    6. 〤There is a Сontinuation〤

      I hate you! Go way!

    7. Виталий Савко

      We hate you!

    8. Kes Mac

      Why the hell is everyone twerking

    9. Виталий Савко


    10. Виталий Савко


    11. Riff_Arid TMTM


    12. Riff_Arid TMTM


    13. Riff_Arid TMTM

      Racist and fuck that!!!!!

    14. Riff_Arid TMTM

      Dumb Eilish!!

    15. Riff_Arid TMTM

      I HATE YOU!!!

    16. J5tar

      She looks so happy and confident and I’m loving it.

    17. valentine Kempynck

      your so differend... : /

    18. rhyana

      Q putaria é essa???ameiiii

    19. rhyana

      Esse clipe me fez duvidar da minha sexualidade mds👁👄👁

    20. Jordan 7

      Whole lot of weight in this video

    21. Jordan 7

      Does she not remember she doesn’t have a job either

    22. pilyliney


    23. Jordan 7

      It would be cool if she actually sang instead of whispering 24/7

    24. Ellie Haughton


    25. Mateusz Pięta


    26. Mateusz Pięta

      Ily gurl

    27. Joseph Cain

      John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” 😁🙏

      1. KawaiiSauce

        i dont think so

    28. Panela Dumario

      Porra billi

    29. Gavin

      She’s a sellout who claimed showing their body was just a way to get plays now she does it shameful

    30. Elif Akbay

      I like the old style. I do not know:/

    31. Dermolt

      POV: the alarm clock is about to go off

    32. Ramon Lopez

      Bro why was Snapchat clickbaiting about this song, tf? Like she isn’t being racist to Asians here or appealing to the lgbtq community like wtf?🤦🏻‍♂️She’s just having fun with her fucking friends and made a song about a dude, like it’s so apparent tf?

      1. No Clout Ethan

        Your correct Ramon

    33. Gamze Yılmaz

      Çook güzel

    34. Gamze Yılmaz

      Love u Billie

    35. bring it on

      I don't like what she sings. Nobody is a lost for ever, no matter how bad you think they are.

    36. Elif Akbay

      Eski tarzı daha iyiydi be :/

    37. Ümame Kiraz Uyğur

      Şarkı çok güzel fakat görüntüler çok terbiyesizce... 🤢

      1. 『Peachy Bea』


    38. astro_viking2

      Came to the stupid side of SEprom ugh 😑

    39. Evelynpalma Avecilla


    40. jimin'in baby mochisi

      i miss the old billie eilish so much billie has changed so much

      1. Kassi

        @jimin'in baby mochisi Well yeah youre right about that

      2. Mateusz Pięta

        @jimin'in baby mochisi damn chill dude, that was a long ass time age. She was a kid then

      3. Kassi

        @Mateusz Pięta yuh

      4. jimin'in baby mochisi

        @Kassi I liked Billie but Billie was also racist towards Asians...

      5. Mateusz Pięta

        @Kassi And this is the most important, I am glad that now she feels good in her body

    41. Jennie Jennifer

      turn to islam pagan. Go eat noodles well done ok

      1. MrKinoko

        stop forcing your religion on others.

    42. zeynep demirkol

      Billie kendi elleriyle kariyerini mahfvetti

      1. Kaan Ertürk


    43. Raissa Tischler

      AAAAA que mulher perfeita

    44. Alessandra Santos❤️❤️❤️❤️

    45. Alessandra Santos❤️❤️❤️❤️

    46. Vonetta July

      This song nice

    47. whiteh_


    48. Coffee Cat

      What’s wrong with all the people saying they miss old Billie? She didn’t show her body, because she was underage and didn’t want to be seen that way. Now that she’s of age that might have changed. None of us know her personally, so who are we to judge if she’s changed or not.

    49. Anne Santos moreira


    50. oh.

      i hate it here

      1. Heaven C


    51. SKYxmusic

      this feels so forced and staged while trying overly hard to seem authentic....acting like these are her best friends when they are probably complete strangers? idk feelsweirdman

      1. Elsborg

        its the fucking music video what are you on about

    52. alya nin günlügu


    53. Candymuncher 444

      She’s so preety and for what….


      That’s art😍

    55. Fatih Sultan Mehmet


    56. Moosification


    57. Albinanin Sevdasi

      billie cok deyiştin

      1. 『Peachy Bea』


    58. Mr. Mughal

      never tell your feelings to anybody/ what the fuck you are doing here donot spread your feelings 🤐😐🙏😑😑

      1. Coffee Cat

        Why not tho

    59. UberKrassMann

      this is the singer that's all the rage now? wtf? she's terrible....

    60. Naty Mac

      Its a Bi🌈❤️

    61. Djoni Dep

      New style

    62. Silas Baptista

      Billie pelo amor de deus para de andar com aquele cara la, ele é um ridículo

    63. Tiana Lane

      Do none of you remember “girls just wanna have fun” Chill out Girls can dance with girls

    64. Silas Baptista


    65. Ethan White


      1. sapphire



      Old billie :((((((

      1. Shiloh the Ghost God

        @EYLÜL AND EMİR WORLD Ahhh thank you so much. Truly appreciate it. Im just starting out and will be releasing music every week for the entire summer. Hope you subscribe🙏🏾😇


        @Shiloh the Ghost God okey :)

      3. Shiloh the Ghost God

        Just a phase :) i make sad billie inspired type songs. Nowhere as good, but they’re on my page if you’re interested. If not, no worries :)

    67. Sheikha Alazmi

      تغييرتت وصارت ليزبيان😐😐😕؟؟!!!!

    68. Chuva Hanson

      I love how people say she changed without knowing her lol

    69. LanetKız

      Sen kimsin

    70. Sophia Deiro


      1. Bella´s coffe


    71. Vizzy

      iiii papai, apaixonei.

    72. T1taniumK1tty

      I hate to say it... I'm disappointed that Billie has sold out. She didn't want to use her body. And here she is with her bitties hanging out.

    73. TaTa👼👌🏻

      دي بيلي وات

    74. Zy Reen

      camera man so lucky

      1. Heaven C


    75. KELEBEK

      Biri bana bunun gerçek billie olmadığını söylesin🤦😱

      1. 『Peachy Bea』

        Değil ki zaten

      2. Shiloh the Ghost God

        Hiiiiiii :) i make sad billie inspired type songs. Nowhere as good, but they’re on my page if you’re interested. If not, no worries :)

    76. Emily the Roblox fan🌺

      But yeah a lot of 9 Year olds think that your a lost cost if you share your food with a nother girl

      1. Emily the Roblox fan🌺

        It's probably because I still play Roblox

      2. Emily the Roblox fan🌺

        Lol I don't know why everyone thinks I'm 9

    77. OYUNTR

      old billie wants

    78. Zaid Ali Yousif

      ها ام جُس

    79. 윤현웅

      I wore my glasses bcs i couldn't listen this song

    80. Chika Dewi Sukma

      I don't know but the concept of her music video doesn't really fly with the song. If you look at the video itself without sound, you could get a vibe it's such a loud cheer song but the actual song is really quiet and depressing. I mean there's no way you sing this song while having fun with your friends, right? You should've at least screaming while the song (and of course billie's singing style) doesn't require high voice at all.

    81. Ill Thirst

      Cloned af

    82. Ebenae Ware (Nae Ware)

      I’m getting Courtney Love vibes. The music and sound of her voice is good.. was waiting for the bass drop, but it didn’t happen. Far as who she is, I don’t know.. but I think she should focus on her music and less on building an image because people “me” will loose track of the music and stop caring what she puts out. JS.

    83. ;;ᄏᄒ

      Stop Asian hate

      1. Heaven C

        She doesn't hate asians

    84. ROXAN.

      no no no !! Billie you know that's not real you

      1. Kassi

        She changed and now shes way more confident And theres nothing wrong with that

      2. rxtrograde

        @ROXAN. and what makes you think that you know her type

      3. ROXAN.

        @SAIKYUU i mean it's not her typ

      4. SAIKYUU


    85. Xyril Grace Conception Valenzona


    86. SKͥORͣCͫE ๖ۣۜΔΘĐ

      Eu assistindo e pensando que lombra que tá passando alí? Ksksksksksk

    87. army anime fan

      Билли всегда будет классной

    88. zozo Oz

      اگـــــــــو عرب بـلطياره🌞💔؟!

      1. كہٰوريٰة عہۣۗنہۣۗہيۣۗہۣۗہدهۣۗۦ

        فيه فيه 🙂 تراني مصدومة ... مش ذي بيللي الي انا عرفاها 🙂مين دي

    89. Jamal Sadat

      جااااااننننن خوبش اس (bozhoms ❤)

    90. Jacqui _lael

      Gave me no flowers wish I didn’t care 🥲🥺😣