BLACK VS PINK FOOD CHALLENGE | Eating Everything Only In 1 Color For 24 Hours by Multi DO! CHALLENGE

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    Today is no ordinary day because on this one we’re pitting black against pink and pink against black! Who knows how this will turn out?? That fully we get to just sit back and enjoy the show, get comfy we’re about to start!

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    1. Juaníta

      OMG wow

    2. Abida Khanam


    3. Abdallh Njadat

      فقط؛ رئيس رقص

    4. Ayşe Neva Çelikbaş


    5. andrea martinez

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    6. Pancho Gomez

      Emma is a butt of a joke 😂😂

    7. Karlenis Ibarra


    8. TheReal Casanova


    9. APACHE Munoz

      ]pq. RWUL,_

    10. blackpink Gerardo

      Blackpink in your area

    11. Noor tv


    12. Chaoba Paonam



      Perfect ✔️ Thank you ✔️ ❤️ ☀️ ☺️

      1. Kousalya kaviya

        Mmv thaaaaaa vv marubdium

    14. Barnali Sarkar

      Wow that so yummy 😋

      1. Souad Bouakfa


    15. lalitha palanisamy

      Like the pink girl Hate the black girl

    16. Also Beat

      B. B Be b b. Bb bbb be b bb b

    17. Maurkice King


    18. Anthony Phillips

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    19. cheryl medina

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    20. Lawrence Otis

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    21. Paige carr

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    22. kazi Afrahim Akter

      Blackpink is the revolution

      1. Sarah D

        @kazi Afrahim Akter sorry i don’t mean to offend you or anything but I can’t understand your comment. I’m trying to be respectful and just end this ‘conversation’. So :)

      2. kazi Afrahim Akter

        @Sarah D lol I don't need to argue with you....and your poor grammar I can't understand and if someone has grammar problem then how can she he understand any other persons comments lol but it's isn't my point.....The mean points is....look I only wrote blackpink is the revolution and here I didn't mention your bts.....( oh wait lemme know that do you have eyes problem. ?)

      3. Sarah D

        @kazi Afrahim Akter oh and ew I don’t call them opppppaaaaa their not my opppaaaas their my idols :)

      4. Sarah D

        @kazi Afrahim Akter can’t understand this comment lol but yea say what you want to say don’t want to argue for no reason

      5. kazi Afrahim Akter

        @Sarah D not your oppaaaaa

    23. Sumaiya Simin Khan

      Blackpink food

    24. Уктам Чиникулов

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    25. nik rydzewski

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    26. آلين الشبيلي


    27. Moideen Muhammad


    28. Tanmita Das

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    29. Trevor Mendes

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    30. Aubree Gaming 2 Waldrop

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    31. Juan Villafana


    32. Treasured Designs, LLC

      My favorite color is black

    33. Pradipta Nandi

      I love pink

    34. Nian Hemen


    35. Jack Goodwin


    36. Rihana Dahal

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    39. Clevin Andrei Dela Cruz

      My favforet is black and pink

    40. Yaser Al Amri


    41. Angela Hoelscher

      Who likes black 🖤 I do......... Kinda🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨


      I like Emma🖤

      1. Zorigt Manlai


    43. solki gacha


    44. deonna jones


    45. deonna jones


    46. deonna jones


      1. Braison Williams

        @Mirka Nieuwenhuis 📌

      2. Mirka Nieuwenhuis

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    47. Jason Bono


    48. Jason Fick


    49. Jason Fick

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    50. Jason Fick


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    57. An Nguyen Xuan

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    65. Nergiz Bayramova

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    66. Catherine Brame

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    67. Nelly Bob

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    68. Kieara Woodfine

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