BlizzConline 2021 - Diablo II: Resurrected Deep Dive


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    MrLlamaSC hosts a roundtable panel discussing everything you need to know about Diablo II: Resurrected.

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    1. Snarfsnarfff

      Last time I was this excited for a game (cyberpunk) it totally flopped. Please don't let that happen Blizzard. I can't handle such a let down from a beloved game producer again.

    2. Trickysnacks

      @blizzard Entertainment I bought the original diablo 2 and i cant find it in my games tab can you make a library tab where the games i own are?!?

    3. Wild West

      looking at the alpha they did a fantastic job. It looks perfect. I do have a few small criticisms but id give it an A its very very true to the original. Mrllama had some good criticisms of the walls being too invisible and not transparent but visible. One button for skill/stat level up. Chipped gems same size as flawless ones. Small things

    4. Justin D

      Take my money now!

    5. 99 HitCombo

      theres gotta be more slots in the vault cuz i wanna have every set collection

    6. Matt

      Diablo 2 is a great game but it was far from perfect. I hope they don't get so dogmatic as to keep the things that weren't great. A lot of people think D2 is a better game than D3 and it honestly isn't (at least the current version of D3)

      1. Wild West

        Id disagree. I think the art/music is 10X better than d3. Also the story. The monsters and locations are perfect and much more memorable and unique. Its a lot. I also think the art style is better.

    7. N Davis

      That's clearly a lantern with a candle in the original graphics...

    8. Danny Lancashire

      That music score.. 😍

    9. JeanPiFresita

      HA! y decian que nunca habria un remaster de D2 porque no existia nada de esos tiempos.

    10. Payton Cantrell

      No necromancer in chinese version

    11. D1dSheDie

      Awesome so happy can't wait

    12. Codrin Vechiu

      I've tired of d2, graphics are cool but d4 is the game to play.

    13. jahcreator

      Please for the love of God add ultrawide 21:9 support! No letterbox for larger monitors hopefully.

    14. Soar Lozer

      I was on the fence about this, d2 end game is not that nostalgic for me but these guys treating this game with respect and passion to be so thorough especially after the wc3 remaster fiasco I feel like this will be a amazing game due to this team work ethic and blizzard needing to makeup to legacy blizzard fans.

      1. Wild West

        I think blizz saw warcraft 3 reforged, and decided to personally oversee this one and give this remaster to a team they trust. You can tell. I dont think this will turn out like that.

    15. SaGe OwL

      PSA: every time they say "challenge" they mean "problem"

    16. dudermcfizzle13


    17. EN Reefs

      you blew out the market! please here take my money!

    18. EN Reefs

      btw, please bring back the sorceress underboobs

    19. EN Reefs

      Diablo 2 all the way until the end of our days! and all the next generations to come!

    20. oplix

      Wow man the guy at the end was in tears thanking the community for the 20 years of support. I felt it.

    21. oplix

      You know you are a real hardcore fan of Diablo 2 when you lose your mind over the devs saying "We will add all the details of the item icons to the 3d models your character visually shows."

    22. Dede

      Right off the bat, turned me off "As many of you know", like come on, how obvious is the teleprompter reading.

    23. Stefan Andrei Agachi

      4:05 Wait a second, Amazon face looks horrible and old, that is not how I remember it. And you are telling me "Our primary focus is always nostalgia, right? We wanna make sure we focus on getting this right." ??? Oh thanx for the new old amazon face developers, I don't know what would I have done if the amazon retained her young, beautiful face... like enjoy playing amazon more then ever perhaps? Now I won't be able to enjoy the new graphics and play amazon at the same time. Oh yes dear devs, I'll turn the new graphics off while playing amazon just to have her old face, IT IS THE ONLY WAY. And about the other characters faces, don't even get me started on that topic. Oh yes, good sirs, I point exactly at assassin, paladin and barb FIRST.

    24. SideSwipeGTA

      All this sounds good in theory, but let's not forget what Blizzard did to Warcraft 3.

    25. Nathan B

      Are they doing any work on cutscenes

    26. Ender

      Will I need my phone to play it?

    27. Balázs Varga

      huge shout out to the developers. You guys are awesome!

    28. Kirile

      This approach is genius I must admit. Good Job !

    29. - Neralem -

      My favourite feature is the garlic

    30. - Neralem -

      I love you all for making this... Too bad that my favorite Mod PD2 will not run with least thats what i've read.

    31. bigsmall246

      This actually looks promising. Definitely more excited over this than D4. And it's not the nostalgia talking. It is already obvious that D4 will be identical to D3 in that all enemies will die in 1 hit.

    32. DiMoNico1981Swe

      I hope they add more areas in Act 4 =))

    33. SebSk

      Just imagine Starcraft 1 being overhauled with the same passion and drive and talent!!! (And keeping the bugs and maps like the "quiz" mazes that people hosted that required in-depth knowledge of the game! :P) Oh and also, I'm getting this game, I haven't played for ... 15??? years, and I'm starting a retri pala 😁😁😁 (That's what I loved the most back then, that's what I made when WoW Alpha launched with invite from FilePlanet (now IGN merged, along with GameSpy) and made for a special couple of years of adventure in that game)

    34. KnightViper

      It's March 28, 2021. I came back to get my fix. MUST HAVE TECHNICAL ALPHA SOON!!!

    35. Iván Quinientos Tres

      We need new runewords and/or ladder runewords in "no ladder" game. ¡Please!

    36. Paul H

      I was holding out on that thumbs up until I saw it’s coming out on the Switch! D2 on the go!!

    37. Owen Wilson

      Chris Sigaty is a complete racist, prejudice and discriminant hacker who hacks and discriminant's on disabled persons. He is very good at racism, prejudice, discrimination, and 100% absolute hacking. Activision Blizzard HOTS is 100% a rigged fixed hoaxed hacked esport gimmick

    38. NeverMetTheGuy

      This is going to be HUGE.

    39. Gino Foogle

      I am sooooooo happy for this release and also very happy they brought vicarious visions on board for this remaster because blizzard really has lost it's touch.. i also hope they allow VV to help out with diablo 4.. i'm so hyped up for this!

    40. DeusExMachinae01

      As a hardcore diablo nerd for 20 years this was excellent news, indeed! Love it how they seem to keep it exactly the same but make good quality of life improvements. My childhood is in good hands. Thank you!

    41. Joseph Myers

      I love that the new game is coming out soon but until then I would like to actually play the original without getting IP banned just for trying to log in. Remove the restrictions so people can enjoy the original! My entire household cannot play simply because I just tried to log in at work!

      1. Joseph Myers

        @Wild West which they don't do. Literally never seen a bot banned. I've seen them dc from games but they just open another game and keep going

      2. Wild West

        I do agree old bnet is pretty restrictive and annoying with bans without telling you why. Its all about stopping bots though

    42. PLum


    43. Serhii Topor

      Totaly insane amount of work. Thank you guys!

    44. Bogomil Boev

      First game I pre-order :) cant wait.

    45. Serpents_Soul

      I cannot wait!!

      1. Serpents_Soul


    46. Vinson Wood

      I didn't know Oscar Isaac loved Diablo 2 so much

    47. Reiher Allendi

      omg, why assassin is now that creep ugly thing?! please dont start stupid things like "fat shaming" issue, but, common!! its an assassin, its supposed to be quick, slim, just like the old version

    48. Tomáš Bartoš

      ye its all nice and cool untill some guy from marketing will ruin all, remake will sux w8t and see

    49. Zerum

      Actually this Deep Dive Video doesnt make sense anymore to watch, blizzard sends already surveys which already included core-changes and thats only the first, we have no idea what they more in their mind. Nice Show really

    50. mindlesstube

      Do they realize they need to put a cap on Meteor and bone wall/prison? Cause you can lag out game with those, being Meteor fire you can get to last max of 31 seconds so you can cast 25 meteors and have all 25 stack causing huge lag, and that's just 1 character, imagine 8 doing that lol. They could fix it so can only stack max of 10 so 11th one cancels out the first one and so forth.

    51. marsakka

      im sorry but you made the amazon look like a 45 year old transgender :/

      1. G M

        they are wrking on it, the team wrote in their subreddit that they saw the criticism. In a threat that made a fanmad version of a younger (PERFECT) looking amazon. same for the assasin

    52. PHOENIXSUB707

      O you you.. Got me addicted to D3... Hehe & now,, this. Probably be buying this....

    53. Kenneth Carrier

      I want this game to do well because I want a third expansion. Buy buy buy

    54. KamTheOnly

      Diablo 2 is a very special game for Blizzard... Yeah, that's why the last Notification IG is from 2017.... 😒 There is no PLAYERS on D2 anymore, 100% All bots, and it has been for YEARS, but Blizzard doesn't care about that game anymore, Plain and simple... They only wanted the Resurrection now because Blizzard actually noticed how much attention other mods are getting instead of the original game itself.....

    55. Shōgun

      i am so happy. i will buy it and never uninstall the game even if i play it for years. it will always be on my pc. i just have 1 think, i hope we will see the quests that haven been cut out because of not enough time. i waited so long for this i cant explain how excited i am. (if there would be a remaster of jagged alliance 2, the little boy inside me will get all the pc game wishes fullfit). thank you blizzard i will even start playing d3 again after i played 80-100 hours d2 remastered.

    56. DerFabi

      One thing that bugged me, was the "problem" the sirceres can be fire, ice or lightning...and in alter levels, enemies were resistant to two elements... so you can just run away....

    57. Jerds

      Looks like you guys are doing it right. Well done.

    58. John Christopher

      Now I'm extremely excited and confident. You guys are awesome, it's very nice to know some of the obstacles and how they where tackled in order to bring D2 into 2021

    59. _De0n_

      its so pritty dark i cried out of joy

    60. Sia Memex

      Proper hyped for this, cant wait! Didn't hear any mention of changes to the followers. Replaying the original the pathing is very poor. Has anyone heard if the is an improvement to this?

    61. Jaime Benjamin

      The trainwreck that is Diablo IV PR nightmare zombie interviews brought me here.

    62. Hunter Mccord

      Runewords doe ?

    63. U. Dav

      I had goosebumps this whole video. Me and friends are a lot older now, but everyone so excited. D2 was a game that could not have left behind. One of the most iconic games. Shout to David Brevik btw.

    64. michaelrowave

      As a hardcore fan boi who bought a 256mb geforce 256 just to run the "enhanced" graphics this is my first look and I am so stoked to hear how true to the original this will be. I was skeptical it but this is amazing.

    65. Tim j

      Will they have 0.8 items again...?

    66. Info Squad

      Ask about the gem activation in chat

    67. Mai Jot

      When is this game coming out?

    68. Land Strider

      You guys need to fix the looks of the nephalem. Especially the Amazon and assasin. Good grief. They hucking fideous ! They look better in the original before race , age, bodily deformity. Also the whole censorship thing with their armor feels phony. Take notes from the fan reaction of FF7 remake. Or the original Diablo 2 art and design.

    69. TS

      That was an amazing panel session! Not corporate, quite transparent and to the point. I was very cautious of another Blizzard classic being ruined, but now I'm hopeful :) The character's faces need to be fixed though... They all look 20 years older than the original.


      Too much talking not much game plays

    71. Fenrize

      I don't know if it's just me but I find Andre Abrahamian's stare extremely unnerving

    72. Justin Floied

      Why am I more interested in this than any other Diablo game? This is the D3 we all wanted lol. PRAISE THE BLIZZARD GODS!!!!

    73. Adhi Palar

      The sprites in diablo 2 are of course 2d, but by and large you might notice that the sprites are painted over images taken from 3d models, this is what gives the game a creepy sense of realism, and why the big units look like their stop motion animation, because their respecting real proportions set by the artist's 3d models.

    74. Get Buff

      if they shorten the seasons which is bad at least ion non season mode add all the items you can get in season mode. dont restrict rune drops etc

    75. Get Buff

      shorter seasons is bad feel. no glory and pride for your character too much turnover. this seems devicive

    76. Get Buff

      if the bots are still there no thanks. needs new servers that are bot proof

    77. VandaKai i

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... May be buying 2 Diablo games in quick succession from what I am seeing so far.

    78. AmberMusicDE

      "Find the Fun"... well.. i'm praying for D2R & D4... since "Finding the Fun" didnt work for WoW at all with Shadowlands... all that was fun is gone now (for me).. so i really hope for D2R & D4 to be great again... else i'll have no reason left to play Blizzard Games... so excited to find out though


      this is amazing, this is was i expected, and these people are very true on making this. real stuff, thank you blizzard.

    80. Luan Le Ngoc

      When lightning skills is casted, its surrounding vision will be lost right after reaching the obstacle, please fix it.

    81. Francois d'Auzon

      This seems so well done. I really hope they don't let me down, because blizzard has dropped multiple lemons of late. But everything about this seems right. My only worry is that the ladder only rune words enabled by things like RWM won't be enabled in the new single player, and that new mods enabling it won't be support. I (sort of) get why they would want to incentivize ladder play. But these things have been such a part of my SP play for - literally - decades, that it would be awful to loose them. Same question with saves. Saves can be imported, which is amazing. But what about ladder rune words enabled on SP saves though mods? I assume they're worthless now? Very disappointing. A /lot/ of time went into my getting those words put together for my SP characters. I'll be really sad if this is no longer doable, at least via mods. But the graphics, and playing, and everything else. They seem to have /nailed/ it. I'll absolutely buy this. I hope it makes way more than D3. Because this was, simply, such a better game. I'm thrilled everyone gets a beautiful version of it now.

    82. Artem Nahornyi

      That's the GAME we were waiting for!

    83. D D

      Seems they don't like mobile?

    84. badastig

      I'm so excited

    85. Frédéric Trudel

      Just fix the character models for the heroes, especially the Amazon and we're set. This project almost looks perfect. I'm so excited to play this!

    86. Nick Bunich

      Please do not pre-order it. Let it be good.

    87. StrikerXL

      Don't forget your macOS fandom please, thank you!

    88. StirbMensch

      Just had this slightly crazy idea of a feature on the wish-list... just add the Cube recipes in-game, as droppable loot (scrolls); just implement a separate menu from which you can view in-game the recipes collected so far. I know that they are available for everyone @ Arreat Summit - but why not do the right thing and also make them visible in-game? Would also add a nice activity of collecting every Cube recipe.

    89. Камен Горанов


    90. Tom Perry

      will we start fresh? as in buy the new version and start from scratch and/or can we merge old accounts or sign into old accounts? i use to have 10 or more accounts mostly for mules. Played since release. all my accounts expired after keeping them alive for years

      1. Tom Perry

        Also, what about the BOTS and the SCAMMING?

    91. Josh Mears

      Would be good if we could give recommendations on things to add/change, I for one would think it'd be cool if when you create a rune word in an item that it changes the appearance of the item giving it a more unique look. But either way, I'm 32 and still play D2, so I'm super excited about the launch of this game

    92. David Aceves

      Would love to see a mini-doc of what it took to make this game.

    93. Tony Jones

      CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

    94. Bruno Vitalino

      Remeber W3R... Trailer is one thing. The real game is something else.

    95. SaGe OwL

      Does the guy under llama hit puberty yet?

    96. Wild West

      I think making the stash a lot bigger would not really hurt or change much. People love to hoard stuff. But the inventory on the character has to stay the same size.

    97. Wild West

      Here is my request for QOL. Can the merc show advanced stats, and show the items he has equipped? I think mercs could use a few small improvements without changing how they work. Everyone uses and have builds based around mercs.

    98. Wild West

      It looks really good so far, and it looks true to the original. Some QOL minor things like larger stash and shared stash and stuff like advanced stats is all this game even really needs. I do think later D2 could use a balance/skill tweak to change the meta since some builds are OP and others useless.

    99. Googleek Account

      Здравствуйте. Я был в большом восторге, когда узнал об анонсе Diablo 2 resurrected. Ведь я давний поклонник Ваших игр. Но останавливает одно от предзаказа, это внешность Амазанки, извините, но почему она настолько похожа лицом на мужчину?

    100. kytta

      I don't see the most important question here: there were many promises made for WC3 remaster, and we got a piece of hot garbage. Why should gamers believe anything you say?

      1. Wild West

        warcraft 3 deserved something like this. Better than what it got. Warcraft 3 might be the most important game blizzard EVER made.