BlizzConline 2021 - Diablo IV: What's Next


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    Members of the Diablo IV development team discuss the latest content coming to Sanctuary.

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    1. Thành Nguyễn Minh

      7:29 did they just forget to hide that "part"? 😳

    2. Nirban Dhar

      Diablo 2 remaster looks better visually than diablo 4. Alot of this game looks blurry to me, low contrast maybe? This looks and feels more of a Diablo 3.5 than a Diablo 4

    3. 徐存孝

      I think the character feel too strong in D4, not like the character of D2 . In D2 , I can notice that character feeling a pain and yelling when they get the hit by monster.Gamer want to experience dark and sacred just like we used to play in D2

    4. Valmardon


    5. Joseph Holder

      Finally, d3 was meh. But I can't wait for diablo 4!

    6. Nightfang

      Im really hyped for this but my major concern is “we want your characters to be really powerful.” I want to know how powerful because it kinda looks like you cant die in d4.

    7. Trickysnacks

      I cant find the game i bought in the games tab can you make a library tab?!?

    8. Clip That Shit


    9. KnibzZz

      you had me @ "we want to make the characters have something that makes you say "oh that's bullshit""

    10. Fox Towers


    11. Elenos

      6:40 guys why did you bring back Michael Jackson?

    12. Drarchi

      yay!!!! pvp... where people hack the game and cheat other players... yea..... I have 100% concerns.

    13. Man Emperor of Mankind

      PVP IS BAD FOR BALANCE!!! You need separate skill sets for pvp so you don’t nerf fun builds for PVE content!!!!

    14. Antoxa Felsh

      Когда дата выхода ??

    15. Pixelated

      Meh. Diablo 3.5. Combat looks boring with the same old disco laser balls and mortars.

    16. Mike B

      @19:00 Why is it just dumb panicky action shots and slow motion... Is that what they think the Diablo series is?

    17. JointSnipe

      The presentation was rather heavy on the hype front. It was not a genuine conversation between the devs about new systems. All we heard was dev after dev being excited because X/Y/Z, and "I really love X because Y". A big miss for me.

    18. Owen Wilson

      Chris Sigaty is a complete racist, prejudice and discriminant hacker who hacks and discriminant's on disabled persons. He is very good at racism, prejudice, discrimination, and 100% absolute hacking. Activision Blizzard HOTS is 100% a rigged fixed hoaxed hacked esport gimmick

    19. C B

      Looking forward to Diablo 4 and Resurrected 💛👍

    20. Mr. Niven

      Great, as a fan of the diablo series, I'll enjoy it.

    21. RandomBeast 21460

      Still too commercial product. Still has cartoony and casual feel to it. Srry Devs. Looking up for Diablo 2 Ressurected.

    22. Johan

      Yah this is gonna be meh... Just the way they talk about it, you can tell the focus is more about things looking cool, rather then feeling good. Jumping off the horse and shoot arrows will be cool and fun for a week.

    23. Strider

      STOP with the blinding white/flashy animations on skills. Completely RUINS the realism you are trying to achieve with the world.

    24. Mania Red

      Ah PvP, a game mode that demands "Balance" which hobbles how powerful/over the top abilities can be. how unpleasant.

    25. LateNiteVibez N’Ridez

      Are we gonna be able to change the gender on classes? If I want a male rouge say?

    26. bigsmall246

      Doesn't matter what kind of region-specific weapons there are if they're so tiny in the inventory that I can't see the difference

    27. bigsmall246

      If everything dies in 1 hit, I'm not buying the game. If any skill makes me feel like I'm cheating, I'm not buying the game.

    28. greenious

      Is it just me but that rogue's face in the equipments tab looks like michael jackson lol

    29. Fiaw1


    30. Michael Kurozaki

      Heyyy.. To those who shares the same fantasy, please pass this to everyone.. 😁 "I hope this prayer doesn't fall on deaf ears.." I hope the 5th class is for the new and old generation players.. A "Wanderer" maybe? An old cultist and changed man (an old member of Maghda's cult remains) struggling on choosing between "staying as changed man and continue the path of being Holy (now sharing Angel Tyrael's belief now or whatever)" or "be A practitioner of Dark rites (A believer of dark justice and using evil to purge evil, sharing Malthael's belief and priest of Rathma or whatever evil in Sanctuary maybe) .. A master Templar of Sacred Magic.. User of Holy, Elemental and Arcane damage. Or... Be a master Occultist of Dark Magic (like Necromancer) and Shamanism (like witch doctor).. User of Shadow, Vitality and Poison damage." Isn't it the answer to the missing aspect of class and fantasy of players?? Or maybe.. just never mind.. maybe we can't choose at all.. 😑😞

    31. Owen Wilson

      Chris Sigaty is a complete racist, prejudice and discriminant hacker who hacks and discriminant's on disabled persons. He is very good at racism, prejudice, discrimination, and 100% absolute hacking. Activision Blizzard HOTS is 100% a rigged fixed hoaxed hacked esport gimmick

    32. Rafael Marcos Aderaldo

      Do they not informed the released date? will it be released in 2021?

    33. XD3ADX

      Rogue was a great choice but im most excited about the DRUID!!!!! I can't wait to play this game. I cant wait, I cant... perhaps I need help

    34. Risteard D

      Didn't know Mike Tyson was in Diablo

    35. Tigerjuhhh

      Great so its gonna be the same steaming pile of garbage that was Diablo 3? Ill pass im glad i didnt buy the garbage that was 3 and im very sure im wont buy 4 either.

    36. Mat

      oh look its D3 the expansion... so much cooldown and pointless special effects . Thanks for listening to the player base there Blizzard /r/sarcasm

    37. Peter Koncz

      Have you considered playing with the detectability, invisibility of a rogue character? Good old fashioned "sneaking" or "stealth" would add a fun new dimension to experiment with and extend the conversation from just a debate about the ration of melee vs ranged attacks.

    38. kimchi4life

      I'm not crying, you are crying.

    39. LTJ Production Official

      I am looking forward to see another red shirt guy to speak on behalf of pc gamers

    40. Timothy Hill

      I would like to play a good, M rated RPG. Gibbing and Elder Realms are usually limited to FPS titles. Hopefully D4 can fill that void. D3 came out in 2012, that was 9 years ago. It doesn't seem like that long ago but it has been some time. It would also be nice if we could play at 240+ FPS consistently, even with monsters filling up the screen.

    41. KEK W

      Oh yeah you tapped into the core of the class so hard , you gave it combo points that never existed in Diablo games .

    42. A F

      No I wont buy this game! as a Roman Catholic I hate to see this unholy reference to the Holy Eucharist and Tabernaculum, it's just so jewish and so masonic to use it in the game that it borders on blasphemy. Why don't you go with mosques or synagogues instead???

    43. KevinGame3

      I am Imagine overwatch 2 is releasing in early 2022 to like around March in for Diablo 4 it’s out in as late as 2022 or early 2023

    44. Raimund Völker

      I think customisation is really the most unnecessary thing you could add in a Diablo game. 1) Most of the time you are far away from your character, so you can't even enjoy all the little details that you give. 2) You are happy if you get a piece of armor or weapon that really looks amazing. Why would I need a pretty hooded Rogue, when I get (for example) "The Thief Ruler" a unique item that looks more like a crown or something, boosts some stats etc., but you now wasted all the time you added into customisation. Also I hope that these "rescue-missions" of various places really make them feel unique. Like giving special items or runes that are connected with the lore to these places. Fore example: You can buy the "Rune of Leech" with which you have life- /manaleech (obviously). At the moment I just fear that these missions are just annoying to do, offer only cosmetic alteration and those monsters you fight might be faster forgotten then the art-developers deserve credit for.

    45. Antonio

      Get rid of the health bars, the damage numbers, to mutch flashy colorful skills , all this feels to mutch like d3, if u do that il buy it, and by the way d2 R will destroy this game if u dont make it more darker, and one more thing no more goatmen enemyes!!

      1. Nightfang

        6:51 is a decent example of clean it could look without health bars above the enemies and without dmg numbers. Except there is still a bit of unnecessary flashing lights.

      2. bigsmall246

        @David Carlton in D2 the health bar only shows up when you mouse over the enemy. Having the health bar pasted on top of the enemy makes it cartoony.

      3. David Carlton

        Diablo 2 had health bars and goatmen

    46. PsyQoBoy

      Evil Bakura be like 😃, welcome to the Shadow Realm.

    47. Bromon Diction

      I'm just glad you guys removed that cartoony glow on enemies

    48. lello333

      the first guy on the right is the Zizarian's father?

    49. Evan Franey

      Can't wait to play this game. Looks like the Rogue will be the first time a ranged class is my main.

    50. shark cartoon

      is this video talking about world of Warcraft??????

    51. niamhnyx

      So... Demon Hunter. Right. I know what I'm playing. XD

    52. Blueberry Poptart

      Horse speed upgrades are a slippery slope and would not like to see this happen. It will make it easier to add more stuff like this more and then pay to win features.

    53. xDannyboo

      The talks felt a bit too forced imo but i'm still excited to hear about the game!

    54. Jo Zh

      Pls blizzard. Don't pull CDPR on us!

    55. Excalibur Prime

      Looks like a reskinned Diablo 3 - same cartoony artstyle. More looking forward to Diablo 2: Resurrected.

    56. Hypogonadism

      Excited about D2 Ressurected, and eventually D4.. But i just hope they tone down the "mobile look" of D4.. Dont need fancy numbers flying around on the screen, or over sized healthbars of monsters.. Tone it down, make it blend in way way more.. It needs to be dark. If you are unsure if you got it dark enough, tone it way way more on the darker side...

    57. Freedom Forever

      They seriously need to get rid of the dodge and damage text. It's stupid af and ruins the esthetic of the game.

    58. Erdi Kant

      Please make the game more dark and scary atmosphere, remove the shiny lasers from the game. Make the game slower like D2.

    59. Data Soong

      i don't have a big hope honesty for this game in hand ot this noobs... NO ONE OFF THIS GUYS is a hard core gamer how do super nuubs can do a thing for super hardkore pro nerds? they may be the best graphic designers and programmers on the planet and beyond!!! NO MATER!!! they only play single player because if they go LINE they lose because and leve 100% NOOBS i can smel it !!! and they gona make Diablo 4 video games super easy to play with 4 keys if you are lucky few skills and spells because it is too complicated for this multilayer's exactly like letting a WOW raid handle to a NOOBS a night off WIPE FLOR CLENIG SERVICE!!! ON A FIRST BOOS!!! these a TeamPlay in videogame don't even know what it is...they kill them right away because they are low-level players!!!

      1. Nightfang

        What are you on about

      2. Data Soong

        I have very little hope for this game... with the money that year spent on Diablo 4 I was making 4 and 5 and both would already be officially released...

    60. Austin Osman

      I hope it doesn't end up being "Diablo3 II". The franchise is dead as long they don't come up with something in par with D2 in terms of writing, ambience, music, immersion, artistic value. Cool slick graphics and mechanics alone don't make a game.

      1. Data Soong

        all this is NOOB TALK!! 27.51 m off noob tolck!!! do you think a NOOB can create pro stuff?

    61. Dylan R

      Love the ear callback

    62. Tiago Carmo

      Whatever... I'm gonna play Diablo 2 anyway

      1. FeelsTravMan

        Ill play both because Im not a total wanker like you.

    63. Blake Riley

      Story will be cool, but its back to the cheesy animations and graphic styles. At least we have the d2 remake with that nice lighting and darker feel to look forward too.

      1. bigsmall246

        @FeelsTravMan d4 doesn't have a dark theme. It just has ugly colours. It's not dark if you can see the entire screen even when underground. It's going to be like D3 where everyone uses cheesy overpowered screen-clear skills with 0 cool down.

      2. FeelsTravMan

        Dont really agree with you. There isnt much cheesy about what weve seen so far. The lighting isnt nearly as dark as D2R thats true, but it seems really gritty / dark to me.

    64. Dav

      Can’t wait to play this game! Hard to know which class to go for first x) Rogue and mage are always awesome, little bit scared for my favourite barbare to be repetitive gameplay though :)

      1. bigsmall246

        Don't worry, the game will probably be so easy you'll be able to complete every class in 3 months.

    65. Dav

      Man you guys really went for it!! Woohooo let’s go!! Really cool presenters by the way :)

    66. Brother Lobotronus

      Give the opportunity to assign more skills anywhere on the keyboard please as it was possible with D2 . I don't want to play D3 again like ( 1234 LM RM )

    67. Nick Shokes

      I cannot wait to see both Diablo 2 remake and D4 on my pc!!! The hype is real. Show my channel some love friends :)

    68. Ibrahim Arabie

      Release date?

    69. Gladiatorat

      Diablo IV looks fantastic, but I'm a bit worried that skills are too "fantastic". Like jumping off of a horse and shooting 500 arrows simultaneously. In D2 skills are a bit more believable and "realistic" though not really realistic. In D3 and now D4 it's almost too flashy and silly. Just my two cents. I'm sure there's other preferences.

    70. SV

      *Welcome to D4 a MOD for Diablo 3! ... still no PVP....*

    71. YouKnowMe Gaming

      I am a diablo content maker

    72. TheFlyWahine

      I hate pvp so im NOT touching this game! Just another pvp hate game.

    73. Ben Eisenmann

      This is all self-hype, is it not? They should be honoring the fans' desires for gameplay, not their own.

    74. Piotr Kurek

      how many difficulty lvls will there be?

    75. nimck

      The rogue’s animations seem a bit over-animated... specifically the run animation and every time they shoot an arrow. The animations in those regards seem like they’re always full on no matter what to an excessive degree. But, definitely the right class choice and a classy homage to D1

    76. Udy Noviks

      cmon....! Get more staff and get it done ..!!!! cant wait for d4 by the way. i dont wana see anything like it was on diablo 3 like glowing monsters and even golden glowing humans, cmon... so not real you know. I hope d4 will be as real as it can be.! :)

    77. kat0

      How many crappy items will be in D4!!!!???? Twice more than in D3.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    78. Pan Darius Kairos

      If you want to make this the greatest ARPG of this decade, draw every influence from Breath of the Wild that you can and make it "Diablo". Systemic, open world design with a stupid amount of interactable objects. Right now, D4 definitely seems to be missing interactable objects, but the open world stuff is stupendous.

    79. Pan Darius Kairos

      The open world and verticality elements are, by far, the best new additions to Diablo. Double down on that. Quadruple down on it, and then octuple down on it. Srsly, if you can see it, you should be able to go there. Get rid of as many invisible walls as possible.

    80. Pan Darius Kairos

      Horse armor confirmed. Get out your wallets suckers.

    81. Pan Darius Kairos

      These two guys are muppets.

    82. Jayson Iorg

      Super excited for D2R. Just hoping D4 isn't a D3 reskin like it appears to be.

    83. Ryan Talmadge

      YOU'RE IN HERE WITH ME NOW, YUGI BOY! - Rogue 2021

    84. YouKnowMe Gaming

      Cant wait!!!!

    85. Sir Damned

      My favorite class in one of my favorite game franchises of all time. I can't wait!

    86. wastagwaga

      So what's gonna stop high level trolls from camping besides vendors of hatred and farm weak players?

    87. KSWfarms

      Ehh don't care about pvp. The rest of it is great info. I can't wait for this game to finally drop!

    88. andrew clifford

      Diablo 3?? Are you?

    89. Richard Martinez

      Please remove the light show that enemies/bosses still have. If this game is supposed to be darker and more gruesome, then an enemy/boss that glows and lights up takes away from that dark and gruesome feel. I really hope that gets removed.

      1. bigsmall246

        The glow reminds me of baby cartoons where e.g. the bus glows when the cartoon is trying to teach the baby what a bus is.

    90. Jamie Arnold

      Bulls*** if you dont want to play pvp you should not be forced

    91. Felipe Andrade

      this PVP system looks amazing!

    92. Felipe Andrade

      Don't do that... Don't give me hope

    93. Daniel Chase

      I hope the sweat lords don't ruin this game...

    94. John Kersch

      Did they make the Diablo 4 rogue game play footage in the d3 engine?

    95. mrspidey80

      I do like that they're acknowledging that Malthael killed 90% of the human population of Sanctuary. Looking forward to seeing how this ended up shaping the remaining societies.

    96. Red Cloud

      How big is the diablo 4 world? I wish it's gonna be like the Witcher open world where it's quite big enough for exploration.

    97. TheUndead0ne

      well the pvp cant be worse than in d3

    98. EAFTL

      This will be just as bad and brainless as Diablo III. I don't know why anybody has trust in these hacks.

    99. Gharvar

      Unpopular opinion most likely but to me they lost something from Diablo 2 in Diablo 3 and it doesn't look like it's back in Diablo 4 so far. In Diablo 2 the skills felt satisfying to use. In Diablo 3 you need a full set for characters to even be fun and until you have a few set pieces it's extremely boring and it feels like Diablo 4 is headed that way too. It's early still but I really hope we get to add-on to skills, make them crazier and more powerful as we progress. That's one thing Path of Exile is very good at. You start with your basic skill and as your progress you add a bunch of new effects and modifiers to it which increases the enjoyment of using that skill by a lot. Something is really wrong when you can enjoy using 1-2 skills in Diablo2/PoE but you can't find that level of enjoyment with more skills in Diablo 3 unless you have a full set and specific legendaries to make your skills fun.

    100. Majrec

      PLEASE fix her "lip filler" its so distracting :D