BTS (방탄소년단) 'Old Town Road' Live Performance with Lil Nas X and more @ GRAMMYs 2020


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    1. Kanishka Sharma

      Jin and v deep voice jk jimin high piche suga and jhop kiling notes rm rap Me = user is dead

    2. Kanishka Sharma

      I want full version of bts 🥺😢

    3. Mas Serdadu Tepi Kota

      Plastic 🔥

    4. Varalakshmi Kothapalli

      Can wi just not gonna talk about how taehyung going to the little boy even he has space to stand there but that little boy don't know how much lucky he is and how many people want's to be in his place

    5. AMNA Ali

      اجيت اشوف بتس وبس تاي ستان

    6. Fahad Gaming


    7. Grace Lindholm

      I’m sorry but v 🖐 to beautiful

    8. Min Aeri



      Lil nas x is devil

    10. gefeu mabea

      The adhesive street immunochemically wait because half-brother elderly cure off a descriptive glue. oceanic, lackadaisical eel

    11. Reem Mohamed


    12. Amanda 아만다 ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      its hard to take our eyes off V

    13. jerminkook

      Rm is so handsome with his hairstyle and hisx expression I am dead

    14. HobiGucciE

      El tiempo paso muy rapido :,(

    15. Nicah Suba

    16. Your Hope

      Let's appreciate RM's verse! I got the homies in my bag (Yeah) Have you heard of that? (Yeah) Homies made of steel From Korea, they the best-t-t Riding to the farm (Huh) Grabbing all the corn (Huh) We gon' get yo' money With my homie in your backyard I love your brain 😂💗💗💗💗

    17. 인삼

      진짜 생각도 못한 조합이다

    18. khaleb edmond

      Pls clear your voice 🤣🤤😂😂🤣🤣😆😆

    19. Kim Baek Eun

      No 1:34 O Tae deu um "peteleco" no chapéu do LilNasX ??! 😳 PQP 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wtf 🤣🤣🤣 (assisti essa parte em camera lenta umas 5 vzs x.x)

    20. Mai Quỳnh Nguyễn

      So bad

    21. Maheen Daud

      V's body rolls!!!! OMG

    22. shirleykalanyantonieta lariasramirez


    23. internet  goth spaghetti

      Let's just appreciate jimins voice💁‍♀️💜🌼🐣🌼💜🐣

    24. u

      نامجون ابغى سولو لك زي كذا

    25. Michelle Vazquez


    26. ЛОЧИН БЕК


    27. Luluca lover


    28. Hoang

      I only watch the first 1m50s of this video 😂😂😂

    29. 8ilexf

      تاي كوكك و جيمين و جيين و نامجون تجننوون ياخيي 😭😭

    30. 8ilexf

      عمريي شوقا يجنن😭😭

    31. 8ilexf

      بيبببbts ذا صار قيي لا تصوروون معه مرا ثانيه😭.

    32. Mrs.Joonie Always

      Can we appreciate RM for having the whole BTS in the Grammys because he was the only one who collaborated with Lil Nas X ?!

      1. Leigh Ching

        @kimmoonchild (22june) yepp me too😭😭

      2. kimmoonchild (22june)

        What else can I say? I would like to multiply my love for him and or give him a planet.. He deserves so much love and respect.

    33. Getzica Jay

      BTS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    34. BlackHarbinger

      Lil Nas X brought me here!

    35. Imtiyazussaomi Saloom

      Namjoon makes me crazy

      1. kimmoonchild (22june)


    36. Phương Mai Nguyễn

      Love Yoongiii, whatever you do, you look so cool , so nice , so perfect

    37. Gukkie Kim

      yahhhh Kim Taehyung

    38. 𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙭𝙤

      I'm watching this with my Rj plush and mood octopus whatever it is, with Nutella and a blanket 😤

    39. kin ashburn

      𝐵𝑇𝑆 𝐵𝐼𝑂𝑇

    40. kin ashburn

      BTS BIOT

      1. ItsYourGirl Melody

        Okay Homophobic Biot! 😊

      2. ItsYourGirl Melody

        Okay Homophobic Biot! 😊

    41. Martha Herrera

      Tae, se encontró en su elemento, un baile wuaoooo

    42. jeonsoftx13

      no supero esta presentación...

    43. Carmen Piñana García-Uceda

      why r all talking about BTS? I think that the Lil Nas X's perfomance was perfect. With this I'm not saying that BTS aren't cool, I like their outfits and they sing really well, but Lil stills being amazing and that song has been written by Nas an Billy Ray Cyrus, not for them. PDT: I still loving BTS.

      1. emoa Sana

        This is on bts channel thats why

      2. Suzuya



      im here for bts

    45. Army Bts

      Omg RM and jimin

    46. qwqq

      my boy how did they screw it up ಥ_ಥ

    47. Gunn Army

      Me wondering how tf they look so damn tall?!

    48. Marietta Darden

      I love BTS and lil Nas x AM NOT LIEING

    49. KwinAsia

      Jimin &RM: 😎😎😎😎😎

    50. Sincerely Jules

      Are bts gay-

      1. emoa Sana

        No why

    51. Bagathur Sha

      Jimins voice tho 🤐


      mom: eat the soup it isn't that hot the soup: 1:08

      1. kimmoonchild (22june)


    53. Naz Aksu

      Jimin vocal omg

    54. Asmaa chan

      Jin's look takes my heart

    55. Divya Sinha

      I'm sorry but Jin is 🥺

    56. Moon shining


    57. ¡! Andrea^


    58. ¡! Andrea^

      Taehyung con ese look aaaaa

    59. ¡! Andrea^

      No supero a este Namjoon

    60. Fratom

      Lets appreciate billy ray for an amazing singer,not only bts Old town road

    61. Carolina Cabanillas

      Ok lets appreciate Tae for a second, he is so hot!!!

    62. Claudia ivon Ramirez salasar

      Btgays zzzzz

    63. wak 01

      BTS OMGGGGGGGG!!😍😍😍😍

    64. James Resaga

      I don't like it 👎👎👎

    65. XXXRaizen_KidXXX

      Billy ray cyrus walking like “im back old friend”

    66. Abby P

      let appreciate in the old town road the tv is playing chowder

    67. CUTE DOG

      Some gay people hanging out be like:

      1. kay

        MJ and Prince would wear makeup (I loved them both) yet no one batted an eye. Y’all always got a problem with BTS without a valid reason.

      2. winxxie

        @CUTE DOG men wearing makeup is not weird at all :// you sounds so homophobic to be honest

      3. kimmoonchild (22june)

        @CUTE DOG why you judge people? Is okay if you don't like them but to say they are girl's is a bit to much. I understand your oppinion is a free world . But if you don't like them just skip this.

      4. CUTE DOG

        @emoa Sana bro, men wearing makeup is weird. If many artists wear makeup they are weird too.

      5. emoa Sana

        @CUTE DOG all of the men in korea look more feminine than Europe or america, but that not makes them gay, that's nosence... And a lot of male artist wear make up in front of camera i dont see what it makes them different... Behind camera they are pretty normal

    68. Libko ZzZachillezZ

      Dangg Robby ray (Billy ray) still got it...he is a Legend for Disney lovers and the 90s

    69. Shay L


    70. Thormosphere :)

      Do what im supposed to do and study maths: 🚫 Hear songs : ✅

    71. YOONGI

      1:32 CALL 911

    72. obese

      Funny how 90% of the comments are about BTS and not the other dude.

    73. Valeria Tunque Balvin

      Su voz de Jimin ❤️👄❤️

    74. Малыш Йода

      BTS sang great, I'm sure they would have a great collaboration !!!

    75. ⁦ᕙ༼༽ᕗ⁩.


    76. ligação BTS


    77. Duo Edits 2.0

      No one talking about Lil Nas X 😂😂😂 BTS IS THE BEST

    78. الثوري 107

      you are guy

    79. Salemar Yahya

      Bts biot

    80. Justin Nicholson

      Like milk cofee

    81. Ngọc Ngọc

      I like Jimin’s voice 👏👏👏


      1:31 worth my whole life

    83. Kim Namjoon

      Everyone looking hella fine I can't focus on one 👀

      1. Kim Namjoon

        @kimmoonchild (22june) not at all lol

      2. kimmoonchild (22june)

        Is bad if I can?

    84. seda akgül'e beyin lütfen-7 #BUTTER [BUTTER]

      This is masterpiece

    85. Nadia Saputri

      namjoon gilaa disini damagenya kaga maen2!!!

    86. KrissyGacha Channel

      jimin Boise😭💔

    87. Winter Bear130

      Dude when jimin join the song.....Yup that's it I'm dead😃

    88. Alfian Rizqie

      Lil nas x and BTs what 😳😳

    89. Skyler Percy

      This so funny

    90. pengen di dislike banyak orang

      Lil nas x is better than bts

      1. piss

        where's millie bobby brown when u need her

      2. emoa Sana

        Bts were guest.

    91. embeytey

      This performance is a big "F[p[p[ you very much " to the homophobes, racists and haters close minded people out there around the world. Beautiful.

    92. Chiky Disla

      Un saludo para bts

    93. KrzysioPlayz Version 2💣


    94. B T

      If grammy don't give award for their butter then I will break grammys 😡

    95. Tabby Toy Productions

      why did i see v following that kid ;-;

    96. vian ria

      i only want to see my boys

    97. 마리암

      Why they're hot like summer !!!!!! 😭😭💕💕💕

    98. 마리암

      Jin you were melted my heart into 2 ❣❣

    99. 마리암

      اصلا عادي محد ذاب من حرارتهم 💔☺☺👈👉💕💕💕