Burger Kitchen Part 1 | Season 5 Episode 5 | Kitchen Nightmares USA (Uncensored)

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    NOTE: This version is the UK dubbed version of the USA program meaning some episodes are in different order than the USA series and may be edited differently.

    In the first half of a two-episode kitchen nightmare, Gordon visits LA to save family restaurant The Burger Kitchen. But this family seem to be in a state of constant conflict. (Episode requested by Summer L Spicer, Ry man Dig)

    In the UK this episode is listed as Season 5 Episode 3



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    1. Kitchen Nightmares Uncensored

      I'm back! Sorry for not uploading much. If you want to vote on the next episode to be uploaded, click the card in the top right corner at the beginning of the video. Enjoy this episode :)

      1. The Lonely Musician

        I love you

      2. Jacob Barr

        Come to South Africa Gordon.

      3. needmoreramsay

        I've just found this channel today. Incredibly thankful to find traditional KN episodes with the UK narration and perspective. Thanks in advance !!!!

      4. Mykel Khan


    2. joe done

      oh good hes in hell now ..............

    3. Mush Mello

      40:51 "Shit, I am on TV"

    4. CrispTomato94

      Can we get some appreciation for Jalapeño?

    5. CrispTomato94

      Imagine having Gen as a religion teacher. That was my high school experience.

    6. Mush Mello

      "My food is 4-5 stars, he will love it" They're on Kitchen Nightmares, so I doubt it

    7. 아렠산ᄃ라 Alexandra the ARMY

      I hate the fact chef Ramsay is only getting recognition for being a good chef with successful restaurants all over the world,but he's doing more jobs.He's a chef,teacher,parent,friend,counselor and a therapist.

    8. Laetitia J Raaths

      It is really awfull!!! I feel so sorry for the chef...

    9. Louis Hewett

      I'm always amazed that a completely dysfunctional family can totally come together with one redecoration of a restaurant. /s

    10. SSS Gaming

      He does the nighttime shift I have checks right here Translation: He does the nighttime shit Sex right now to your body

    11. GrimReaper

      Bruh I've never wanted to slap someone so much. K A R E N you deserve well done meat. :)

    12. Nato Reyes

      Jen: "It's not about some bully ~~~" also Jen: "I'm facing a bully"

    13. Gucci girl

      Update: the restaurant shat down in 2012 and the owner alan saffron died in april 2020

    14. Niru App

      Gordon: You made this ? Alan: Yes ! Gen: Amazing ! Gordon: That is hideously. At least it's seasoned. That was wonderful

    15. Mr. Banana

      "I took my son's money without him knowing" "My son resents me and I don't know why"

    16. StreetShark15

      We aussies don't want that abomination of a so called "meat pie" here either

    17. Check This Out!!!

      Man that girl is just a karen thats attracted to chef ramsay thats doesn’t nkow about cooking and alan he’s just a liar LOL

    18. Cristobal Richard

      The guarded bulb alternatively skip because bone phenotypically prefer between a absent twig. brown, gleaming stitch

    19. Crusade Music

      Jen stats 1."I feel a good energy" 2."I am a 64 year old" 3."I'm from poland" 4. The hair code name: Karen

    20. 11panos04

      Hehe,the whole family is fucked up.I ll go with the chef.They all should be on prozac

    21. Aussie Yobbo's World

      That was not a Aussie fucking pie fuck me

    22. Isnayusnita Sahak

      Mini ladd

    23. BellyFlopMan

      A meat pie is supposed to be runny hot chunks of beef inside. That pie was an insult to our pies down here.

    24. Joe Mama

      a karen , a horrible father and a redditor . what a family !

    25. Irene De Asis

      All Karen's says they are always bullied 😏

    26. Irene De Asis

      All Karen's says they are bullied😆

    27. noes too

      Lmao Its such a delusional couple with Egos high enough to reach heaven jesus Christ

    28. Justin Turner

      “He has been working on the spirit of getting paid.” One of the greatest straight bullshit lines.

    29. WWE World EDITS TE

      What’s David’s full name

    30. Mitchell Lilly

      Alan didn't like his father for "stabbing him in the back so many times" yet he steals money out of Daniel's trust fund? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    31. Taytay Yerten

      The father " um my son has a great deal of resentment towards me, and I dont know why" Also the father "I kind of force him into this by taking his money without his knowledge about it. But he eventually figured it out." 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    32. DryLapis

      “Its shocking how a father would do that to his son!” -The same guy who stole 250k from his son

    33. Dopey Tripod

      @26:14 besides the burger, Jen was also salty

    34. Osuka 5000

      I live in japan and i have not once in my life seen a Wagyu burger lol

    35. Rakesh Menon

      Lmao. A guy leaves his country coz he felt his dad controlled him and wanted him to join family business. And now he and the wonderful lady he met in New York are doing the same to their son. Never seen a better example of you become what you hate.

    36. SixNein420

      guys he is a MEAT skulpturer

    37. JamnIIk

      Polska przeprasza za właścicielkę

    38. Shanika Brown

      Allan did the same to his son sticking him in his shithole restaurant by stealing his money

    39. Mary Raigne Duran

      the mom is a karen

    40. nef

      Daniel sounds like Keebo

    41. Ballin V

      This is a family by the way. Disgusting

    42. Ballin V

      The boss is always wrong

    43. Otto Täkker

      I think Gen is 64 years old

    44. Rx

      Btw the meat pie is perfected over here in Australia, it looks noth ng like that trust me

    45. Melissa Finau

      I think- jus imagine being able to punch someone thru the screen, that would be so good rn :D

    46. Melissa Finau

      Nz meat pies> aus meat pies Tbh

    47. Jeon Shanon

      WE NED A PART 2!!!

    48. Aussie Dingo

      If I was served that Australian meat pie, I would send it back, and I am Australian. That looked more like a Veg pie, even then I would still send it back. Yuck!!!!

    49. jake spartan

      the way that moron says that "the Australian meat pie is the number One staple of Australia" and then it tasted like dog shit really annoys me on how u can fuck up a simple pie ;-;

    50. Nathaniel wowchuk

      Fun fact: Alans dad was actually one of the head crime bosses in Australia in the 20th century. Pretty bad guy.

    51. Martina2497 wta

      Wow this is intense

    52. Billy Branting

      the owner's are like a pair of trolls running an inn in some fantasy book

    53. xzaz2

      Why are the american owners always so delusional?

    54. VaQMNRG

      "The whole place should be on fucking LSD man" Im wheezing

    55. Gabriel svensson

      "I stole 200k from my son without hes knowledge" "my son have a great resentment against me and i dont know why" Ok bud

    56. culinaryg

      This show is brought to you by Prozac and Not-my-fault pills.

    57. culinaryg

      Son = entitled over money gifted to him which he didnt earn. Dad =RIP dont want to talk bad about him Mom=Never gave the chef (her employee) a chance (shows in her demeanor) Chef=Disrespectful Daugghter Inlaw=judgemntal and negative influence to son Dont think how this all started matters at this point,. They lack/need accountability and proper communication

    58. Seth Ali

      Perhaps the most infuriating thing about this restaurant (aside from the fact that the owner had no remorse for stealing $250k of his son's inheritance) is the fact that he called that abomination of a 'pastry' (if it can even be called that) an Australian meat pie. I, as an Aussie, have tasted many different pies, from bakeries to award-winning cafes, to petrol stations (all of which sell pies), and none of them were as hideous looking as that sludge on a plate that I refuse to call a pie. Disgraceful.

    59. Aristoteles Mendoza

      Coz of this episode I hate the number 64. I hate that I had a N64

    60. Asdaw W.

      What is Wendy doing with that guy? kek

    61. Lucius Rockwell

      this family all play the victims except the dad, he's delusional

    62. Danny Mcfabulous

      so i watched uk kitchen nightmares just now. in the 40 first seconds there's so much shit going on already lmao

    63. mikeyFREAKINGv

      That is NOT an Australian meat pie. YOU APOLOGISE TO OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW

    64. Rated Program69

      After watching this video, I have found a new species of humans and it is called "Medium rare girl"

    65. adiado

      these two owners... no words. just horrible, horrible people

    66. disempty101

      you should never eat large amounts of wangyu especially the amount in a patty since large amounts of fat like that can break your digestion

    67. Akami Channel

      "You need a prozac!" "I'm NOT on prozac" 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    68. Justin N

      It's not Kitchen’s Nightmare anymore is it. It's straight up Family's Nightmare lol

    69. Georgia Andrea

      Are mushrooms important to the Polish?

    70. Justin Tangtawee

      Even though this is one of the worst restaurants in Kitchen Nightmares, I do feel sympathy for everyone who works in the restaurant

    71. Chen Lin Qian


    72. Nguyễn Nhật Tiến

      The absolute audacity of Alan to said that he had a bad relationship with his father while he himself was the worst dad the world could possibly have. Not to mention he said this to Gordon Ramsey who had an abusive father and had been beaten physically and mentally when he was a child

    73. Khang Tran

      it's funny how they just rapidly send out raw food everytime

    74. Ravn Hovland

      I mean… that dad has to be fake

    75. yeshellohi

      this episode is so heartbreaking. the chef, Danny and all the other workers don't deserve this. this family needs sooooo much therapy

    76. Dareios soieraD

      40:40 that little Yoko Ono is weird...

    77. Karina Carr

      I stole $250,000 from my son but I just can't figure out why he resents me! Wow..

    78. Ducki DuckDucks

      this looks like the playground nightmares LMAO

    79. João Silva

      Lmao. this guy literally described himself while talking shit about his dad

    80. João Silva

      Tell you what their chef is cool

    81. João Silva

      What a piece of shit

    82. Donna Nitschke

      Wauw this episode😂😂 THE BEST!

    83. Bush

      someone get that woman her prozac

    84. Momo music

      I think it's the worst couple i've ever seen! They're both horrible, they really belong together!

    85. Jona Orange

      lol wtf, that wasnt an aussie meat pie, what drugs this owner on?

    86. Elham Lushaj

      David: "I added wine on the mushrooms" Gen: "And I took that personally"

    87. SamArter

      Please. Our aussie pies are amazing. Please don’t judge us. We do not claim this man.

    88. Xavi Exists

      Let that fuckhead get beet up his a little pipsquike

    89. Dna Seb

      Damn......this guy is like my dad, I hate him too.

    90. Any Sort (VIDEOGAMES.com)

      What is Prozac?

      1. Clover

        Like an anti depressant I think

    91. Viktor Rácz

      The problem is always: a big ego or a useless chef, or a useless chef with a big ego.

    92. Bianca Celine

      Gen look so proud of her husband for basically admitting he stole from their own son.. look at her smiling and nodding.. something is wrong about her

    93. Yorick

      poor chef....

    94. Cyber Trunks

      "Mushrooms are important to me, I'm from Poland" OHMG LOL.

    95. ISB15954


    96. Virulentgunk

      The guy is like a Darkest Timeline version of Richard Kind (I love you sir, please don't have me whacked). Richard Ass. Dick Ass, even.

    97. OoOo OoOoO

      “3 chiefs and 4 Indians today” You wouldn’t be able to get away with saying that these days lol

    98. nexus solaris

      "My son has a great lot of resentment against me and I don't know why..." he tells us right after telling into the camera that he literally stole his money behind his back and forced him to be some kind of slave pet or I don't know what I should call it... I don't think this guy needs a Chef to help him Mr. Ramsey, this man clearly needs a psychiatrist! For fuck sakes! Don't you just feel like punching this man straight in the face when he says that???

    99. David Cleland

      The parents are evil smiling at the fact they stole a quarter mill for their son

    100. Jubris

      muito foda esse episodio parabens