Casually Explained: America

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    Publicerades den 7 dagar sedan


    1. Spud

      How da fuq did i get a notification of this when i wasnt subscribed

    2. bill dipperly

      Everyone was obliterated in this one. Only our northern neighbor could know us so well lol.

    3. Jayesuu

      u explained it with the thumbnail wdym.

    4. Inferna Craft

      I'm so glad I'm not the only one pointing out that the US's death total is a result of population over response, the UK has arguably had a harder response to things such as lockdowns and it has more deaths per capita than the US

    5. Beans

      "Black people should be free" Damn, the rest of the world won't like that one

    6. Subject


    7. Jack Ass

      2:10 Texas lookin chunky

    8. Victor Martínez

      The lockdowns did nothing to control the spread

    9. Brendan Birdfield

      Both the South and the North were saying the same thing 'black people should be free' umm... Thats not what I heard 😂 funny vid as always though

    10. D L

      "when you get a kid from California to march to the deep south and sees a house for 100k..." lmao I died laughing

    11. Daniel Contos

      Buddy the south did not say that at all. One of the biggest reasons they wanted to start their own country was so they could keep their slaves. And if you ever read collections of diary from foot soldiers you'll find that a majority of them were fighting so they could keep their slaves too and didn't want some president taking away their property.

    12. Ailsa Ni

      The disney world encounter sounds 100% believable tbh I can’t tell if he’s only being sarcastic.

    13. Just Vienna

      As a Floridian i can confirm that we don’t deserve Universal Healthcare or anything good

    14. Akira Thorson

      I dont understand why americans dont just adapt a welfare state such as the Swedish or Norwegian. Or like litteraly any other welfare state is better than what they have now

    15. Steyreon

      I learnt nothing but had a great time ^^

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Speaking as an American, everything in this is true 🇺🇸 💯

    16. thelmn

      2:47 I laughed so hard

    17. Explodinghoust

      gosh why didnt i think of getting a vpn

    18. Eumo

      Now do all countries of the world.

    19. Elijah Camper

      Wheres hawaii lol

    20. Constanza Coscia

      why are the captions auto generated in russian

    21. gunman

      The most accurate description of modern day America

    22. rbetts20

      Just a reminder though There are more than 2 parties Trump was not pro gun The AR is a semiautomatic carbine, not a military grade rifle.

    23. Leo KiltGuy

      Pure genius.

    24. Andrea C.

      United States not America.

    25. Sam Dodson

      looking at the comment section I was expecting an actual argument

    26. Grant Lewis

      Talk about your prime minister and his tendency to keep wearing blackface

    27. idkfa

      this is a very accurate representation of the "Land of the Free". And by "Land of the Free" I am referring to some idiots who think that COVID doesn't apply to them since it goes against their freedom rights or something.

    28. 최 San-shine

      Damn I srsly didn‘t get the ‘black people should be free’ joke, only when I read the comments..

    29. লেফাফাদুরস্ত

      Title: America *proceeds to talk about USA*

    30. Seth Johnson

      Speaking as an American, everything in this is true 🇺🇸 💯

    31. Lone Wolf Gaming


    32. Trump Won

      United States of Israel

    33. Shane McDowell


    34. King 5202

      You are literally like the best short video SEpromr I’ve ever seen, love all of your content especially the stuff about relationships and stuff, absolutely amazing

    35. Anthony S

      Wait there’s more than America?

    36. Jay Thomas

      I got an ad for the Marines while watching this

    37. Dah

      This is the most accurate thing I've ever seen

    38. Petr Vermul

      4:05 where did the person go?

    39. Derill Troy Tacang

      The purge being casually explain. Possible?

    40. Eldeion

      Except the south wasn’t saying “black people”

    41. Minecraft Shorts

      CAN YOU explain INDIA 🙂

    42. FumingStation

      4:07 did they...did they just steal that guy on the scooter? O_O

    43. David Soegiarto

      Mental illness as poke-badges. Jesus, fuckin ruthless lol

    44. L KC


      1. SnowStorm


    45. PurplePanda 8

      Come on down south, just don't proceed to elect the same politicians that turned California into what it is.

    46. Bilal Gill

      2:37 took me a second but holy shit that's good

    47. Jack Halverson

      4:13 green shirt dude got kidnapped

    48. Egg Socks

      This man needs discord server

      1. A human

        Hello verified SEpromr

    49. Carl Anthony

      Lmao 😂

    50. Ziggity Official

      4:15 and the smiling green shirt man was never seen again

    51. Andrew Hoop

      You don't have to worry, no one on Twitter will ever escape to the real world.

    52. Commander Louie

      Halo 3 lobby. X,3

    53. Mac Cregar


    54. Who is he? I forgot his name

      Every thing that comes out of this country is so absurdly dumb that you begin to think cartoons are more real than you would realize

    55. zane

      2:11 *sad oklahoma noises*

    56. Henrique Marani

      B A S E D

    57. zachary black

      I’m an American and I can confirm

    58. Price Co

      This was a masterclass on how to avoid the angry sides of the American political machine

    59. HeyItsPumpkinz

      i could not agree more about the pokémon badge thing, but i mean, gotta be the very best right? *slams head on table*

    60. Michael Bullington

      Magnificent video, if your an American, and it makes perfect sense; so I'm confused.

    61. Cheyne Murdoch - Hall

      ok but what did miami dolphins dude do to green dude 3:40

    62. AztekM1

      I'm just here to confirm that there are absolutely no left wingers who own guns in America. Thank you.

    63. Brandon Akers


    64. Jase Goryan

      You’re the only SEprom whose ads I don’t skip

    65. Sarah Pang

      this video is so funny

    66. shyond92

      4.4k people know the truth... There are no other countries in the planet besides 'Merica

    67. Argothgod

      When looking at some covid wedding photos from other countries I would say the same thing

    68. Alec Chaidez

      2:47 "Or latin america where laws are just things police make up when they see tourists." God tell me about it, Mexico is bribe central when it comes to cops.

    69. A.T.A.C. Productions

      2:32 it took me a minute

    70. Christian Pazmiño

      As a Latin American I can confirm laws are made that way.

    71. The Islanders

      2:36 I don't know if he isn't implying this, but Abraham Lincoln was a Republican

      1. Ramsay Bolton

        During the time the republicans held a more progressive ideology, whereas the democrats held a conservative ideology. Party switches have occurred man.

    72. Intel_v

      "The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 pounds, and die of a heart attack at 43, you can! You are free to do so. To me, that's beautiful." - Ron Swanson, Parks and Rec

    73. ER DFS

      I’m Texan so I’m ok with you giving us half of Oklahoma but can I ask why?

    74. Rät

      where did the green shirt guy go? WHERE DID HE GO?-

    75. Gracie Don

      You still exist?

    76. Lyle Tito

      You are actually pretty funny.

    77. ahhh eh

      Thank you

    78. Brandon Perez

      Yep u know what side will win.

    79. Andelu Uledna

      It’s been a while but the jokes in this video made it worth it for another 1-2 months

    80. Alex Golden

      Completely not important but somewhere between 3:30 and 4:10 one rather heft individual disappears

    81. Angel Lopez

      What is halo?

    82. Ian McElroy

      Yee yee y’all ain’t trending on my ar-15 and Columbia Class nuclear submarine

    83. alejandro

      Wtf was that covid take tho, fun video otherwise

    84. Doccifer

      The day after this past Christmas I went to target and this guy walks up to me and asks if I worked there cause I was wearing a red long coat, I said no and he nodded his head in understandment (probably not a word) and for some reason I decided to be nice and witty and say “it’s cause of the red jacket isn’t” he says “yeah” we both chuckled and continued with our shopping experience

    85. Matt Fitzgerald

      The PAUSE after the black people should be free joke...Exquisite.

    86. David O'Neil

      Nailed it.

    87. Fly Craps

      1.2 million thats cheap compared to here in vancover Canada

    88. Tyler J

      I too would like to bumper car bump my wife on a rascal while stocked with churros then ride off together to watch fireworks at Disney.

    89. Ethan Parker

      As an American, this is freakishly accurate and even more hilarious

    90. Sambhab Sau

      love the dry humor

    91. Je-va-duh

      As an American... this is accurate

    92. vidal moscoso

      Us Americans are slowly turning into the people in Wall-e.

    93. Kasey Grey

      hmm a boring one

    94. DocsDota

      “Black people should be free” I see what you did there. This is pure gold.

    95. Giorno Giovanna

      Explanation : shit.... done.

    96. Owengar

      I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time, and I'm an American, but this video isn't even wrong

    97. Ariel Kilgore

      This is how im studying for the apush exam !!

    98. The Strategist

      100% accurate.

    99. A Kasrkin