Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

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    Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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    1. Thomas Carter

      Jeremy first hating tesla, now doing a demo on the 'old' X when the refresh X interior is out 😂😂😂. Surfing on the tesla trend now?

    2. A-Camp *

      That Audi that lost really is the winner

    3. Ramon Dijkgraaf

      its a great car, that's why i hate it

    4. Liam Burns

      Surprised bezos is letting Amazon prime letting Jeremy Clarkson advertise Elon musk Tesla car

    5. Paul R

      Self driving cars more power and control over your human life :(

    6. Eric Krouse

      Wasn't he the one who lied about the Tesla dying on him when they first came out??

    7. Jacob Fair

      Tesla sucks!

    8. Dmitry Salnikov

      This is a very old video

    9. Jeff Renman

      well I'm here I will add fact about technology… It's the easiest criminal advantage in history. This was taken from an expert in a Ted talk when he said hacking and performing cyber crimes has made things easier than ever before for criminals. To put a smart lock on your house would be the stupidest thing you could do. Oh this car yeah it can be hacked 123 it's done. Technology is like what my dad said when I was growing up he said locks are made for honest people as a little boy it confused me not anymore. Anybody can kick through a door. Anybody can kick through technology. Were actually moving in the wrong direction technology is making things easier for criminals and worse for us. But you don't have to take my word for it

    10. Henry Hamilton

      1:00 “I can draw pretty patterns!” Proceeds to draw a peeing PP

    11. Charl Theron

      Forget the car! What chronograph watch is Jeremy wearing? An Oris, a Hamilton, or a Pilot IWC? Niiiice. :)

    12. brightonduder

      God he’s annoying

    13. David Abella

      Looks like Jeremy's belt is about to cut him in half.

    14. Jose Daniel Gutierrez Mendoza

      Where has this man been all my life

    15. Trell

      Jeremy in a tesla it may just snow in July

    16. Drew 003

      Tesla has literally made a replacement for toy robot dogs

    17. MJ Knight

      2:07 KITT is getting closer to being a reality.

    18. Max Koljonen

      My 2018 Hyundai Kona does all that. Not impressed.

    19. dewdew34

      So we should just take what a "insert word here" says as gospel ? The older generation knows better...

    20. Dennis Pearson

      Sell Tesla stock fast. Overburdened with debt.

    21. Pablo Ramírez

      Good sketch example with a penis 1:01

    22. Rob Braun

      1:04 Dick Pic on the sketch pad!! lol

    23. Robert Hricko

      Erm...I want a Tesla

    24. Ben

      He forgot to mention that it is hideously ugly!

    25. Jr Rzm

      He sketched a dick

    26. Xuo

      Why is the first thing this man does is draw a penis

    27. Tilc Rekcil

      I'm happy to say I know of someone that is LS swapping one.

    28. insight insight

      I had such a terrible day today, but Clarkson, in this video, managed to cheer me up. Tesla X's only drawback? 156000 pounds!

    29. 165Tec

      Hey got paid for this

    30. Ilyess Lasfar

      Ohhhh now teslas are cool? You lying POS

    31. miscellaneousone

      I had no idea that this show existed. I can't believe Clarkson , Hammond & May are back.

    32. Tornero

      Celebration mode… the fact that something like that exists tells you a lot about the engineers behind it 🤘🏻 yeahhhh

    33. Laszlo Gaspar


    34. philip mc donagh

      My God its got no engine. I knew drink driving would eventually be back in some shape or form.

    35. Attila

      Test drove one and was not impressed how it was constantly weaving correcting to stay in the lane. It was minuscule but engage it in winter on black ice that you didn't know was there, I think the driver would end up going for one heck of a ride. Also for $150K, I was expecting a bit more creature comforts, than 7 racing seats and a laptop screen. Nice, but not $150K nice.

    36. steven holmes

      Ahh, the battle of words..

    37. wujekcientariposta

      How is it that battery on fire is dangerous but gasoline on fire is not, and also your 12v car battery which can easily ignite lets say your fuel also is not a problem?

    38. Sachin Bharti

      It's re-uploaded or deja vu 😅

    39. kevin Jhonson

      I think it’s ugly as all hell and until I get a battery that can last 1000km and recharge in 6 hours I’m not interested.

    40. Delicia Cindie

      No ones gonna talk about him almost sketched a dickk

    41. TheFailLord72

      It's sensible, and daft. Splendid.

    42. Shish ka

      did he draw a dick?

    43. just riggz

      Clarkson getting that sweet sweet Tesla money

    44. Willie Pepler

      boring as hell!!

    45. Steven Booth

      The best thing about this video is the appearance of the two hares @4:05

    46. Aimen H. A.

      5:33 Lmao

    47. LiteStuff LLC

      Thanks for the Tesla commercial for dummies. SUV? Practical? NO ENGINE? Hilarious! What do you think pushes the car? What sort of SUV can't clear an 8 inch bump? This is more like the EV version of the 2005 Cadillac De Ville. Both roomy, nice ride, both are heavy weights (Tesla X weighs 1,500lbs more) ; sure the Tesla has updated styling; but neither are going to win the DAKAR Rally. I imagine the Tesla X will negotiate a muddy river bank; like a lead brick - hey were is the footage of it in mud and sand dunes? Is this why Telsa doesn't do adds? They can have idiots do it for them and nothing has to be true.

    48. Whiter00m

      £150,000 ..............AND its as ugly as sin. Apart from that its quite nice.

    49. youdodat2

      I hate lawyers.

    50. I taint mistaken

      Is season 4 on prime video yet?

    51. Antonio Green

      I felt sorry for Jeremy. Being stuck in the car with proper boring English folk, lawyers ouch.

    52. Christopher And Stephanie Hill

      Pay your own way

    53. B Lorax

      In the US Model X is only $132K (plaid, 7 seats, and self-driving) - that's only 95K pounds.

      1. Steven Hill

        2021 Tesla Model X Long Range just $89,990 US (car in video). Plaid version with 1,020 HP $119,990. Quarter mile 9.9 sec LOL

    54. Roy Luxton

      Nice to see you back Jeremy where you're supposed to be talking about cars

    55. maoristereo

      Is it just me or the chubby lawyer in the front seat has an aura that says "i can FUCK"

    56. Jack_of_Helsinki

      Celebration that really essential thing that you have to have in a car?

    57. Tony Jones

      Be careful these have been tested and the test was the car in front moves out of the way quickly Tesla didn't react in enough time and hit the obstruction in front.

    58. Dhruv Chopra

      Jeremy drew BBC logo !

    59. JAX

      The lawyers scene🤣

    60. Almo Zeeentos

      They actually can open the back doors lmao they were designed for such situations. Jeremy missed that one in the review...

    61. Nobiles Novus homo

      Appreciate the lawyers for trying to act serious next to Jeremy! They did a fantastic job.

    62. DingDongChingChong

      Made in china

    63. Richard S.

      This proves that Clarkson is in fact a total douche bag. I'm not sure which is more unattractive the car or Clarkson, we'll call it a draw.

    64. jonlamontagne

      Jeremy didn't do the fart button?

    65. Gary

      come on, this is last years programming.

    66. Isaiah Macadam

      How long ago did they record this video?

    67. mbPhase23

      Ok. I'm in 😁 Wait. How much did you say? Ok. I'm out. 😕

    68. WahWahWehWah

      First they started to drive us, then they tried to kill us!

    69. Trucker Nick

      I prefer a V8 no thanks

    70. Ronald Weasley

      i’m convinced teslas are just dankmemes irl

    71. Dat Finnish Guy


    72. Dan Crum

      Jeremy accepting the future, never thought I'd see the day

    73. Adam Chalmers

      The gullwing doors would open in the tight parking spot at the end of the vid, allowing the rear 5 passengers to get out easily. That's the whole point of the design.

    74. Kzn Nzn

      when manufacturers learn that if you offer 7 seater you have to make enough room for the last row too, what a pointless nonsense with childrens

    75. Ask to seduce Miss

      interesting how he called summon mode a gimmick but demonstrated a legitimate use for it by using it to park in a tight location.

    76. Yodz Cellacay

      amazing drawing! wahahaa

    77. je suis Nepolais

      My My My he nearly drew that ! :D

    78. decommonifyable

      Don't drive with li-ion in case of an accident. Cos driving with litres of highly flammable fluid makes much more sense.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss


    79. xfire7

      £156,000 . Probably the same as the solicitors cost for the day .

    80. Sam Hecker

      At 1:04 that’s an amazing drawing

    81. Sam F

      This is old

    82. John Corbett

      Funny !

    83. Jonas

      My dream car, but it will always be unobtanium because they aren't made for middle income or poor people

    84. ElectroPartyNation

      "I can be driving along writing important messages on my sketchpad" The important message: *James May is a moron*

    85. Chosenite

      Glorified montego that will snitch on you one day

    86. izeawalker

      Can't help but remember when tesla first showed on Top Gear and the show faked it breaking down and got sued. Hating electric aged like milk

    87. Mikey L

      Its depressing to think in 20-30 years time this is all there will be. Nothing but autonomous hairdryers. I wouldn't trust software with my life I'd want to be 100% in control and it will also be boring and the end of motoring in general.

    88. Ross Bowden

      You were beaten by literally everyone on SEprom

    89. Saad Cheema

      Off course there are more luxurious and better cars then Tesla but Yes Tesla is fun & affordable.

    90. TrueGD

      1:03 uhhh

    91. I Agree completely but,

      Clarkson is obviously still a little salty about Tesla

    92. Ruslan Davudov

      I thought that show ended

    93. Bubuianu Florin


    94. stigsindiancousin 69

      Old lord you are back

    95. Abhijith Bharadwaj

      Usage of sketch....🤣🤣🤣🤣

    96. M P

      1:03 he draws a _______________________ ck

    97. Juul Bakker


    98. Jan Heckmann

      Actually they can get out, because the Wingdoors need just a tiny little Space toopen up!

    99. Pedro M F

      "So there is no engine" 🤦🤦