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    DADS BE LIKE - DON'T TELL YOUR MOTHER ... Hide and seek is a serious game! But seriously, don't tell your mother about this!
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    ur πŸ”₯
    Dad forgot he was playing hide and seek with his son Little Preston. Dad asks his oldest son to help him remember where he is.
    #preston #prestonplayz #shorts

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    1. I love lamp

      My dad wasn't a milk toast pussy. So he never told me, "don't tell your mother" he told me to own up to it.... but your dad seems way cooler.....I know its supposed to be a joke.... let me know when this shit gets funny...

    2. Nex Fabela

      Imagine having a not abusive dad, couldn’t be me


      These videos are LITERALLY gen z as parents

    4. Pabriel

      I can’t believe this man is old enough to be a father oh how times have changed

    5. Louise


    6. Avery Keith

      Me as a parent

    7. Stephanie Gooden

      This is so funny πŸ˜†

    8. Ur Mom

      To bad my parents are divorced so I never experienced this πŸ₯²

    9. Allison Hegerfeld

      We can obviously see that you just made yourself the other person

    10. Allison Hegerfeld

      I love your channel Preston oh and by the way try to make it different people like your brother

    11. Our Only Nathan

      Now this, is SEprom shorts.

    12. Abrey Norton

      You: I lost your little brother His little brother: I'm the champagne

    13. Vivekanand Singh

      πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ me when I have to watch my little sister

    14. Julio Berman


    15. Freedy Krueger

      Im the champion

    16. Angel Vargas

      About that Preston are you and Briana planing to have kids

    17. ROBLOy

      No mom, bruh

    18. Mehnaz Fathima Ansari

      my dad also keeps secret and he don't tell to mom and he tells me and my sister. when dad is gone of work me and my sister tells everything to momπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    19. Cai Babas

      It is like the little brother knew he was going to waiting there for quite a while bc he had his snacks set up and everything

    20. Mehnaz Fathima Ansari

      yea my dad also keeps secret and he don't tell to mom he tell the secret to me and my sister but when the dad is gone we will told mom everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    21. Zander Anderson


    22. Hanz Harvey

      Hahahahahah so funny

    23. Christopher Martenz


    24. FNaF Youtuber I Guess


    25. nathan Duley

      I love you

    26. J G


    27. Louise Kelly


    28. Suzanne Rocchetti

      You are the best

    29. Imelda Pascual

      Is preston have oppo reno 5

    30. Aa Rogers


    31. Rodrigo Daņilovs


    32. Jimmyeatworld11 1

      That’s me

    33. Pamela Meyer

      I like this video is so much love you

    34. Danika Jooste


    35. K.A Delfin


    36. floriean macalma

      If this is like prestons past then good story

    37. Jelena Dobras

      Som wone in my scool has your mursch❀

    38. Gabriela Abigael Gaming

      Sr. gebi

    39. Liana Mavridou

      Omg hahahahhahahahah

    40. Ayeza Noor

      Preston seems to be doing a lot of dad content lately......y'all dropping hints or what?

    41. XDJames x FIGHTER XD sadako

      Preston son and preston dad amd briana mon

    42. Michel Wold

      That is aowsome

    43. xCrystalx

      That's so true

    44. semjase Fransen


    45. Alexis Hastings

      That's my dad I lost your sister

    46. Fin The Gamer

      I miss the golden days of TBNRFrags

    47. Blanca De leon


    48. Samantha Bateman


    49. Craig Crandall


    50. Tanner Hackbarth


    51. seedray b santiago

      Ha dani haha

    52. TylerDmoose924 Laroco

      When preston has kids :)

    53. Patrick Chikwanda


    54. willow willow

      πŸ˜† cant relate

    55. Ochako uraraka / ini mini playz YT

      If i was in thIs situation after he said five hours Oh frik ""runs around the whole house looking for my devil off a brother""

    56. Fluffy SoulKitten

      I cant help but laugh cuz this is so true🀣🀣

    57. Emma Hinchliffe


    58. Alyssa Bhatia

      I an DYING due to LAUGHTER 🀣🀣🀣

    59. Logan Grant




    61. Rebecca Paluch

      Lol me

    62. Friend :]

      My dad just yells at me and stuff, he says that he does everything around the house when I literally offer to do things for him and he says no :|

    63. Addison Olvena


    64. Carol Ryan

      This videos this video is three seconds song this video is 3 seconds long Disney was 3 seconds knock

    65. Teagan Keller


    66. NiΓ±a Mercado


    67. Christina Bowen


    68. Beautiful T.Irizarry

      How did Preston go so fast to make his video?

    69. girl Squad


    70. A Heibel


    71. Bangtan soyeonda Forever

      Preston would never tell brianna unless Preston has an death wishπŸ˜‚

    72. Eli Jack Hall

      Your the best Preston and I know that you play Minecraft and your a pro at Minecraft .

    73. Stayshaliz Club House

      I know you said that you too I am ok with you πŸ‘Œ

    74. Stayshaliz Club House


    75. Jocelyn /I’m mostly do everything

      Me watching Preston shorts.... me: why do i watch shorts instead of watching Preston shorts and Preston T THE SAME TIME,

    76. Jemma Driscoll

      Fantastic Me :πŸ˜‘ Me : OKAY

    77. Cyrinthia Dewart

      I wish that was my dad

    78. Brianna Cedeno

      Good one πŸ˜‚

    79. Isabella Goode

      I like how he’s taking about responsibility and yet he was supposed to be watching his kid but yet he’s not responsible enough to watch him lol

    80. E-Kgirl

      He was reading a book about a pencil sharpening industry πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

    81. candy playz


    82. Tiffany Brannon

      Preston stop losing his brother also is fake because you're pretending to be his brother when you're all so you're both of them I don't know what to say anymore but I'm a huge fan of you Preston

    83. Angela N

      Saucify ammo your big fat

    84. NE4D

      Mr. Preston are you having a baby?

    85. Joseph Dablo

      Good video preston

    86. carlo james Pedregosa

      So funny your son is the champ

    87. carlo james Pedregosa


    88. Tonya Bunn

      i have watched 2 vids on this channel and already subed cuz i like it so much

    89. CosmicShip

      Oh my god when he said 'I LOST YOUR BROTHER" it was so unexpected and amazing🀣

    90. ESC Lance

      So true

    91. Bruh Moment

      The younger brother just chilling in his bomb shelter with enough food for a week

    92. zaid mohab

      To be fair my dad doesn't actually pretend or act this way at all

    93. Tyler Lunney

      Bruh if I was that kid I would be like " father u left me in there for five hours I am telling mom"

    94. Alex The OREO Kid


    95. Alex The OREO Kid

      haha little preston

    96. Money

      damn i miss the old vids with this dude, 2011 or whenever while it was β€œthe pack” playing minecraft, good ole days

    97. Clan-R Creeper

      Ahhh yesss prob gunna be me in the future

    98. Wooktent

      Hard to find good skits here on Shorts. This was actually a funny one.