David Dobrik's New App & Wendy Williams Continues To Be The Worst - H3 Podcast #238

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    1. Britney Sawulski

      I’m sorry but I dont think it’s because his victims are male that nothings happening for years men and women have not been believed it’s the usual go to when it comes to sexual assault victims everyone victim blames for example after all of that went down in David’s vlog the whole vlog squad including dirty dom went on for years like things were normal and just now people are starting to talk about it and there’s still plenty of fans of David’s and other people who don’t believe that poor girl and there’s plenty of people that don’t believe the boys that came out against James idk why but people never seem to believe the victim

    2. badfish5447link

      I love how Zach plays the Godfather music and then the STOP sound bite right after LOL

    3. Cecilia Barbosa

      No pinche mameen I’m eating is April 6 2021 12:40 houston to I’m marking this I’m having lunch while you guys talk about ice cream poop 🤣🤣 plus David cara de culo 🤣

    4. peachybbyi uwu

      as a child from texas, i agree with ethans impression

    5. Brinas Wrld

      That “hell yeah bruh” that slipped out of Ethan’s mouth at 0:06 and the “good luck Ethan” Zach played was so perfect 😂

    6. pray2win

      Stat stilleto video. that was the first i saw 20 years ago when i was +- 10. I got there on downloading keys for games...

    7. Cinfoni

      _"Anything to treat my cock!"_ -Ethan, 2021

    8. RobDM

      So refreshing not having Hila checking Ethan every 5 minutes.

    9. Coby

      Only in America can you hear snow melting off a girl’s roof and she’s convinced the snow isn’t melting.

    10. Buttercupditto

      That's not how the vaccine works Ethan. You can still spread covid if you're vaccinated. It is really just to ensure that if/when you contact covid, it'll keep you out of the hospital because it won't be severe.

    11. Jade Burket

      One of The two girls one cup girls did die. She died at 22

    12. Emily C

      I like the random cuts to Zack lmfao.

    13. Ivy Luna

      the 2 girl 1 cup misinformation is making me LOSE MY MIND

    14. Savannah Sparks

      I like the app idea and I'm using the app. I like that its against the norm. We spend too much time focused on the picture and not the moment.

    15. Angie Hurtado

      not wearing a bra and not wearing underwear in the context of the farts is totally unrelated 😂💀

    16. Sofia Ruiz


    17. Laura

      So glad there’s others who think Wendy Williams is garbage

    18. Mapo Maraca

      Hahahahahaaaaaa the first nine seconds of this video were so good 🤣😅😂

    19. Mjch Biii

      It's okay to be yourself,dress as yourself,love yourself and if someone out there doesn't like that... fuck them boo

    20. Sierra Oosterveld

      Flu Vaccine = FDA Approved Covid Vaccine = NOT FDA Approved That’s why no one fucking wants this garbage. When it’s FDA Approved, sure, but it’s NOT.

    21. スモーキングキャット

      42:08 "he's like 60" he's not even 50 yet 😭

    22. sperz35

      The 2 girls video wasn't real poo, I don't think one of them died because of the video.

    23. Miranda Garcia

      she needs to talk abt what seth posted abt erin bcc that was so messed up

    24. Kelsey Upward

      Nearly a million views solo. Nice

    25. Jannigo

      Dude I love Dan cracking up and going oh no in the background

    26. Krusty

      The website bestgore exists

    27. Holly Cosmic

      Snoop dogg raging out over a video game while rollercoaster of love is playing is kind of a mood

    28. Le Potato

      What kind of person thinks that it's okay for a couple of good friends to do what David did with Seth?? If any of my bestfriends, straight or not did this to me, I'd feel so grossed out and betrayed. You cannot do this to someone and it is illegal as well. Seth never consented to it, the end. There's nothing to justify David's actions. I don't get why people still aren't able to see this.

    29. Nate Bananas

      Ethan wonders why he’s becoming irrelevant, it was just better when he were the funny guy, not the guy who get involved in drama that originated from a prank, a HILARIOUS PRANK

    30. Alison H.

      Late comment but I bet Wendy is scared to get it bc of the complications with filler.

    31. Alexis D

      Coming from a female viewer of 4+ years now you guys should hire a part time female position like AB who can just help out and give some intake on these podcasts without Hila. Not that this podcast isn’t entertaining without her, I just think having a little more estrogen in the room always helps give different opinions on each topic. Just a suggestion ☮️♥️ Peace and Love

      1. Freya Lawson

        preferably a woman of colour would be nice, like in this episode to educate Ethan regarding our feelings towards western medicine and vaccines after centuries of medical abuse

      2. Yosmira

        Totally agree!!

    32. OprahsKankles

      The last size hemodynamically groan because vein aesthetically want round a noxious noodle. complex, glamorous keyboarding

    33. Kezzy X

      Who the hell is cackling in the background. Gets me every time 😂

    34. rheaa aa

      ethan’s country bit always makes me laugh so hard. AND IAN looks so disappointed and borderline sad at 1:14:31 😭🤣 love him tho

    35. SSstormwalker1

      sorry ethan. not on your side this time

    36. Icee

      Yep! WW made her riches by slagging people off. She has more tea than most.

    37. Fiji Law

      Whats wrong with you guys, if someone doesn't want to be vacinated or wear a mask let them be, you do it, you're protected, they die or get sick, maybe you guys just don't believe in it ,thats why, what happened to my body my choice?

      1. Fiji Law

        @Steller's Jay others have the double mask

      2. Steller's Jay

        @Fiji Law it's selfish to not get the vaccine. We get vaccines not only to protect ourselves, but to protect those who can't because they're too young or too old or immunocompromised. If someone runs around maskless and without the vaccine, they pose not only harm to themselves, but to innocent bystanders who had no choice to be exposed to someone who couldn't care less about how they affect others. God knows how many people have been killed by anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers. Keep everyone safe and social distance, wash your hands, wear a mask, and get the vaccine when it becomes available to you.

      3. Fiji Law

        @Yosmira you are only a threat to anyone not vaccinated, so if you are then what are you scared of? Some people want to take risks, let them, worry about you, im not going around and telling you not to take it, or should i? Nah, that would make me an A hole

      4. Yosmira

        R u dumb? Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated helps everyone around you and the country as a whole. Yes you could get sick if you don’t protect urself but you also affect those around you

    38. Nyera May

      Some plastic surgeons are probably hacks but I had an incredible reconstructive plastic surgeon that saved my hand.

    39. Vizual Lover

      i dont think yr a sellout Ethan. the f*ck tards that say that just dont realize how yr content evolved. i laugh 10x harder at the old H3 & Idubbbz collabs and content in that time period in general jus bc things we're brazy on YT then and it felt like most of the content was being genuinely created vs yr new crew n set. i wasnt a fan at first but i realize how you play YT and i cant hate, im not gonna unsub or be toxic in comments bc u wont SA ur friends for views, or fake beef. i enjoy dolo Ethan w a side of Hila over any set or cast everytime bc yr outlook on life and comedy, but the way H3 is run now isnt bad at all. if H(ila)3(than) is happy so am i peace and love, papa bless , btw i fw this outro way more

    40. Kelso R

      Why is no one bringing up pewdie pie being in James recent video up? Didn’t he just tweet about David being a weirdo? 😅 so confused

    41. darniella dd

      Maybe I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this comment but I kinda get the whole ID thing with James Charles. He's only 21 and a lot of people in their late teens/early 20s look the same. I'm 20 and could pass for a 16-year-old. P.S. I'm not a fan of his (I've always found him rly fake and annoying) so I'm not saying this because I'm a fan or anything like that.

    42. tadxn

      Talk about Papa Guts reaction to David Dobrik and Seth

    43. Mario

      Saddest intro ever: ‘I’m alone, it’s raining, Hila won’t be here on Wednesdays, we have no sponsors today’ xD

      1. Kats Emeraldz


    44. salah grace

      almost positive david launched this app before but it was called "davids disposable"?? and it was the exact same concept

      1. salah grace

        stg i've had it downloaded before

    45. Maryse Calderon


    46. Kitty Cami

      ethan just watching the wendy william video on his laptop without showing the screen was such a dad moment and genuinely so funny

    47. Edgar Luna

      Weed slander theres a difference but its okay ethan youre still cool

    48. NuGs

      21 minutes in we're talking about the BME pain Olympics, this must be a good episode.

    49. foodzzzASMR

      Funny show! when a solid turns into gas is called sublimation

    50. ASAP Zan

      U guys try so hard to cancle David 😭

    51. Makujah

      i'm at 24:00 and hate myself for the decision to go make some food *RIGHT* before this part of podcast

    52. Makujah

      Can we call this "David Dobrikalert podcast"? You can't change David. And you can't change people who still support him at this point. Time to move on. I don't watch frenemies because I don't enjoy it, but then you turn every regular episode into a frenemies spin-off

    53. brent

      Alright but why didn't the snow melt on the wood stove with an ice cube melting next to it??? I am confusion!

    54. Brydon Embrey

      Ethan need to read Redgrave analysis

    55. Pummelfay

      Ethan how r u gonna get hila pregnant with all that jizz on ur shirt

    56. a genderless goat

      Honestly Sativa makes me anxious af but Indica doesn't 🤷‍♂️

    57. bellesmom2012

      I don't think you're reading that right, I thought he was saying "hey Texas, wear your masks & get vaccinated!" not the other way around. Jmho.

    58. T3A

      ive never watched 2 girls one cup because i could never find it... a quick search for "hungry bitches" and. ughhhh whyyyy did i doooo that 😳

    59. T3A

      stock up and lower the prices on teddy fresh bruhhh. its covid....we broke. yall can afford to lower the price 10% 😤

    60. Kimberly

      I was JUST thinking about the movie two girls and one cup then dude (sorry I don't know his name) brings it up!!! Man that was disturbing 😐🙁🤭🤢🤮

    61. street urchin

      Zacks hair!

    62. street urchin

      Whang did a video on bme pain olympics or maybe it was wavyweb surf. But theres a video explaining

    63. street urchin

      The david epstien thing had me rolling

    64. arianna lisboa

      Yall dont smoke good weed💀 there’s definitely a different between strains💀

    65. Heavenly Hitsujikai

      You can see Ethan's ass during closing of the episode lol :d

    66. Lauren Turner

      sativa indica and hybrid are all very much real u just dont have a high tolerance so u cant really tell

    67. Gamooch

      ZAACCC you need to buy a TONER!! You won't be able to get it any lighter without killing your hair. Buy a blue toner that has a similar darkness to where your hair is at now and it will change the "temperature" to more of a white blonde. You don't need it lighter, you need it "colder" aka bluer. Don't buy T-18, get like t-2something in ash blonde.

    68. MTB Thiccness

      Ah finally an episode I don't have to watch in chunks from the c r i n g e.

    69. brandon laplant

      I just wanted to say keemstar finally acknowledged you guys and the whole David thing. Hell has frozen over keemstar has had a change of heart.

    70. Megan Griffis

      I noticed several top comments from women and I'm glad to see it because I thought I was one of very few women who enjoys this podcast. None of my friends like it or they don't even know what it is 😂

    71. erin

      i think all the individual strain differences is bs but there is def a difference between basic indica strains and basic sativa strains. indica makes me sleepy snd sativa gives me anxiety lol

    72. Matthew Scott

      it is your HUMAN RIGHT to refuse to get something injected into your body. also, the logic of getting a bill gates funded technological vaccine for something that has a 99.99 percent survival rate is a crime against humanity

    73. Matthew Wollaber

      You guys are just so jealous😂 get over yourselfs

    74. Dallas Collins

      1:00:32 "Australia's our Petrie dish".. Ouch bro..

    75. Johany Merejo

      I find Zac very handsome💕

    76. P Rivas

      David Dorbrik makes you money

    77. Andres Riccio

      wtf happened to this channel

    78. George Georgeson

      Ethan really missing the entire point of the me too movement...

    79. RILEY pro MAGICIAN

      The part about the Pain Olympics is hilarious. That's the talk I wanna hear.

    80. Sam Sailor

      Hey Ethan, since youre upset about male victims being silenced I was curious if you were aware of Terry Crews' story. He came out about the sexual assault he suffered in hollywood and was largely ignored when the me too movement was popularized. I'm glad youre so outspoken about this, I really encourage you to keep talking about it, with your peers, friends, and your audience !!! With peace and love!!!

    81. Wyatt Morris

      What a lying sack of doo doo!

    82. Liquid Samurai

      Remember the guy on rotten with his hand in the meat grinder?

    83. Matthew Hankins

      Seth texted david and asked him to kiss him and make a 3rd prank. I think that's what your missing. Seth was clearly okay with it because he literally requested for it to happen again. He wanted it to happen again

    84. DemandedCargo

      This snow shit comes up every couple of years and has been repeatedly debunked.

    85. Hotdog Fart

      Sativa - Energizing and helps you power through the day Indica - Helps you sleep, relax and decompress at the end of the day or before bed Different strains definitely do give you different effects and are not the same. literally scientifically proven and why its made medical for a reason

    86. Naomi V

      Please don’t look up bme olympics , I can’t believe how cutable wieners are it’s really bad

    87. Emil B

      Ethan has tiny soy boy hands

    88. etz.

      Even with all the negative energy there was in this episode, the ending gave me good vibrations and that's why this is my favorite podcast

    89. rayme

      podcast is better without hila.

      1. Joey's third chin

        I like both

    90. Shianne Louise

      53:22 😂😂😂

    91. Mitchell Durr

      Dan doesn't know anything about 🌳

    92. Beth Boyle

      Ethan you have a lot of fans in texas so stop making fun of them living there. You don't know there backround so stop talking like they're trash. If you're gonna do that, make sure you do your inner city mocking voice too..

      1. Joey's third chin

        Which inner city?

    93. Beth Boyle

      Can someone put timestamps on these episode to skip politics/covid vac?

    94. Jeff Moore

      I think the main (or really only) difference between indica and sativa is one sticks you to the couch and one doesn’t lol

      1. Joey's third chin

        This is how I remember it: Indica is “in da couch”

    95. Kyle Dressel

      Ethan shitting on Wendy is literally the funniest shit I've seen all year

    96. Andrew Marshall

      Why does Ethan look good with blonde hair. I’m shook

    97. Tiffany Greig

      the dispo ad LOL I hope they paid Trisha a good amount for using her pic. I totally don't get this ad like why is he not using an iPhone and actually using the app im confused Trisha is the best part

    98. Lindsay Brooke

      Ethan, 20 units of Botox is not that much. Lol I get, like, 82828282718 units. Lol

    99. Wackaz 2.0

      I absolutely love these podcasts with just Ethan; it's a nice change of pace and gives Ethan a time to just say whatever he wants lol. I would like more of these, it's chilled and entertaining :)

      1. Kyle Dressel

        Yeah, I love hila but she often doesn't say much except to contradict Ethan and control his narrative. Sometimes it's necessary but sometimes I like to hear ethan's unfiltered ideas

    100. Marcia Cortez

      People saying let it go its getting old, but that is why people get away with it. Disgusting ppl that continously get away with abusing people until someone does not let it go and therefore the abuser then is forced to take responsibility for their actions. Someone has to continue to say this is not ok, this behavior is not ok. Thats for Dorbik and Charles.