Deno - Lingo ft. J.I & Chunkz (Official Video)

Deno Driz

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    Deno - Lingo ft. J.I \u0026 Chunkz
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    Lyrics -
    Now your talking my lingo
    Big stacks
    Every day we making cash, making cash
    Hop out the cab
    1,2,3 with the gang


    Money mad
    Everything we do for the bag
    Making cash
    Hop out the cab
    1,2,3 with the gang

    Cos money mad
    We ain’t ever had no bags
    Really came from the bottom of the ground
    So it’s crazy now we got bands

    Me and you is a different ratio
    Counting up my p’s while I’m on the radio
    Aiming for the top, You n*ggas are way below
    Saw a big cheque, then I got my mother a yard


    I don’t wanna do it, but they all gonna make me do me right,
    Empty out the clip at the audience, like it’s movie night,

    Baby in the UK, put you on a sooner flight, I ain’t tryna put it in your mouth if you don’t chew it right

    She a little bad thing, and she got an accent,
    I can see the Louis Vuitton, upgraded your fashion

    You deserve a stylist, I can make it happen
    She gonna use my lingo in her caption

    Now your talking my lingo
    Big stacks
    Every day we making cash

    Hop out the cab
    1,2,3 with the gang


    Money mad
    Everything we do for the bag

    Hop out the cab
    1,2,3 with the gang


    (Uh) She rocking with my lingo
    She used to see my shop outside the window
    She was riding with me even when I been low,
    But now it’s different

    So tell me when you need me
    She told me bout her CV
    Bad little freaky ting like Riri

    For you it’s Celine cos it’s normal,

    Dominican, Nigerian, Somaliana,
    She bad she make me wanna be her baby father

    Shit changed, is it me or are you capiana
    Or is it maybe cos I hit a miliana

    Take her out to eat we going Benihana
    Flights from the ends take her to Bahamas
    Make her do the deed, while she’s in her Prada
    She calling me daddy, but I’m the Don Dada

    Now you’re talking my lingo
    Big stacks
    Every day we making cash

    Hop out the cab
    1,2,3 with the gang


    Money mad
    Everything we do for the bag
    Making cash
    1,2,3 with the gang



    1. Deno Driz


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        @JJay Ldn 0


        Nice riddim 👏

      4. Jacob Bednall

        @Lil Gelle a

      5. Lil Gelle

        @Sabber Sulayman ?

    2. kizza

      Chunks should stick to yt too much auto tune in it but other than that it's sick

    3. Sebastian Scott


    4. Dominic Frost

      1:27 1:27 1:27

    5. Dominic Frost


    6. Joshua Talent Scout

      Deno I love your song. The style, the beat and the sound is amazing. Your voice is exceptional and I really appreciate how good you are in rapping. Your flows and rapping skills are excellent. You are indeed so talented and I am inviting you to do live on sessions. It will be the best platform for you to showcase your gifted talent.

    7. SkittlePlayz

      Deno looks trappy ngl

    8. cantag ious CA

      Piss poor music for babys

    9. Christion Rogers

      Does anyone know the Nigerian and the Somalian girls names ?

    10. Picasso Madonna


    11. Tyrel Mccarthy

      J.i was carribean for like 10 secs

    12. Bud Lee

      And they said French Montana had the summer anthem 👎🏽👎🏽

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    14. fk karens

      0:10 if anyone knows who Yung Chip is. This is definitely his lookalike imo

    15. Mp Manor

      Make that lacaag

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      مقوووود أخو 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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      Chunk's voice making you so mad 🔥

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      Chunks goes hard man

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    20. 1000. Ping

      chunkz voice of a god

    21. Luke

      who came from sidemen vid

    22. V bulldog

      It’s sad chunkz is quitting music but I respect his decision. He had crazy talent !

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    24. No Members

      He’s on top

    25. Jamaican Jewel

      Why tf am I just discovering you 🔊😭🔊been bingeing non stop and then to see Chunkz in this just tops it off ❤

    26. Yonas Kibrom

      From Eritrea 🇪🇷 bro Respekt 🇪🇹🇸🇴🇸🇩🇸🇸🇺🇬 peace for all East Africa Deno Eritrea my Blood bless you

    27. H

      I listened to this on mute for chunkz

    28. Altirmizy Ibrahim

      Nice vid


      Cruise vibes

    30. Jeremiah Mosley

      Was that prince of New York at the start

    31. dezjr

      The American don bwrely talked

    32. Dave Lloyd

      Never took chunkz serious before this. Guy is legit so talented his voice is differentttt🥶

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    34. Zipboy46

      Makkinnggggg casshhhhh 🥶 wavey

    35. IamCo1lin

      This a vibe.

    36. Raphael Olatunji-ojo

      1:26 with chunks is iceee

    37. Natural Bby x

      1:26 Chunkz vocals made this song hard! I’m sorry but I only listen to this song for Chunkz’s verse he took it to another level! 🔥🔥🔥

    38. PrinceROSÉ

      I miss the vocal chunkz🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    39. BabiJohnson

      🔥🔥🔥 lingo

    40. Naciima Hamza

      Chunky killed it no 🧢 🔥

    41. Abdirahman Hussein

      Heyy Somaliana 🇸🇴🔥🤝

    42. Yaqwand

      He's lucky he got chunkz's last verse.

    43. ridwan

      I aint tryna put in ur mouth if u don't chew it right fireeeeeeee

    44. Kdkdk Jdjdkdi

      Chunkz love u in the song but it’s good u quit to be a good Muslim

    45. The British Blacklist

      So cute!!!

    46. randomvoiceovers555

      Chunkz’s verse shit

    47. Say May

      99 % in the comments are about chunkz😂 i love chunkz my brother bigger and better things in sha allah, but damn chunkz part 5🌟 i liked the chours 2!

    48. Tim.otaii

      fuck does this mean that this is gonna be deleted too bc of chunkz's religion

      1. Random Account

        Naa, not that easily. Hold and Clean Up got removed because both artists (Filly and Chunkz) agreed for it to go. Its harder with proper artists like Geko, Deno, J.I. etc because they wont want their work to just be removed because 1 person doesn’t wanna be part of it anymore. It isn’t fair on them for their work to be removed because of 1 person

    49. Cordm there

      This a tune fr

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    51. Mamoudou Ba

      Dino u have the best music videos

    52. myname

      Why was chunkz getting so much hype for that shit verse

    53. Anberber

      My Eritrean glad to know you today visit you home

    54. Chris Rickard

      mad song big up deno j.i and chunkz

    55. Thomas Hugh Ferguson

      This is rubbish!

      1. RzdrxPlayz

        Innit this song is better than ur ass

      2. Thomas Hugh Ferguson

        @B Valentin I don’t haha

      3. B Valentin

        Why do you listen to 6ix9ine?

    56. matee

      this fye!

    57. Sarina Haider

      its so nice to see how far deno has come

    58. Michel Afrifa

      Love it so much ❤️❤️

    59. Michel Afrifa

      That was so hard

    60. LinkisLazy ✔︎

      Rip. Cadet.

    61. imac 4kids

      chunks last song

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    63. Ibrahim Ali


    64. Jokeman Walid

      This song is leng

    65. HS_Rufus

      Chunkz sounds like hes smiling the whole time 😂

    66. Qwerty123

      Sad that the last song he’s on couldn’t even be his song

    67. Gavin Hanna

      Chunkz killed this

      1. Gavin Hanna


    68. Zachary Mohammed

      Only came here for J.I🔥

    69. likhith mudili

      Didnt know curtis jones was also an american rapper 😂

      1. AKA

        @Jordan Van Schoor its a joke ffs

      2. Jordan Van Schoor

        thats J.I you naat kop

    70. Hana Dar


    71. Zac Kurdistan

      But now it’s diffrentttt

    72. Sam Gallagher

      Man it's such a shame cuz chunkz is wavey asf

    73. Reece Briggs

      Yo Deno is my best song I am 17 years old

    74. Last KingBAYBAY

    75. Habza Arte

      The way he said lingo I hit my forehead sooo hard the hard ground I went outside then scream got a speaker played your sing and then the neighbours got mad and called the police why cuz it was not an the could not sleep then I solve the problem then played your music again

    76. Khaled azzam


      1. RzdrxPlayz

        Wdym by hraam

    77. GSILDE


    78. Bear21z_


    79. An Oreo with a lance

      if they make a moder day movie about Frankensteins monster chunks should play it

    80. Rod Father UK

      deno ft AJT

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    82. CALL OF RIBA

      If you don’t call this a banger of the year then 😭

    83. V bulldog

      This music hits different uk/New York

    84. Rapping Drill uk

      Best song

    85. TTV itz_klg

      Let’s make a tune bro I know it ain’t gonna happen but I wish it could

    86. Kacper Afeltowicz

      Name of the somaliana?

      1. kage no ikar


    87. ARNALDO sabrah

      Read more about love clean and i AM sure you will it EVER last for kids

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      Strait fire 🚒🔥🚒🔥🚒🔥🚒🔥

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      Best with deno and chunkz

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      man chunkz had so much talent but respect for the decision

    93. Zac Kurdistan

      Chunks best youtuber rapper

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      Chunkz would appreciate it if you didn't stream this song along with the others

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    97. 1pop

      It's a catchy track 💯

    98. Toxic Dangerous

      Big love to Deno ❤️ young man doing big things he had the guidance of Cadet and now Chunkz xx

    99. Natural Bby x

      So disappointed that Chunkz quit making music he literally had no misses! However, I understand and respect his choice of quitting for Religious reasons!!

    100. Ashton Bennett

      Nobody talking bout how leng deno was in that suit no homo