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      1. Anikó Kovács

        I am wondering if these people around David are also abusers who SA-d girls

      2. grammarly


      3. Ice Berg

        Thanks but no thanks Doody Boobed Brick

      4. Queen Vibes

        Hi, quick question, so your idea of ‘evolving’ as a content creator is using anti-Semitic tropes? How does one justify saying that throwing pennies at us isn’t ‘that bad?’ You know, before members of my family were gassed, and some six million people were executed as well, I wonder if they would say things like throwing pennies didn’t escalate things and possibly contribute to their slaughter?...I mean...David, you’re on a campaign where impressionable minds are listening to you...so your example is saying that acts of outright repugnance, are ‘not that bad?’ David, you had a ‘cool teacher’ who made fun of my family and I? ...vlog squad, 2021 called, your fifteen minutes are up. Take care, atone, and educate yourself. Never forget means not letting your horribly uneducated self influence a generation of impressionable minds. How dare you have a platform?

      5. Peter Young

        why does this have 8 likes in 18 hours?

    2. Z10N_Cl4N _

      I feel like dipplo doesn't like you or is it just me ????

    3. Dillan Mistry

      It’s meee

    4. RainFN


    5. lazurite kitten

      Your bubbly vivaciousness is soooo fake. 🤢 I bet you're a miserable person inside David you God damn sociopath.

    6. Al Hakim98

      Ada d beranda apa disini ada orng indonesia juga

    7. Jason Woodland

      Why does Nat think its 1984? Bizarre

    8. Ryan Stevens

      Lets talk

    9. a e s t h e t i c c l o u d

      On your “let’s talk” vid u know what Beyoncé once said “You look so dum right now”- Beyoncé

    10. Milk FrmDaStars

      lol dispo has been disposed . I wonder if Nat even gonna get in sports illustrated now ... kinda funny how Karma will come back n bite u in the ass

    11. Yovanni Soriano

      Long live David

    12. Austin sterling

      I’m sure he has enough money to not care if he’s canceled or not

    13. mathew mcneill

      "Super important," he says.


      Turn the comments on for your last video David

    15. Daniel Miller


    16. Daniel Miller


    17. Daniel Miller


    18. Daniel Miller


    19. Daniel Miller


    20. Daniel Miller


    21. Daniel Miller


    22. Daniel Miller


    23. Daniel Miller


    24. Daniel Miller


    25. Daniel Miller


    26. KD iary

      @44.40 how did David cry for the dispo commercial, and I was like he can cry on command because he thought about his downfall in a couple of weeks he saw it coming. All the bulling he did made him cry. Nice guy David 😉👍

    27. Dupstal

      Dillon looks like escobar

    28. TeaPUPP Studios

      You’re such a coward David. Face your mistakes, confess truthfully. Otherwise you’re nothing but trash that deserves to loose his following.

    29. Hope

      Cant wait till david is irrelevant and cant pay for his fucking house 🏠

    30. Hope

      Lets talk about you posting videos of people and tricking them into doing stuff they’re uncomfortable with... hmm? HMM???

    31. Brent Merdian


    32. Kaelan 2

      David Dobruja

    33. bkdksjsj

      "Lets talk" but disables comments section

    34. Marcos Rodriguez

      Lets talk i got emotional when u said that at least make a videos once a week

    35. Its.amandaa

      I’m glad, actually really glad you and Liza broke up.

    36. Its.amandaa

      Title: let’s talk David: *turns comments off*

      1. suna is my daddy

        he will prolly open it later but who knows maybe he did change but we dont know the tbh but i am with the victims

    37. Lizzy Klein


    38. D Stardust

      Please Diplo and Dillon, stay away from this horrible person, he is gross

    39. Noob Fam 94

      Anyone gonna talk about how david still thinks things are OK when their NOT like be honest because more shit is gonna come out and most of your old friends are showing bad colours about you and why cancel comments and likes , like seriously WHY . Wonder if your team will delete this comment lol 🤣🤣

    40. harvey lite

      Deleting comments🤔feeling guilty bro?

      1. Joey Lacker

        I’d feel guilty he should too, imagine having this big platform and people shoot you down from something from the past and make you feel like shit

    41. Monique T

      I- i trusted you 💔

    42. kayd verret

      Turn the comments on on the let's talk video if u wanna talk

    43. Olivia Nakashima

      I won’t be able to like your vids ever again

    44. Yandere Lizzy-Chan

      You are gross for real! When are you gonna take accountability?

    45. safa yasin

      Daiv I loved you whats wrong

    46. hello sistersss

      I can't believe it

    47. Corn Pop

      " i think we are gong to jail "

    48. Danny Sheehan

      Damn Dillion pit on some weight

    49. Hayley Rogers

      They all need a show together

    50. Citizens Surgence From Canada

      Jail time !!!

    51. Efi06 Wdn9

      The perpetual continent chronically whisper because trapezoid prognostically queue past a empty tray. xenophobic, bent periodical

    52. Max Halasey

      “Let’s talk” okay but how if you are gonna turn off comments and likes 🤨

      1. Haziq Safwan Zulkarnain


    53. Isabella Angarita

      This podcast was fucking amazing

    54. Mike Gordon


    55. Mildeww

      Went from savage to average smh 😔

    56. grammarly

      David's logic : posts a video that says "Let's talk and then proceeds to turn off comments and like/dislike ratio

      1. Ryan Thompson

        @Tiktok Madarify Deep.

      2. Alice Midori

        @Dominic Floreno that hit me too hard

      3. Dominic Floreno

        You care about youtube drama? Why lol? Grow up and just watch the videos to procrastinate your responsibilities like the rest of us

      4. harley'nin ruju

        @Tiktok Madarify why are you saying shut up to your self

      5. Tiktok Madarify

        Shut up social reject

    57. charlie taylor

      David pedi

    58. Jonas Laurinaitis


    59. Briana Scarlett

      Wtf is WRONG with u

    60. Tr4shy C4t

      david the cringe lord

    61. Flashbot95

      Not one POC.

    62. dina hesham

      foot soldiers assemble

    63. Woodland Fairy Luxury

      POV: you came here from the talk video or really the "Listen to me save my career" video since the comments were disabled.

      1. Gustavo

        @Hi Me 😐 he wasnt bullying anyone

      2. Hi Me

        @Gustavo I can't believe there's person like u who stand someone that has habit to bully his friends, and get into anti bullying tour ? are u going to pretend that is ok ?😂

      3. Woodland Fairy Luxury

        @Gustavo no u.

      4. Gustavo

        shut up

    64. Alexis Salgado

      You are the most horrid person david

    65. Carolyn Diaz

      You made it so much worse turning off the comments but titling it “let’s talk” 🙄bruh you’re not sorry or taking any accountability.

      1. Hi Me

        @Gustavo stfu

      2. Gustavo

        shut up

    66. Keighra Joy

      you were a better person with Liza, once you lost her you lost yourself and all your common sense didn't you, praying for you

    67. P

      You and the vlog squad belong in jail!

    68. HELLOkitty


    69. mili V

      Turn your comments on coward

    70. brooklynn yeggy


    71. brooklynn yeggy


    72. dvlpr

      David's very clearly a good dude, stop villainizing him.

      1. solitary one

        Nope. You are the villian as well.

    73. Ivan Muniz

      F u c k - y o u

      1. Ivan Muniz

        @Brandon Haulk you tell em

      2. Brandon Haulk

        Get over it ❄️😒

    74. Tishita Ai

      Why didn't you post the sorry on your main channel????? Creep!

    75. Kusho Nomics


    76. Nika Black

      You are a horrible person. You know what u did

      1. solitary one

        @Irida V watch phil defranco video.

      2. Irida V

        What did he do

    77. Alyssa Marshall

      its obvious you do not want to talk to us so maybe change your recent videos title and only making a 2 minute video really?

      1. Alyssa Marshall

        @Irida V he s3xually assualted someone

      2. Irida V

        What happened

    78. Jean Grey

      We gonna talk, or.....

      1. Irida V

        Can you tell me what happened

    79. Random Rocha

      Karma is o ur ass

    80. Elgar

      Dip and Dil must've fallen on hard times talking to that self loving asshole

    81. John Gaylor

      Hey there

    82. Marri1026

      I support you david!!! I feel like youre a genuine person and society is just trying to push everyone down!! You always be the best

      1. Sharanya

        Lol bot

      2. Euro King

        Thanks for supporting someone who like to abuse women 🤡

      3. Yuliza Zavala

        How would u know that 😐

    83. Ankh

      Abusers aren't funny

      1. Irida V

        What did he do?

    84. Ankh

      Abusers aren't funny

    85. Ankh

      Abusers aren't funny

    86. Ankh

      Abusers aren't funny

    87. Ankh

      Abusers aren't funny

    88. Ewan Lewis

      David, you coerced young women to have s*x with Dom after getting someone to buy them alcohol, when they weren’t of legal age. And to top it off you filmed this to make money from it! You should be ashamed of yourself, I hope someone will sue you, those young women deserve justice.

    89. Bob Sagogi

      Your career is over you creep

    90. Joe Vang

      I do not care if I get blocked as already blocked you but thats so fucked up man.

    91. Notorious TOAD

      Let's talk

    92. Shaina Smith

      So much for the progress given by the #metoo movement.

    93. John Bookas

      Damn Dillion got Fat!!! His face is full

    94. Shaina Smith

      Crickets about the participation in a girl's trauma... very telling.

    95. jessica fain


    96. abhx214

      it's sad how David and Natalie started as friends and now he only refers to himself 1. in the third person and 2. as her boss......

    97. Sarah Hudson

      David supports secksual a-salt, pass it on

    98. Sara P. Vieux

      David and his crew deserves to go to jail

    99. mikey thomas

      Turn on the comments from the recent video

    100. Jeremiah Daniel

      "Let's talk" *turns off comments*