Do we hate the new Instagram update?

Julie Nolke

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    1. Julie Nolke

      What are your thoughts on the new Instagram update?

      1. Kevin Roberts

        There was an upgrade? How was it? lol ok I see damn, HATE when they move those buttons!

      2. Marie

        It's gross and that's not it. What are we doing people?

      3. captain logan

        As a Chinese man who has been experimenting this weird social media update two years ago. Let me explain why it happen In China, they also conjugate Weibo (like Twitter) two years ago with an online shopping app and a individual art design/post app and a meme forum app, and they combine together to become a new Weibo. And after two years. We understand the purpose of it. From the post you share,Those media companies will definitely collect those data to study what’s trendy in the society.From your purchase history, it will knows the merchandise that you wish to purchase and summarize your dress-style to advise/lure you buy certain clothes they compute from the data Finally ,I do not think the artwork people post on Instagram has copyright. So instagram may share it to fashion industry to make cloth and merchandise base on those artwork people post and because those artworks are public on Instagram so the fashion industry will just do some tiny innovations on design and it become completely original You see, it becomes a perfect cycle. From this app, it collected society trends, purchase preferences, and artwork database. With the development of cloud computing, it can really calculate and predict fashion trend and customize clothing advising to individual and collect design idea from public to form new sub cultures. Be vigilant, with this conjugation it will make life more convenient but on the contrary, your privacy will become less and less valuable, you will be like naked from those internet corporations. it is a horrible backward as humanity

      4. hisham ahmed

        I HATE IT

      5. Karen W

        Friend riding in a car with a group of friends. The others start talking about a product the rest of them like. eg nutella. They say that word a few dozen times during the brief car ride. She picks up her phone and all the ads were for... you guessed it, nutella.

    2. Sley

      Who else is here because of Peter McKinnon? 😅 But I'm glad I trusted Pete one more time. Great stuff. Definitely a new sub! 😁

    3. Alfonso Delgado

      I've subscribed, ok? Will you stop with the high quality vids already? Some people have, like, work to do. You know?

    4. JebClang

      I deleted that piece of turd called facebook, and now i only have the Google verse with it's SEprom and such. The rest i never had. Screw 'em

    5. Charlie M


    6. Tanya Karazan

      Once again...the accuracy is ridiculous

    7. Dongxue Mo

      Like all of a sudden when I was planning a trip to New Zealand, I had all New Zealand related advertising


      I love yo road to 1 million

    9. Jantelögin

      G00gle has ears!!

    10. Karen H

      You should have gotten this sponsored by Instagram lol

    11. Rasheed Khan

      What do people not understand about 'if it's free then you are the product'. All that social networks do is farm us like livestock, they feed us, herd us into the barn when it rains and ultimately slaughter us or sell our eggs or milk to their actual paying customers, the advertisers.

    12. Anthony Maina

      Just doing my duty here. Watch a Julie video. Like the Julie video. Move on to the next Julie video. Glad I found out about this channel. She’s hilarious.

    13. starkid is my jam

      I have 4 insta accounts and each one has a slightly different layout

    14. Jared Bruce

      should do a new video on twitter's new privacy policy.

    15. Robert Lawton

      This generation will never know the joys of sitting through a televised douche commercial with your sister and parents and not knowing what that is. But if you'd like to give it a try:

    16. JourneyTotheTruthandTotalRandomness

      It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Got rid of Twitter 8 months ago. Got rid of instagram 2 weeks ago. Now I'm down to just the parlor and telegram app on my phone.

    17. Gabriel lazy Bones

      Oh yea they did that with youtube too... They should really revert it

    18. Yi Feng

      I hate the new Instagram update because as as soon as I open it I always thing I accidentally opened tictok due to the video roll, and I've been trying to find the upload button for over a week but I guess they removed it. I'll be next they'll make it where you'll have to pay for premium to have the upload ability returned

    19. hisham ahmed

      Ow yeah we all do hate the new insta sh*t

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    21. tfchelsey

      the persona of instagram reminds me of the toxic ex i had who liked to gaslight/enable me... her facial expressions are so spot on especially when she raises her upper lip at 3:25 it’s scary 😳

    22. Cassandriana Carroll

      Thanks for that last bit there, I totally agree! I just wish spending all this time as a couch potato wasn't so easy to give in to.

    23. Bullrun

      This is funny. Cause I deleted my Instagram app almost a month ago and I feel like escaped prison.

    24. Senator Poopypants

      Thank you, not enough people are hating on that ridiculous update also, low-key disappointed insta Julie wasn't drunk

    25. myyoga8spa

      Oh my god the listening part It's true Happened to me so many times, my cousins , my friends ... You name it 😶

    26. wonderwend1

      Popaholics Unite!

    27. Steven Lerner

      your skits are great. nd i miss high julie

    28. jgribmdbz1212

      Well i mean it's free for a reason.

    29. Tassiane Correa

      Julie is the best person I "meet" this year!

    30. Ronaldo Sousa

      It's funny that she's upset because Instagram is spying on her, because Google, the CIA, the NSA and every other social media do that, "land of the free" my as*.

    31. pinkywinky222

      The adds I get are all cake-related 😅🤣

    32. Reece Naidu

      3:49 that look XD

    33. Reece Naidu

      Don't like the update either

    34. pinkywinky222

      The high pitched “OH YAHH!” sent me 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Alli Penge

      "Well don't send a nude in the DMs if you don't want me to see"💀

    36. Jason Faught

      I’ve always loved Bob Newhart, especially his early stuff. Have you ever listened to any of it? Your style reminds me of him and I really enjoy it. Thank you!

    37. The Optimal


    38. Jasmine 111

      The "Sorry" reference was amazing. If you know what I mean. I know Julie knows.

    39. Ravenclaw Book Nerd

      Ughhhhhh the update is so stupid. Instagram is becoming wannabe Snapchat, Facebook, SEprom, and now TikTok and Ebay.

    40. Wonkurai

      The way she leans in while looking at the camera when she says "oh yeah"

    41. sarasthoughts

      I'm so glad I deleted the app just before the update happened lol avoided it all

    42. Aussie Vinni

      You are hilarious!!!

    43. Mr Scrofulous

      Nice 4th wall break JUlez !!

    44. Nicholas Imig

      not gonna lie i didn’t even notice until i saw this video lmao

    45. Anindya Prithvi

      idk, I still use version 149 LOL

    46. Emery Booker

      That's great Instagram does it people freak, but ask them who Edward Snowden is and they try to find him on Instagram cause they have no ideal he's the guy that told us the US governments been doing the same thing for years.

    47. Kisu Bags

      Sooooooooo on point!!!!!

    48. Rose Harvey

      I was going to get Instagram but now I am not sure about that.

    49. Tom Christian

      Honestly tho... If you don't want it out there... Don't post it...just saying...

    50. Starrider Kittykat

      This is why I only use SEprom and Google and that's way too much because Google Knows Everything about me. They all the same company.

    51. Prosper Prime

      Instagram denying spying on Julie is me denying stealing sugar 🤣🤣 Julie is everything

    52. kunal gulyani

      She looks like Jacinda Ardern

    53. John DoDo Doe

      The worst update is that us non-members can no longer browse public celebrity profiles to view more than 2 image posts without having to wipe our browser data between visits. Just another monopoly abuse to force people to sign up.

    54. outsideredge

      That look into the camera at 3:46 could sell me lawn flamingos 🦩

    55. Iulia Curtright

      Y'all should watch social dilemma its sooo good

    56. Talon Florig

      Julie is funny and cute. Thanks for being my Quaranbuddy

    57. alexuspus

      Followed her on instagram after this 🙈

    58. SuicidelG

      I'm so mad that I freely and willingly gave away all my information for free....

    59. Percy Jackson

      We all know the phenomenon of talking or even just thinking about stuff and then being showed advertisement for exactly that stuff. But repeated experiments couldn't prove that Google or Siri or Alexa or facebook listen to you continously. For example if you talk about sth that is totally not part of your life like dog food or toys when you don't have a dog and didn't search for anything connected to dogs in the last weeks and then check different websites with advertisements. Also technichians haven't been able yet to determine any kind of technology in mobile phones that would activate your microphone on its own, would be pretty illegal if there was but who cares about that if their name is Facebook or Google. So we probably don't have to worry about us being overheard because what we look up and what we like and what we visit in the internet is enough anyway to make money out of our surfing beheaviour and our shopping behaviour

    60. Mike Teabag

      3:48 "Ooh I must check, I wanna see how my ex is doing" Okay Julie, I get it, I'm pathetic 😂

    61. David Bowers

      "I'm terribly sOHrry"

    62. Michelle

      It's kinda scary, lol. Instagram always knows what i want. Like that day i was talking to my mom about how i need a hoddy. And it immediately appeared on my feed.

    63. Gagandeep Singh

      U r #amazing☺🌹

    64. will Healy

      She reminds me a lot of Dee Reynolds in always sunny. The facial expressions and stuff.

    65. Dillon Osborne

      😂😂😂 yea Julie. Another awesome video. So true, the new update feels very “Facebooky” yuck 🤢

    66. What the What Show

      Yes we do hate it. Lol

    67. DoTheMario

      yes ma'am

    68. Dodgy Davo

      Laser eye surgery

    69. Googolnaut

      Who's Instagram?

    70. Claire Samuels VA

      Okay I’m not the only one getting creepy ads for stuff I’ve only talked about or seen in person...

    71. Miguel Trujillo

      Social media is indeed the Hotel California.

    72. Darin


    73. Lindsay Chambers

      New Instagram sucks and is evil and it must die..

    74. Thomas Furret

      I had my Instagram open the other day during my Theatre History class, and we were talking about royalty in a play we read... Later that day I got an ad where you could buy 1 square foot of land in Scotland, and you would become a Lord our Lady since you were a land owner...

    75. Fred Versteeg

      Thank god as a 60 year old I have too much old addictions to get addicted to new things.

    76. Tygafttf

      why are we even mad that they listen in on our stuff and advertise based on that isnt it just making things more convenient

    77. MasterOnion North

      Damn.... After watching this video, I realize I can't trust my notifications buttons anymore. And why do I have this sudden urge to buy more lotto tickets now? 🤔

    78. Orlando Mata

      I bought a 60 skinscare kit of accident 👁👄👁

    79. standing in made me laugh so hard. Plottwist, there is no nudes on Instagram. However, the western world loves being spied upon, while Edward Snowden is still seen as a traitor. Why you complain? Give a F , you got what you wanted.

    80. Jonathan Usmar

      That was VIVID

    81. Insigificant Insect

      Social commentary on social media ads, and also heres a add for skill share!

    82. Michael Nielsen

      is skillshare your shopbutton XD

    83. rose

      i’m literally so mad. i was just thinking about this video because i was on instagram and i accidentally clicked the shopping tab obviously and my brain was like aha that video good thing i don’t- then when i switched to the home screen i was like wait those boots were so cute- THIS IS EVIL

    84. Daniel Ku - 顧仲文

      3:48 can we get an hour long video of just this?

    85. Francesca De Maio

      Julie you are SO TALENTED!!! love your videos!! You are ilarious!! How come your are not on the big screen yet?!?

    86. [MorningStar]

      That evil stare... Great video!

    87. Renise Boisrond

      Can we talk about the hair like she sounds great

    88. Vane venezuela

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 omg

    89. Rheanna Stehley

      Oh man. I deleted Facebook and Instagram a couple years ago. Some days I miss it, but when I hear stuff like this is makes me think, nah I'm okay after all haha.

    90. Steven Mancera

      This comedy sketch is targeted to all Senior Managers and UX Designers behind this decision on Instagram

    91. Rina Aaye

      I deleted my IG account a few weeks ago, right after watching "the social dilemma" and I'm sooo glad I did it. For a long time I thought I need this sh*t, but: I really don't.

      1. Rina Aaye

        @Bullrun nice 👌🏼 yes I'm also more often on youtube now haha :D but it's not that bad... Not as bad as my IG-addiction was :D

      2. Bullrun

        Nope. You don’t. None of us to. I deleted mine as well. I’m still addicted to SEprom but it’s different you know LOL.

    92. Nicole Miami

      I hateeeee the new update

    93. violet lavi

      Has Instagram ever given us a GOOD update?

    94. Audrey Guo

      BRUH NO WAY IT LISTENS IN ON CONVOS??? I'm on the verge of deleting lmao but like I don't think I can live without instagram lmao (I mean ofc I can but ykwimmm)

    95. Sara T


    96. Sara T


    97. Adam Hates Politics

      Reminder that Instagram is owned by Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg who should be on trial for crimes against humanity.

    98. juni2021


    99. KC C

      I deleted it.

    100. Ella Rose

      Missed opportunity to make the joke: are you spying on me? No! I’m not Facebook! ...You’re literally owned by Facebook