Doctor and Lawyer React To Grey’s Anatomy Malpractice Episode

Doctor Mike

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    Watch the second half of this episode review on Legal Eagle’s channel here:
    Legal Eagle and I went head to head last year to see which was harder, Med School or Law School. We decided to bury the hatchet this time and join our forces to react to the popular medical malpractice episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Season 10 Episode 9 “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. I brought my medical knowledge about a surgery gone wrong for a snowboarder who loses his legs above the knee. Devin Stone brought his legal expertise to break down what was accurate and what was fake during the trial of Dr. Callie Torres.
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    1. LegalEagle

      The sponge was wrongfully accused! #spongejustice #justiceforthesponge

      1. dunjica77

        Will Sponge get any restitution??

      2. Suresh Mukhi

        @Adison Landon I get that reference! 😄

      3. Priyanka Sharma

        Kindly make a video on topic- As a medical student how can we protect our family and have some drugs handy at home or any other measures with which we can help our parents and neighbours in this corona time. And should we have an oxygen concentrator at home for ourselves and people around us if they need it?

      4. Briann Zegers

        This duo needs to happen again

      5. Yashoda Thapa

        @Unaiza Abbas ñ1 ñ ññqñqñqñ

    2. Zach Rodriguez

      They say that Endgame is the most ambitious crossover of all time. They're wrong.

    3. Sixblazer

      Civil War is the most ambitious crossover ever ma-

    4. b l o s s o m _ r a i n

      oh woww

    5. Chris Cabcabin

      LOL this is great. My wife a nurse I always hear her making comments about Medical shows. Bringing in a lawyer just takes that into another level. lol

    6. Jose A. Martinez

      This is a collab that I didn't know was needed. You guys did great .

    7. Nicole Thorne

      I didn’t know what they’re constantly doing on Greys Anatomy was not only wrong but also very illegal until College.🤦🏽‍♀️

    8. oliver gille

      "patients treat healthcare like their shopping" hmmm, I wonder why...

    9. Bridget Anderson

      He never went home with a fever, he went home fine and was brought in two weeks later with a fever.

    10. Bridget Anderson

      Doctor mike I love you but I know your greedy ass isn’t a FAMOUS DOCTOR and selling sweat shirts for $50 dollars... I mean I’d literally floss my teeth with your butthole hairs but come on man.

      1. Doctor Mike

        It’s 100% for charity...

    11. Jahasia Gillespie

      As a phlebotomist when you said " patients think its like , "I want X " when in reality its not in their best interest". I get patients with pipelines in their antecubital but want a butterfly needle in the back of their hand with thin and and swirmy veins, who then complain about bruising or a hematoma. lol but as a masters of biomedical science student its funny to know this will stay with me in the future as a doctor lol .

    12. Jani Heikkonen

      great collab, thanks!

    13. Harper Grace

      My doctor said I would be perfectly fine after my femur break didn’t happen nerve damage that he acted like was my fault and couple other problems

    14. mmem

      This ep always bothered me when I watched it, so much happened that seemed super shady. So, thank you both for covering it.

    15. Domesthenes

      The rep in the surgery room thing reminds me of season 2 of The Resident... Maybe you could look into that?

    16. Elin Halléni

      My two favorite professionals in the same video! I love it :D

    17. Sweetea

      Collab with Psychology in Seattle!!!

    18. Zman44444

      These guys would make a seriously potent team in the courtroom. I’d say the doctors office as well, but I’m not sure Legal Eagle could provide much outside from strategies to mitigate potential legal issues....

    19. Lady Blackmonarch

      Collab video

    20. grl_RN37 ICU

      OK Dr Mike I normally agree with most of what you have to say but imma have to call you on this one. First off this episode has many flashbacks so it happened over the course of months because if y'all were paying attention it starts with Torres married and when she's in court she's separated from her wife. Secondly the patient was a former pt of Dr Yang when she did a valve replacement on him. Dr Torres didn't want to use the valve because it wasn't even approved on the market yet so no help in the OR from the company because it was still in trial phases but she tried for it anyway and made sure he knew it would be her first time. Thirdly the patient was crashing during surgery so she had to weigh leaving the sponge and potential infection or him dying on the table. Fourthly the pt went home fine with no signs of infection but when she saw him again it's cause he waited 2 weeks to come back and had let the infection continue as you well know hard headed patients can easily do. Fifthly your experience seems to be limited to teaching hospitals with giddy and anxious interns and residents constantly watching patients but that is not the case in every hospital in the regular world. I live in Houston, one of largest cities in the US and have worked for teaching and non teaching hospitals and in neither environment will the doctors be doing neuro checks, monitoring vital signs and physically assessing the patient multiple times a day after a hip surgery -- that's our job as the nurses to do and you bet your fine booty that the nurse would have found that leg cold before it got that bad as that patient would have went through the ER been given a sepsis protocol and probably put in ICU or at least IMCU where nurses would be monitoring him. Unfortunately Grey's doesn't like to show how things really work but in most hospitals after surgery the surgeon will stop by maybe once or twice unless something happens otherwise the patients care is mainly given over to the attending doctor and any consults (like in this patients case cardiology) the patient typically doesn't follow up with the surgeon in their office until at least 2 weeks sometimes up to 6 weeks later depending on what surgery they had. This patient obviously didn't care for the incision site or monitor it nor did his fiance until it was very far gone it didn't get that way overnight.

    21. EXOL _EXO

      One of my favourite episode of GREY'S ANATOMY

    22. GhostRights

      Doctor Mike AND Legal Eagle? My ovaries just exploded...and I’m a guy.

    23. ShatnerLover

      Aren’t post-surgical wounds re-dressed frequently?

    24. Meep

      Idk why but this is so wholesome to watch

    25. NamelessMinion Veinreaver

      I love Doctor Mike but can't stand Legal Eagle. Such a political hack. Won't be watching this episode for that reason. Only good thing I have to say about him is the algorithm from his vids took me to Viva Frei.

    26. Siamese Sammy

      Hon hon HON??

    27. Júlia Barreto

      Oh boy that lawyer could make so much money from lawsuits on greys anatomy doctors

    28. Rathonise Riingeathone

      You two are my favorite duos 🥺

    29. Unslaadahsil

      So basically, the legal system (at least the american one, the one presented here) is a huge farce, and it's not proof, or logic, or justice that makes it work, but rather it's a popularity contest between lawyers and clients. What a shitshow.

    30. Krystal Lawton

      These are the best collaborations

    31. Sheldon Lobo

      They should have shifted the patient from Gray's anatomy to The good doctor he probably would have been saved his legs

    32. Fridah

      Mike: If you have a significant loss of cartilage or potentially a labral tear... LegalEagle: Hmmm, yeah, okay I know what that means, yeah....

    33. AnastasiaSilvi

      In short: bad script 😂

    34. Kakak Zarra

      Dr Mike try watch netflix New Amsterdam it better than Grey Anatomy , cause Doctor Max Goodwin help his patient than more of those sex stuff

    35. shelby smith

      there is a medical drama that is good to react to and that is the tv series M*A*S*H 4077. (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) PS it a comedy as well as a drama.

    36. i_ced_my_name

      We need more of these collabs! This is good stuff.

    37. kyuranger Rider

      I know an adult That his parents got guardianship over and what is funny is when their lawyerCame just to explain stuff he dressed up with the works anything he could find For a wedding he put it on but he could not find the black jacket

    38. ram charge

      Nothing in life is ever guaranteed, except heart attacks and death!!!

    39. multivideodma Danny

      No hay subtitulos en la otra parte 😔 F

    40. misuyy fong

      Objection: White shirts are a clear indicator of no personality 😜 Source: Menswear store owner

    41. תהילה שיף

      You need to remember this is a tv show. There are time jumps, they aren't showing us every single moment. The patient was in the hospital during the time between the first and second surgery and when the lawyer said "tomorrow" it wasn't necessarily one fay after they told her she was sued.

      1. misuyy fong

        Mike gives me George o'malley vibes.

    42. Ma’ayani

      Honestly the lawyer sounds Canadian

    43. vibonacci

      This was fun. These guys fit together and also have enough interest in the other's field.

    44. Ben Drzezdzon

      Dr.mike thanks for getting legal eagle in for this Collab. I enjoy you both. Especially legal eagle about the different laws in USA. I'm in Australia.

    45. samantharosee _xx

      First full SEprom video I’ve watched in months.

    46. samantharosee _xx

      LOVED this!!!

    47. August_Very_Own

      1:20 - 2:13 The discussion of the promises about the surgery clearly aggravated Mike because the veins in his neck were at full attention after watching that

    48. it’s me ashleyy woot

      i’ve been waiting for more grey’s anatomy OMG FINALLY

    49. topflight408

      I love you 2 together

    50. Its_taliaaa_

      Love this collab! I do have a question as a medical professional myself. I’m not in surgery, but don’t you need to sign something before surgery (maybe it’s included in the consent), that says all the risks of surgery, including infections and worst case scenarios ? Doesn’t that negate the patient’s ability to sue the surgeon (and ruin their career)?

    51. Romeo Bazile

      I like watching these two together it's like watching Brothers

    52. eric silvestre

      couldnt even focus on the video. i spent the whole time thinking how a paper cut can take out dr.mike if it just got him on that huge vain on his neck

    53. Jazmyn Wakefield

      I’ve been waiting for more videos on greys !

    54. Scott R.

      Ditch the lawyer. What he says means nothing. Their job is to make money regardless of anything else. They are paid to lie and get rich when they get away with it. The patient was and is an idiot. There is nothing to be learned here. Doctors make errors but lawyers blow up every error to make huge lawsuits. How many lawyers would do medical malpractice if their fee was capped? Very few. Lawyers greed is killing us with the cost of medical care. I’m all for the patient receiving compensation when injured and a huge settlement should go to the patient and a reasonable fee to the lawyer.

    55. detorie5

      You should watch season 8 episode 24 or season 5 episode 13, very happy and family friendly episodes 😇😇😇😇

    56. Brandi Lea

      An apple a day 🍎 keeps the Dr. Away But since the Dr.s cute, I'm.ditching the fruit 😋

    57. leean sanon

      Mike gives me George o'malley vibes.

    58. SHA THAAN

      Grey's anatomy is dogshit, I don't know why people watch that

    59. Austin Mike

      Another great video. I loved the reaction to “hun hun” lol

    60. JessicaMaykeup

      Have a swat team person come in and review the bomb episode

    61. Alyssa

      Infinity war was the best crossover The Two Legends:

    62. Ms. Megan Louise McKenna

      I recently came out of the hospital and a nurse was listening to my heart and put the stethoscope on my nipple and I had to tell her that😂

    63. Neil Flack

      Seeing two experts in two different but sometimes collaborative fields is never not interesting

    64. VictoriaIsBored

      finallyyyyyy, i need more legal eagle and dr.mike!

    65. RealPerson888

      Plz react to cells at work code black

    66. Fernando Tieppo

      Good to know Kevin is also part of the white shirt gang

    67. boom 350

      That man that lose his legs will become the first generation of octanes family

    68. darkecofreak23

      Dr. Mike is like “I can’t even with this show.” 😂 Grey’s Anatomy has about as much medical knowledge as any episode of Law & Order does legal knowledge.

    69. Mayjane N

      Please react to New amsterdam!! (Medical show)

    70. Carlos Elizondo

      Both Will check the resident episode where Is almost suef

    71. cqvio doli

      I honestly like this format of two experts reacting together. It's like they are quizzing each other instead of just talking to a camera.

    72. nicebluejay

      soooooo, how much $$$ was the difference between a normal hand and a hairy hand?

    73. ZSation 240

      Leg is dead

      1. cqvio doli

        This all occurs because Grey's takes place in a magical crazy hospital with no nurses.

    74. Neil Blackburn

      This is the team-up of heroes we needed in these dark times.

    75. Jaelynn Faniel

      Do doctors give antibiotics after surgery, if a patient asks for them?

    76. TheTikiza

      I had an ACL surgery a couple years ago. Maybe it’s because it was a out patient procedure, but NO ONE checked in with me after my surgery. I never saw a primary care doctor after, I don’t even think I saw one before, and I didn’t see my doctor for at least a week after. Then again this is the same surgeon who showed up late for my surgery. So.

    77. Gabriela Velazquez

      This was really interesting to watch.. good combo here

    78. Privacy Risk

      Love all the armchair lawyers and pseudo doctors in the comments, It's priceless.

    79. Vali

      I couldn't even get through 4 minutes of the video... f*ck lawyers

    80. Sara Brown

      I’ve been dealing with an infected toe since the end of January. I saw my ortho door doctor two days later. I am STILL going in every week to see my Ortho doc who did the surgery to clean out the infection, and I have a nurse visit me once a week. This is crazy. Grey’s isn’t a good hospital. 😂

    81. C Y

      I've followed both these channels for a while now and really enjoyed watching them bounce off each other!!

    82. Raunisa Jones


    83. Raunisa Jones

      SEASON 2 EPISODE 24!!!!

    84. Raunisa Jones


    85. Savannah Lynn

      the guy who played uriel in supernatural is playing the opposing lawyer

    86. Abigail Lora

      Hmm a doctor and a lawyer in the same room.... Looks like I'm gaining some brain cells back today.

    87. Hera Kahui

      Finally 😂

    88. Mallory Myers

      This all occurs because Grey's takes place in a magical crazy hospital with no nurses.

    89. 08Aqsa Faisal

      Mike blue colour suits you.

    90. Daniel Nascimento

      imagine they kissing, it would be so hot

    91. ramadiii

      This was such an amazing reaction from both of you! Please do more 😍

    92. The Nigel Douglas

      i wanna know how dr.mike finds the time to react to so many videos and be a doctor at the same time lmaooo

    93. MeToo84

      Seeing Dr. Mike and Legal Eagle together on screen is like seeing your teachers in public. We know they have together in PUBLIC? This is ....weird!🥺🤔😂

    94. Ignatia Flames

      "She's guilty." x.x Mans said, "SEND HER OFF TO JAIL AT THIS POINT!!!"

    95. Liesl S

      This is GREAT! Love you both commenting on an episode together- please do more!

    96. bjelln

      The fact that they both caught "hun" immediately and reacted just proves how professional these men are.

    97. Janice Angelica Prieto

      I need to know, do doctors actually have intense personal conversations to push their patients to do the right thing? Like telling a patient to be a better parent or something?

    98. Sam Watson

      Best crossover ever

    99. TheMilitantHorse

      The two titans

    100. Vaguely Vegan

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