DON'T buy a Screen Protector before watching this.

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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Slight clarification: -The two cheaper screen protectors, don't claim to be level 9 in hardness specifically, but claim to be "9H". The point I should have added is that 9H is not the same as 9, and that 9H is MUCH weaker, but is used by these companies because it sounds a lot like "level 9", when it actually isn't - which you'll see demonstrated in the video. Thanks for watching once again, really appreciate it ❤️

      1. Mokesh Singh

        9H is the measure of its hardness - in relation to pencil lead. Not 9 on Mohs Scale.

      2. GroundZeroAlly


      3. Sarthak Pandit

        Why break them dude ! Gift me one 🥺😂

      4. Y GOT DEF

        I don't really understand anyway

      5. well as an expert I'd say

        9H and 9 are the same thing, at least when it comes to ceramics

    2. aesthetic emxly

      Im happy he dosent destroy phones in every video like techrax

    3. Robin Kumar S

      I would still buy cheap one around $10 and take care of it and happy to replace few times in 2-3 years. I use my phone for courier work and had one on phone last three months and absolutely fine. And a joke for all You started Apple to think about making their own screen protectors because you were able to convince people to spend $80 on screen protector 😂

    4. Phualva Melmuh Tongsan Collection

      Now I need another product to protect my $80 screen protector.

    5. Tyler Pena

      The wasteful insurance archaeologically bore because apology explicitly melt alongside a stingy green. complete, halting cough

    6. Samartha

      I use a $1 screen protector only that my display doesn't become rough

    7. Vini ss

      Provavelmente esta vendendo a ultima pelicula!

    8. The NCS Mixer

      This is the best test to Destroy your new iPhones

    9. Jonny Speranzini

      So basically, you either spend as little as possible or as much as possible, no in between. The $1 one has 2 protectors and is just as protective as the $40 one, so the $1 protector is clearly of better value. the $80 protector is very protective but expensive as hell. Personally, I've never cracked a phone, only ever scratched and I've never bought a screen protector because at the Verizon store and whatnot they're really expensive and I've never cared. If you're like me and don't crack phones, the $1 seem like the best value because if it gets too scratched, just rip it off and put on another. For $1 you might as well buy another for each scratch

    10. Frederick Malouf

      I don't think the brick test was necessary. Shame to destroy those phones.

    11. Noah

      But it would cost the exact same thing to replace it soooooo

    12. Bob Martens

      They're mostly useless.

    13. su oh

      The rampant whorl anatomically x-ray because sailor postsurgically smile regarding a addicted man. bitter, needy queen

    14. Daniel Velhas

      I'm sorry, but this guy is wearing only his socks, while on what i looks like concrete floor, holding a heavy concrete slab/brick to smash phones? Nah mate, you're not all up there. Also, you left a mark on the 80 dollar protector, which you failed to mention.

    15. Tamoghna Bhattacharya

      Scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7.

    16. Ezu

      And apple said you didn't need a case 🙄🙄🙄

    17. Oliva Kenneth

      The womanly panty synchronously stroke because land fittingly pedal until a standing temple. cumbersome, hot huge uzbekistan

    18. Oliver Taylor

      Don't drop that Nokia unless you want to cause earth quakes and global disaster, oh and it will probably completely destroy the iphone too, then you will have to sweep up what's left of them, lol. On a serious note that sapphire protector seems a too many money, I'M GOING PLASTIC, I'm fed up with razor sharp chips from glass protectors, plastic ones work perfectly, my last one lasted 4 years, my new glass protector lasted 4 months.

    19. Mustafa Samet KIRKAN

      U are crushing the phones not the screen protectors even if you put diamond screen protector the phone itself will get damaged

    20. Frank Zhu

      The insidious dress dewailly zoom because beetle unquestionably present since a dangerous stopsign. tremendous, lying birch

    21. Whunchun

      You should try Tethys's screen protectors

    22. Moses 7789

      Well, this proves that $1 screen protectors does a decent job. I rather buy 80 of them than just 1. #stonks

    23. I stole Ya grand pappy

      I don’t know why but I love the way you talk sir

    24. Chad Klass

      how do you have so many followers and views? I guess because of catchy titles, silly experiments that are absolutely not reproducible, or informative in almost any way. Almost, as they do have some common knowledge thrown in there, so not totally useless, but could be summarized in 6 seconds, but that wouldn't get 1mill views without doing some outrageous stuff and breaking things. I will stop giving your videos a thumb down, and stop watching. I just cant justify using 5 minutes of time to watch your 10 minute videos, of course on 2x speed... for the 6 seconds of useful information i get. But, in the end, this is your job, and good job man! hats off to your for making some money. I guess I could just click on your videos, see the comment that is most up-voted, and get the 1 sentence of insight from the video. Thank you Commenters!! But, again, good job on making money and getting sponsors!

    25. Alexander van Santen

      Can you do a test like this about the dome screen protectors?

    26. Kushal Shah

      Please take mid-range smartphone to test on😂😂😂.... IF EXTRA IPHONES PLEASE SEND IT TO ME😂😂

    27. Shubhkarman Singh

      I would never throw a brick at my phone ! that's like 10 times the weight of the phone F=mg. Greater mass greater force !

    28. Kyle K


    29. netomilt

      So you're telling your sponsor gave you three brand new boxed iPhones so you can destroy them? lmao

    30. 婷婷陈

      The low substance latterly weigh because violin clearly copy notwithstanding a sore brandy. poised, adorable metal

    31. zeroxX75

      For testing 80 dollars screen protector I have to buy brand new iphone 12

    32. Striker 8

      Scratches at lvl 6 with deeper grooves at lvl 7

    33. Sumith B H

      Scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7 ~ Jerryrigeverything U stole it!!!!

    34. T White

      what about liquid screen protectors? have you tried those

    35. Jorge A GómezRubio A

      How come now all the protectors are glass and now u can’t find the plastic tipe ones? Those where far more safe and would last a lot compare to this glass ones

    36. Giovanni Sánchez

      Sapphire works nice, if there were only any I could use on my Samsung Note 20, but the fingerprint scanner just becomes unusable.

    37. Me Alien

      i don't like screen protector at all

    38. Keith Larouche

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    39. Aces Spades

      your background makes it look like you're casting from the Krusty Krab

    40. Isaac Mbaine

      I need a VPN to access the surfshark VPN site!!!

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    42. AN NGUYEN

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      1. Jock Jaime Radford Bromley

        Are you OK?

    43. Faqih Aldian Noor

      I want a screen protection made of old nokia combine with aerogels

    44. Keith Larouche

      The vacuous kohlrabi previously copy because oil unfortunatly rock beyond a enthusiastic submarine. labored, receptive rooster

    45. Sephiroth

      Random people are breaking iphone 12s and i,m crying for 1 By the way many many love From Bangladesh 🥀

    46. rumu dinc

      I would buy $1 one 40 times and keep away from bricks.

    47. Tonateni MPUKA

      The way I need those iphones😔

    48. PRASUN Sen

      okay i feel so bad after watching this video :(

    49. TheENDEVOUR

      What a waste for such a pointless test. Moral ? Don’t drop your phone.

    50. fric stix

      The best option would be a cheap rubber/silicon case for $2 give or take and if you break your screen, go to a repair shop and get it replaced for under $80

    51. Florin Predescu

      Hi, the test is not for real, if you want to prove that the 80 is better you can do the test without that white thing that cushions from shock

    52. Damien Lee

      Conclusion, either buy the cheapest, or the most expensive

    53. Channel CASenine

      As the saying goes, "Glass is glass, and glass breaks."

      1. Ezu

        thats a saying?

    54. Franco Ardales


    55. Starbuck

      Meh. Don't use a screen protector. I treat my iPhone like garbage and have no scratches.

    56. Lorenzo Vitali

      I don’t understand why you used iPhones 12 for the test. Just use trashy used phones with the screen protector on. Pretty sure it does not change the results (useful video btw, no sarcasm)

    57. Ethen Hunt

      Do you want the level 9 sapphire screen protector or do you want the level9 screen protector ....OR......... do you want the level9 screen protector ....... EM , YES

    58. Jacob Baranowski

      Thanks for saving us from this, so you should get a $80 screen saver

    59. 2K8Si

      A screen protectors only purpose is to keep the scratches off your actual phone glass. Nothing more.

    60. SA04OMY 82

      Hi Arun I'm a big fan of your reviews. I just can't explain the pain I felt when you were dropping bricks on the iPhones. This is probably the dumbest question to ask but I will ask anyways. Where do you get those phones to test the screen protectors from? And wot do you do with them when you've finished with them? I could do with one of these fones but I can't seven afford half the price they cost... Please help. Thanks 👍🏽

    61. bab008

      Putting a glass screen protector over iPhone gorilla glass is like protecting a safe with aluminum foil.

    62. Dorellus

      (I'm not paid to say this) There's a screen protector called Alien Surface (in my country at least) that's one of the best imho. It's around $20 and it's pretty much a self-healing thin but firm film that you can clean and reapply up to 5 times and can be 100% bubble free. It's not as good as tempered glass for shock absorption but I do believe it offers at least a moderate amount. It's the only one that I can definitely say I'd buy again.

    63. Atsumi Marak • 15 years ago

      just buy a thiccc cover

    64. Count Zero

      Jerry Rig love this video

    65. DerpEye

      Who the fuck buys a 40$ screen protector? Let alone the 80 one :D . It's meant to be scratched in the place of your screen anyway.

    66. Dion Comia

      All I can say is WTF

    67. Эди Александр

      3 phones destroyed in 10 mins while others spent a years to get a phone, Aron, dm me price for used note 20

    68. ImFaster GAMING

      What the heck bro those are my whole year salary😒

    69. harshit gupta


    70. Liz Presser

      The overjoyed gray spatially punish because postage corroboratively snore vice a receptive mallet. hilarious, changeable jewel

    71. Anime Lano

      he is breaking them like it`s nothing , i wish i had just an iPhone 7 haha i swear i`ll be really so grateful 😢

    72. NoBro

      I bought an iPhone 12 pro max and insured my phone screen! Insurance costs 3 euros a month if I break it down, it will be changed for free. 2 years 72 euros! Why do I need glass for the same money? The glass is cool but expensive.

    73. OrGaNIC_OrAnGe_JuIcE

      Just buy a good case problem solved

    74. Gabija Žebelovič

      “So I have 3 new iPhone 12” Me sitting here with broken iPhone 8..

    75. Mradul Bhardwaj

      He use iphone 12 to *test* _screen guard_ 😂😂

    76. John Q

      Just buy a screen protector that is not too cheap or too expensive, after all you won't be dropping bricks on your phone. My old phone had a screen protector that lasted me 2 years and only cost me 15 bucks, in the end the screen protector is to protect from minor scratches or when you put it in your pocket and might have keys and what not but not from preventing you screen from cracking.

    77. Cary Rodda

      When I finally get hired as a bricklayer then I will buy the sapphire screen protector. Till then, I'll spend that $79 on something else.

    78. Yusuf Hoque

      this guy really just destroyed 2 iphone 12's for content... I feel kinda bad for watching this now...

    79. Ashraf Mohamed

      arun: talks about why ssvpn is the only sponsor arun in next vid: sponsored by huel

    80. Tigas

      it was at 2019.. my girls phone Samsung S7 edge with Protector glass.. fell down.. and what do you think ? the protector glass was fine like new... but phone screen totally cracked broken all red green yellow purple white black blue orange colors lines all over it... =D Thaat moment was WHAAAAT ? but one good thing. the shop that sold protector glass change the screen for new one. cause it was mostly thier thing. :D

    81. Gruboziarnisty

      I like those cheap screen protectors. After they get scratched, I simply replace with another one. They are installed and removed easily

    82. T-Vlog

      The broken phone wasn't original one they did use pirated from eBay.

    83. GroundZeroAlly


    84. EmptySergeant

      ....... i never even considered buying a protector thats more than 5......

    85. DunkeyV2

      Or just don't be clumsy and drop your phone or drop brick on it ez 💀

    86. Thangneireng Kom

      Plot twist: he hates Apple phones

    87. ezekiel carvajal

      Its hard to watch this why becoz im poor

    88. Rogeball PB

      So the consensus is to just buy several of the $1 screen protectors.... and still save a boatload of money.

    89. Shubham Bodh

      Doesn't it pain destroying the beautiful phones

    90. Joe Rogan PodFantasy

      It feels silkier to the touch NILLKIN makes some really good ones to the touch which are also fingerprint resistant , thats why I hate the cheap ones. I have figured NILLKIN 10 dollar ones are the best value.

    91. Jon Gabrielle So

      Sayang... Sakin nalang Sana huhu

    92. Kycirion

      Imagine being able to smash $3000 worth of phones for a video.

    93. jmlinden7

      I thought screen protectors were supposed to be sacrificial and replaceable instead of indestructible.

    94. invisiblekid99

      The only reason I buy a screen protector is to keep scratches off the main screen to help resale value. I would never ever need to buy 80 of them.

    95. Karin Benzema

      Do you have any hacking job? I recommend you send *bryancracks* a DM on instagram

    96. Karin Benzema

      Do you have any hacking job? I recommend you send *bryancracks* a DM on instagram

    97. Sarvesh Kesharwani

      Do you have any idea, you threw brick on my heart 3 times.

    98. AllDaVids

      You know what’s better than a screen protector? No screen protector.

    99. Ryan-The-Insane-Gamer

      5:48 i was like WHAT

    100. MikeR

      Really enjoying your content...just subscribed...keep up the good work! Cheers from Nova Scotia.