Dragon Ball Super: BROLY | Honest Review

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    Dragon Ball Super Broly has been a film that I have wanted to review from top to bottom since it's release. Now I finally think is the time for me to do that!
    Here's my latest addition to the anatomy of anime series. My honest review for Dragon Ball Super: Broly
    If you're looking for my opinions on the dragon ball super manga or dragon ball heroes. I have videos for that too! :)
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    1. Totally Not Mark

      Thanks for pointing out the psychological damage that kept Broly imprisoned by the shock brace. Interesting stuff. Now I know :)

      1. José Luis

        Me thinks the Make-A-Wish Foundation went too far this time.

      2. Sapire Games 2

        Yeah another explanation for Broly not wanting to break the shock brace is because he felt like he couldn’t even when he could. So the way I can put this, is when an elephant is young and is being trained to obey they put a rope around it’s leg, the elephant being unable to go free it lives it’s whole life thinking that it won’t break that single rope and will never try to break it because it was forced into that mentality. In that example it can explain why broly doesn’t fell like he can break free from shock brace because in his mind he really and truly believes that he can’t break it and will get punished if he doesn’t obey.

      3. Erik.

        Cool movie

      4. Andy Plays

        Theres only one thing i dont like about the broly movie is gogeta Gogeta is just a copy of vegito in the broly movie gogeta and vegito might be the fusion of two of the same characters but theyre personalatiys are totally different Vegito is care free and cocky Gogeta is serious and doesnt waste time playing with his opponent like vegito he goes straight for the target and also another thing i didnt like about gogeta is that gogrta didnt have his akrobatic fighting style that he had in fusion reborn you know like that flip back kick that he does to janemba i want the og gogeta not just a copy of vegito

      5. Andy Plays

        When friezas men took the dragon balls it wasnt jist for plot vegeta said that frieza had send soldiers with low power levels and thats why goku vegeta and the others werent wable to sense theyre energy just correcting you there on that mistake

    2. DDayJayke

      Fanservice? Oh you mean Goku's mom and Cheelai

    3. Tahj T

      Dragon ball z franchise in it's entirety has never looked this good, enjoyed every single thing about this movie, thanks for giving detail to what we might have missed didn't realize paragus body flying away like that🤣🤣

    4. Hargreaves

      I don’t see anything wrong with Superman parallels with Gokus origin. It’s always been that way.

    5. armaghan amir


    6. Danny Silva

      Fantastic movie. Has no mistakes imo. Absolutely stunning and amazing story and animation.

    7. M Mc

      really loved the opening half hour being all about saiyan lore. so much cruel irony with the saiyans: their continuing battle lust makes them pretty much de-vovle and lose touch with all the super saiyan power-ups that come from a need and caring attitude, frieza brings their extinction rather than a new age of power, broly would have been their savior but king vegeta was too proud. hope the manga/anime eventually really digs into the saiyans further (maybe arcs dedicated to broly, a final confrontation with frieza, a re-imagined baby/tuffle arc)

    8. 3dark7

      The best Dragon Ball Z film ever!!!!

    9. Jaryd May

      He probably has never taken it off because it's all he knows in the world so he will most likely think it's normal because he was grown up with it

    10. Olavson

      Got one question. How the f... did Broly get those big scars in the past, when he could take all that beating from Gogeta blue without a scratch. He must have gotten them as a kid somehow, or are they self inflicted? Or just plainly to make him look cooler?

    11. Vaughn Massiah

      Great effort put into this review and your passion is palpable! This was thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you!

    12. la557

      The first Broly is more savage.

    13. i know how this works

      He Didn't break the collar because his a scared kid who can blow up south galaxy 10x over

    14. Indigo Silhouette

      People fear the worst and looks for reasons to hate everything all the time... I get it, it's beloved to you, but man when this movie was announced it was obnoxious and a true display of immaturity. People want to hate things, you guys, not everything is a disney movie.

    15. Jean Jean Philippe

      I love the music in this movie

    16. Omololu Enikan

      12:16 Am i the only one who saw vegeta hair was green in the movie before it turns yellow?

    17. Fire Water Phoenix

      Im surprised broly didnt win he had a whole song cheering for him

    18. Wake me up inside

      Towards the beginning goku almost goes ultra but ends up going blue

    19. Ybg Curse

      20:04 fan service 😂

    20. Pixelated ink

      I watched this on a ps4 #likeabosslol

    21. 57

      You are too specific. It makes enjoying the movie harder.

    22. JamzMopz

      Vegeta refusing to fuse is kinda sad to me. GT may not have been amazing, but it at least showed Vegeta's maturity by having HIM be the one to suggest fusion.

    23. Jason Chapa

      "What's your power level?" "Mines really big"

    24. S7VENSiiNS

      Vegeta did bring the fusion subjet to Goku on DB GT, they hate it but have been taking things 1st introduced there

    25. Labratondarun Is back

      Broly: Princess TRUNKS! Trunks: oh please no Broly: you lied to me Trunks: I did NO SUCH THING Broly: you DIRTY BOY Trunks: Goku get me off of this planet right now please INSTANT TRANSMISSIO-

    26. José Lopes Ferreira

      watched today , thank god broly wasn´t killed

    27. Jdm Zibby

      Animation was beyond amazing, the fan service was perfect... but I hate the new Broly. He's a soft raging school shooter. Broly is not supposed to be sympathized, or good hearted in any way! Broly is the saiyan boogeyman, a literal sadostic demon with no remorse. Just look at how terrifying the old Broly is compared to this one especially when he laughs while beating the ever living shit out of the Z fighters

      1. Dino Gt

        @Jantheking I saw you comment on his broly video

      2. Jantheking

        @Dino Gt I only watch Lonley boy adventurer for his black clover videos.

      3. Dino Gt

        @Jantheking so you basically don’t agree with lonely boy adventurers broly video

      4. Jantheking

        @Jdm Zibby Being simple isn't a good thing.

      5. Jdm Zibby

        @Jantheking old one was much more simpler and a true saiyan

    28. FroggFren

      Mark: mentions fanservice Everyone: "Ah, yes. Cheelai." Me: "Ikr... Did they really have to keep Broly's cheese-grating abs out for almost the whole movie?"

    29. lucas kirby

      bardock knows frieza was up to something because HE CAN SEE THE FUTURE NOW YOU CAN SEE THE FUTURE

    30. Vik

      how is goku warming up 'experimental' lmao

      1. Terry Dubuisson

        The fight sequence was experimental. Cause of the music and animation. The music had I hype man, the animation had one of the only first person perspective in dragon ball.

    31. Sandip Shrestha

      Why Broly can't remove is collar is give example of elephants when elephant are small they are chaind but when they grow up they have power to break the chain but they didn't because from early days while groing it think it's un breakable so its mind is set

    32. Kid Charleston

      Yes im still here saying "GO BROLY GO GO, GO BROLY GO GO"

    33. urban moony

      Honestly, this is the fairest review I've heard if the film since its release.

    34. Prince Vegeta The Fourth

      “Removes Beets from the equation...”

    35. Prince Vegeta The Fourth

      He can call me Kakarot.

    36. Wayne Mcdowel

      I honestly don't agree with the "you need to watch part to understand" because i brought my sister and cousin who both never seen the show at all enjoy it so much even telling me who there favorite character is

    37. isaac gomez

      The collar thing does makes sense, it shows you brolly has been mistreated by his father since he was small child maybe when he is a grown up he could destroy it easly but i don't think he could when he was like 3 years old with time he learned to fear that thing soo much he doesn't even try to break anymore it its like tying a horse to a plastic chair, the horse can escape anytime but he has been tamed to the point he doesn't think he can its actually a pretty good story telling device that shows us how bad brolly childhood was and how baddly his own father treated him and showing his rage after seing him killed shows us that after all of that he still loved his old man

    38. the destroyer bird

      Cheelai probably saved broly because she wanted him to not die since he has such a high power level for her job.i know this has problems for the answer butnits what I think

      1. Lock. E

        Nah man the answer is a lot more simple. They’re friends Whether she owed him one or not didn’t matter now because she considered him a friend and most friends would rather eachother stay alive

    39. Willian

      16:18 / vegeta brought the idea of fusing with Goku in GTs final arc.

    40. Andrew Kapini

      Mr Mark,great review 👌👌👌thanks

    41. J G

      I was also wondering, that part at the end when Goku says he's also called Kakarot, is that the first time Goku's ever used his Saiyan name? (outside of saying it questioningly when he first learns of it)

    42. J G

      Honestly thinking back on it now years later, I really don't mind the way they handled Goku's origin making it much closer of a Superman parallel, I can't believe that Akira Toriyama wasn't a bit influenced by Superman when coming up with Goku's origins. Making this origin canon just solidifies that feeling for me (and probably many others) and really I don't think that's bad, I just see it as a small homage to Superman, just offering up more feelings of nostalgia to a film already full of (in my opinion) great uses of nostalgia.

    43. Poke Dexter

      This is the most visually pleasing movie I have ever seen

    44. Scrawn

      As someone who got into Dragon Ball with Kai on Toonami and loved Dragon Ball Super from start to finish, DBS: Broly is one of my favorite films of all time and it's easily the most rewatchable movies I've ever seen. And it isn't for the story or characters (although those are really good as well). It's one of those films where, regardless of whether you're paying attention to every frame or you've shut your brain off, you're guaranteed to have a lot of fun watching it.

    45. bub gamer

      19:24 get the fuck outta here man the film was amazing 😂 The only nitpick that you mentioned that I agree with was the last one, otherwise your just reaching in an attempt to stretch out the video

    46. Cthulhus Herald

      This film made me realize that Frieza is like 50 years old

    47. Your Senpai Shuu

      I liked the part where broly was on screen

    48. Dartangan J

      I think that Vegeta having issues with fusion is still consistent with his character. His pride is a huge part of his character. Dancing etc is still him doing what he can on his own, fusion means he must fully admit he can't do it on his own, and then must become merged with Goku which he has stated he hates the feeling. So they make him dance, which he hates, to fuse with the person who's personality is the exact opposite of his.

    49. Penntandem

      You know this movie was actually my introduction to Dragon Ball after a friend invited me to see it in theaters. This is by far the best animated film I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad I got into dragon ball after this

    50. Seth Rodriguez

      I'm really surprised you made no comments about the "legendary" super saiyan Broly form. One of the things that made the original broly so popular was his gigantic form with green super saiyan hair. According to dragon ball lore we never had a confirmation to why brolys hair would turn green after his base super saiyan 1 form. What's your take on that? Do you have a theory or an opinion?

      1. Kay Wiszmanski

        I just belive it's mix between Ikari(Great Ape form in base) and Ssj.

      2. Dario Ramirez

        In my opinion the legendary super saiyan form is something that must be unlocked through the most natural saiyan emotion, rage. Broly had no reason to be so angry in the past

    51. Mash709

      They should continue down the movie every few years rout (ala DC animation) instead of another series. The quality is just so much better.

    52. The Game Guardian

      Now all we need is a cooler movie and we’re good to go

    53. Angsty Tantrum: Tempest God of YouTube

      The part where you said Burma leaving one dragon ball is contrived......I’d imagine she already has what she want and who else was going to get that dragon ball? Also broly doesn’t take off his shock collar because of respect for his father.

    54. Kench

      Frieza was my favorite character in this movie. Without fail, every time he opened his mouth, did something, or even just looked at someone, it was *perfect*. In the first sequence in the past, we got that classic Frieza ruthlessness that just so perfectly defines the character. On Frieza's flagship, I got to see a bit of levity where we see a scene played for *laughs*, and it feels like some sort of character progression, seeing Frieza rely on the power he can seize for himself, rather than what can be gifted from a magical dragon. Hearing the sentence from Frieza, "Immortality is not fun, and being perfectly unbeatable takes the fun out of it" kinda makes it feel like even though his core character will never change, his outside and his way of dealing with the world and how he *lives life* changes just a bit. The line, "huh? Broly can't go Super Saiyan?" is a standard line at this point in the series, but hearing FRIEZA of all people say it really brings home how much the world has changed since Frieza prepared to blow up a planet just for fear that the legend might be true. And the fact that Frieza is SO unafraid of the base Super Saiyan transformation at this point that he deliberately invokes the same course of events that caused Goku to ascend, JUST so he can see Broly fight on par with Blue Goku, is such a good callback and also such a good character moment.

    55. Donnie S.

      To be honest, I loved this movie. It was lovely and one of my favorite dragon ball things of all time, including the much beloved DBZA. Personally, the only part i didn't care for in the entire movie was the actual fight scene. It looked amazing but felt forced to me. Cheelie and Broly's dynamic was much more entertaining, at least to me. Honestly, I just wanna see more of them being friends. I'm a sucker for genuine friendships

    56. Hentai enthusiast

      The reason cheelai helps is because we see that she has sympathy for him and even though she did "help him" by destroying the remote she also removed the only way to reel him back in causing him pain,the loss of his father and very nearly his own life for reasons I can see as believable that she would want to help as for the dragon ball set up its clearly not a coincidence that he sent his men to an unguarded capsule Corp that was the intention and it gives us one of the funniest scenes with bulmas and friezas wishes being almost identical

    57. Troll with a Bishai

      I think it is the best DB movie. But considering everything we know: Broly shouldn't have been that powerful

      1. Kay Wiszmanski

        I mean... it's Boly. His power is simply MAXEMUSTEST!

    58. Xylo Comics

      This is late, very late. BUT Vegeta doesnt like the idea of fusion because it isnt His own power and his pride holds him back from immediatly making the decision to combine powers with goku into 1 being. Teaming up side by side in the ToP is a different situation in my opinion and in my opinion not valid for comparison to Vegeta's reasoning for not wanting to fuse. Not because they wanna make jokes or funny scenes, even tho its the Perfect opportunity to do so.

    59. Kevus . exe

      1:53 that's why I like dbs broly more then dbz broly And because dbz broly is wierd...

    60. NovaStar3

      Those stupid chants for Broly vs Goku and Gogeta RUINED it for me. It was so cringe...

      1. Jantheking

        Gogeta! Gogeta!

      2. Kay Wiszmanski

        @Eon The Alien KAKAROT! KAKAROT!

      3. Eon The Alien

        Go Broly go go.

    61. Kyley Cobb

      I know you said that a person who isn't familiar with the show wouldn't enjoy it but actually I showed this movie to 3 of my friends and they all found it amazing, one of them liked it so much they started watching the anime

      1. Kyley Cobb

        Okay I may have pushed them a little bit

    62. Random Commenter

      2,5 years passed? Wow time goes so fast

    63. initialkingof b's

      There is a lot of movies that should continue or be elaborated on like Zack Snyder and the Justice League movie. Not saying that it should be 4 hours long but it's expand on everything you wanted to actually make. For something that you actually wanted to put out and it be the full explanation of everything you saw with the first time. It's like the first movie is the teaser and the second is the actual main course.

    64. Jesus Aguirre

      Something I loved about the movie is that they gave the Super sayian God transformation Time to shine and look good and powerful as hell, even tho Goku is defeated by Broly in this form still was great to see It shine.

    65. The Child

      You know what I just thought aboutThe broly movie when frieza was getting beat up maybe it wasn't for an hourBecause goku and vegeta knew that their fusion last only a few minutes when they transformSo when they messed up it would've been only like 10min really Considering In the goku black arc they lasted like 3 mins when they turned blue against zamasu as vegito.

    66. Riley Stuber

      In defense for why Broly doesn't just take off the shock collar, it was supposed to be representative of the hold Paragus has on his son, not so much of a physical impairment.

      1. Sorain1

        It doesn't matter how easily he could take the collar off, because _he can not believe_ it could be that easy.

    67. Trunks Briefs

      The fan service gogcheelaieta

    68. The unburstable

      I rewatched the movie like 5 time and something i noticed was that vegeta(at least i think) was fine with fusing he just didn’t want to do the dance

    69. Shamari Stephenson

      20:05 sneaky little bastard

      1. Kiranyte


    70. Rich Luna

      The trailers were Meh but this review is Amazeballs! Now I have to buy this movie right now.

    71. Rumple Foreskin

      I just keep watching this movie. It might even get better with each viewing...

    72. Decaying Riott

      I just want Kale to meet Broly.... Cause...... Fan service.

    73. Mushfiqur Rahman

      That was racism when he video showed the prostration, its disrespectful of those people's faith in that shot that was taken from

    74. Rasik aggarwal

      I think that if vegeta suggested to fuse then it would be too character contrasting

    75. Preston Maynard

      Now I'm not saying this is true but what of broly sort of let his dad do it on purpose

    76. Ben Dovahkiin

      the 1st person sequence was hard rewatched it 3 times. overall the fight with vegeta was the best one as far as choreography is concerned and some minor stuff with ssg goku ,gogeta ssj was pretty well done too, ssblue gogeta was a stomp nice to see some new special attacks. favorite special was the seal explosion also last kamehameha had intent and was intense easily 2nd place. well done

    77. G.E. Bradley

      It is the only anime film that has pound its way into my yearly watch list. One of those movies on a rainy/sick day you can just put on and enjoy.

    78. h1esk

      ah yes i agree all the scenes with Broly are the best mm-hm

    79. Eamo

      My only problem with the film is that Goku looks too old when he leaves Vegeta. He looks like a toddler, rather than a baby. This is just my opinion.

    80. digiboy

      “While Gogeta charges his final kamehameha” Vegitto: HOL UP

    81. Robert Eo speedwagon

      Ummm guys I went to Netflix to rewatch the movie ITS GONE

    82. just_some_weeb

      7:45 Gine looks like a hamster

    83. Deavin Warren

      I feel like the cooler revenge sbz broly Fusion Reborn Wrath of the Dragon tree of might we're all good Dragonball Z movies

    84. Snake Bear

      I love everything about this movie, especially that nice hair animation.

    85. your local fox girl

      I like this film but the English dub needed someone like liam obrien to play broly vic(controversy aside) is a good voice actor but i never really feel like he fit the role

    86. Peppermint

      16:49 I didn’t even notice that flash of UI on the bottom left until now

    87. pepega Yang

      I never knew that naoto shishida worked on iron man

    88. Tarang Nair

      I think that it's simply that Broly cares about his father and his wishes.

    89. Mr. comedian

      19:59 that’s not an understatement, that’s a war crime

    90. John Milley

      I never saw Paragus' body get blown away. That's nuts!!!

    91. Ben McConchie

      Never considered how Goku's most interesting to watch fight when he's losing, and how the opposite can be said for Vegeta, great deduction.

    92. Ugh

      When he said 2018 I was like “WAIT IT WAS MADE IN 2018!?!?!?!??!?!!??!?!?!”

    93. Sergio Perez 325

      The fan service and seeing cheelia messing around with her armor that’s some good fan service

    94. Tenzin Chogyel

      You know I think that the musicians choices in the music was genius cause it felt so satisfying (for me at least) I mean chanting Broly then Gogeta was different from any music I ever heard I hope it is done again.

    95. ARX 351

      probably Broly doesn't take the collar off because it is rigged to automatically shock him when he tries to break it.

    96. Onyxmax

      I loved this movie. Nothing is perfect, but definitely insanely good

    97. Elijah Collins

      Princess truuuunks Please no You lied to me I did no such thing You dirty boy Goku get me off this planet right now I'm serious instant transition

    98. Doubt

      So remember cooler... Everytime j see someone say "Make cooler cannon" that person gets harassed anyone else see that too?

      1. Kay Wiszmanski


    99. WaveShock007

      Vegeta states his problem with the Fusion Dance. It looks so stupid. That's it.

    100. Toxin

      Mark was kinda unnescessarily picky here, maybe in an attempt to remain unbiased, he ironically became more biased.