Dunkey Was Right This Sucks


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    This is the greatest wonderworld of All Time

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    1. GsTSaien

      Wait, have you actually never heard of people referring to pre-rendered or out of engine visuals as CGI? I mean yeah, the real time graphics are also CGI, but people are talking non-real time visuals.

    2. Yousaid thusly

      This game was obviously made for people with cognitive disabilities or somewhat intelligent toddlers

    3. Marav Reviews

      Copied soundtrack. Farmer. Infinite with Tentacles. Furry Demon. "End of the world"- type battle music. *_RANDOM DANCING!!_* And repeat.

    4. adakun13

      This is depressing. After a hat in time and Mario odyssey I was really hoping for a Renaissance of 3D platformers

    5. Nova White

      The thumbnail led me to believe this was a reverse Pokémon game.

    6. Dababy

      That farmers nose is built for cocaine like even ganon would be jealous of that nose

    7. Lesbian Cuisine

      Splatoon 3 looks weird

    8. RaRaRasputin

      The difference between the worst school assembly and watching the gameplay was that the Ace Venture rip-off from D.A.R.E. was somewhat entertaining... your content's solid, though.

    9. oStrider

      You MUST check out Austin Eruption's video on this game. Dude takes a deep dive and scrapes up every bit of information for this game and pieces it all together. Apparently the story is in a book they didnt advertise and it tells the entire games story. They didnt want to put words in the game so everyone would experience it the same. Baffling choices but yea, it's actually hella interesting, the stuff they messed up on and the choices they made that is

    10. Nothing Here

      The novel is better has actual lore and shit this game completely fucked a good idea

    11. Leonardo Zhang

      This isn't even a good game by mobile game standards, even Subway Surfers has better gameplay

    12. Twister

      5:46 lmaooo he did it again

    13. W ho

      This is the really worst game ever which sucks because it looks really good

    14. doctorgeek117

      was there ever any doubts

    15. Siege Rodriguez

      My sister's ps2 barbie game had more action than that dogshit game

    16. Lil Wooklet

      I watched foekoes video on this

    17. its_dpark

      I really hope you got a refund

    18. Umomo

      Honestly, the 2nd game entertained me more by default.

    19. Pelon 69

      “Is this a hentai game?” “Uh kinda”

    20. antwon winner

      Damn this game is getting more hate then fallout 76

    21. Klaus Klausklaus

      1 single button,1 action... this is made for game journalists hahahahahha :´D

    22. Supah

      When the game switched I thought that the budget of the first game just dropped dead.

    23. Seth DuSith

      It's the only game they have in north Korea

    24. Jay Raine

      visually this game is fucking adorable but oh my god

    25. B B


    26. Yomei

      there’s gonna be some jackass that makes a video like “the brilliance of balan wonderworld” in the future and i hope they suffer for it

    27. Duke

      Dunkey is always right babyy

    28. Mr.toonzguy Pictures

      Balan wonderworld makes sonic 06 look amazing

    29. Echoes Act 3

      I like how he just jumped from Balan Wonderworld to some Chinese game with no transition. I honestly thought the sceptic tank cutscene was still Balan

    30. Harman Smith

      I read the tie in book. Spoiler alert: That sucks too.

    31. Baby Patrick

      Bruh the main character looks like he was ripped off from splatoon

    32. Mad Mouse

      Naw, these guys put the entire budget into the intro cinematic and it shows

    33. Last Time

      One big fever dream

    34. Funk Man Tim

      Hell yes, I am here to join the Isle of Tims

    35. sky

      nobody cares you homeless lookin gambler. he played this already. go leech off some content creator

    36. Arsene Lupin

      The dancing!! The dancing!!!! SO CRINGE!!!!!!!

    37. Bobzilla TheKilla

      Real Mind-blower: Kameo only had like... 10 transformations and it's 10 times the game this could every try to be.

    38. Mackenzie Turpin

      i feel like this should be illegal

    39. Blastgamer77

      I hate how good the visuals and the presentation is. This has so much energy and ideas that I'd love to see if it wasn't for the fact the gameplay is godawful. Like fucks sake. Make this an animated show, a visual novel, fucking ANYTHING other then the shitty platformer we got.

    40. HyperKidTV

      This is just a really bad version of super Mario galaxyy

    41. mantasour

      Reminds me of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

    42. Gato Brujo

      Square: what can you do for us? Yuji Naka: a Mario Odyssey ripoff but much worse Square: great! Have millions of dollars!

    43. Wes_The_Hunter

      6:00 it sounds like someone breathing and talking into a Poor Quality Headset Microphone, What the FUCK

    44. Meg

      what the fuck is he playing in the second part lmao

    45. HoBrosGaming

      The zombie game definitely isn't balan wonderworld

    46. Dinis Matos

      its so bad that pirate copies dont exist

    47. Eldoofus

      Play 4:50 and then 4:29 Trust me, you won't regret.

    48. Clorox Bleach

      this dood looking like some rl tusken raider -you know what i mean

    49. Nunya Bizness

      4:27 Ticklish

    50. Ghivi Fahmi

      The people's designs look like a bootleg Mii

    51. Lucidity

      Ohhhhhhh this looks interesting probably not gonna play it though

    52. X.A.N.A

      This looks like the type of game that Devolver Digital would make fun of in their presentations .

    53. Martin Hodges

      Still makes more sense than Kingdom Hearts.

    54. Michael Berresford

      Very sad that Sqenix and sonic, would lower the bar so much.

    55. Cayn1234

      This opening cutscene is a great way to kidnap children! Note taken.

    56. Noah Birthisel

      Why do some of these character dance like those factory made mobile games?

    57. Alexis2andsoOn

      I would've loved to know which of these furrsonas is critikals favourite

    58. Deal


    59. Cameron Dale

      Are you playing two different games? I'm so confused.

    60. Artyom Fomin

      >this game is a square enix mobile game that they scrapped didn't square enix do that already? like, there was this mobile spinoff called deus ex: the fall. overall it was alright, impressive for them to port many of the features from human revolution. but it was a mobile game and it didn't do very well. so they only did the part 1 of the game (they planned to keep going) and dropped it. after that they ported it on steam, released one patch that let you rebind controls and left it at that. you can still buy it, it works, but it ends on a cliffhanger

    61. Hawking Chair

      This game is The Producers except everyone actually doesn't like Springtime for Hitler and the plan goes off without a hitch.

    62. keglo

      wait this game was made by yuji naka??? what a fall from grace

      1. Taikos

        Yeah this game looks like a spinoff of Nights

    63. Taikos

      Honestly the CGI looks really amazing and I like the way the characters look but the gameplay is just horrific.

    64. Eat At Joe's

      Apparently you can play as Balan - YOU JUST HAVE TO FEED THE GIANT CROWNED TIM.

    65. Pangu

      Most of these reviews don't touch on the fact that each costume is a consumable and that you have to enter a menu to change costumes.

    66. FlipperMite 4000

      5:59 dude what happened to balan wonderworld

    67. FatRown

      Money laundering scheme

    68. Eugene Church

      Dunkey v. Moist critical

    69. Basically Trixor

      What is gameplay?

    70. That guy with crippling depression

      Imagine paying $60 and only using one button Sonic Forces

    71. Daniel H.

      I cant believe there are people defending this on Metacritic

    72. jeivi

      christian john had more action

    73. Surpreme

      Resident Evil 9: The Department Store

    74. Richard Lucena

      Alright everyone give me you're top 10 3D platformers better then Balan Wonderworld. Here's my list: 10. Psychonauts (Can't wait for Psychonauts 2) 9. Sonic Generations 8. Ratchet & Clank PS4 7. A Hat In Time 6. SpongeBob BFBB Rehydrated 5. Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc 4. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 3. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 1. De Blob 2

    75. Alfredanto

      I swear when he switched to another game I thought that it's still balan wonderland

    76. Val

      Seems like every aspect of this game is computer generated

    77. MsncYth

      dunkey is always right

    78. friendly salad

      why is it in Japanese

    79. Percy Blakeney

      1:15 so SUSSY

    80. Maurice Hecate

      tldr: shitty skylanders with furries

    81. Netriosilver


    82. Reid LeBlanc

      the director said he had never written a story before so he read Joseph Campbell and assumed he was a genius

    83. Pokemon Master

      Scuffed Super Mario Odyssey

    84. giant the world ender

      This feels like a game you'd of played in 2010 in a McDonald's gaming room.

    85. DynxMC

      Well now we know what they spent all their budget on at least, the fucking cutscenes

    86. ESYTC

      kinda getting disillusioned at all these big gaming channels ripping into a game clearly made for small children with lesser motor function

      1. ESYTC

        @Chill Sodaa It looks like a ripoff of an extremely high-quality nintendo game? You contradicted yourself

      2. Chill Sodaa

        That doesn't excuse the overall quality of the game, looks like a rip off Mario Odyssey

    87. NateDoggie

      I love the description "It's like a really high quality mobile game", its just so true.

    88. Chara

      I want farmer man added to the smash roster

    89. Star Jedi OMG


    90. SomeRandomJackAss

      Balan's Wonderland took a weird turn.

    91. YD Dragon

      Somehow this makes Sonic Boom more fun to play.

    92. Valerio Versace

      I have to wonder/worry: is this how asians see white people?

    93. • chippy82577 •

      •5:22 I lost it at "Man-Boy love" AND THEN THE MUSIC AND DANCING STARTED

    94. William Drum

      This game could have been good. Great, even. But.... F O X B O X

    95. Smokey The God

      Dunkeys being talked abt.

    96. 300-I.Q. Prower

      I remember when 5 ad breaks on a ten minute video got you called the fuck out

    97. Fløux

      This whole game looks like one of those Kleenex commercials.

    98. The Ultimate Shipper F.L.

      They should have used to budget to make an anime instead, Balan's design is so cool..... such a waste

    99. Scoob

      is the septic tank actually in game

    100. John Hughes

      9:18 was the worst thing I've ever heard