Ep. 76 | 2 Bears, 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

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    Today, Bert tells about his future trip to rehab and is concerned with Tom replacing him with Jennifer Aniston. Then Bert does a complete 180 about the questionable content of his previous special "Comfortably Dumb," and if they aged well? Bert brings Tom a sponsorship idea he's been floating around involving big surfing and drinking beer in Tahiti, and much more!

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    1. Brian S

      Everyone does hate Kamala bert

    2. Van

      Hit that up 👍 if you wanna see Bert surfin barrels 🏄🏻‍♂️

    3. Van

      39:20 squeaky Bert makes an appearance.

    4. John Wilkins

      Wow I went into rehab a few days before this aired and just got out good for you bert!

    5. Steve Kosack

      39:18 When Bert gets hysterical he starts sounding like Judge Doom

    6. Baron Von Balls

      Bert is the first person I’ve ever heard say that Kamala Harris is smart

    7. Nexus Martyr

      Yoooo I remember that day when Von Eric’s foot got ripped off his leg live Who else?

    8. dex räikkönen

      dax shepherd?; where the fudge is this show going?

    9. Nate Abel

      This podcast is trash

    10. Whatsinmypocket

      I hate the algorithm that suggests this snoozefest as a follow up to cumtown

    11. Dan

      Loving Bert laying down rules for Tom's celebrity hall pass.

    12. Brownstillsuck

      Yes gentlemen. People do plan rehab. People that are forced in do not. If you are going on your own accord, you do it on your timeline. Good luck bro. Took me multiple times for alcohol. Nothing else. It’s still pretty bad.

    13. Prism Parts

      Tom thinks Republicans have a sense of humor? Did he have a brain scan after his accident?


      Bad guy, but.....

    15. Caleb White

      Bert is a 7? So, he's a blind alcoholic. Got it.

    16. Toughnut

      It sucks that Tom and Christina are moving. Why Texas?

    17. AllegorX FPV

      I can’t take berts voice anymore. He’s not even that funny tbh

    18. kurtjackson111

      I wish youtube was smart enough to not recommend 2B1C just because I watch YMH. Bert is so fucking annoying.

    19. Andrew Weaver

      It's crazy that Bert is such a slow person and is so successful .

    20. whiskey_bent

      Let me guess your filming some piece of shit show like cabin fever or another lame game show?

    21. whiskey_bent

      republicans think this show is funny. but i watch the show with a special browser that wont track view counts for you and ill never use your sponsor links cause i dont feel like you deserve a single extra penny...

    22. Bloodhound

      Absolutely can't stand Berts high pitch laughing voice..... That is all

    23. John Turboman

      Definitely shaq

    24. B Woolf

      I’m really looking forward to a separate podcast where Tom finishes all of his stories we didn’t get to hear, because Bart won’t stfu about himself.

    25. robert 2but

      How long has Terry been sporting the bald head

    26. robert 2but

      Never would have thought hearing 2bears I would hear a sweet dick Willie reference

    27. sergyboy

      wow he looks fucking bad.

    28. turb00o

      Why is Burt going to rehab? Asked nobody.

    29. The yang King

      All the comedians moving out of California Joe Rogan opened the door and then everybody else follow.. and now Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura are movie to!! fuck It won’t be no more good comedian to go see at the laugh factory or at the comedy store🤬🤬🤬🤬

    30. Mike

      hey rent shhut up

    31. Lag23

      Looking forward to 2 Bears 1 Wave

    32. Jeff Stauffer

      Those people definitely aren't royalty and never will be. They're only famous because American tv is fucked. All the bullshit reality shows have ruined tv and American society in general.

    33. CB501 B

      Yes we thought you were actually going to go to rehab until you back tracked.... Lost so many fans over an hour...

    34. CB501 B

      Damn did Bert change over to adderall or start getting his booze from Ari? Dude is tweeked in this one.

    35. hatchbackhound

      Sound it out bert..

    36. Dick Tracy

      Tom almost died playing basketball..he should def go surfing

    37. Brandon Gee

      So 2 bears is ending?

    38. Bootygoon

      Bert always finds a way to bring up the capital riots

    39. bryan davis

      Are there plans for a second season of the cabin?

    40. Chris Robinson

      Bert makes me nervous. I can’t pinpoint why

    41. MatthewMichael

      the wokeness and cucking to the liberal left has become unbearable, I was a diehard 2 bears and bert fan but I'm checking out for a while

    42. Mc Kannon

      I don't get why they dont just get joe rogan to sub in for bert.

    43. Jason . Donoghue

      30 minutes of the show. 90 minutes of advertising. Its ridiculous 😒

    44. Kevin Tshilumba

      Tom and Bert have ruined comedic sitcoms forever. There is no duo more hilarious than these two maniacs🤣🤣🤣

    45. Kevin Tshilumba

      Hey Bert, Hope rehab is going great. You are an inspiration to me. And just so you know, none of your ‘racist’ bits are even that racist😃 Lots of love from a black fan in Holland✌🏾

    46. Mark Phelan

      These guys are not funny

    47. Kevin

      Pat Mcafee would be great as a sub for Bert on the show

    48. Brady Hold

      who tf facetimes anyone

    49. Real Clean Cobalt


    50. amy wernet

      Independent leans democratic lately... I find you both really funny!!

    51. The Bernie Dyke Podcast

      You need Snoop do do the wave commenting with you !!

    52. Anthony Rossiter

      Jared keeso, Chapelle, Joe rogan, Seth rogan, Adam sandler, Ryan reynolds, Jack black, jennifer aniston, sarah silverman, redman, lil dickie, tyler the creator, eric andre.

    53. Casa Fuente

      Get 6ix9ine on the show

    54. James Roberts

      what a plot twist at the end

    55. subwayjrod1


    56. Derek

      i actually literally 100% thought he was going to rehab...

    57. John Marsh

      I think Ian Bagg would be a great replacement for Bruce

    58. Not Spam!

      I honestly thought Bert was going to rehab. Have fun filming Bert.

    59. MrMustacrackish

      This podcast starting to feel like an episode of Keenan and Kel

    60. wmdodgers14

      Anyone else growing out of liking Bert?

    61. Zach Kern

      Bert, your disclaimer voice is having the opposite effect. Now I wanna know what the product is gonna fuck up lol.! love it

    62. Dawn Hale

      1:02:38 I think that's a computer generated pic.. look at the eyes the lips and the nose there exactly the same..

    63. David Garo

      Will Ferrell should replace Bert!

    64. its CONTROL

      Is Bert doing a Marvel Movie ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    65. Just Looking 420

      Bashar Assad and his wife are about as Muslim as Fedsmoker

    66. Kernelpickle

      You should try to get Mike Ditka for one of your guest Bears.

    67. M Thomas

      1:28:43 Tommy's face when he realizes he is basically married to Bert


      When bert and Tom don't notice that's a picture of bert photoshopped too be a girl so good it looks like another woman!?!?

    69. jonny hrdwood

      #guestbears Matthew mcconahay

    70. Austin Diamond

      I can’t wait to tell people hitlers dad was a bee keeper

    71. GA B

      Tom's reaction at 39:30 was one of the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in 2 Bears 1 Cave. I felt a little embarrassed for Tom their. Never stop Bert your laughter and jokes are a never ending source of happiness.

    72. vonkrek

      Kamala Harris Is the dumb Harris.

    73. sue z. cide

      39:28 yo what did he say I could hear it but my dog did

    74. Sebastian

      tom referring to bernie as a dem is cringe af

    75. BennyB SmithSmith

      Do you think I’m going to rehab? Shit bert I paused right away and googled. Since these are on delay you tweeted where and why you going to shoot the movie. So happy for ya bro. Glad you’re not going to rehab. I seriously don’t think you have an issue.

    76. Levi H.

      Just Tom and Bert on the back of a boat tandem parasailing

    77. Foxtrot Mike Lima

      Sweet, my weekly dose of two middle-aged white dudes complaining about cancel culture

    78. Daniel Williams

      Bert Is on the masked singer

    79. Galen Shumway

      A glass broke in my house when Bert was squeal laughing

    80. GA B

      That was so low-key screwing with your friend when Bert couldn't pronounce quotient and Tom said Quatient. F**king hysterical!

    81. GA B

      You can tell their BBFF's at the beginning with how they interacted when Bert got upset at Tom doing podcast with his other friends. Me and my friends do the same exact sh*t. Best.Bear.Friend's.For.Life. Thicc boys for life don't ever lose the thiccness for the fitness.


      Guest Bear: Pat McAfee

    83. Nk R

      Bert calling himself beautiful while not realizing the chick is a female version of his own face is the most priceless moment of this podcast.

    84. Harri S

      Schaub is not a comedian

    85. Alexandre Giroux

      What happened to Bert ?! What’s he going to rehab for ?

    86. ObeWan Shinobi

      Dax Shepard would be cool toes on this show.

    87. John

      Sooo, ULTRA Male Vitaly is basicly sponsoring the show now?

    88. xCavat0r

      Bert: Quotient, quashent? Tom: It's quashent I see what you did there, Tom.

    89. Kole Steele

      Just took a poop, whipped my ass, then checked with my hand to see if my hole was clean. I miss you Bert. Good luck brother.

    90. Pulling Gaurd

      His special sould be called "nate bargatze: like a nazi"

    91. Christopher Petterson

      Conald and the FedSmokettes - Downtown

    92. - JustMaxPirk

      F Kamala Harris and the Communist agenda.

    93. Nick Uber

      Bert's a Democrat? Lol. Hes a conservative and doesnt know it

    94. Escape Pod Podcast

      I'm a Bernie supporter and love the show lol

    95. DaLonelySheperd

      Nate Berghatze: My Struggle 🤣

    96. Justin Lundy

      2 bears one spitting barrel. Now THATS getting your priorities strait Bert!

    97. Hahnzman

      Goodluck in rehab bert! You really need it.

    98. Susan Thursdays

      Know who the ONLY ppl that OBSESS about ‘’NOT DRINKING”? ... Alcoholics . Bert just gets away with it ‘cause he doesn’t have the ‘alchi’ gene. Plain and simple, man. And he should TTL (thank the lord) every-single day, and NEVER EVER EVER cheat on Leanne, ‘cause it’ll ruin his life, ENTIRELY!!!!! And his daughters will NEVER EVER EVER EVER TALK TO HIM EVER, AGAIN! Real talk, Dogg!

    99. Susan Thursdays

      Bert feels abandoned. He’s hurt that Tommy’s moving away ...it’s like Tom’s breaking up with him, I KNOW that’s how Bert feels. (He then snaps out of ‘his feels’), and thinks: OMG! OMG! Tom’s gone! Now I’ve only gotta quash Burr, and I’ll be King of Hollywood!! Cool!!! Me and Jenn 😍 💭 🤔 Me and Jenn Aniston, alone together, at last .... 🥰 😜

    100. Marco M

      Berto is looking for houses in Austin, TX