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    Publicerades den 12 dagar sedan


    1. Chunkz

      VOTE FOR WHO WON!!!! strawpoll.com/4ex5j5f3d

      1. Captain Obvious


      2. Lil jojo X2 no cap

        Chunkz you got violated Harry said your Hand stinks😂😭

      3. Ryan Goodwin

        Chunkz check dms on Instagram @ryzn.gx_

      4. Gassy Gurps

        Also get young lamppost back

      5. Gassy Gurps


    2. oiuet souiu

      Chunkz laugh makes it 10000x funnier 😂

    3. Zubair Davids

      Darkest man win it but I want AJ to vs darkest amn

    4. Eliza Vlogs


      1. oiuet souiu

        hp shoulda said "your teeth are sponsored by gap and he would have killed him

    5. Lowe It

      wheres the gold mic?

    6. stiaan burger

      Darkest won

    7. MK

      Come on smash 200k for the the champ young lampost

    8. Sweepz

      chunkz please start your epic rap battle series again i was depressed when they're were gone now they're back

    9. Will Okelly

      OMG I swear on my life I was ur 1millionth viewer 😱

    10. UwU

      Who remembers " your just a white guy pretending to be somali I should call you Kenny Abdullahi "

    11. Leo

      I got one for AJ Aj, u got 1 purpose in life. Ur just my arm rest I’ll see u in 5 clocks ticking 😂

    12. hamza mussa

      Oh my

    13. Ayuub Elmi

      man said chunkz squeezed hps boob. Thats a bald statement

    14. Abdirahman Abdi

      like if chunkz is different

    15. ツxnonymous

      8:24 lol

    16. ツxnonymous

      5:20 ahahahha

    17. football previews


    18. A J

      Chunkz vs Darkest man

    19. Dennies Ediagbonya

      hp shoulda said "your teeth are sponsored by gap and he would have killed him

    20. Mahdi Ahmad

      Man said Harry Adam and Eve 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. Ask to seduce Miss

      Only real legends remember my greatest bars 👀

    22. sakib mohammed

      Young lampost vs darkest

    23. N_ Aud

      Harry should have said at the end ‘ AJ don’t start, man could end you too, how dare you chat to me my woods longer than you

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Can someone explain the stormzy windy part

    24. tobias booty

      Darkest won

    25. tobias booty

      Darkest is elite

    26. good morning

      10:36 was the best cuss of all time idc

    27. Adz

      Previous rap battles- real microphone This rap battle when Chunks is rich- uses hand as microphone

    28. Hz

      150k has been done give us darkest v young lampost😂✅

    29. jack barlow

      darkest is dangerous

    30. Chrissy Thic

      Darkest murked the whole thing 😂

    31. Da supreme Runner

      Man Aj hits hardddddddddddddd we’ve got to have one with him in

    32. Zekria Mosawiii

      5:05 the tit grab gets me everytime

    33. minij hooi

      Kid: I want Stormzy Mom: we got Stormzy at home Stormzy at home...

    34. M S

      To funny 😂😂😂😂😂💦

      1. minij hooi

        Darkest is to funny how tf do he come up with this roasts so fast

    35. Billy Coles

      It’s what he does in his spare time

    36. niyan naran

      Darkest the 🐐

    37. nuddlefull

      Can someone explain the stormzy windy part

    38. Iqillonsight PCS

      we need another one nooooow

    39. Yasinur Rahman

      He has 150k so bring them back

    40. Hussain Ali

      Half of this was about of hairlines

    41. Jamie

      Does he knows polls have been removed

    42. Emir silfikir

      Thank u

    43. Chubbs 11

      Ka sponsor mee

    44. mofyq8

      sharky looks gay ngl

    45. Charming nowhere to hide

      Honestly darkest should go on an official battle raps and clash, he’s too creative with his bars. Double entendres, imagery, his delivery and just the way he violates 🤣

      1. Fedora

        And the crazy thing is he doesnt need to look at a phone for his lines

    46. Help Center

      windy will never return to the rap battle after this

    47. nickispinachhh 7

      @5:05 ffs

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        I’m stead of dark man is big head man lol

    48. Czech Steff

      Darkest on don’t flop entertainment hahahah asap

    49. EverythingSection

      Darkest is to funny how tf do he come up with this roasts so fast

    50. Gypsy_ Delta

      Chunks i am a big fan bro If you want me to send sone singing trials in punjabi i will bro , even if its all you and just voice of me bro

      1. Gypsy_ Delta

        Just one trial pls

    51. Joe Hewitt

      good bit of flyting

    52. Eda Colak

      Darkest man defo won thissss

    53. Crizz

      Chef chunks pleassseeeeee

    54. Sillah S

      10:45 seeeendddsss me all the way LMFAO

    55. olaolu faranpojo

      Darkest 🎙🤫

    56. Mohammed Ali

      ayo Chunkz plez invest in good mics, sound quality is a bit baad

    57. 9inoGaming

      How tall is chunkz and darkest thought all three of them were 6'3

    58. Jeffrey Godwin Agoh

      Harry got annihilated

    59. Rising_Tryxz

      everybody like wee need to see young lamp post again

    60. Ororo Monroe

      Praying you guys also filmed the reactions of the others behind the camera. I really want to see reactions

    61. Ninja OMG OMG

      I’m stead of dark man is big head man lol

    62. Josh Jones

      Lol the way chunks trys to act asif he once one part of the road men society

    63. Malik MAXAMED


    64. NM Edits


    65. Travis Dripman

      man like chunkz keep up the good work bro i see the weight loss mashallah



    67. Najat Hussain

      He glowed the fuck up

    68. bilisha coli

      Kid: I want Stormzy Mom: we got Stormzy at home Stormzy at home...

    69. Rocco Mitchell

      need johnny to hop in one

    70. Growing up M.P.S

      Adam Harry and Eve 😂😂😂😂🙌🔥

      1. bilisha coli

        chunkz is funnyy

    71. Zubair Yahya

      darkest man

    72. Jesus Gonzalez

      Jesus christ!!!! Harry got violated😂😂😂😂

    73. Mygo Gomy

      Somali piccolo hahaha

    74. Ahmed Zain

      You look like wan Bissaka’s dads dads dads dad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. beedsj roiue

        im not from the uk, but who or what is windy? haha

    75. oce- tux

      People that disliked have M on their heads aswell👍🏾

      1. beedsj roiue

        KSI is the bestest person ever and I couldn't stocks

    76. Monlikeblackz Zz

      Ogz where are y’all at

    77. PapzM

      Nick cannon need to put Darkest Man on Wild n Out rn😂😂😂😂

    78. Mohamed Mohamoud

      They finished Harry

    79. Lazy-Liz

      Sorry that I'm asking but has niko actually quit youtube

    80. purKe smoKe08

      Chief chunks where you at 😢

    81. Stephen Nelson

      On my life! Darkest is a GOAT!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Harry didnt stand a fighting chance

    82. Fe4RRz OG


    83. Cryptic_ narx

      Did you go to highcrest academy by any chance

    84. modest king

      We wanna see chunkz & ksi

      1. huttio srreu


    85. Aisha Rashid

      chunkz is funnyy

      1. huttio srreu

        how do i double like?

    86. Raii 100


    87. Danny Ogden

      Darkest is to cold

    88. Josh Chandler

      Needs to be natural man all freestyles bro,but all in all its a banger

    89. M. M.

      KSI is the bestest person ever and I couldn't stocks

    90. Haimin 123

      im not from the uk, but who or what is windy? haha

      1. Asmaz

        Basically Harry kinda looks like Stormzy( a famous UK rapper) so Darkest called him windy. So like saying he is the Walmart version of Stormzy but in a smarter way.

      2. Dubai Memes

        Stormzy is a uk rapper that looks like Harry so darkest said windy because Storm ⛈ & wind 💨 are weathers

    91. ATlantA Rumxxn

      return chef chunkz

    92. WillixFN

      i love this guy, NO HOMO

    93. Rcpong gaming

      Bring young lamppost back to vs harry p

    94. m2trappy

      5:04 sus👀

    95. Call Me Maryiam

      I’ve gone back to let you know that this video is GOLD 🤩🤣

    96. Lily Rudling Year 8

      darkest mannnnnn

    97. Ella Ovie

      I just love darkest man, Id watch any video just for him

    98. beedsj roiue

      “Your hairline is still fasting whilst you’re at iftaar” Who remembers that?

      1. Zack M

        Me.That’s a legendary young lamppost bar.Darkest vs Young Lampost.I think it’s from the first time they faced each other not the rematch.

    99. Shane Brennan

      how do i double like?

    100. Shane Brennan


      1. beedsj roiue

        This should be his intro hey guys it’s asni