Escaping 100 Layers of ICE and STEEL!


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    Escaping 100 Layers of ICE and STEEL! with Preston 👊
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    1. Preston

      What tool do you think we should have used to get out faster?! Subscribe and let me know!

      1. Adilina Boyd


      2. iron man gon rouge

        A bome

      3. Blossom Bliss


      4. ??? . C H A R

        Use lava

      5. Laraba Sobowale

        Preston do you want to play a game with me tonight

    2. Emine Bekteshi


    3. Preston Garcia

      Its steal buddy....

    4. Bozo The clown

      Why do you copy justdustin

    5. Sylvia Hernandez

      Do you have a Naruto knife

    6. J Porter


    7. Rochelle


    8. Zachary Francis


    9. Jennifer Henderson


    10. Jennifer Henderson

      🧱 vs is

    11. Jaiden Sims


    12. Rhett Cruz

      U guys are lame😶😶😶

    13. Paulo Barbosa

      Down my head..................

    14. Rianah Sanduby

      They copied just Ameerah Paul and Jedda

    15. Carrie Johannsen

      Loved this video

    16. tony magondo

      I am your biggest fan

    17. Kelan Lama


    18. Dr Mbava

      Me know if

    19. Finnley Van

      100 layers of noobs

    20. crazy creeper


    21. crazy creeper

      Bro incane

    22. crazy creeper


    23. Nathan Ksiazek

      Use a flame thrower

    24. crazy creeper

      (Like always)

    25. crazy creeper

      I subed

    26. Gilbertina Stefan

      In Pokemon Steel and Ice are weak to fire so preston had an avantage

    27. Jackson rimmer

      This content sick

    28. Genaro Hernandez

      Where's nick:(

    29. Elias Villasenor


    30. the myth

      That hurt me even from home 0:37

    31. Sam Harry

      Big brain ::: use fire to buren ice

    32. Caelyn Galbraith

      Actually Pepe

    33. Elaina Gannon


    34. Jamie Porter

      That's not 100 layers lol

    35. Mark Day

      Preston u the man boy!

    36. Alesana chantelle Olbes

      Riddle: i am dead but im alive who am i?

    37. Salmissra Schmidt

      It's not steel vs ice it's just ice 😂😂😂😂😂😂 love your vids ❤

    38. Le Minh Duc

      maybe an oversized whale☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    39. Peanut Rapstalion

      You should’ve use a jackhammer

    40. Peanut Rapstalion


    41. Alexia Leeder

      “Ice on ice”

    42. Cahaya Razak

      Thx for the cookie! :D :3

    43. Shannon Gibbons


    44. Carlueee Gaming

      all you have to do was to wait then its gone lol.

    45. Lauren Williams

      Preston go on yub,s video's

    46. Jeremy Dave Barrientos

      You. Helping

    47. Chase Arrigoni

      my name is chase

    48. Martin Malone

      Every single tall

    49. Lucinda McNerney

      The lighter

    50. Carrie Chester

      R.I.P Noob1234 we will miss you:(

    51. Bernadette Newton

      i like

    52. Landon Ayala

      I Subscribed

    53. Carolyn Lootens

      : ummmmmmmm ok

    54. David Andres

      Hi preston

    55. Mark Ramharak

      16:59 the most cursed image

    56. • tuliptunes •

      why did he screech so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    57. Tamás Bakalár

      Your copying justdustin content

    58. Shivansh Gupta


    59. Shivansh Gupta

      Preston you where not doing anything

    60. Adele Quinones

      Preston someone from my school have your shirt

    61. Artorius Crowder


    62. Yusef Rezk

      Flame thrower

    63. Alex Georgakis

      I subscribed

    64. Stephan Co

      Preston dont play mincraft with noob1234 je sounds like a alien

    65. grace lily

      Do 100 layers of wax

    66. lakshmi ravilla


    67. Katarzyna Adamiak

      Chase will never get out of metal

    68. Tiera Womack

      I Love you so much 💗💓

    69. Mildoe Green

      I’m a fan

    70. justin maxey

      I love you you r The best You r. The best💬🗨......

    71. bagas

      "inspired by justdustin

      1. Anime Boi

        Actually This video is made on March 4th and Dustin is 7th of march

    72. Wyatt Meador

      Can I get a shout out

    73. Shaffa Hussain

      It was so cold right

    74. Megan Newton

      And I have subscribed

    75. Megan Newton

      Flame throwre

    76. KaZe Bomb3r

      This is clickbait guys I'm telling you unsub to him he comped justdustin he just wants subscribers

      1. KaZe Bomb3r

        Preston tell the truth I beg you

      2. KaZe Bomb3r


    77. Noah Lousick


    78. Mackenzie Mcbride


    79. Megan McCambly

      Try to climb up

    80. jannat ahmed




    82. Peter Zhang

      Lol Preston get a canon

    83. dezinationa

      Rock versus yarn

    84. BLUE fire

      Persis comments on his lip Chicken wing chicken wing hot dog and baloney chicken and macaroni chilling with my homies


      hi me and my brother have ben waching u senc u first stared your channal

    86. Colton Arias

      I love that the ending that you Preston and Chase get out at the same time

    87. ابو قيصر جيمنج_abu gaser gaming

      Thx for the cookie tho

    88. arya patel

      how many people Oofed in your SEprom career


      hi i like yor vidyos

    90. among me


    91. Jeremiah Tamayo

      Hi you are so cool

    92. Saima Latifi

      there are 100 haters because Chase said it this video gets 5000 likes I will take my whole chest and there is 5100 dislikes

    93. Jarred Scoffern

      Flame through!!🤐🤯

    94. Nathan Daly

      1 layer of cell and 1 block thick ice

    95. Ella Bella

      Are you Christian?

    96. Tony Santos

      OH MIGHTY PUSH edit pain from naruto saying that


      I like you vid very much

    98. Tj plays

      we could of used the ice pick preston

    99. Veronica Mendiola


    100. Isabella Shaver

      You’ll probley need 4 hours to get out of steal