Every Difference In Dragon Ball Z Abridged

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    A special thanks to Team Four Star for creating this brilliant web series. Easily the most fun I've ever had while researching a video.
    For anyone who hasn't seen it, I highly advise you fix that toot sweet!

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    1. Totally Not Mark

      what's your favourite change is Dragon Ball Z Abridged?

      1. Greyson Jamal

        @Gunnar Judah damn! It took like 10 minutes but it reallyworked!!

      2. Gunnar Judah

        dunno if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google xD

      3. The Grey Jedi

        Favourite? No, but seriously, I love that they ended it at Cell. I felt it was a nice bookend for the series as a whole, seeing Gohan reach into his own.

      4. INK


    2. GD karma


    3. Judas L.

      Replace the beginnings of senctences with "My Client" for a whole legal mess

    4. FoxboyDoesStuff

      I wanna see a fight between TFS Mr Popo and Beerus

    5. Just Muskeeter

      Funny thing is that I watched bdz abridged first before original series and somehow I liked it better

    6. Jeremy Mitchem

      "Zarbon is not a walking sexual innuendo." Yeah sure. Thought this was a credible DB channel.

    7. Jay Figgs

      Till this day I could never understand the exaggeration of Copyright Claims I said it once years ago I'll say it again people advertising properties (FOR FREE) encourages people to support the product they aren't stealing or becoming more profitable then them. Team four star encouraged me to rewatch DBZ again.

    8. Mandarth

      Correction to Counter 61: There is no password in the TFS version. It just knows better.

    9. Reanu Keaves

      This is just a video pointing out the flaws in the normal versions of dragon ball z and kai

    10. Byakko Brando

      why is the sound coming only out of the left side?

    11. GOATjo

      The best part of dbza was nappa

    12. CPAR 34

      you never mentioned Dennys

    13. soulryuu

      28:23 Goku's hair DOES catch fire in that scene, but not as many flames in the original. Seen here: seprom.info/clone/video/2ddurLSslZl2xHk.html

    14. Darkknight55

      "There was no muffin button in Goku's ship." Goku: Then where did I get this muffin?

    15. Eve RC

      subtitles in spanish please

    16. Luke Packenham

      Naaaaaiiiiiiil, i can sense you

    17. RedGeoBlaze

      10:11 I never even realized that that was a Jojo reference until now. I just thought it was a random choice of thing to use.

    18. JorEze SS

      Forgot to mention there doesnt exist the technique “Nail gun”

    19. JOYsas LT

      If there is no muffin button then how Goku got that muffin?

    20. Slender Man 186

      “Krillin doesn’t have a brother named Juan Sanchez” he doesn’t in the abridged series either.

    21. JerzeVillain

      While I understand the studio copywriting the videos, still between the literal free advertising, the abridged show is nothing like the original. Sure they cut up the show and dubbed over it, but the greed from these companies is astounding

    22. Matthew Neiner

      Goku does infact attempt two Kamehameha waves against Android 19. In Abridged, Yamcha stops him. In DBZ actual, Piccolo stops him. Goku's hair does catch fire when Gohan cooks for him in the Time Chamber.

    23. Og broly

      Nappa: but Vegeta tricks her for kids Vegeta: goddamnit nappa

    24. Listening noob

      So basically... Just about every moment in the series.

    25. Tj England

      I might have missed it but I do believe you forgot to mention pounding chichis tuna

    26. awkward silence Jr.

      forgot about the german speaking toilet lol

    27. ooflord dynamics


    28. insert name here

      I love how most of these are so obvious it makes this video so funny😂😂

    29. M. N. Thelismon

      8:07: 66 Me: Oooooohhhhhhh noo

    30. MrBahki

      “Reasons why the abridged is cannon.”

    31. Cyber Joy

      Holy shit this video exists??

    32. Bobdmz

      2:09 slightly

    33. Franken Tuz

      So Burter IS gay. Huh...

    34. JuanmaRailgun

      "cell doesn't fight numerous anime characters of history" Uuuuh... Neither does he do it in the abridged series wtf?

    35. Valdir Bruxel Jr.

      The fact you created this video... I thought it was an April’s fools day joke

    36. Ammar kayani


    37. particularly unhappy nut

      0:54 wheres that clip from?

    38. Kamui 2004

      I guess space Australia is in dbz

    39. The Dude907

      Nappa its much memorabile in the Abridged

    40. Sean McCadden

      I think you mean they turn the character levels to over 9000 😂

    41. Pyrogon

      I bet mark finally gets the stream roller reference ROOOODA ROOLLA DA!

    42. Saba Gaming


    43. Smoking fish Chicken hybrid

      10:12 Well i hate to be that guy but its definitely a jojo’s reference

    44. DR SensuBean

      Man the fact income to TFS 3 TIMES A MONTH FOR 6 YEARS JUST FOR A LAUGH

    45. Clash Devil

      1:39 ah yes a counterception

    46. Naikō Sei

      Nappa carrying poke balls is canon in dragonball then?

    47. Christopher Benson

      7:35 just remembered piccolo is a part of kami and therefore kami = God and piccolo = different world it together means different world God. Neat

    48. crocyoin

      Hmm so it seems vegeta's aneurysm is canon

    49. Noah Manning

      I like to think that the TFS universe is just like another timeline like the future trunks timeline

    50. Hydr0Fluoric Acid

      19:17 was a bad Choice of words

    51. Zo Jirushi


    52. Zo Jirushi

      There’s so many changes just 3 min in guessing there’s going to be 300 changes by the end of the video

    53. Dechuggs

      28:24 Gokus hair does catch fire but it’s only on the left side of his head

    54. fuit123

      8:11 I honestly thought he covered it in shit.

    55. T Dub

      Be honest Mark. This whole vid was an excuse to sing "I've got a lovely bunch of Dragon Balls!" wasn't it? XD

    56. Daniel Apltauer

      You forgot in Episode 55 the Shirt conversation beetween vegeta and piccolo they Never talked about That they Never fight against each other and also ginyu mentioned in a Short conversation to freezer the Name cooler Which Never happened in the Original dbz

    57. TheHiccups

      Zach Star?

    58. El Duque Caradura

      3:43 well, not all * untrue *

    59. Theboogerbomb

      "picclo's penis or lack thereof has never been has never be directly stated or adressed in the story" lol

    60. Cipr1 #273

      I tink you forgot about the voice of Kamisama and Nail on Picolo´s head

    61. Temp Poaari

      14:00 so it still knew how to defeat freezer?

    62. денис данилов

      you missed a bunch of funny other differences such as piccolo being considered a yoshi and not long after admitting it himself and other ones i can't really remember

    63. денис данилов

      mr popo is literally acting like Zeno''s grandfather

    64. JLGames

      straight up “Zarbon is not a walking sexual innuendo”

    65. Comrade Dog

      I still want them to finish with the buu saga

    66. United kingdom

      8:33 actually she is look it up

    67. United kingdom

      8:14 that is very debatable

    68. United kingdom

      In dbz abridged no one said mr popo ran snake way king yama said one person ran it but when he was about to say who it cut to mr popo

    69. StealthyArcher1

      Rule #1 don’t talk about popos training. That’s why don’t hear about it in the original.

    70. TJ Robertson

      yes, there wasn't a place called idiot rock. Because Goku made it Idiot crater. Edit: I did not realise that someone had said the exact same thing below, don't hate, I should have known that someone would say it.

    71. The Harlequin

      8:11 "Krillin does not coat the inside of the cave with semen."

    72. Ignorance is Not a Blessing

      So what you're saying is, its all canon..

    73. Peyton, Talented but Lazy

      No mention of Goku and Piccolo wanting to drive cars because "bitchin'" instead of Chichi making them go to get their driver's licenses. No mention of Highway to HFIL or Dodge, Bitch. Space Australia or Space Brisbane, the Space Broncos, Space Dingos, Space Babies and the consumption of Jeice's sister Sheila all not mentioned. The toilet screaming in German? Nope. Yamcha being just brutalized by life? Nope. Saiyan armor being dry clean only? The changing Badman shirt? Come on, the list goes even further beyond!

    74. Panda McThunder

      "Goku is slightly more dimwitted in the Abridged than the Anime" *Dragon Ball Super Looms in the Distance*

    75. Temp Poaari

      There is exactly 69 episodes of dbza including the epilouge of episode 60 Of course I'm excluding the movies and speciels

    76. Austin Robertson

      You think Master Roshi ever got his toilet unclogged?

    77. Xenomorphking 159

      I got from this that space Hulu exists and Vegeta knows who Moe Howard is. Also the jock strap incident happened in the anime 😂

    78. Minx-

      There vids dropped after they stopped. I understand lawsuits and shit but I and everyone really wanted the buu arc

    79. Chris Rosa

      “Bulma doesn’t come onto Trunks” Yeah she hits on him. You pervert.

    80. Alex Morgan

      In the dub I watched, the capaccino machine really was the reason the ship wasn't ready yet

      1. Alex Morgan

        Another one is that the medicine for the viral heart disease, was grape flavored. Once again, specific to the dub I watched probably

    81. Esteban Ramirez


    82. Daden Wenzl

      This video is the reason i fell in love with tfs too bad dbza was canceled after that

    83. Daden Wenzl

      You should do hellsing

    84. mankey

      "You're not an intellectual, you're a fake and a fraud!" -Totally not Mark to Bubbles

    85. INK

      My favorite is when dende made the wish while frieza was watching "what you gonna do about it COME AT ME BRO" And "what are u doing" /"what am I doing"/"forting my plans"/"forting you're plans"/"are you"/"yes"

    86. Jeremy Morris

      Muffin Button

      1. Dio Brando

        Muffin button indeed

    87. Mira Tamamo

      Why would I support tfs? They steal content and monetize it.

    88. Devil Fruit

      You left out one of my favorite gags, shenron always bitching about how seemingly only the Z fighters can summon him

    89. Fox.

      This sounds like a rant video key words SOUNDS LIKE

    90. Squirrel 0

      It was never mentioned so that means Chiaozu was a Pokémon

    91. Zara Warner

      I've got a lovely lot of dragon balls doo doo

    92. Apocalypse

      I wish Nappa was alive in the original so he was more in the abridged series

    93. Briframes

      Napa is my favourite abridged character because of the way he says vegita

    94. mayborneflower

      5:00 - Slight nitpick, Goku had to make King Kai laugh because King Kai thought Goku was an aspiring comedian and then King Kai just accepts him as a pupil when he clarifies that he’s actually there for fight training.

    95. gonçalo Baia

      8:21 Wow ok I have to stop you there

    96. ori.

      -then it ended 3 episodes later

    97. Crazy Wacky Doctor Man

      Pro-Guru propaganda? For shame, Mark.

    98. error 152

      You know it's a parody right?

    99. loogi lologi

      a lot of these can be countered by "if nobody talks about it, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist"

    100. Gun Nut productions

      Could we just call this whole list “No shit”