Excessive Use Of Force By Police Against Black Men Again In The Spotlight

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    After learning of two horrendous attacks on Black men by police, Stephen turns to Late Show writer John Thibodeaux for an historian's perspective. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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    1. Anneli Elisabet

      "Yeah, you should be [scared]!" Jesus effing Christ, why do American police officers sound like they stepped straight out of an action movie? I mean, European police have problems with racism as well and definitely treat non white citizens differently, but not by pulling guns and shouting like a mad man on drugs at regular traffic stops.

    2. snoski

      UGGHH....I HATE "AN HISTORIAN"!!!!! (Or more commonly "an historic") KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!! It is "a" before any h-word where the "h" is pronounced. It is only "an" before a silent "h" like in "honor." It drives me f-ing insane that supposedly intelligent people keep doing this (and even more so EMPHASIZING IT AS THEY DO). Get yourself together, Colbert. You don't sound smart when you do this. You sound like a pompous idiot.

    3. Wolf Talk

      Black Men Take Over city policing a Careers in a Police Department can be rewarding and a career change.There are Numerous types of positions available in law enforcement .Let your history be written for this time in history as men and women that took matters into your hands protect and serve your own communities Do For Self. It's what your elders and ancestry would have done given the opportunity👁️🇺🇸 they fought not to be victims.

    4. Floating F

      10:56 Damn it, Stephen, now you're giving ME flashbacks!

    5. Sammaneh Taval

      as much as i am much more disturbed now by the new video on how a US black lieutenant is being mistreated by the very white policemen .... “ a nice way to say thank you” , i sadly add a simple note here for all americans; you must look into your militarism, you should find out what your tax dollar military is, where your tax dollar military is, why your tax dollar military does what it does .... you should learn what does it mean when a US lieutenant is serving overseas ..... you see, we all reap what we sow .... it is only the beginning of the harvest season for americans .....

    6. iCon_xB2Gen Rich

      Civil Rights Their are so many corrupt cops out there that are working as silent criminal hiding under the law enforcement 👮‍♂️🤏🐷👁👁

    7. Louise Tanner

      Call him the DTa

    8. Louise Tanner

      Call him the DTs

    9. Cindy Zer

      Is this taser for gun thing another code red ?

    10. rk rk

      ok right excessive force ,,,, just 1 question why he run ,,, oh i know black can do what ever and dont you think about taking me to jail ,,, soldier is right but that other case it was just

    11. Erik Freeman

      He Who Shall Be Named: Trumpdy Dum Dum!

    12. Phoenix Kiger

      I have a name for number 45: his father's worst investment

    13. RDF1nner

      Wait a cop killing a black man for nothing? That is sadly very routine.

    14. - Beeman

      11:17 I like to call him "Mr. Orange Is The New Black". Another alternative would be "Orange Face". (like "black face")

    15. Zaphod Beeblebrox

      I am so sick of all the hate.

    16. Adam Tingue

      That's racist cuz your white this is dumb

    17. Adam Tingue

      Blacks are not the only ones to get that kind of treatment and this racism thing is over play

    18. Gireesh Parakkal

      If that was an average citizen would he be still alive.. answer is obviously no ..as the guy with the warrent shot to dead say..sad

    19. Iron Meagher

      The little laughing thing in the back is a disgrace ....Black people die for the color of their skin everyday by cops . Nothing funny in this segment .

    20. Galactic Modeler

      What an outstanding young man ! I think they need to start putting parents in jail if they neglect their kids. Thanks to 2 parents, 3 people lost their lives. The kid, the cop that shot him, and the police chief ! Good job parents !

    21. Chris Watkins

      Funny or not it is just as racist to say that every white person in America is incorrect completely. Exit is to say that African Americans Are wrong 100% this is Racist to the Maximum . your network should lose some Sponcers for that

      1. C C

        The correct spelling is ‘s p o n s o r’. FYI. 😊 www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sponsor

    22. Jan Edmunds

      Please keep douche nozzling.

    23. Monkeyking

      i 100% support black lives matter but i am also really pissed off that people keep pretending that police arint also killing innocent white people. like when people say "we need to stop black on black crime" all i can think is "so white on white crime is ok?". i get the point that blacks are being targeted at higher rates but that does not change the fact that we should be working towards stopping police brutality all around, not just for those who are the most effected by it

    24. Jason Q

      Colbert is wrong. He’s pushing the victim narrative. That lieutenant knew exactly what he was doing when he turned his phone video record on, set it up, and then ignored and argued with the police.

    25. Moe Money

      Side note. Its your job to know the color coordination Steve, you're white. I was a red shirt. Damage control. Which should be the next dc and marvel movie.

    26. MrGRUMPS42

      Call Trump MOTUS Moron Of The United States

    27. Cory Hobbs

      Meanwhile a Florida man....

    28. Marianne G

      I'm gonna say it since no one has yet. Windsor most likely used to be a sundown town where it used to be common for police officers to pull these kinds of stunts on black people.

    29. Rosey Chapman

      call him twatwaffle

    30. Lawrence Iverson

      Those aircraft carrier guys look like tella-tubbies

    31. Marc C

      Jim Anchorton never ceases to amaze me. A journalist and a professor.

    32. skeptile

      My God. That "you should be" succinctly encapsulates everything wrong with American police.

    33. SaveClimate NOW!

      New name should be “That Orange Guy”

    34. Syriusz B

      If you have a barrel with some bad apples in it, you supposed to throw them out immediately, not only after you were forced to do it... Unless you know that all apples are bad.

    35. Ty Smith

      @The Late Show Duante did NOT "step back into his car", he pulled away violently just before the police were about to cuff him, he was under arrest and he suddenly lunged back into his car... Why lie SteveO?

    36. Todd Foglia

      Stop it

    37. happybeejv

      defund the police; we're against the public option lets use private security instead privatize tax collection too

    38. renakalta

      I'd call him Agent Orange.

    39. Brian Meaker

      You can call him what he is: the Traitor

    40. William Martin

      The Marmalade Mammonite.

    41. Fred Derf

      The guys on the flight line of aircraft carriers wear coloured shirts because it's too noisy for them to talk and it's an easy way for them to know what each other is supposed to be doing (i.e. what job they have). And they're turtlenecks because it's cold out there!

    42. Fred Derf

      Do what i do, call him the "Loser Ex-President".

    43. Philip mcdonald

      hey! that was my guess.

    44. Jerica T Meditz

      Please Talk About PAMELA TURNER -pregnant woman gunned down by a cop on video 2019

    45. Winston Salem

      As a Black man,I know why Muhammad Ali refused the draft because he said,no Vietcong called him the N word it refused to serve him in a restaurant or refused his kids equal education in public school.

    46. Chrystine Gaines

      I swear Evie’s laugh is infectious

    47. William R Warren Jr

      His family name is "Drumpf". He hates it, so it's about all I've used for four years ... Except for Space Cadet Spanky McBonespurs which I would use when I wasn't in a hurry. Nowadays, I like "TRE45ON" but Jesse Dollemore has the © on that. ("Drumpf" just pisses him off no end, though. Daddy issues, methinks.)

    48. New Yorker2

      I'm ready for the entire police force around the country to be dismantled and start over from scratch.

    49. Silent Hunger


    50. Geoffrey T Baker

      I've taken to calling him Tangerine Dream

    51. Juvénal Turatsinze

      This is not excess use of police force! Call it what it is: this is institutionalized racism and authorized police lynching. When enough will be enough?

    52. Gorgeous Lady

      Just think about what is going to happen if Police keep doing what they are doing!. If you keep poking a bear What is that bear going to do?.

    53. Ram Ecodiesel

      Twie as many whites are killed by police as are blacks, how come that statistic is never talked about?

    54. Michael Baker

      Just call him Dumbass....its what everyone across the world has called him for the last 4 years. and when I say everyone.... I mean many many many people across the world. UK to Russia to china to Korea (South obviously) to Australia. Its so bad online with other countries....I just stopped even trying to be an American just so they stop beating Me up.

    55. Leon Henry

      Criminal charges need to be brought so he can't get a job 2 towns down as another officer.

    56. Sam Downer

      I want to see more cops getting killed now. justice demands it

    57. Naty Golubski

      My uncle was DX with same but he responded to meds. Now they have three kids n the last two were twins. Maybe you will too! Praying for you.

    58. J.J. Lukas

      Hey Stephen and staff: CALL HIM DRUMPF -- it was his actual family name before his father changed it #HeWhoShallBeNamed *Sorry, but i don't have twitter ;-)

    59. Jordan Salveson

      Just call him 'Some...thing'

    60. Ladykofnyc2

      Oh my go I almost woke my toddler up from laughing so hard.

    61. Sleepy Joe

      Is this a comedy show or playing politics? This show is trash

    62. Brian Dumont

      I call him Orange Satan.

    63. Hugo Cervantes

      Thumbnail = Jay Z

    64. Rain9Quinn

      Erased Head

    65. Rain9Quinn


    66. Josh Moon

      The LT and Dante are not the same. Dante fought like an animal, instead of in court. The lady had a second or two to react. It's not a mistake between taser and gun. It's about Dante acting like an animal and the cop making a blunder during a 5 second window that she had to react. Stop defending Dante's skin color, you biased enablers. As for the LT, I offer ZERO defense to those cops that pepper sprayed him. ZERO excuse. That's more then I can say for you people you defend color other character.

    67. Orange Mushroom

      *See No Evil (TV Series) Can I Help You? (2020) Plot Summaries* In July 2013, shopkeeper Imran Ashgar is suddenly shot dead in his store in Columbus, Ohio. With the shooting caught on camera, and the killers on the run, detectives are in an urgent race to capture them. Devonere Simmonds, 17, and Nathanial Brunner, 18, have both been charged with the murder of Ashgar’s death. Three days later, the pair also shot and wounded Joe Rudd as they stole his car at a truck stop in Madison County. A fourth accomplice, Lamont Frazier, was allegedly shot dead by Simmonds a few days after the robbery. Simmonds was initially charged with this murder, but the police subsequently dropped the case due to a lack of evidence.

    68. MR Smith

      Just called him a dirt button

    69. Jeremy Simmons

      It's all bull shit

    70. Imnogre Jones

      11:18 Pres Tronald Dump ofcourse. Also very important.> There was 2 morons sitting on a fence. The giant orange haired moron fell off. The little white haired moron did not fall off ........ cause he was a little more on.

    71. Allen Bowers

      The oppression in this country is real.... My family being low income is suffering from a great deal of oppression from the system in place that governs our people.... Laws are made against the poor to keep families of color oppressed and in some cases like ours it flows over to all of the poor not only those of color. As a family we feel the pain our country is suffering through as so much of our case relates. We are currently guilty until proven innocent. Being denied justice or safety because we aren't rich enough to afford a lawyer... By the way modest means... a program to help people retain a lawyer (and in this case we didnt even start any of the court proceedings) Can only lower the retainer to $1,500. (There is even a case we overheard the lawyer and judge discuss by name where a person suffering from mental illness has to defend herself in family court.) We have been battling against the loss of our children for the last 2 years.(they pulled a trump and spread misinformation and made a decade of false reports all unfounded and even brainwashed coached manipulated and mentally destroyed our children.) Recently we received a letter of recommendation from the therapist that states : To Whom it may concern, My name is ******** ********; I am a licensed marriage and family therapist at douglas CARES. I began working with the ***** and ******I family July 9th, 2020 for individual and family therapy due to diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder in many family members. During my time working with the family, they have made immense progress, they are beginning to stabilize however, visits with the kid’s grandparents cause behaviors and anxieties tend to escalate prior to and immediately following contact with their grandparents. There have been several behavioral concerns and stressors prior to and following visits with the children’s grandparents. The girls had been placed in relative foster care, with their maternal grandparents. This placement did not encourage a relationship with their mother and the girls were then moved into nonrelative care. While living with their grandparents the relationship between the girls and Douglas CARES has gone though many challenges. The grandparents would continuously get involved in their treatment and berate them into telling them about their sessions. The grandparents strongly discouraged any positive conversations regarding mom. For example, **** has reported that if she was to behave poorly in visits with her mother or Douglas CARES staff, she would be rewarded with bubble gum ice cream. When **** was ask how long this behavior had been going on with her grandparents, she reported “my whole life.” During **** and ****’s time in care, they have had an estranged relationship with their mother and stepfather; both have been working on reestablishing this relationship in therapy. Both girls are wishing to spend more time with their mother and stepfather at this point. Since the girls have been asking to visit and go back to live with their mother, they have been feeling as if their grandparents are treating them differently. **** has stated that she feels as if her grandparents are mad at her due to wishing to return home. When in sessions with Douglas CARES staff, if they attempted to identify strengths of their mothers or past positive memories, the girls would become agitated and not speak to therapist working with the girls the following visit. Due to these concerns, it is my recommendation that any visits between the **** and ****** family is conducted at the child welfare building. Weekly visits with the girl’s grandparents had become detrimental to the progress the girls are making in treatment. Visits with grandparents should be limited to once a month, supervised at DHS. Since starting visits with their grandparents, **** has begun to act out, including harming her sister, being defiant and having (bathroom) accidents both at night and during the day. I am concerned that these visits are causing a relapse of post trauma anxiety for the family. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter. And the judge knowing all of this and more still is trying to force us to place our child in the care of people who have done so much to our children already. We as parents are absolutely mortified at the way everything has transposed. We have much more information please contact us by email: allenbowers802@gmail.com

    72. John Cran

      Thank you for your service is a way that people use to soothe their guilt at how our governments treat our service people. I suggest that you only use it after you have written a letter or taken to the streets in support of increasing pay and conditions for our service people and increasing the services we provide for our returned service people.

    73. Lester Hoyte

      Well i think they need something better on the car to let these cops know that you have temporary plates come on it's a reason they not fixing it🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    74. Eden Starr

      Police: eagle eye civilians for any infraction to "enforce the laws"... Hours of videos of police violating basic human rights and their own rules of engagement... Police: "I didn't see anything... What?"

    75. Richard Sleep

      "Nobody's got a good word for him, but I have, ****"

    76. You cant know Ever again

      I see nothing wrong ...we all do it

    77. V G

      There were two officers involved not one why is the other one still working

    78. Abe Hussein

      Im surprised people are surprised by this. No shit.

    79. Stan Garone

      Donning Kruger

    80. Seasidedouglas

      This is what you get with quota hires. Hire for standards and ability. Watch the whole video of all of these and you clearly see quota hires in action and dingleberries who cant listen an follow simple instructions. Im calling double dumb ass

    81. O1bad MoFo

      Cheeto Jesus

    82. al h

      History starts with a consonant. "A historian"

    83. Kristin J

      Bobblehead. The most bobblehead I've ever seen. Bobblegate.

    84. Nastyswimmer

      What should you call him? Well in Britain "trump" means fart... but in Scotland he's known as the bouffant orange shit-gibbon.

    85. Earlie Dennis


    86. Shaprice M

      😂😂😂😂😂 Just when I think I can’t love Stephen Colbert anymore , he proves me wrong.

    87. Paul Guevara

      Blue shirts are aviation boatswain's mate chock and chains Green shirts are aviation boatswain's mate equipment, their the ones who place the planes on the catapults and check the arresting wire Purple shirts (or grape apes as they call themselves) aviation boatswain's mate fuel Yellow shirts aviation boatswain's mate handlers they direct the planes and perform final safety checks before they get the ok to launch off the carrier. At sea, they stand as a color guard side boys.

    88. Jason Faulkner

      Yes its stupid for Matt Gaetz to use VenMo and mention names of the girls he is paying. Its also stupid to speed up and run yellow at busy intersections. The more people get away with stupid/dangerous/thrilling things, the more bad-ass and invulnerable they feel. They never fully appreciate the risk until they get caught. Thats why they must be made a public/legal spectacle of ... to teach (and fear-deter) other fools.

    89. michelle stjohn

      The orange 🍊 blob or The orange villain.

    90. Aurjon Kamali

      guy in the thumbnail looks like Jay z and Stephen's love child that grew up

    91. David Estremera

      Red rum

    92. carcillian

      Call him Fuck Pig.

    93. michael mitchell

      This is why foreign leaders from Russia, China and North Korea laughs at us when our leaders talk about how bad they treat there people. Thats why Putin himself said if the United States wants to have a debate on human rights issues count me in on that debate.

    94. Thomas Myles

      That last theatrical hitler/prrsident impersonator that america had isnt even worth talkin about anymore. Its wife haaaates it even.

    95. Federico

      the incident of the soldier is mindblowning. there is video of two clearly out of control agents abusing their authority on a calm and respectful citizen. they also have the arrogance to try to bully him to silence with bogus accusation treaths to end his military job i have no words. i am speechless that the head of the police department didn't fired on the spot both officers. there is video evidence. there is literally a video showing the entire thing and how bad they were behaving on the job

    96. Alex Gullen

      Pure spun gold, that there is.

    97. Callum Young

      Call him the worst president in history

    98. SCP - 1471

      Just call him Agent Orange. This nick fits on several levels.

    99. zeveroare R

      Why not just beep his name every time?

    100. Gavin

      We need more from John. He spoke all truth to Stephen.