Explosive Bat: crushing MLB records. Ft: Smarter Every Day

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    The previous explosive bat was cool, but it wasn't setting any records. I set out to design a bat that could beat Babe Ruth's home run record of 575 feet. The engineering was intense but the results are spectacular. Aside from attempts on the record, you can also look forward to some awesome high speed footage of the bat in action and a special guest.
    This video could not have been made without the help of Destin from Smarter Every Day. Not only did he provide the high speed camera, he also shared all his footage from testing the bat. He made a more in depth video on what happens when this this bat goes boom. Check it out!
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      1. Isedronico Ebabacol

        You must be in stark industry

      2. Jason Smith

        I have an idea for an improved piston deceleration system. You could re-route the gasses to act as a high pressure pneumatic cushion. Just put a hole in the main piston past a certain point to give it a sufficient delay so that you can still get good velocity from the ball smacker, then attach a smaller pipe leading to a space between the end of the decelerator rod and the cushion spring, then seal it all off and maybe add a small, adjustable hole to each of your new deceleration pistons to vent the gases, and also maybe make the cushion gas router adjustable.

      3. super soaker

        I looked up degloving cause he said not to do it. I regret everthing

      4. CapNCrutch Harper

        THUNDER BAT seems appropriate.

      5. Andrew Stern

        I looked up degloving and now I regret all life choices

    2. Raphaël Pyrat

      "some guy named Dusty or smth..." x)

    3. Sylvado Andstuff

      New scout bat?

    4. TheRunningLAG

      i looked it up...

    5. Matty 24

      Imagine him and Mark Rober collaborating

    6. WePlayTogether

      This is like the powerfist xD

    7. Corey Remmers

      Who else looked up degloving

    8. DKGM Khalid

      I looked it up and it was nasty degloving

    9. Gimme A Pen

      Babe Ruth’s record was beaten by ”Hammerin” Hank Aaron who died 4 days ago at the time of this comment (R.I.P) so there is no more Babe Ruth 😂

    10. Jesse Monteon

      Why do I feel like thid guys going to make something we're all going to use in the future.

    11. Matty Allen

      Nice welds bro

    12. Homero Medina

      I used to blow up my dad's rifle blanks with a hammer when I was a kid.

    13. Jared Garcia

      Did anyone else look up degloving and instantly regrets it

    14. Patriotic US Veteran

      Dumb idea

    15. yoshikage kira

      Degloving is a medical term which means taking the skin out of the flesh part which is injured,don't search it if you are sensitive!

    16. D Gamer

      This guy should have been hired to test CyberTruck windows before they unveiled.

    17. D Gamer

      Good for self defense lol.

    18. ming Li

      Next time use a RPG

    19. Ethan Salvadore

      I want you to make a video about that tree climbing robot that hangs Christmas lights

    20. Rich Bailey

      I think you and JLaservideo should get together and create something amazing?

    21. Kazuma's Audios

      This is some kingsman shit right here, it's fukin amazing

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    23. Soviet solider

      He basically took the concept of the power fist from fallout and put it in a baseball bat

    24. Artic

      Thats American Baseball

    25. Åsnen 2019

      I love how there’s an article called "How to Deal with Failure and Pick Yourself Back Up" on the screen in 3:53 right after V2 bat failed

    26. Yung5ive


    27. Colton Leonard

      Did anyone else look up degloving and cry

    28. Carl Kahler


    29. Exayevie

      Shane: Destin is the nicest guy Destin: Yeah I think the problem here is Lack Of Freaking Talent 😂

    30. Mr.Gibsn

      Just a genius

    31. penny for your thots

      This should be a fallout weapon. It'd probably be called "the sultan's swatter" or "bambinos bruiser" or something.

    32. Bong Boy

      This video deserves more likes

    33. Chocolate milk

      He had to make baseball more American than it already is...

    34. marko 2004

      Does anyone know what is he using to design i need to know.

    35. Riley Mannion

      Make a gun that instead of shooting bullets it shoots the entire bullet Cartridge and all

    36. Petar Beli

      That isnt 50.cal

    37. Scar3cr0w

      2:35 let me guess...America

    38. Ninja Sushi

      Totally subbing.

    39. Ninja Sushi

      Big ass house. Being smart pays off.

    40. Ninja Sushi

      How does he know so much?!

    41. Bruva Galathos

      Real life Pulverizer, Killing Floor 2.

    42. 黑暗拳侍

      Wan Yun Lai 大約是和KPI掛在一起了吧,QA加一RD減一的魔性迴路...

    43. thefreese1

      News flash Egg-head ..... when you took out the stops on your device , you made a firearm .... which is legal to do ...in many states normally...but because of the length of the barrel , and because if the overall length of the bat ..... ta da .... You just made what can legally be considered a short barrel rifle (SBR) which is a part of NFA . (National Firearms Act...look it up) Which is OK If you own a NFA Manufacture's License ... If not.... It's a TEN year prison term if the ATF wants to push it ..... On top of that , you posted the whole thing on SEprom and got 7.4 million views ... kind of hard to retract that ....All this while also trying to earn the Latest Darwin Award at the same time... (Motorcycle helmets and T-shirts do little to stop Shrapnel ) There is a lot of people trying exploding stuff on SEprom , but they don't stand next to it ..

    44. Ryder Rios

      i wish i never clicked the image tab after putting in de gloving

    45. David Stirm

      Where you got 50 cal. I dont know. 27 cal.

    46. Bamby Pagan

      Imagine you on a fight and someone says “get my 50.cal bat”

    47. Ryan Rodella

      Looked up degloving, was not disappointed

    48. Scott Stilwell

      Insanely talented

    49. Nir Livne

      So you're saying the guy who holds the world record DID NOT use a wooden bat?

    50. R4M_InternetExplorer_EXE

      I wouldn't have called it the 50. For when you step it up to 50 BMG

    51. Lucky

      Imagine your hits have a sound like a 50 caliber desert eagle

    52. young tray

      proud of ur intelligence bro keep doing ur thing ur a star

    53. Travis Barrell

      The baseball Cannon, firing at this bat, connected to the mad batter machine 😶💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

    54. Alberto Emanuel Aceves Colín

      Dude, your concept of safety is really soft

    55. Alex Lawless

      Can you descriiiibe the ruckus? 🤣🤣

    56. Kings Art

      👁️👄👁️ perfect zombie weopon


      I searched up degloving and .... Im scared for life

    58. 10: 1

      I’m the kinda guy to look up what they say not to...don’t look up devolving for THE LOVE OF GOD

    59. Lynkrig

      What sort of fallout ass

    60. Acid Editz

      What if u hit someone in the head with that.

    61. Jackson Smith

      I don’t know something cyberpunk...That’s what this reminds me of

    62. Jackson Smith

      This is a thing that should not be mass produced and sold to the public because you know that somebody is going to end up using this in a fight as a weapon... which would be bad... not good ... bad

    63. Jesse Lund

      Just think how hard pro players swing....that's nuts....and bolts.

    64. J One

      Such a great channel! Hi from Ukraine)

    65. Justin Martin

      13:37. Damn!😲

    66. Lukas Esnard

      your are using 27. not 50. so its not a 50. cal dumb dumb

    67. Cheese Rat

      Do one with 20 shells next

    68. Christina Nedrow

      Degloving means **** **** **** ***** ** so now you don’t have to look it up 😉

    69. stevekerp1

      Love the Binford shirt. "More Power" indeed! Very nice work. Will watch for your video on "enhanced home security systems and devices"

    70. Devan Breen

      The baseball bat ppl gave u a shirt how many u order lol

    71. blalien777


    72. Edgardo Camarillo

      youre xkcdhatguy arent you?

    73. Edgardo Camarillo

      youre that guy that tried to help us imagine the 4th dimension 😳

    74. Edgardo Camarillo

      i know you....

    75. Santiago Soto

      Chuck Norris son 😂

    76. IAMBOT BOT

      U call this legal... this could through like forty real life heads with one hit.

    77. Lucid

      "dont look up degloving" me who immediately looks it up and regrets every decision ive ever made in my life

      1. The Unknown John Doe

        Lmfao I once read a story about a guy playing catch with his dog, threw the ball and it landed by someone guys crotch, the dog tries catching the ball but ends up degloving the man's penis.

    78. Eduardo Quezada

      Me who looked up degloving👁👄👁

    79. yglb bidayan

      The fact this is a 50.cal with force, Lemme just say this but, HE HAS A HANDHELD BARRET 50.cal MEANT TO SHOT DOWN TANKS, IF HE HITS SOMEONE IN THE HEAD THEIR BRAIN WOULD EXPLODE IF A ZOMBIE OUT BREAK STARTS A SINGLE HIT WITH THIS COULD ONE SOT ANY ZOMBIE, as long they ain't 100 inch thick concrete

    80. K Slay


    81. Rockin Andy C

      seprom.info/clone/video/l9t9hduOiYGcmqM.html Pure genius 👏👏👏

    82. EpicRandomVideos


    83. Nauman yeti gaming Ahmad

      R.I.P to all the pistons that were killed during this video

    84. Reynaldo Santos

      Put a tracker in the ball next time

    85. Horsy Warden

      I wonder how much damage this would do to a person

      1. Caleb Harris

        A lot

    86. Akihabara Nyanko Ch.

      Imagine using this bat

    87. Yuri Dojima

      What the quiet kid really does in the back:

    88. owura fresh10

      This guy is total genius 💎💎

    89. Metroid J

      Your lucky I wasnt ur Welder. Your wrists would be broken.

    90. Fullence

      most american thing ive seen in my whole lifespan

    91. Blambloozler

      You had the perfect opportunity to call it the boomstick and im dissapointed

    92. DualDesertEagle

      Dunno if I'm the first to say this but I was just thinkin' about this thing again when I realized that a car's seatbelt going around the whole thing 2 or 3 times should EASILY be strong enough to catch the part that shoots the ball off JUST as it leaves the pressure pipes. That should make the thing a whole lot safer to use and there's less of a chance of the stopping mechanism breaking. Everyone like this comment so he gets to see this!

    93. kagdra omen

      Welp...checked out degloving....to put it simply folks it uhh.. takes off more than just your gloves. More like your skin gloves you got from mommy and daddy when you were born.

      1. kagdra omen

        Yeah it looks rough lol! You are welcome.

      2. korosu

        I thought that's what it was thanks for searching it up because I'm happy I didn't see that

    94. Martin Brennan

      Why no release valves to help reduce pressure when the bat is fully extended and give you less stress on your springs?

    95. Alex

      9:57 *Pause* *Lookes it up on google* *Instantly regrets it* Why would you tell me not to look it up😭 You're basically telling me to look it up

    96. Isaac Crandall

      I regret looking at degloving... 0_o

    97. hugo grancha

      For decrease the pressure in the end of the course of the stop rod you can maybe make depressure hole in the end of the tube used to be a piston, sorry for my fault of languages I'm pretty bad in English but I hope that my message can be understood

    98. Teove zavrzlame

      17:31 They:[try to punch the ball with 3 shells] Bat: Adios

    99. conrr

      I am now scarred for life. I looked up what degloving your finger means. So dont do it

    100. Zack Thomas

      I was wondering if this guy was gonna show up! Thought the house looked familiar haha! Awesome video dude