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    Ultimate Reactions and Side Affects from experiencing High G's. Funniest Zero-G moments. People getting sick and puking from weightlessness at zero gravity. 9+ G's in Military training Fails and Wins! High G-Force Centrifuge Training. G Force Video and GLOC.
    #G-FORCE #ZeroGravity #holdontight
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      The comments made on this video are hilarious! Thanks everyone. Keep it up :)

      1. MILAD MANU


      2. Morgan Williams

        daddy it goes on her face that was even more gross

      3. Multitasking Cookie

        5:16 rare footage of kim jung on in extreme g

      4. Krishna Arora class 7B

        @WOLFIE -YT ..

      5. Wilfried Seidel

        @Василий Мочалов hallo i'm willi from fulda germany

    2. Will Meadows

      4:46 chick pukes in her puke bag and it gets sloshed right back into her face.. ohh man it's like 2020 but in the form of a depressed girl going through a midlife crisis covered in waffles and eggs from that morning

    3. Benna Bobby

      These guys need to improve their G Force resistance This is a War Thunder reference I know it's harder than that

    4. JustMe

      Dog: wtf is happening

    5. Darth Vader

      Its probably so hard for the instructor not to laugh


      The Dog was be like : Ahh shit Hewe go again

    7. Toxa

      Ахахахахахха дури тупі

    8. anacleto

      Alguien me explica de que se trata?

    9. Bad Liar

      Whoever Allah wills to guide, He opens their heart to Islam.1 But whoever He wills to leave astray, He makes their chest tight and constricted as if they were climbing up into the sky. This is how Allah dooms those who disbelieve. (Al-An'am 6:125)

    10. Dicky Dharma

      Dog: fly me to the moonn 😆

    11. Giovanni Lewis

      0:00 when my mom write (P) on chrome search when I forgot to clear the data.

    12. I Hate MySelf

      3:53 Why im laughing? Lol

    13. Dunia gamer

      Yg pertama kaya money hist,,😂

    14. MedRider

      The girl vomiting at 4:48 lololol

    15. Yavuz Saleem


    16. Small Amount Of Shitposts

      That dog at the end lmfao

    17. News Updates

      2:30 He turned in to a Calicu

    18. al Ex is

      1:39 ese pantalón tiene un huequito que observador que soy

    19. HEXAGODS

      4:50 he did on purpose

    20. ISAC Lima

      3:53. Behold you want to fart, but the crush be on the side.

    21. Rangga Septian

      The gravity orgasm

    22. almer olgan

      Al quran and al hadis

    23. lancelot ez

      4:53 best

    24. Francis Vincent Cabalatungan

      Mosts of people are looking like their having a toilet problem specially those footage taken from the military base, toughest thing ever

    25. Sergio Hurtado

      Haven’t laughed this hard in a min

    26. isthatsliik

      "I'm doing alright"

    27. Waldek Alba

      4:36 when i see somebodybody nakid

    28. ing. will .i. am

      Por que le hacen así?

    29. seansamurai1981

      The dog. That is fantastic

    30. Blue Moon

      Now I know story behind these emojis - 🙂🤪😒🙁😖😣😫🙄😯😦😐😑😵🤮😴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    31. ParkCarmen

      the dogg🤣🤣🤣

    32. Данил Коваленко


    33. Humaeni ksp


    34. GL gamer

      alguem me explica oque é isso?

    35. Sam Music

      Itu di apain dah

    36. MrNtonz

      check our quran there is sentence for this moment

    37. BreinnerR9

      No sé cómo putas resulte aquí, pero ta chido

    38. Jesus Cabrera Moreno

      3:35 como cuando tienes una pesadilla

    39. я яя

      пёс тащщится по полной

    40. Vk Mksm

      Could someone explain what happened to him? By science 3:33

    41. Heatcker 3655

      5:29 yeah nap time... 😂😂😂

    42. Roger Villafuerte

      Whats this Zero G , Speed ?

    43. Junior Paulo

      algum br por aqui ?😂

    44. Christian Ortega

      3:55 se esta cagando en los pantalones jajajaja

    45. Sergio Galan

      El mejor es el perro estaba en su salsa!!! Jajaja

    46. Titanium Steel

      Just relax and go with the flow! I can do it so can you

    47. nurmansyah paneo

      Kehilagan roh

    48. Flying Cheburek


    49. BIG TOWN BOY

      When I can control my pee 06:30

    50. James Haggie

      I never thought so many people would see my many cum faces...

    51. Surya Keystar

      Gue org indonesia kesini gara² Habis nonton YT Capt vincent, sama SJ 182 org indonesia angkat tangannyaaa

    52. Sir Jew

      That's a nice asian making device you got there

    53. Aria Fariko

      *M O A N* *SIGH*

    54. Anto Hart

      I have 6g every time i woke up in the morning

    55. Firmansyah aja

      Kalok diindonesia jadi drama :v

    56. AR MUSIC

      4:50 🤯

    57. wahyu Fitrianto

      Yg dari Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩mana????

    58. DonkeyProt

      4:53 bruh i can imagine that smell

    59. diego rinaudo

      Mi vida pobre perro jajajaj no entensia nada

    60. Marco Norbedo

      6:57 in Italian: “alright, I’m gonna try not to spill it, let’s go!”

    61. Amey Wani

      3:24 depressed me

    62. Jayvee Guinto

      This where you will enjoy comments than the video.

    63. Glenn Ybañez

      4:49 welcome

    64. yuze tan

      Me when raging be like: 0:01

    65. Tatan Dmp

      They Don't Use up Oxygen

    66. vishal sonawane

      Dog : fuk my life

    67. Jorge Castillo

      Damm imagine a F1 driver that also can get 5g on a curve or imagine that Carlos Sainz hit a wall a 50g impact

    68. ohrensteifhalter

      7:50 looool

    69. Aris Mbhendel

      Capt Vincent

    70. Greer

      3:54 guy almost lost his eyeballs

    71. fadholi_ hoyik

      4:52 epic moment 🤣

    72. Sulaiman bilqis nst

      4:49 🤢🤮

    73. Hesti Lydia

      maaf apakah ini stimolator?

    74. oscar 11

      Oh on!!! Dog🤐😈❤️❤️❤️🥰

    75. Febriansyah Wibi

      7:58 dog: "whoa, whoa, i'm flying like a bird, ummm hello sir, need help"

    76. channel mike

      The future futuristic bamboo regionally wobble because pyramid algorithmically curve below a overjoyed metal. sloppy, wet sweater

    77. channel mike

      The parsimonious pancake moberly decorate because note nomenclaturally flood astride a scared pickle. paltry, oceanic hall

    78. Yerry Dompas Channel

      Yg pengen bahagiain orang tua dr hasil ngeyoutube mana suaranya?? 👇


      Jir ngakak liat ekspresinya🤣🤣🤣 g tau dh klo gw di posisi dia bakal gimana kynya ngeri😂

    80. 8_zain _8

      5:53 someone laughing there lol

    81. Nico YYT

      7:58 the Dog: "what the....Well. whatever."

    82. Malika 2eZ

      Wht happen?

    83. Peter Štefánik

      7:59 lol that doggo

    84. BJ L

      4:04 when her pumpum got the extra cream and she’s throwing back at a perfect rhythm but your not tryna be a minute man.

    85. BJ L

      3:35 when you wake up after an afternoon nap and can’t find your phone

    86. chia


    87. Linda Novaviana

      Kesini karena pesawat SJ182

    88. Gabriel Rivero

      4:43 ... don't look ... seriously... don't

    89. The Executed Code

      The dog LMFAOOOO

    90. Ron Burgundy

      3:55 me shitting after eating spicy pasta.

    91. yanuar mf

      Pray For SJ182

    92. Adil Ghaly

      Melebihi 0 gravitasi sih ini mah 😂

    93. Isimsiz Tek gercek


    94. ER POLLOH

      6:58 Italia italy

    95. Mateus Lima

      Mano o que é isso ????

    96. Mark Jones

      Has anyone seenbthe video where both the man eyes fall out. They fly out and its groce.. its on live leak

    97. John Silva

      7:58 the dog be like. "I beleive I can fly"

      1. RJ MAGIK


      2. waterfackers

        @すき ?

      3. すき

        Ew dog 🤢🤢

    98. Fenrix15

      1:12 atheists when you say god bless you instead of science bless you

      1. Magma Tiger


      2. SH69D


    99. Crxstiann

      `` felt like i was in a fist fight`` `` yeah, it looked like that.`` Hahahaha

    100. Alan Stenberg

      I'm sorry but I laughed so hard. Alone. At 3:30