Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer 2 Breakdown Wolverine Weapon X Program Easter Eggs

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    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 2021 Super Bowl trailer breakdown! The second Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer Marvel Studios has given us. This time revealing Baron Zemo and his true plans. Also connections to Wolverine, the x-men and mutants in the MCU and the weapon x program! Could this be a set up for Wolverine and the Thunderbolts? The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to pick up where Captain America Civil War left off.
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    1. Elvenjedi

      There aren't mutants Agatha was just controlling a random guy named Ralf Bonner.

    2. Cosmic Gaming

      I have a theory. The first two episodes, Baron Zemo is the villain. In episode 3, he gets defeated. The Flag-Smashers would have started their killing spree. Then we get the scene from trailer 1. Bucky tells Zemo, that if he helps them, he will spare his life, despite what he did to him in Civil War. Zemo doesn’t believe him and Bucky proves it by dropping the bullets.


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    5. Loutzenheiser

      Man, wish I could join those watch parties... but I need to sleep before work lolll

    6. englandmp152

      Great update Warren! Thanks for sharing!

    7. CosmicDoomBro Brian

      I honestly can't wait to watch this Marvel Show, I am immensely super excited 😀😀😀 to start watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in March. The Two of them are Dynamite and fire 🔥🔥🔥 and the action in the second trailer was completely Badass. 😎✌ My Favourite Superhero is Captain America. My Favourite Supervillain is Carnage.

    8. Matt Gilbert

      Dear Lord please leave Wolverine DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD. Logan was a perfect ending for the character. Don't ruin it. Id care if he's alt-Wolvie or whatever. He's fkin DEAD.

    9. Matt Gilbert

      Zemo (Zimo?) is a hero. He's the good guy. I hope he wins.

    10. Ândrea Malcher

      How do we know that wandavision takes place before Spider man far from home?

    11. Xcelron

      So is Sam now Captain Falcon, F-Zero confirmed?

    12. jaziel de la cruz

      Now it does f*** my mind dude the Thunderbolts squadron team 🤩😎🤯 but to ressive the abomination again in the MCU, this all make harder sense but either is it true that in the comics what zemo really is a anti-hero or villain

    13. Cliff Springer

      Most excited. Hope there ls some bug lead ins to Wolverine!!!

    14. Gold-Verse Studios

      Honestly I don’t want Hugh Jackman to come back as Wolverine in any form. I feel that Logan was the perfect ending to his character. We don’t need alternate versions of everyone. The man is getting old, and it’s time we just reboot.

    15. MR AC

      Super excited for The Falcon and The Winter. This show is going to be badass

    16. Sean Hiatt

      I wounder if they will have "Nuke" as seen in Jessica Jones

    17. Aey Phan

      Wolverine shows up "hey bub!" Bucky: "who the hell is that?!" Falcon: "everyones got a gimmick now"

    18. The Jworks

      So if wanda vision takes place before FFH Then that obviously means Mysterio Actually is from another universe As described during that scene and that the concept of another universes would not be so far fetched as we had believed whilst watchingt

    19. Spider-Man Miles Morales


    20. Timothy Wood

      Hard to believe the flag Smashers aren't the hand. They're going to have a real hard time explaining to people in the future that the hand aren't the people with the red hand prints painted on their masks

    21. walter carney

      Gonna be action packed, cant wait.

    22. The MARVELous Sammy!!

      i think the goverment will be trying recreate the super soldier serum and zemo wantes to get rid of it and sam and bucky won't want the goverment to get it so i think that will be where they team up and i think zemo will escape through the blip because he would have been in that weird pod thingy when he disappeared then he would just appear again maybe even in the sword base!!! also i think disney+ wants the aftermath of the blip exclusively on disney+ thats why they are keeping the series before spiderman far from home!

    23. Anthony LaGreca

      Thunderbolts and red hulk is coming

    24. Buddhi Dev

      Wish all of this lead to Avengers V X-Men

    25. mike lombardo

      maybe he has both of them under mind control somehow

    26. Manolo Mlik

      7:46 - Wanda did a jump cut on you Warren

    27. Seann Webb

      woof wooF

    28. Suraj Vinod

      So Red Hulk is coming soon

    29. Mike Morales

      Destroying the Super Soldier Program relaunch = destroying the Red Room Black Widow relaunch program. Both projects are funded by Thunderbolt Ross.

    30. Ben Welch

      Wow! I didn't think about that zemo is just as much at fault for the snap as Thanos!

    31. Cosmic Gaming

      I know why, Zemo is teaming up with them. It could explain the scene where Bucky drops bullets. Bucky wants to kill him, since Zemo caused trouble for him. Bucky then tells him, that if he spares his life, he will help them. Zemo doesn’t believe him and then Bucky drops the bullets. This theory could explain everything.

    32. Leonardo Santos

      Now this is definitely super exciting news for all of us everywhere. From this video, it looks like we could have more to expect to come from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. Now, thank you 3,000 for doing a breakdown the new trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to further tell us what could happen in the series, it was super helpful. Because for one of the major factors, it was super revealing about the fact that Zemo is still a villain, and it makes sense because his work isn't done yet from Captain America: Civil War, which is to get rid of superheroes, but he'll need to do this with Bucky and Sam because it could be because they have a common enemy. Which could possibly be Thunderbolt Ross because of his plans of having a super-soldier program, or the Weapon X program and then a government-controlled superhero team: The Thunderbolts. Or as for a minor factor, it could be the Flag Smashers, but we'll just have to wait to find out. Also, for the other major factor talking about the Weapon X program, it could be super revealing that more X-Men could be coming in the series. Because since part of the series will be taken place in Maribor, which has a lot of important connection to Wolverine and Captain America, this makes perfect sense. Finally for a regular factor, it'll be super great that Sharon Carter will be coming back to help Bucky and Sam, and as a super big hope, I would really like it if Sharon and Bucky get together in a relationship. So hopefully, everything from this video will come true so that it can all lead up to us finding out if everything about the trailer being true in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series so that we can continue what was going on after Captain America: Civil War, when the Sokovia Accords still mattered. It still really disappoints me that almost every Marvel and Sony project has been delayed due to the pandemic that we're currently in right now. But even though this gets more disappointing day by day as most movies and TV shows get delayed or postponed, we all still need to understand that its only for own health. So I hope like everybody else that everyone stays safe and healthy. I'll be looking forward to your future giveaways.

    33. Noah Carpenter

      I ❤ zemo

    34. Marvelous Legend

      Yea Falcon and The Winter Soldier going to be dope AF!!!

    35. Johnny Heel

      This channel is all filler learn how to find more substance

    36. A B’s best muppets

      1:42 Why does Sam aggravate Bucky you ask? He refused to move his sit up lol

    37. Indra Bayu

      Wolverine (hugh or new actor) will come in wanda vision. Just like in comic

    38. William Francis

      Cool 😎 show and falcon and winter ❄️ soldier make a cute couple. MCU rocks.

    39. Illogical Ballhog

      Agent Carter still fine as always. Hope Cap hit that beforeeeee! 😂

    40. adam craven

      this comes out on my birthday in so excited

    41. SJ Macahilig

      Would love to see Madripoor and not only linking Wolvie, but Psylocke with her twin brother Brian 'Cap Britain'! That would tie in with Caps history and another mutant besides Wolvie that links to the super soldier program and weapon x

    42. Humanity

      At the end of the series, Thunderbolt Ross will take a new serum that will transform him into redhulk and The Incredible Hulk is gonna show up and that’s the end of the series and beginning of a new movie 🥸

    43. Justin Eppley

      Always thought the dude from the hulk, who got his head all swelled up and turns it green when they made the hulk, was never gonna return.. looks like he’s in the Thunderbolts team🤷

    44. Dani Perotti

      Wait there is a chance that WandaVision will have 10 episodes instead of 9? I thought it was confirmed that it is 9?

    45. Dom Pennypacker

      Phase 4 getting good

    46. A Cool Derp :P


    47. Cecil Leung

      Sharon Carter was seen as a CIA agent in the final moments of Civil War.

      1. Ryan Mason

        @Cecil Leung yeh glad I could jog your memory a bit 👍

      2. Cecil Leung

        @Ryan Mason Yes, you are right, I get those Sharon Carter scenes mixed up between Winter Soldier and Civil War. But yeah I remember now that Cap got his uniform from the Smithsonian in Winter Soldier, and Sharon gave them their gear in Civil War.

      3. Ryan Mason

        @Cecil Leung I think the last time we saw her was when she dropped the gear off for cap and Sam at the airport which is why she has to go on the run because she helped the fugitives.

      4. Cecil Leung

        @Ryan Mason Ah yes, you are right. I'm thinking end of Winter Soldier. Did we see her at the end of Civil War? Or was that in a tie-in comic or something?

      5. Ryan Mason

        No she was a shield agent in the winter soldier then when shield fell she became a CIA agent. After civil War she goes on the run. I think the scene your talking about is at the end of captain America the winter soldier.

    48. Abe

      I think I know why we got the Fox Quicksilver. Everything that goes into the bubble reality changes to the time period portrayed. Well, didnt the last few xmen films take place during that time? Wanda resurrected her brother but his appearance changed for that time period! Otherwise her brother would either be an infant or not born yet

    49. Joe O'Connell

      One of the key members of the Thunderbolts was Moonstone, a woman who started out as a psychiatrist. The trailer prominently shows Bucky and Falcon with a female shrink. Coincidence?

    50. ChoZinOne 86

      The staring contest at the end sums it up for me, this series is gonna be awesome!!

    51. Sam Hibberd

      I bet with the new super soldier serum Ross might use it on himself and become red hulk

    52. ernest rodriguez

      Maybe Erin Kellyman could be Synthia Schmidt. She is a red head.

    53. Cowboy Samurai

      It's pretty obvious that Zemo is not the primary threat. It's a misdirection someone else is. They're going to be forced to ally themselves with him to stop the primary threat.

    54. Caarrll

      Flag smashers sounds like a hate group

    55. CreatorUser

      But this is the "new" MCU that doesn't rely on action scenes. I'm told.

      1. Ryan Mason

        Only WandaVision proves that so far

    56. E Kennedy

      Gassed to see ma boi Zemo back🔥👊🏾

    57. Castle

      *I don't think this shows are happening before Far from home, cuz in that movie they come back as well as Maria from the snap, I think this shows are happening at the same time*

    58. Lakshith Rathi

      Wanda: We are an unusual couple, you know. Bucky: I feel you. I can understand.

    59. MCU Fanatic

      Is Captain America Sharon’s father?

    60. ghost writer

      Shouldn't Sharon Carter be Sharon Rogers at this point? Wasn't that the whole point of cap going back?

      1. Ronnie Spain

        Not really. Sharon is Peggy's niece. I'm gonna assume that her sister's last name would be Carter as well

    61. ferg

      i really hope its better than wandavision. marvel cant have two turkeys in a row after so long without a movie

    62. Gary Jean

      Can’t wait

    63. ghost writer

      Zemo is a moron ....the world would be gone without superheroes😂😂his character makes no sense after endgame.

    64. Subhajit Sengupta

      There's no competition between them to prove who is BETTER Captain America. Bucky is more than ok with that that Steve chose Sam. He even appreciated and supported him to take the Shield. In that scene maybe Bucky is just teaching him to control the shield or just telling him that how important that shield is as an icon of Cap.

    65. MiD Knight

      This is gonna be so badass

    66. ChiTownMade David

      I really hope the next captain America is a good one Favorite hero: hulk

    67. Jason Rollyson

      I am super excited that they are releasing this show and truly cannot wait to see it

    68. Zw0rd

      No ur dumb they just recast quick silver

    69. Zw0rd

      No there no x-men and I hated it

    70. yabladabaobaoofa

      Zemo is not working with them it is probably sharon carter

    71. Tom Lawrence

      Hopefully we get a new Wolverine I'm tired of lame Jackman

    72. The Vision

      is this breakdown ?

    73. Cameron Weldon

      She's the "Queen". Hex? Bees from episode 2? ...remove wanda from her beehive and watch the maddness

    74. Umair Mughal

      This is why the X-Men timeline is so messed up! Wanda pulled out Quicksilver and caused the timeline to rupture!!!

    75. Josephine

      I just love Bucky and hope he is a super big part

    76. Patrick Peare

      I'm so excited for this series for so many reasons... The scene with a picture of captain america in the background is kinda like the picture of iron man in spiderman far from home

    77. Fred Gabriel

      No there are no X-men yet... stop the lies, they introduced him and he has yet to say he is a mutant or has powers or he is an X-men, for all we know it’s someone who lives Westview and is brainwashed

    78. Anthony Romeo

      Lots of good stuff in this trailer!! Lets hope it leads to Wolverine.

    79. The legendary one

      This was one of the coolest trailers to ever exist

    80. Bob Evans

      Is that shield just come to bucky like a magnet?

    81. David Gutosky

      This I cannot wait for

    82. stephen

      zemo might as well be using them. it's gonna take both to fill steve's shoe. haha

    83. Katrina Martin

      I have a major crush on Warren. Maybe its because we have the same obsession with Marvel? Maybe it's because you get us info so fast? Whatever it is... I'm okay with it

    84. Christina Marie

      I wanted more trailers

    85. Vxid

      Omega red is said to be in the show as well, as the french mercenary from winter soldier

      1. Ryan Mason

        The French mercenary is Batroc. I haven't heard of omega red making an appearance

    86. Sebastian Ferrer

      Sharon Carter is a baddie 😩😩

    87. Vxid

      Baron zemo and dr doom working together is a power trip

    88. jude

      Am i the only person who liked Zemo’s back

    89. Fazeen Sagheer

      I don't think zemo wants to work them, I think Sam and bucky is using zemo coz zemo knows someone or something they are looking for. But I think after getting to madripoor zemo gets the upper hand.

    90. Simon Dirom

      Question do we need to watch black widow first before watching Falcon and the winter soldier

    91. Dennis van der Mark

      Lovin this!

    92. Tim van Dijk

      Zemo triggers Wanda 🙃 and she makes the wish.

    93. Elvis Arsiniega

      The Avengers: bring back half of all life and defeat Thanos Secretary Ross: I’m going to have to arrest you for that, you didn’t ask for my permission

    94. Jacesoniamn

      I love Bucky’s new haircut.

    95. Sassy Pants

      Next month. March 19. Let’s go!

    96. Catch_u_reloadn

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or keep your friends close and your enemies closer

    97. manideep bhardwaj

      connected to logan.................................

    98. Super Mario Semones

      Will there be only one season in wandavision

    99. deamon

      Captain America teamed up with Wolverine at Madripoor in World War II.

    100. JD Langton

      Sharon Carter FTW!