Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer 2021 and Wandavision Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

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    Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer 2021, Super Bowl Trailer, Wandavision Marvel Easter Eggs. Evan Peters Quicksilver Wandavision and Wandavision Episode 6 ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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    Covering new Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer. Captain America, Thunderbolts MCU, X-Men Mutants and the new Marvel Wolverine Easter Eggs. Loki Trailer 2021. Tom Hiddleston Avengers Endgame Loki, Loki Episodes Marvel Phase 4 Disney Plus. Fantastic Four Trailer Easter Eggs, Kang The Conqueror, Avengers 5, Thor 4 Love and Thunder Crossover. Chris Hemsworth and Avengers Movies Easter Eggs. Rick and Morty Multiple Loki Versions explained. Female Loki, Kid Loki, Evil Loki.
    Marvel X-Men Evan Peters Quicksilver Easter Eggs. Scarlet Witch vs SWORD and Monica Rambeau, Wandavision Episode 5 Ending Explained Evan Peters Quicksilver Scene. X-Men MCU Crossover Breakdown and references. Scarlet Witch vs Vision, Billy and Tommy Wiccan and Speed Powers Explained and Age Transformation through the episodes. Agnes Agatha Harkness Theory and the mystery Mailman character. Wandavision Hexagons Explained. And lots more Marvel House of M Story References heading into Wandavision Episode 6.
    More Thor 4 Teaser Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth soon, Doctor Strange 2. Wandavision Episodes. Loki Episodes, Black Widow. Avengers Secret Invasion Series. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight, Shang Chi Trailer, Eternals Teaser Trailer, Iron Man Armor Wars Trailer. And Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer.
    More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. We'll get more Spider-Man 3 news. Venom 2 Trailer and more Morbius Trailer videos for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
    My Full Full Wandavision Episode 6 video coming next Friday! My Episode videos will post every Friday. Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer, Loki Trailer and Venom 2 Trailer maybe this weekend for Super Bowl 2021!

    Loki Trailer, Thor 4 Trailer, Marvel Fantastic Four Trailer via Marvel Studios
    Pictures Credit to Backgrid and pagesix.com/2020/01/21/wyatt-russell-spotted-filming-the-falcon-and-the-winter-soldier-series/
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    1. Emergency Awesome

      Here's my new Falcon and Winter Soldier Super Bowl Trailer and Wandavision Connections. Post all your theories in the comments. Here's my new Wandavision Episode 6 Trailer video too! seprom.info/clone/video/192gqZZwmJKXtnk.html

      1. GENGHISKHAN 1206

        @ALL good guess. You could be right. Time will tell.

      2. Shahaneh Limonadi

        @ALL nah, it would make more sense for them to move away from Ultron. Maybe Ultron's son and/or Superhero team.

      3. ALL

        Early theory S.W.O.R.D was trying to create their own version of vision/ultron and end up helping Ultron return

      4. lester thomas


      5. Shahaneh Limonadi

        @GENGHISKHAN 1206 any movies you're looking forward to seeing this year in 3D? Here's the current list of 2021 3D movies: Abruptio (TBA) Mitchell's VS. The Machines (TBA) Wish Dragon (TBA) Trollhunters (TBA) Tomb Raider 2 (TBA) Micronauts (TBA) The Little Mermaid (TBA) Assassin in Red (February) Everybody's Talking about Jamie Tom & Jerry Raya the Last Dragon (March) Godzilla VS. Kong Reminiscence Mortal Kombat Black Widow (May 7) Cruella Infinite Fast & Furious 9 Vivo (June 4) Spirit Untamed Peter Rabbit 2 Luca Venom 2 Minions 2 (July 2) Top Gun 2 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Cinderella Space Jam: A New Legacy The Tomorrow War Jungle Cruise Suicide Squad 2 (August) Hotel Transylvania 4 Bios The King's Man Paw Patrol: The Movie The Beatles Jackass 4 (September) Resident Evil (reboot) Boss Baby 2 🚼 My Little Pony Dune (October) The Addams Family 2 No Time to Die Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) Ron's Gone Wrong Eternals (November) Clifford the Big Red Dog Ghostbusters Afterlife Mission Impossible 7 King Richard Enchanto West Side Story (December) Spider-Man 3D part 3 Matrix 4 Sing 2 Such 3D movies as Morbius and Uncharted and Rumble got pushed back to 2K22.

    2. Trevor Topcik

      I call falcon in the comics Capitan Falcon when he’s got the shield and everything

    3. Freddie Barnes-Janes

      It was actually Ralph bohner

    4. Mladen Gochev


    5. djneedles000

      Pretty sure cap is dead

    6. Erin Schlesinger

      Did this Quicksilver say "You didn't see that coming"? I never heard it, and because Wanda was so close with Hawkeye I am convinced that the current Quicksilver is a fake. Wouldn't it be a twist if both the Other Quicksilver AND Dr. Strange showed up....

    7. Rob Aikens

      Sam does know the Bucky out ranks him, because he has time in grade.

    8. kriss monte

      Please don't make this another racial controversy please we need to be united like in. United. States let's not have. China laugh at us anyore

    9. kriss monte

      How did. Zemo escape did. Ross help? Probably the bastard

    10. kriss monte

      Ross and. Zemo 2 talking bags of dirty garbage

    11. BathrobeKeck

      Abombination isn't in the Raft, he's in the Ice Box in Antactica

    12. Logan Byrne

      Like the part with the Weapon X vial. In the background, the X-rays were Wolverine.

    13. Ace_Jay

      Ok.. So shit finna go crazy?

    14. Adrian Eyre

      I miss cap 🧢😂

    15. Anthony Seales

      Is magneto Wanda and quicksilvers dad?

    16. david mendoza

      Hombre de gran quijada

    17. Nick Bosshart

      You notice at Tony's funeral. Wanda is standing right next to Falcon and Bucky. Like, it was a cool way of saying their shows are coming out first and together.

    18. jonathan Stafford

      I hope they bring leader back but he’s more ai

    19. Michael McCreary

      Does no one get the "The falcon and the snowman" relation to "Falcon and the Winter Soldier"?

    20. Adam Dunnells

      Sebastian Stan would make a great multiverse version of Dean Winchester 🤣


      Sentinels are coming


      Weapon x oh yeah it’s litt

    23. Nevean Tukamuhaabwa

      Falcon will not get the shield because it isnt his but he will get a shield🤔🤔🤔

    24. Zombiebro09

      What if they brought back the 2008 hulk back

    25. Yassin Elmikaty


    26. ognuts

      Winter was better with long hair

    27. Lucien Arceneaux III

      They tested things on black regiments "a long time ago" ???? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 what you meant was "not that long ago"

    28. The Little Orange Friend

      Thunderbolts would be a great way to re introduce the punisher into the MCU

    29. Blind Bandit

      Dealing with the Isaiah Bradley is a connection to bring a young patriot completing the young avenger phase

    30. David strange

      I think the MCU has got so many different characters to use that any thing is possible. I believe the Wanda/Vision will be confusing up to the last episode. And it's possible that Vision and her children all survive maybe because Marcy will tell Wanda you are rewriting matter that stays that way outside the hex ? At least until she made it Red and " Angry looking" I think Nightmare is using the Hex as a gate way to cross into reality ( or mephisto ) it's possible Agnes was waiting on vision to show up so he would walk through the barrier knowing that it would force him to kill himself ( after all vision is the one obstacle in anyone's way who would exploit Wanda's Power's?) But it's just my theory.

    31. Emerson Simpson

      You think that Cap and Iron man come back as villains?

    32. Loutzenheiser

      I can't wait for this show. Looking forward to this one more than WandaVision.

    33. Ready for some Improv

      Disney actually created the first true web series... Because now the show and or shows and change based on howTHIS stuff "treads" so these two guys have a show because when on stage or interviews people clipped those bits and made them and pair. now they have a show where what you the viewer responds to is the show. Spooky and cool but i don't want to give disney any credit. Now they can dump a catalog of comics and characters on to the web and have it all splice together. because this stuff here comments and editorial videos will teach the A.I. how and what to pull out for the writers later. a feedback loop as it were, hail pigeon.

    34. Gabriel Martinez

      In the first scene when they were sitting together I was thinking to myself "are they in couples therapy?"

    35. T T

      The "what is your plan" is a call back to the first avengers with Cap & Ironman when Thor shows up for Loki!

    36. Fanown Ruff

      Aaahhh yeahh baby give me all the Falcon flying in the air. I bet i am better than him in the air🥳😌😊😜

    37. X G

      0:33 Niki Lauda

    38. Nathaniel McElwrath

      I just watched apocalypse and I wandered that those things where in 1:48 besides weapon X

    39. J Rr

      Is this after wandavision?

    40. Jon Jones

      Yes baby

    41. T Cr

      BUCKY needs to be the next cap. He has the serum and is physically super peak human. Falcon is just a regular guy who can't take a hit from another superhuman

    42. Jedi1974

      Do you think that there will be a tie in with Magneto and Quicksilver?

    43. Roman Hashemi

      I have a feeling they’re gonna cast stryker for at least a cameo

    44. keith livingston

      Sam needs to give Bucky the cap mantle he is a better fit

    45. Aerin X Shamy


    46. emiel verwaeren

      its cap funeral

    47. tombchaser

      Id love to hear bucky reply to her with his age when she comments on their staring contest with how old they are 🤭🤭🤭

    48. James Morgan

      I like the buddy cop dynamic in the MCU. Seems like it will be more action packed than Wandavision for sure.

    49. daniel mahoney

      Hope we finally see original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. Also, the Navy program's rogue Captain America.

    50. Jean Maldonado Suarez

      Everybody knows that Bucky will be the New Capt América. But then Steve return

    51. Charlie B

      I don't hate Falcon, but I don't like him either. I love Bucky (Barnes), his is one of my favorite Marvel characters. I really, really want Bucky to get the shield, but in reality I sadly don't think that will happen.

    52. Douglas Wojtowicz

      That little girl is Sin, I'll bet. The Red Skull's daughter, Sinthea Schmidt.

    53. Wanda_vision

      Wanda can't live without vision for 3 weeks

    54. Jonathan Ziman

      I'll pass thanks. I've never liked the Falcon character in the MCU...bores me to death. Just an average bloke who flies around in a cheap plastic looking tech suite with wings. Can't believe this character is supposed to be the new Captain America :-/. Bring back Steve Rogers please!

    55. Mikiel Sahagun

      My Galaxy S8 broke and I'm using this cheap LG thing and I'm too broke to buy a better one . it only lets me down load I game so spoil away

    56. xLoOnEyOuTcAsTx

      Marvel Bromance Assemble

    57. Morgan August

      We might get Hugh Jackmans Wolverine possibly and not a new version which would be so cool

    58. Morgan August

      Its awesome that we're getting og X-Men characters from Fox's Movies in the MCU which will make that Canon.

    59. Morgan August

      I like how Winter Soldier didnt flinch or look her way right away when she snapped her fingers

    60. MKGaming By Munish

      That old cap makeup was on point!!!

    61. Sally starwarsgirl

      does this place before before second spider man movie?

    62. Michael J. Fama

      How does Captain America grow old he has the super soldier serim he can't grow old like Bucky? Doesn't make sense?

    63. Tyler Kister

      The difference with Steve Rodgers and us agent US agent curses

    64. Erika Gholston

      Marvel Rocks!

    65. Saabir Ahmed

      hotel. echo. lima. papa. - sierra oscar sierra- -alpha bravo uniform sierra echo-

    66. Mara Jaded

      That little girl is Emphest Nest!

    67. Pro -ZMK

      1:46 the best part

    68. same old Brand N3w

      Looks like MIB Abraham lincoln

    69. Stoned Productions

      What If he’s a mix of both

      1. Stoned Productions

        Evan Peterson

    70. Punjabi Entertainment

      Good job sir

    71. Ynaiã Leal

      sharon carter will be the one they will be asked to capture.

    72. Ynaiã Leal

      the speech from zemo are from 2 different moments. audio engineering can proof this.

    73. Ynaiã Leal

      I have no intention of leaving my work unfinished: Thunderbolt vibes anyone else?

    74. Rising Fist

      Oh my god....I need Disney+

    75. Lakshay Singh

      I know this is going to be legendary, but I wish the trailer did not give off such "Hobbs And Shaw" vibes 😂

    76. mestizo311

      I'm guessing that Peter's is just one of the SWORD agents that Wanda has trapped in her bubble. Of course it's not her real brother, since the real body has been rotting away since Age of Ultron.

    77. Sierra Guru

      Therapist: I mean how old are you? Bucky: one hundred and four.

    78. Brandon Cobb

      I sincerely hope they let Punisher be Cap for at least a scene as a joke or something! In the comics, he stopped killing to be C.A., for a while.

    79. J B_00

      That's Bucky's shield

    80. Sean Holmes

      Are the rumors true that the MCU's Shuri will be experimenting with Extremis to modify and improve the Heart Shaped Herb?

    81. Sean Holmes

      If S.W.O.R.D. monitors space in both the Marvel comics and the MCU what government agency monitors the multiverse and threats like Mephisto?

    82. agdtec

      The US also experimented on Non black soldiers with radiation exposer tests on soldiers in the Desert for the atom bomb tests. Also, the US Dive tables for scuba diving, created using navy men going down to different depths until they got the bends, and then they reduced the time until they didn't get the bends. So many Navy men died in those tests Other had serious injuries some permanent.

    83. Meezie Prime

      Maybe cap died🥺😱😱😰

    84. billy snaggletoe


    85. TedChuckled


    86. ThunderBlastvideo

      Steve Rogers isnt coming back to be Captain America. Hes gonna be the human torch.

    87. Leo_130

      I just rewatched Dr. Strange and I never knew sling rings could travel “throughout the multiverse”, but I guess that will be incorporated in the new one

    88. Bo H

      Is it possible that SWORD could be developing Sentinels? And that’s how we first start to see mutants? Hmmm...

    89. Carper Diem

      Man I am afraid they are gonna nerf Bucky and make him weak. I sure hope not. He went toe to toe with Cap in Winter Soldier...

    90. clemson1993

      The Falcon is a great character. He should NEVER be Capt America! He is not a super soldier! Bucky is. He deservrs to be the new Cap!

    91. Henry W

      I hope the movie does well. To me though these are easily two of the weakest characters in the Marvel Universe. Worse, the actors playing the characters are also weak, and without much personal charisma.

    92. Hirsty

      Omg please can we have red hulk

    93. Chris Valera

      I’d like to see Bucky be more old-fashioned and traditional in this show much like Cap like when he said “Language!” I had enough of him acting like he doesn’t know who he is.

    94. garrett verville


    95. Markus Aquarius

      Mmmm Needs more Action...

    96. Walt Cali

      Wandavision was just the beginning of it. This FATWS just looks freaking amazing!

    97. Evan Peña

      Nice vid keep it up

    98. Kyle Saritelli

      I mean, one thing that gets me is just how strong Sam is. That shield weights a good dozen pounds and he's tossing it around like it's nothing.

    99. stryfetc1

      I don't like this reverting back to the traditional TV format of weekly drops of new episodes....the best part of streaming initially was binging....now you wanna get back to hurry up and wait!?....nah.

    100. Phil Damico

      Sam Wilson won't take the super soldier serum. I doubt that. Doubt we'll see Chris Evan's back unless it's a flashback or season finale appearance.