Fast, Medium or Slow Food Challenge by Multi DO Challenge

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    How do you usually eat - at a slow, medium, or fast speed? Tell us in the comments section and then hit the subscribe button as well! Life is never boring with our channel so check out our other videos too! Until next time!
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    1. Alexea Jhane Coriento


    2. I’m a kid Yeet

      On the fish one the middle got slow

    3. Caasi Chavez


    4. Jessi Cordova

      I eat at any rate

    5. Jessi Cordova

      Now im hungry

    6. Cristian Rodriguez

      But i love it

    7. Cristian Rodriguez


    8. Levina Wansing

      I love brokelu

    9. Gabriel Weyeah

      meto i like this video

    10. jonard rivera

      The start iz pushing its so hilarious lol

    11. Melissa Sawh

      Nooooooo you killed the fish you give me nightmares I love fish 🐠 that s so sad

    12. Yingyu He

      I like brocked

    13. Tia Buxton

      Ewww If I would eat fish I would be sick 🤢🤢🤢

    14. Michelle Selvidge

      What did I just say!

    15. Michelle Selvidge

      Bruh u don't spit it on your plate

    16. Michelle Selvidge


    17. Jess Jessica


    18. Honorata Talkowska

      Talking Ginger app Honorata Talkowsjka 🌭

    19. I am Marckuss

      I love this video but I hate mary for bullying suzy

    20. suneth udu

      I hate this video i dont like when that red girl gets all of the ather girls toppings hate her

    21. rain liam mercado

      This video will not shout out bruh

    22. BTS Army DIY

      There is a BTS song add

    23. noloyiso kaso

      I eat the fastest faaaaaaaaaaastest

      1. noloyiso kaso

        Yum yum yummy in my tu tu tummy

      2. noloyiso kaso

        🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔I eat that and I am already done 😋

    24. Sean Doria

      The orange one that will eat a fish she didnt even ate lol

    25. Sean Doria

      That red girl was mean to that green

    26. Nurullah


    27. Grace Sanchez


    28. Meiya Ma

      They treat fish so unfairly like it’s trash

    29. El maravilloso Mundo de Emily


    30. Laila Hills

      W-why did she just eat the bread

    31. Desmond Cooper

      Me too😋😋😋😋😋

    32. IPX21

      No me asshole video

    33. Terrance Parks

      i eat slow

    34. Magdalena Wolczynska


    35. Magdalena Wolczynska


    36. Silvia Macias

      Hate the one with the ponytail and want to pony isn’t fair that she said they eat it now because it cool man you guys are literally not cool I don’t like looking ponytails and I like with the one who has one here so I do you night so please stop doing that she was just minding her own business what did

    37. Simon Reilly

      The chips

    38. jeffrey nyekete

      the girl who was wearing green eyeee thats disgusting

    39. Neha Baid

      Why am I feeling disgusted

    40. Animesh Ananyam

      Meddle anyy

    41. Sokkong Bun

      Yellow one lost

    42. Faiha's world


    43. Talk dot Dewaz

      There's only one Champion that can eat the fastest

      1. Wolfynton X

        It's Flash,Sonic, A Lion and A 1000000 IQ Wolf just like me😎😎😎

    44. Katie Bug _YT

      “Watch as I set a world record for eating a whole burger” bruh you more of just made a mess-

      1. Summaya Khan

        True true 👁👄👁👍

    45. Katie Bug _YT

      How to get cavities faster: 0:12

    46. Rachel Kirk

      All so can you please make omg mermaids to. 😇

    47. Lilly Duong


    48. gacha lemonade


    49. gacha lemonade

      F o o d

    50. Santosh Kumar singh

      I love burger to eat very very slowly

    51. Carikae Walters

      You gross Your fingers

    52. Carikae Walters

      Yup and ha-ha

    53. Warren Cardiff

      I'm doing this at 10:24 in the morning

    54. Warren Cardiff

      Omg I love it 🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩❤️

    55. Moumita Sarkar

      The day

    56. Jon Carlo Espinosa

      Have An 10000988 Speed Here 😂

    57. nagaraj p


    58. Nincer Sy

      The 2st place and the face look like emmas

    59. Kimberley Jones

      I love you guys 💙I love Challenges

    60. binti mustofa


    61. Utkarsh kamthan

      Because I am non- vegetarian

    62. Utkarsh kamthan

      I like fish but cooked only

    63. Madhavarapu Srinu

      Middle girl doing more

    64. Michelle Maarman

      Just waiting for a water training just showed me for the water

    65. Kareem Gabourel

      Just wanted them ♡♡♡♡♡

    66. Eduardo Arroyo

      I was eating noodles at my house 😋🏠

      1. SuperHarriWorld

        I was eating Noodles on Tuesday.

    67. Maybe Sky?

      I have a question who the hell puts Pringle’s in the fridge.

      1. Khalida Khalid

        The girls in this video


      I love you 123 go



    70. Alaina Hewitt

      Is the fish really raw?

    71. fiona gerrick


    72. Bradie Morgott

      OH and...GROSS!!!🤢

    73. James Darkmuscle

      Red is selfish

    74. Dijana Micevska


    75. Sara Ezzat


    76. Rickie Lee Jury

      I love broccoli 😘

      1. The Vo Family

        I thought I was the only one-

      2. Devyn & Damon

        I love broccoli 🥦 to You guys are just weird I like vegetables except for greens and spinach

      3. •xxX løve cãt Aftøn Xxx•

        @khalil kids yes it does-

      4. khalil kids

        weirdo u dont eat ranch with it it tastes better.

    77. Rickie Lee Jury

      Oh I like broccoli 😋😋😋😋💓

      1. The Vo Family

        I thought I was the only one who liked it

    78. Jeanette Lambert

      I have a idea 2 hands 1hand or no hands

    79. Jimson . Jr

      I love this video 😍😍😍

      1. Maria Dsouza

        Me to

      2. dream the minecraft uses something.

        Yes me to

      3. Lakshmi Subramanian


      4. ineza betty


    80. Leslie Raman Bisnar


    81. Linden Tibbe

      At 2:16 / 12:14 fish is soo ewwww gross I feel bad for you guys.😊😇💝💖💔❤💢💜💜💜🤞🤞 I hop you are okay.

    82. Scarlett Diaz

      I love broccoli 🥦 :) it’s my FAV!

    83. Rebecca Ervin


    84. La'Chelle Gilmore


    85. Adela y Belen Melchor

      Every body knows you should eat Brookly

    86. Sarah Chat


    87. Marisela Adame

      😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣wow. haha

    88. Arthur Sales Bernardo

      I love 🥦 say it’s not good to my face😡!

    89. Aaron Jones

      Aaron Jones

    90. indino &Animals

      Excuse me, but that fish was still raw.. so I hope you guys did not get sick

      1. Kago Palelo


    91. Anime Watch

      Ugh no sorry im out this

    92. rabelani ramabulana

      u r all crazy and funny

    93. Annika Woodburn

      I love corn on the cob

      1. C. Ngo


    94. Linda Svensson


    95. Yoel Kuojiro

      Me*:eating fish*

    96. Sonja Fuller

      Why don’t you like broccoli I love itWho else doesn’t like broccoli let the comments below for me please bye

    97. Sydnie Ross

      No I love broccoli my favorite vegetable🥦

    98. Kittie Felicia Animations

      Marry is getting food from the white hair