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    Today Ars Technica brings you inside the pilot’s seat of an F-15C Eagle fighter jet to break down every button in the cockpit. Join retired United States Air Force pilot Col. Andrea Themely as she walks you through everything at your disposal, from emergency features and communication controls to navigation features and weapons and defense. With 1100 hours of experience piloting F-15’s, Col. Themely expert eye is ready to guide you each step of the way.

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    Fighter Pilot Breaks Down Every Button in an F-15 Cockpit | Ars Technica

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    1. nom chompsky

      She said Heads up display instead of head up. I guess that settles it

    2. Lewis Birks

      What if you don't have a G-Suit on?

    3. Leo Zendo

      Who read Fighter Pilot Breaks Every Button in an F-15 Cockpit and clicked for that

    4. Andrew Yu

      now we need one for an f22 and f35

    5. Joe jeans

      watch some one will go steal a F-15 now.

    6. Ketan Kunte

      And they've stolen mig 29 after this 😂 why?

    7. Robert Rożek

      So how do you operate afterburner ?

    8. George Salinas

      Thank you for the information on that powerful war bird. Good job. Thanks for your service to our country.

    9. Borg Horsa

      Can an F15 land on aircraft carrier?

    10. Ji Jnaab

      At 0:52 you gaved a location will it not cause a security problem

    11. Mack tuna Foodie

      luv eagles and falcons~ but, drones are the way, no G limitation~~

    12. A R

      "HOTAS" yep. that's how we said it in the Air Force

    13. Todd Hasken

      Thanks for the video, now go make me a sammich.

    14. Michael Blount

      I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this and just dreaming about being a pilot

    15. Zibin Boi

      I thought this was the plague Inc theme

    16. Gaming Algen

      Wait a minute..... there's a VMax button to instantly overclock the jet?!?!?

    17. MCR -

      "23 years experience" like honestly wtf :D She looks like 30 y/o

    18. Abdelkader Tahar

      I love your description

    19. Trai Hines

      Women pilots are sexy

    20. D Ashley

      Very nice presentation. Thank you.

    21. Coordinator61

      Andrea should go to a car dealer and get car sales reps over the edge explaining buttons in cars haha.

    22. Coordinator61

      And the Dutch bought the unfinished F-35. Software moneypit.

    23. Coordinator61

      I can drive a car does that count too? Holy moly what a buttons to remember.

    24. James W

      INS... It knows where is, because it knows where it isn't.


      victory ratio practiced on uganda, iraq, somalia, zimbabwe, bora bora and other/similar world famous military powers, with 200:1 ratio...congratulation

    26. YUSKHAN

      Houthis have shot down loads of f15s

    27. atheia kid

      23 years of experience, she's must've been like 10 when she started.

      1. ISAFSoldier

        Bruh, being a Colonel, she's most likely in her late 40s.

    28. Vesperitis

      1:57 The mecha fan in me just yelled "LAYZNER?!"

    29. kitty plays

      So 5 monitors? Ok

    30. George P

      saudis taking notes furiously

    31. AverageKing

      My jet in has explosive gta😎

    32. Joseph Domenic

      So uh, when are ejection seat thrill rides coming to Six Flags?

    33. Matt Cinkosky

      This was a really cool video!

    34. Royce Ivan Ilao

      You can add: it makes you look young and pretty.

    35. Carter Macintyre

      Now I can confidently hijack an f15 E! Thank you..

    36. weeb gamer

      when you play gta and know what flare and chaff is

    37. AlexB4455

      Good use of DCS

    38. Timothy Lacson

      China : write that down... quick! Write that down!

    39. SFC Tapia

      I like when a Female Full bird dumbs down the 30 Million dollar f-15

    40. King Wycliffe

      Now i think am ready to fly F-15 thanks youtube 😁

    41. physics77guy

      the background music sounds like it is taken is from air wolfe.... so nice

    42. soni damara

      If we talk about drones... in my understanding drone can disable by enemy in various method... Krasukha electronic warfare from russia show that turkeys drone can be taken down.. They not shoot at it, ECM do the job... Dont forget that if drone use US satellite gps than they can sabotage it... Direct attack to drone airbase by artillery, attack planes, suicide drones are most effective coz they must operate those drone close to the border coz of 250km drone combat range.... Main factor of Azerbaijan victory was turkey no doubt

    43. scooter13

      two things I love f15 and a beautiful Blonde

    44. Ujjwal Kumar

      Wow she is beautiful and she is a killer.

    45. Fhaeton_f-8 Gaming

      I can’t even land on a airfield on war thunder how am I supposed to do it IRL

    46. I drive stuff

      Do u have to have to have good eye site to be able to fly a jet fighter if you don't I really want to be a jet fighter pilot

    47. Atomical0923

      Col. Themely hit the genetic lottery. Listening to her describe the jet it's obvious she's highly intelligent...and she's got the good looks too!

    48. Peter W

      10000 china men taking notes from this video. They will reverse engineer it and built their own that will last two flights.

    49. NPC

      for legal reasons that's -a joke- turned off

    50. Youn Drip

      Thank you now i can buy mine now

    51. S pixel

      man i wish i could fly these jets irl and not in dcs

    52. S pixel

      F15 go BRRRRRR

    53. S pixel

      This is better than grim reapers lol DCS player here bois

    54. Peter Monger

      The towering willow extremely whip because agenda ordinarily dam past a hard-to-find sofa. trashy, orange apparatus

    55. Luke Dodge

      This video is remarkable. Kudos and well done. Man I'm ashamed I wasn't able to fly Eagles like I had dreamed as a kid.

    56. MikeC19100

      This was a video I've wanted to see for years. I'm a retired US Army guy and have always appreciated, and been a little envious too, of any pilot of the F-15 as that's one of my favorite aircraft of all time. Thank You for doing this video and also thank you for the work you do and for your service to our country.

    57. Ten Second BuickGN

      700 thumbs down from feminists who believe woman are oppressed!

    58. Ken B. NPB

      I'll stick to being a one way passenger in a C-130 or C17, nothing personal O-6, hard drive overload!!! lol

    59. Billy Leroy

      Pretty cool! Thank you!

    60. albert speer

      hahaha military gals or conservative gals, are always cute and beautiful, as for the SJWS , yiak, purpled hair, fat, and everything else that makes a man barf !

    61. Alexander Beck

      The F-15 is quite simply gorgeous, with the F-22 coming in second and the F-16 third.

    62. Micheal Mouse

      You left out the button to wash the dishes

    63. Mokongthe3

      Meanwhile next day on the news: "1 F-15 Plabe was stolen by a civilian"

    64. Garcommando

      "screen information is classified" DCS: "am I a joke to you?"

      1. Spitfire Mk IX 1945

        @Garcommando ok

      2. Garcommando

        @Spitfire Mk IX 1945 I know, however they are working on a strike eagle and will of course feature much of if not all of the information that they are referring to

      3. Spitfire Mk IX 1945

        The Cockpit in DCS is not all the real thing

    65. Obey Alend

      BF4 in real life...NICE!

    66. Marvin Pineda

      _Pillar-A Snorkel_

    67. John Evon

      I am a retired Glass Cockpit CNS/ATM engineer for NAVAIR, WELL Done COL. !

    68. Yogesh Kumar

      I thought she broke every button...

    69. John Vu

      What a total badass

    70. Boondocking Adventures

      I can't imagine going on a blind date and the woman I meet is a fighter pilot. Holy crap! Suddenly your whateverbrand car/motorcycle/boat or occupation isn't all that impressive.

    71. Donald McLean

      Even our pilots are hot.....

    72. kenneth bransford

      Am I stupid or what.

    73. Croissant Lover

      Your turn!!! Come on!!! Step eight, Reznov - Freedom!

    74. Lou Custer

      Thank you! obama/clinton ISIS love you for that!

    75. Richard Kan

      She's gorgeous

    76. Elving Heating and Cooling LLC

      Trump would been going to jail it's post a videos like this. lol

    77. kim kristensen

      These instruments looks so sixties. Time for upgrades

    78. Mike DC

      I like how she dumb things the f15 was made so even a dummy can fly it and be a top gunner

    79. Mike DC

      I got her shooting down maverick any day.

    80. Tom Xxxx

      Can’t help that I would feel compelled to press the do not touch buttons...

    81. Seattle Saints

      Are u suppose to eat certain types of Foods the night before a Long Sortie for Bathroom Emergencies in the Cockpit especially going #2 ?

    82. Allen Moses

      Were classified. After the Russians hacked all the US Government computers, nothing is really classified anymore.

    83. Eli Terry

      Forgot the USB port for phone charging. -10

    84. companymen42

      So, where’s the stargate?

    85. SoggyWater

      Love how the Aircraft has air conditioning.

    86. Hunaina Gambhir

      O a new map for among us

    87. nook chorris

      but can she park it?

    88. Sokol10

      5:00 - LOL. The "pickle barrel" tale again.

    89. t sam

      Never ever let a k*nt in the cockpit. The females serve well as REMFs and that is the bottom line. They do not make our fighting forces better, rather the provide a weak link.

    90. raxxtango sexy and love those eyebrow expressions.

    91. Neeraj Arora

      Incredible teaching skills appreciated. Covered ten chapters in one video. Good job. 👍👍👍

    92. Randomwhateve R

      Crazy that high ranking officers fly these

    93. Wallicedamanz

      At 6:10 you can see the camera in the right screen lol.

    94. Mischa Gradussen

      they slapped so much extra stuff over the years to keep this old bird up to date that it looks like my old gaming rig :'D Looks like a complicated machine to fly compared to F16 Block 30 or higher or F/A18 hornet. entertaining video!

    95. TKI Channel

      good, can the F-15 against the su35.

    96. Ton Somhorst

      When can A book A lesson with her? When will A Pilot Explain me The Apache Ore the Cobra in the same way... Starting Up a Helo Engine is an exiting experience..

    97. Style of Ender

      DCS-Developers be like: Yes, tell me more!

    98. Sami Ben Ahmed

      Cool, Now I can fly a jet fighter 😍

    99. Issuru Gayantha

      is there any video like this for F-22 Raptors??

    100. softtailtc88

      I bet this inspires a lot of future pilots!! God bless you Col. Themely!!