Film Theory: The Dark Truth of Wanda's STOLEN Children! (WandaVision)

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    "For the children." That's the phrase that keeps coming up in WandaVsion. For a while, I thought that meant the missing children of the town but last week we got to see them again. Then I thought it meant HER children, Billy and Tommy, whose mysterious appearance has left many questions so far unanswered. Theorists, there is SO MUCH to unpack when it comes to the Hex, Wanda's kids, and what reality actually means anymore. Get ready to get mystical!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Researcher: Bob Chipman
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Kable10

      Matpat is Mephisto confirmed

      1. Internet duck

        Mephisto is a duck and she is round

      2. Asriel Dreemurr

        Yas queen!

      3. GOGO da gorilla

        Who used to watch this guys sml vids

      4. watson couch


      5. buttchin


    2. Emron A

      Well, this theory is screwed. We just have to wat for the episode 6 twist reveal that the Powerbroker is Mephisto. Of course im talking about the new Marphel show on Miphny+ ; Mephisto and the Winter Mephisto.

    3. Creation And Friends - Vlogging And Stuffs

      Crap. Monica sounds like Monika.

      1. Creation And Friends - Vlogging And Stuffs

        Like as in Monika DDLC.

    4. LadyLunarPhoenix

      I always thought that the reason why the twins share Wanda and her brother's powers is because, as an android. Vision can 'not' have kids. But to get the necessary DNA to produce the twins, Wanda just used her own. Since her and Pietro 'are' twins she just copied the DNA the portion she carried that matched with Pietro.

    5. Andrew Mashtakov

      4:12 no she did not

    6. BroItsZion


    7. Christine Sweet


    8. BroItsZion


    9. CHIN Almighty

      6:45 Micky mouse: did somebody mention the door to darkness?

    10. Christopher Huffman

      Maybe Wanda's kids will show up in the next Doctor Strange movie? It is called Multiverse of Madness.

    11. Abdullah Omar

      Marvel tricked him too she never took the body lol

    12. Jose Magallon

      This video didn’t age well 😳

    13. Kris Guzman

      I hate the way the teen hulk looks

    14. That Guy3287

      "Wanda can't make something from nothing!" Wanda: bibity Bopity boo, my power's not limited by you.

    15. Saint Arj

      MattPat needs to be cast in marvel as the destroyer of all childhoods

    16. Dream Chaser the wolfchild

      I would assume Wanda would be pulling from her's and Vision's own bodies to create the children. Her brother, I don't think is real. Or perhaps, she subconsciously puppeteered his body too.

    17. Jay Perez

      What about Pedro

      1. Angel Mosqueda

        He was Ralph bohner he was already there

    18. Faisal Abdurrahman

      *MatPat Makes a Video About WandaVision and 99% of the video is wrong Me: You Had One Job

    19. SideB

      I swear they just fucking die.

    20. ThePlushieCrew


    21. FunZone with Jeremy

      Video idea: lore of willys wonderland

    22. Jacko Chase

      Mat pat, your FNAF theorist is showing

    23. LyreFlightStudios

      I saw in one episode (I can’t remember witch one lol) Wanda was pour some milk and there was a missing poster on the milk of a kid that looked like tommy

    24. Stove Minecraft And More

      1:19 yo wtf

    25. Parrot Paradise

      You could have gotten it right just if you said "ITs BeEn AGaTah ALl ALonG"

    26. Dalton Jones

      Ralph Bohner

    27. El capitain Adel

      Guys was this released before the show ended bcs its really bad I mean we all know she didnt steal vision nor created peetro

    28. El capitain Adel

      But she didnt steal vision's body though

    29. Keira Gallagher

      Lol final episodes she didn’t need the body 😂

    30. Jay Ferguson

      I love your theories, but I got obsessed with this show so it’s bothering me how you mentioned Pietro and all that stuff about him whenever Agatha literally did that

    31. AutoPilot Level7

      Cause she could have used her own ovaries

    32. Karamjeet Kaur

      matpatt: wanda stole children me: she stole a whole town in new jersey

    33. Iestyn Skywalker

      I have a young avengers comic book!!!

    34. CuRiOuS NeRd

      "I wanted to dig into the kids stuff"- Matpat 2021

    35. DaBomb8493

      When you're wrong about Wanda stealing Vision's body lol.

    36. PieR

      Mat's joke theory of "the sword guy" being a bad guy is actually correct impressed me

    37. Wesley EP

      Coming into this series i had my doubts because like many, I just didn't "buy" wanda and vision together...but I gotta say, I rewatched Civil War a few hours ago and I gotta say with both this series and combined snippets of Civil War...there's layers to wandas love for vision. Back in Civil War he tried to console her by cooking a dish native to Sokovia and trying to logically and biologically explain to her why non-super-powered humans feared her. They have such a beautifully tragic relationship with each other that I admittedly wasn't paying attention to beforehand. Shame on me.

    38. Jess Sams

      Maybe not wonder vision but what if doctor strange the multivers of maddenes

    39. Senor Studly

      3:56 Well, you got this wrong...

    40. PD Zombie

      MatPat was wrong all alooong!!!

    41. Exotic

      (Spoilers) sucks the children get dusted away when wanda releases her hex

    42. Mr fan

      Most of this aged horribly

    43. Hoàng Linh

      The phobic fridge diagnostically reign because middle commercially heal an a powerful perfume. absent, massive luttuce

    44. Cyril_Mangaka

      Look into the inflation theory of the universe. It fits with the science of whatever is happening here.

    45. Goose mafia Spy

      Uh, obviously One Synthetic Boi would win against chewing gum. The synthetic boi would chew the chewing gum, ez.

    46. iambdo

      Please don’t fall for these demonic, or magical powers. The only one we should put our faith and trust in is the Lord Jesus Christ. Put your faith into the Lord Jesus Christ, and believe in God (The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit .

    47. James Dexter IV

      Dad needs to be stopped

    48. luke McCann

      Awwww this aged somewhat poorly.....twist are twisty lol

    49. Jester Plays Games


    50. Killa Killa

      matpat can we get more attack on titan theories / videos 😞

    51. Noelia Cruz

      Hmmmm, maybe matpat is right but who knows

    52. Paprikiert

      Honestly, I didn't understand a thing. Completely lost here.

    53. Bryan Fuentes Miranda

      So Wanda created a alternate reality, could thanos create a alternate reality as well when he had the reality stone. I feel like thanos is still the main villan and creating a alternate reality that no one realize and have of the livings in the universe are still gone. I this idea after I remember see thanos created alternate reality in infinity war

      1. Bryan Fuentes Miranda

        I meant to say half of all livings things in one part

    54. Cello Strings

      Not matpat getting exited about Wandas kids being superhero’s for them to literally fall apart...

    55. Prebuiltroom901

      He thought he got everything right in his last video but less than 24 hours after this videos release

    56. The gamer Bro’s

      Wanda then must start the multi verse

    57. Asriel Dreemurr

      Bruh, can we just take a moment to be sad about the fact that everyone Wanda is even really with, dies? I mean, Vision, her parents, Piedro...

    58. R - G - C

      The comments are VERY angry, haven't watched episode 7 yet, but boy am I exited to!

    59. angry_cinnamon_roll 83

      Okay, I was stating in my head, “heh, MatPat was wrong. They really were made of nothing.” BUT. IF they ARE from a different universe, it would explain the ending, where her children were calling out to her. They’re stuck in a universe they don’t know.

    60. Rebelle07

      Wanda seems a lot like Kingpin ngl

    61. Finn Mitchell-stubley

      When r they going add shehulk into the marvel movies. She the best

    62. Eric Except Epic

      Why is no one talking about the first minute and a half, he literally just predicted the ending

    63. Wired Wrong

      So fun you got this wrong, with there being Two visions and the second one being made from the mind stone properties within her. Thus leaving you wrong.

    64. Angelo Lazcano-Huff

      Wandazison must of been a movie at first, right? It felt like they just split the movie into 9 parts and sold it on Disney plus 😂

    65. Vijo Girls only

      Yay Lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈

    66. Lori Deshler

      What is with you and child murder?

    67. Jigniish Vids

      Matpat : *makes a theory.* Agatha : Im ruining this man's whole career

    68. Aurifier

      I'm still mourning for the multiverse and Evan Peters Quicksilver.

    69. HawkBoys 246

      Unfortunately she didn't even take his body. He also came from nothing

    70. Jay Vaz

      Wanda did not steal visions body though.

    71. Cleo The Akita

      Oof, wow your theories end up wrong most of the time

    72. Tony Gordon

      I like your content, but man you just can't wait to throw some woke garbage into them can you? They were better when it was just you. We know it's your wife doing this. Or is it "partner" now? I just can't keep up!

      1. Peter ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

        He has to do stuff like this so he can be on the good boys list

    73. Vykintas Zutautas

      Matt starts doing deep Theories about Wandavison Creaters of wandavison u weren’t soposto do dat

    74. Games For Cykits

      Here we go.... matt at it again

    75. Kai Does Art

      Just so you know, Wanda's kids in the comics never grow up to be Wiccan and Speed. Wiccan and Speed are different people who are her sons reincarnated because Mephisto gave them souls at birth, but they were reabsorbed by him.

    76. Dan akers

      4:17 sorry matpat:/ I literally thought of FMA myself.

    77. Dan akers

      Wiccan looking Vincent from ff7

    78. Brecken Ruland

      f o r t h e c h i l d r e n

    79. M M

      I have a theory that Wanda is going to be a bad guy in a movie

    80. Kieren Knill

      matt: wanda cant conjure things out of nothing disney:are you sure about that

    81. Candy MD

      Dammit, now I wished we had the Scrubs mock up for reals.

    82. Kenji Shiratsuki

      Now what I want a theory on is what does the final scene of the show mean? Second post-credit scene.

    83. Kevin_Offline_0

      Exist a theory, of 2 wandas in wandavision because of changes of wanda in serie, in the credit scene in final chapter, appiers wanda in a little house in mountains she go to the kitchen preparing a tea (not sure) while the camera go to wanda "new room" in the house, and in the room have a other wanda, this wanda hear her kids. THAT because wanda for some reason "Do you really think that i controlling WestView?" Its not our wanda that is making WandaVision its her "Clone". (Bad english)

    84. DarkScorpionOmega

      Billy and Tommy are from the Ultimate Universe that's why they have their mother and uncles powers

    85. Cami S.

      I WISH the multiverse would have been confirmed Gosh wouldn't that have been awesome

    86. Cami S.

      Matpat: "need more proof? Pietro." My mind: Bohner alert

    87. Faisal Abdurrahman

      Wiccan, Vision and speed are made BY WANDA your overthinking it SO MUCHHHH its so simple yet your stupid its a simple topic dumpster

    88. Faisal Abdurrahman

      Agatha was the one that made Fake Quicksilver or Evan Peters and she said it in either episode 8 or 9

      1. Baiq Athirra

        You do know that this video came out before those episodes were aired, right?

    89. Faisal Abdurrahman

      She IS making CMBR when she made the house that she lives in, Vision, speed, wiccan, the hex and controlling the town

    90. Faisal Abdurrahman

      She didn't need visions body, Hayward Simp. She literally made Vision out of NOTHING

    91. Mokey Man


    92. Jesus420

      So now that I'm done with the show I can finally watch the theorys... don't want you to be right and accidentally spoiler everything.

    93. Dally Sauce

      Looking back I think dottie might be the one pulling the strings on dottie

    94. vbddfy euuyt

      Little did he know that sword was also a bad guy I liked my own comment

    95. Finlay McArthur

      The theory is wrong and has no reason to exist.

    96. bocoy noiu

      And then Episode 8 shat on this whole theory. Oh well. Them's the breaks.

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Pietro would be death like every other test subject. That would also applie for Tommy's powers, and maybe even Ralph's (from Agatha's necklace).

    97. Maya Waldorf

      Umm just wait for the next episode

    98. shawnte Pitts

      OH Gosh

      1. bocoy noiu

        1:22 ohhh Matpat you and your timetravel

    99. IcyCliff1

      Yo I’m watching this when episode 9 is out and bruh that’s accrued already man spot on good job

    100. Dani Colson

      The first reason for the hex is related to the mind stone. In infinety war we can see that when thanos uses the stones the effects of the stones wear of when the stone is not in the area. See the scene with the gaurdians of the galaxy and the reality stone. So the hex is ment to keep vision close so that the wandas powers dont wear of because he is to far away