Gerard Butler Flies With The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

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    Movie actor Gerard Butler receives flight surgeon briefing, pilot briefing, and safety training prior to climbing into the back seat of an F-16 Fighting Falcon to fly with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team. Afterwards he describes his experience. Filmed at Nellis Air Force Base, NV on March 5, 2016.
    Film Credits: SrA Rachel Maxwell

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    1. god bless america usa

      ive done 2g's my stomach was on my mouth ... i cant even imagine what 9.3g's feels like

    2. Lauren Westerman

      I love how the pilot asks if he wants to pull more G’s. I would be in the back completely blacked and yakking everywhere 😂😂😂😂

    3. Gaming Server Gigatita

      Ces pilotes sont humbles d’une manière incroyable alors qu’ils surmontent tous les jours de leur métier une dureté et une sévérité envers leurs corps dans cette incroyable monstre qu’est le f16.

    4. john McKinney

      GB is the man

    5. Nathan Minten

      Gerard is high on something. Tweaking maybe even. It's obvious

    6. Gerhard Klötzel

      excuse me, i mean not died, i mean did.

    7. Gerhard Klötzel

      How much died you paid for this flight ??

    8. me

      Thank you Air Force for your service..If you want a land locked g force ride try top fuel drag racing...338 mph in 3.6 seconds. yes, thats 100 mph in 1 second

    9. HTS

      Was there too and had a ride on the F-16 Aggressor. After the third 9-g turn I got blackout :-)

    10. sgtsclark1

      Killed it

    11. sgtsclark1

      Look what goes into this shit. It’s amazing, he looks terrified ,I’d be as weLLl

    12. Thore

      At 1:40 I first understood "it will be a 90 degrees turn, of about fortyfive g´s"

    13. AnUnperfect Circle

      I’m surprised the plane even took off with the balls of Leonidas in the passenger seat

    14. G Berm

      I guess the guy at 10.00 likes crispy eyebrows.

    15. hit play

      9.3 g not bad Jerr

    16. dvpro1

      Lucky mofo Butler.... Ffs

    17. Tony Augelli

      One question, why Gerard Butler exits the plane and the pilot is not inside the plane ... when did he get out? since he had plenty of time to take off his anti-G suit..... are we sure that he really did an airplane ride?

    18. Raul Chavez

      Always wanted to know what it felt like to do this, now I is as awesome as in the mov.. great job Gerard butler u the man.and much props to the air force pilot

    19. Michael Doucette

      Does he have blood test and a Phisical before he can fly?

    20. J H

      So proud of our Military. Well done Guys and Gals I love ya!

    21. Cyrus Van Nadal

      You should have shouted " THIS! IS! SPARTA!"

    22. Thomas Nygaard

      Wow, that guy would be an amazing actor

    23. Jesús

      Awesome experience.

    24. Lonerider Tv

      Hahahahaha this is real its a movie

    25. Willyt Oppenheim

      The obeisant printer serendipitously separate because thursday behaviorally obtain including a knowledgeable client. short, obnoxious fortnight

    26. Hitokiri Battousai

      Olympus Has Flown

    27. DannyArcher

      The fuck kinda salutes were those at 8:37?

    28. Rob Adventure

      Great experience Gerard!👍👍

    29. Kate Bunny

      is there anything Gerard doesnt know?

    30. jay uea

      The man pulled a 9.3g straight of the couch 🛋🛩 solid👌

    31. telosfd

      Lot of data. Just put him in and fly!

    32. Lamar Lamar

      THIS is where we FIGHT 😳🤪🥴🤢

    33. No Yes

      He’s About to piss his pants

    34. Summer Tea

      I doubt pilots want to eject going that fast and I can imagine that shocking air blast when you exit the jet. If your body parts are still intact you'd have to worry about the enemy looking for you too.

    35. Beep Bop

      Practice the ejection 😂 My buddy will get 5-10 from 6-3 real quick!

    36. Stephen Thomason

      They should make all senior HS kids experience that... Give them something to be going on with into life... I'm just saying!!

    37. RobBoOst Ph

      Haha! That's our king!

    38. tbwpiper

      Wow...looks like you don't fly a jet wear it and it takes you for the rollercoaster ride of your life.


      are we sure this is not behind the scene of an upcoming Badass movie of Gerard Butler

    40. Alexey O.

      Good job Gerard!))) Hi from Russia. )

    41. David Keeffe

      RIP - Chuck Yaeger

    42. nothereforlong

      That's Spartas King Leonidas. He can take any G's.

    43. VG Rising Studios

      Who recognised that the Airforce guys have apple watches?

    44. Kobor Kutya

      Man that must have been a stress before takeoff. I just see he was not taking it slightly and he was damn right. Great guy.

    45. Mike Star

      You can tell In the beginning of the video he was nervous as shit lol he couldn’t stop shaking his leg 😂 Takes guts though 👏

    46. Ricky Coleman

      I consider myself very lucky, my brother flew with the Thunderbirds 30 yrs ago!! It's amazing what they do

    47. 루첸스타

      TThis EEs SuPere Mach~~

    48. Galaxy explorer Al-jibouri

      I believe they gave him the second seat😁

    49. Friday Ray

      too bad they didn't eject him?

    50. Gene NightThunder

      THAT WAS AWESOME !! Great man. Great movies. So proud of him

    51. Jeremie Bowles

      How cool. I have always enjoyed your on screen work. I hope you are one of the good guys.

    52. faraz zangeneh

      whats that mivie name?

    53. Morgan Hamilton

      You know flying a fighter jet is intense when they drill the guy that hard on how to be a passenger.

    54. Anıl Uner

      I love Gerard Butler and his movies so much with all my heart.

    55. William Ferry

      One of the most physically demanding things you can ever experience.

    56. A C

      9 g ,,God damn

    57. Kala Spears

      best ride in the world IVE GOT TO DO THIS AT LEST ONE TIME BEFOR I DIE

    58. kostasPAOK

      I imagine him arriving at thermopylae within a Jet like this...

    59. Tim Reilly

      He is one of my favorite actors. He should BE the new 007 BOND

    60. Neal Americana

      I bet those custom "name tags" on that aircraft cost about $150,000 of US tax payer's money, yeah that's our air force.

    61. ProFunny dude

      My dream

    62. S Massey

      I felt nervous for him.

    63. m m

      Every boy's dream...

    64. Andrew Ng

      Just imagine yourself in a combat situation handling all those g forces, all the while keeping a sharp eye on your foe. Conditioning, training and experience make for a good fighter pilot. Must take a lot of work, preparation and nerve.

    65. Primus 777

      Love this guy. Love his work !

    66. Jason Payne

      I love seeing these interactions. You have the USAF personnel who are giddy as hell seeing Gerard Butler, a great action movie star who's life is a lot more impressive to those looking in. And you have Gerard Butler going through the training, giddy as hell about doing something the USAF personnel do every day and have gotten plenty used to it to the point where it's just routine. The most amazing thing in someone's life is that thing they have yet to do.

    67. Jaqyqub Greesu

      Maj Kevin Walsh Operations Officer Gerard Butler King of Sparta

    68. BLACK BOYS

      The best are those who achieve dreams. Good. I hope we see you in a movie flying an F35 military plane👏👏👏👏🎖🎖🥇🏅

    69. Divesh khanka

      fuck all those G, I drop my plan of taking the joy ride

    70. Kuba Berger

      100% Mr. Butler is on cocaine hahaha ,, 4;20 shows everything

    71. anubislee36

      Gerry B lookin old man when did that happen?

    72. achinoy


    73. Tide16nc

      Me on take off when he pulled the nose up 🥴. I felt the G’s through my IPhone.

    74. R. S.

      9yr Old Me built an F-16 & I had 2 choices of decals. I chose to use the pack that represents these Show Birds, not the combat scheme. I even painted the built model an off-white to match. I will always love the’s like the ‘63 Split-Window Stingray Corvette; it always makes me happy to fix a gaze upon. It’s just too cool. I have a hard time choosing between the F-4E Phantom & F-16 T-Bird as my favorite. Sure, it’s dated, but Cool is Cool & BadAss is BadAss.

    75. Dodge SRT Garage

      omg gerard butler with the thunderbirds lol m planning on doing some training like that

    76. Anunnaki

      He endured the force of G well, he is worthy to be an actor ..! Thanks great video

    77. Mr Wednesday

      The rare time Gerard Butler’s not the coolest guy in the room.

    78. Angemar Mirasol


    79. Smiley Young

      How do you get your hair so dry? Air Force personnel 9:59

    80. James Oyewale

      he looked scared in the briefing. LMFAOOO

    81. D J

      That was fun😎

    82. saik akbar


    83. Hennings Kondowe

      Cool stuff

    84. Lit B

      9.4 wow well done.

    85. Jumbo Relic

      Good lord, those half ass salutes are embarrassing. 8:35

    86. Mr. Hemlock

      America has complete Air superiority

    87. Muqdad kteaa

      I could imagine how boring it will be if the pilot keep silent

    88. Gerardo Aguilar

      Grande GERARD

    89. Marko Coric

      He needs to make some movie where he is a fighter pilot

    90. Mick Ronson

      Puppets doing a salute to what?????

    91. Mick Ronson

      What is wrong with Butler can he not go anywhere without the phone in his hand like a neurotic woman..... Tough guy image flattened here.

    92. Donny Perez

      I will puked everywhere

    93. None Ya

      I sure am glad they give these rides to celebrities. I mean why would you give rides to combat vets that have actually earned it?

    94. Synthesized

      How many Gees did he pull?

    95. Synthesized

      13:00 Pulls out an iphone 😂

    96. अमर Chand

      Olympus Secured🌹🌹🌹

    97. Samuel Jarri

      please somebody check his blood pressure!!!

    98. Simon Knösel

      his first words :-) OMG thats the BEST thing ive ever done in my life. Nice!

    99. John Irby

      Gerald Butler is visibly nervous at the beginning 🤣

    100. Mary Lou M.

      I just found this! Loved it! Way to go, Gerard!~