Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

Mark Rober

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    I glitterbombed my way up the scammer chain of command. Come join me in my Creative Engineering class!!
    If you suspect that you or a loved one has been the victim of fraud, you can call or visit the National Elder Fraud hotline ( at 833-372-8311 and report it to the FTC by visiting the agency’s website ( or calling 877-382-4357.
    Go watch Jim’s video to see how he located the scammers and subscribe to his channel-
    Go check out Perog's version here too-
    New music this time from the talented Laura Shigihara-

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    1. Mark Rober

      Have a *proactive* conversation about this with older folks you heart. And THEN come join me in my Creative Engineering Course!!

      1. Musicalm Relaxation

        Like and share ! It helps a lot. 👍🆙 👇

      2. Fantastic Slimetastic


      3. Spylent 00

        I wanna see you master redstone im minecraft

      4. philip coffman

        What a scumbag you should be to take advantage of an old granny

      5. Jean-Paul

        @DannyX may

    2. Kevin Ratay

      America the beautiful victim

    3. Shaunak

      wth how do people even think about doing this

    4. Aiden Cooper

      I saw something about this on Jim Browning's channel

    5. NAIK

      Mark Rober is the new Sherlock Holmes, thanks for saving our world!

      1. 666


    6. Sleiger

      i would keep the 20k xD

    7. GZ

      I *love* this!

    8. Scott McClusky

      Cool stuff! I wish I had your motivation!

    9. redRuxx


    10. BMAYINDU

      The effort and dedication that goes into this is mind-blowing. The GOAT!!! And here I am trying to find the energy to work on my assignments and attend my online classes...

    11. Ferris Chemistry

      *I'm being honestly and truthfully*

    12. surject

      Are you related to Devin Graham?

    13. LionGamers777

      If you're wondering what music is playing in the background at 13:16, it's Graze the Roof by Laura Shigihara from Plants vs. Zombies.

    14. Badminton Generation

      Thank you for all your work!

    15. nomad90125

      Glitter bomb, 😂 i think i would be a little more serious.

    16. Shakyah Hinton

      Y’all in Newark omg 😂😂😂

    17. Christine Hunter

      Scambaiters are ALL helping innocent ppl from getting scammed

    18. Jackson Dooley

      Mark the cop

    19. Ana Francesca Evangelista

      0:54 Did anybody else notice that he was "facetimed" by Jay-z and "called" by Elon?

    20. Michelle Rodriguez

      got scammed by a sneaker seller and I’m not an old lady 😔

    21. NaMaH

      I am from india but i fully support and encourage you to stop these scammers and send them to jail from their den.

    22. Talmage Brooks

      Bruh, Jay Z and Elon are just calling you up? What a G.

    23. crazy pickles

      Awesome!! Thank you for stand up for everyone!! I love your glitter boom!!

    24. Cassidy Maria

      You guys are doing the lord’s work 😭


      I live in india those scammers are not part of the nation


      It not fair that india is getting insulted

    27. Shanna Clarke

      Just now you'll need security with the amount of uncovering that you do

    28. Samm KE

      Superhero in real life💪💪💪

    29. Tyler Wilson

      Did he really flex the fact that he FaceTimed Jay-Z and had phone calls with Elon musk? Mark Rober you’re the man! I love your channel

    30. Victor Alvarez

      I've got called and when they hear my voice and I don't sound old they hang up

    31. vanspey

      Best video I've seen in a long time. Great work!

    32. abcsr andrews

      If I do not get my earning my family will die due too hunger me: oh don't be so dramatic for all I know you live in a mansion from scamming

    33. bryce

      What a scum bag😂😂

    34. MattGamesNow

      Mark Rober should work for the FBI lol

    35. Technoblade's Elbow

      Can somebody talk about how neat the Plants vs Zombies roof theme was?? It is one of my favories

    36. NeoKentTV

      10:00 This is actually really sad... I feel bad for the woman

    37. Lottie

      Phyllis is an actress!

    38. Parkey1010

      But no ones gonna talk about how he called Jay z

    39. stu

      Wished the Glitter bombs were around at the democRAT vote counting polls cause we were SCAMMED!!!

    40. mohd ali

      Yes , yes , catch these scamming criminals :)

    41. ChuotVy


      1. MuteCat

        Yes recko kaboom

    42. Sponge Babu

      Most of scammers live in state called andhra pradesh in India and in gurgaon

    43. Abe C

      Mark Rober, you're the best man.

    44. Haul'in Media

      You put so much effort and thought into your videos, its mind blowing. Nicely done

    45. Russell

      Jim's ability to hack the scammers is awesome.

    46. Mizzfunny

      Wow bro you are amazing hugs

    47. [ S o l i t a ]

      _i'M bEiNg HonEstLy aNd tRutHfUlLy_ You're doing God's work, man.

    48. David Williams

      Looks like 14K scammers watched your video judging by the down votes. You might want to look into them.

    49. elaine w

      you scammed the scammers

    50. elaine w

      this man is just smart

    51. elaine w

      Scammer be like: AHH! They found me out!

    52. Lulu V

      To you and everyone who has been working on this, you guys are awesome. I know someone who was almost scanned years ago and if it wasn’t for help from the bank, it would’ve been really bad

    53. Rocco Sisto

      Get em buddy

    54. Southern Scythe

      Why would she keep that much in her checking account to begin with? That's crazy.

    55. Whitney

      Why those scammers gotta do granny like that 😫 Thank you Mark and Jim, you guys are heroes

    56. shadowgirl

      ok ok you CANT say that he dousent deserve evry one subscribeing to him

    57. Some thing

      Mark Rober is basically a higher-budget and scammer revealer Michael Reeves

    58. Ha-ha-ha-hapa

      they can't get to my grandma, she can't hear the phone and doesn't own a computer

    59. YS SIMBA

      India saying trash about pakistan but they are doing cheap things with other countries 😞🤣

      1. Random Tube!

        Pakistan talking trash abt india but they be having terrorists in other countries 🤡🤡

    60. Nickaf

      Mark if you've never heard of Kitboga he scams these type of scammers. You would love it I bet.

    61. Louis Falcon

      Way to go i know people who have gotten scammed its truly b.s. and cowardly !!!! Thx for educating the Public for righteous reasons

    62. Elephant In The Room Sahib

      i cannot tell how many times im being scammed via emial, mail, phone. and tell them to f^off

    63. Mark Dominik

      The most amazing thing is that the almighty scientist that played a key role in the development of Curiosity... Uses the Plants vs Zombies Roof theme. Awesome.

    64. CommandMonkey

      I wasn't subscribed? Dang, did I really watch that many videos by this guy

    65. muffinmortars

      I could watch this like i used to watch chris hansen back in the day.

    66. Gart Williams

      Glitterbomb!? Screw that, you need to contact Ted Kaczynski to help build a proper mail bomb to deal with these bums.

    67. Abby Normal

      I know I am not the only one that was wishing for something a little more explosive with some of these packages. The one innocent guy made me realize how wrong it could of worked out.

    68. NeHtoo

      14k dislike from scammers

    69. Not Bendy Snowball's Alt

      19:22 This goes to show how uncreative these scammers are. She could have easily said she was at a kids birthday party, or her dry cleaning was mixed up with something else, but she acted hella suspicious.

      1. Kittitian Productions

        11:02 is the answer

    70. Riley Hilton

      Sweet sweet justice 😌

    71. Louisa Wanie

      ThE pLaN wOrKeD...FLAWLESSLY👌😘 we can't thank you enough.

    72. Wyck Jackson

      Infinite IQ

    73. Adrian to be remembered tho

      Ayo PVZ music?? Love it

    74. Amazingly Trickshots

      The fact that he got a scammer to call him at perfect timing is more than amazing

    75. BullseyeBuss

      Ha jokes on them! I never pay my bills.

    76. Sumdumguy

      Hello Mark, We are currently in a very important battle over the consumer's right to repair their own technology and vehicles. We could use all the exposure we can get. There is a gentleman, Louis Rossmann, who is leading the charge. He has reached out to you, unsuccessfully, to potentially work together, to inform more people about this issue. If you could reach out to him, that would be fantastic. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    77. Mawo Duffer

      I’m surprised you have restraint not to do something harsher than glitter bombing

    78. B Lentini

      It is crazy how unbelievably intelligent this man is

    79. Harrison Vanden Heuvel

      @kitboga and Mark Rober tag team now?

    80. Jackson Russell

      Hey Mark I have a question about the class also great content it teaches me a lot and very injoyable to watch. you said how that the closing time for classes is December and said that there would be more classes throughout the year I was wondering if you have decided on any dates in there year, I'm just asking so I'm prepared anyway if you reply or not thanks

    81. Jayden Tran

      Me calling the number

    82. cwave Inter agency

      Thank you


      How are you doing this just to send it to police shouldn’t they be this creative?


      Should do something like this for human trafficking and put all the criminals in jail.

    85. Al

      This is why Mark Rober is the best hero, bringing justice to villains, and helping the victims.

    86. Al

      “My family will die due to hunger due to starvation” Makes sense.

    87. Alec Johnson

      the people who dislike this video are scammers :)

    88. Daniel Amazing lol

      That’s what you get. Instant Karma

    89. niduoe stre

      Scammer: lol we're the smartest people on earth we always steal people's money without them realizing! Mark Rober: allow me to introduce myself

    90. Moffe Liten

      You, Kitboga, IRLRosie and Trilogy Media should team up. It would be wonderful :D

    91. MXKEY2x

      Y’all saw JAY z😂😂

    92. Ankur

      @markrobber,you should checkout about Jamtara

    93. Dan Dzu

      Why would you dislike this

    94. Blake Ojida

      hmm i hear pvz music

    95. John Chilton

      Why would 14k gives this a thumbs down?

      1. Enderman8430

        There all scammeea

    96. John Chilton

      Despite the apparently massive predominance of scamming coming from India, I am really intrigued, by the fact that it seems all roads eventually, seem to lead back to China!

    97. Astounded454

      Take them all down

    98. RMN MIX TV

      Thank you for doing this, great job👍

    99. Cora Sims

      you take time out of your day to protect people like this, a true hero

    100. Eric

      Mark, could you please put subtitles for the glitter bomb too, i'm not always sure what your phones say to the porch pirates. Thank you!