Gordon Gets Served RAW FISH | Kitchen Nightmares FULL EP

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    FULL EP FRIDAY! This one goes out to Josh for winning the Josh fight.
    And another one. Gordon visits Mojito's where arguments push Gordon to his limits.
    #GordonRamsay #KitchenNightmares
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    1. Kitchen Nightmares


      1. Sage Julien

        @Landyn Franklin Yup, I have been watching on Flixzone for months myself =)

      2. Landyn Franklin

        A trick : you can watch movies on flixzone. I've been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.

      3. Karl Andrei Basamot

        Heehee funni comment

      4. Snopple Wopple


      5. Dark Side Matter

        bro it Wednesday nightmare

    2. Vamp

      22:25 Don't point. Idk why but this makes me lol.

    3. Cepler

      I hate when they aren’t the chef and they scream “you’re not doing it right”

    4. Lionel Bauersachs

      Meatballs Waaoahw

    5. Pink Bling

      This is just so sweet I love both of them, the happiness that they're bringing out is so god damn real

    6. Simon Otori

      Agreed, this is one of the calmest episodes of kitchen nightmares

    7. Tortol Gawd

      the girl is so fucking annoying she could have some respect for the chefs

    8. Nie Wiem


    9. JULIETA

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    10. Hooman Named Paris

      I don't know why but Marcello just looks so heartbroken all the time and their chemistry when they're not screaming at each other is actually so beautiful

    11. Sina Müller

      Wow, meatballs! Wow

    12. Wyatt Horn

      that woman has an issue xD

    13. jooo

      Marcello is like a huge Teddy

    14. Bridget King

      Wow you can see how much he loves her

    15. kirk palabrica

      deep inside we all know those two still have feelings for each other

    16. Mohammad

      The waiter’s opinion is 99% right They just dont care they immediately say the truth and that is amazing

    17. Hayo Miyazaki

      hold on this was the only boring eist episode

    18. Neil Malkan

      Legends say Marcelo is still feeding the cheiph

    19. Andrea

      my. potatoes. need. to. boil. faster. i'm. so. freaking. hungry.

    20. Cristian Acciu

      i'm 11 min in to the video and MAAAAAAAAN i hate that girl she's just trying to get everyone mad and doing nothing but walk wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    21. GtheDev's Game Review

      You can see that they still love each other, despite being separated.

    22. Cristian Acciu

      man go to u bar

    23. John Paul Harris Asi

      6:36 when you realized that you're fucked up big time.

    24. Floco

      An extra wrinkle was added to Gordon's forhead when they made this episode

    25. Mahfuzur Rahman

      Ramsey is part time chef part time therapist

    26. Hyacinth

      *Let me feed the chief, Let me feed the chief!*

    27. Kunta Kinte

      Imagine chief ramsey waiting for the electric chair and his final meal.... " bland, overcooked, frozen, out of the can, disgustung...can i have a slice of bread instead? "

    28. Unlucky Lucky Kidd

      15:11 I kinda feel bad for him😭

    29. Unlucky Lucky Kidd

      Must be hard to work with her all in you ears, omg

    30. Nathanael McCooeye

      Maybe Marcelo can’t handle pressure, but Kata had no business putting him under all that pressure (with the yelling and taking out her frustration).

    31. Євгеній Касап

      Yo like yeah Marcelo keeps making mistakes and stuff but Kata is so god damn annoying like doesn’t do shit and just goes around yelling. Like yeesh

    32. Ta Kim

      That server is right. Catalina never do anything. Just adding fuel to the fire. She is annoying

    33. hannie quokka

      Just what i needed in this pandemic

    34. LOLWAT

      Marcelo's a good dude

    35. LOLWAT

      At least thanks to Kata, everyone gets that cake for dessert

    36. drttyu liqm

      Is it just me, or this is the calmest episode ever on the kitchen nightmare?

    37. JanPan

      when kitchen nightmare turns into couple therapy just play "it takes two" smh

    38. Khethiwe Mdladla

      If he can call kata a bitch and a nightmare all the time, I'm glad they broke up. He can cry all he wants and crave the relationship back like all the comments say. He doesn't deserve her. I don't feel sad for him at all😒

      1. drttyu liqm

        I love how Gordon didn't find a back door so he went through the window.

    39. WannaBeDev

      Poor guy, he still misses and loves her. This is the face of a broken man. Damn and this bitch just trying to be better than him and show everyone.


      She's one cosmetic procedure away from being on that type of reality show. Yuck!!!!

    41. Saacid Ibrahim

      Please upload "Owner can't handle Gordon's criticism" episode

    42. Divine Noma

      Marcelo's eyes look like he's always crying, I feel so sad for him.

    43. Divine Noma

      "She become like a tiger"

    44. Gary Storey

      Marcello's Mexican word of the day, "Cheese" "Cheese a bitch"

    45. ExKlbr

      Such a smooth delivery of how the waiter is gonna bring it back at 6:24

    46. Ludvig Bohlin

      I like both of them but Kata really said that she doesn't respect him because he can't handle pressure. That's awfully harsh.

    47. LanceGigs

      are they still open? and more importantly... are they back being husband and wife? I mean look at Marcelo, He clearly still loves his wife.

    48. David Lawrence

      what a brilliant video but you tube too many ads !!!!

    49. Johan Toreld

      She has the book; how to make Marcello crazy

    50. semipro dog eatist

      when the food is not bussin

    51. MFedT Nigginz

      And the waiter is singing caused by the fails of the kitchen. This is embarassing to see :D

    52. Morgue Original Music

      That woman's voice is worse than Nickleback

    53. Mazen

      I love how Gordon didn't find a back door so he went through the window.

    54. Shaz Chaz

      it looked like marcelo has been holding in a really bad fart for ever since he was a little baby

    55. drrtyi jiogg

      Cuisine . Brooklyn location is Closed Stand by for our next Chapter. All the love #chefmkv"

    56. Abby Chadwick

      Is it just me, or was everyone expecting him to start screaming RAW!!!

    57. Applr

      yea das definlty a "clap" (stupid)

      1. drrtyi jiogg

        Marcelo: I need you....... to continue. yep.. guy is still into his girl lol

    58. Snopple Wopple

      This episode is great!

    59. Harshal Dean 34

      Ramsey loves and hates people

    60. troy16

      i never noticed that one waitress' haircut was out to lunch

    61. Vey TV Stories

      *Almost 40 Minutes of our Life, Doesn't Waste for Watching this video, Good Ending!*

    62. Zhang Bao

      I love this episode, I love the owners and their dedications, I want to support them in the future

    63. Manpon awareness advocate

      OR, you can marry someone who isn't a bitch, and make sure you are actually in love before tying the knot, and maybe consider investing in a restaurant only if you actually know what you're doing. That sounds better.

    64. Thabang Lehetla

      She has the book "how to drive Marcelo Crazy"

    65. Josefina Bigornia

      I Like The Way The Holder of The Channel Put In The Description The Word "Josh Fight"

    66. Hagunoy Production

      There foods a little bit similar to foods in the Philippines

    67. Allison Langevin

      Why is no one talking about the waitresses haircut? 🤯

    68. acc blues

      8:59 women in a nutshell :P

    69. Eva Hue

      A great story and a,happy ending

    70. Salar

      Mojito Cuban Cuisine closed on March 2, 2016, after 13 years of service

    71. Braedan Low

      Kata sounds like Marge Simpson

    72. Mike Fuentes

      Marcelo: I need you....... to continue. yep.. guy is still into his girl lol

    73. Naked Eagle

      Permanently closed...

    74. PABLO 8ight-0ne-8ight

      "Let me feed the Cheif" didnt know Ramsay was American Indian

    75. Ikari Muhino

      6:23 I'm gonna bring it ba~ck

    76. Samarth Kambli

      President of the Borough or President of the Bordeaux? I am confused 😂

    77. amir sajad

      Executive producer: kent weed Cousin to winston pot 😂😂😂😂

    78. Science Freak

      Damn the woman is woman to culture and beautiful

      1. Science Freak

        @foopyu nooui Very few people get this kind of women in their life.

      2. Science Freak

        @foopyu nooui what why ??

      3. foopyu nooui

        this shit is messy

    79. kevin hochman

      when gordon enters the restaurant...you know hes the owner

      1. foopyu nooui

        25:24...who the hell cut her Fringe...

    80. Kajido Bluray

      Happy to see them make a good decision without Gordon, it feels like they know where's the problem and how to solve it.. And Gordon Ramsay also doing an awesome job by cutting the menu in half to reduce the waste significantly, And most importantly Gordon literally bring them back from a rival into a happy couple. Awesome.

    81. aziraphael0

      whyever you would re-publish an 11 years old episode. the restaurant surprisingly survived another 6 years by the way (episode aired in 2010, restaurant closed down in 2016)

    82. t e s s a .


    83. Hollow 288

      The perfect definition for Gordon is The parent of the Holy place called "THE KITCHEN"

    84. Hollow 288

      It's both of their fault Marcelo is annoying as hell like me and that don't remember her name but she thinks she's the boss and never f ing listens to anyone like my big bro They are literal children

    85. Captain Pepper

      I think this is the only episode where the chef or owner dont argue with Gordon lol. All arguments between owners.

    86. Art Infinite Z

      Imagine getting a heart from Gordan Ramsay or kitchen nightmares.

    87. Carolyne Ferrao

      Gotdon Ramsay makes me cry...tears of joy God bless him.

    88. Neim Murtezani

      Why does kitchen nightmares like every coment

    89. Kiki

      Maggie’s hairline is higher than I am

    90. Francis Daryll Biantan

      Restaurants don't destroy life, it's the people who destroys themselves...

    91. Lenz Dangreaux


    92. Fetro

      flightreacts at 11:17

    93. Gnasher

      25:24...who the hell cut her Fringe...

    94. w8ting 2feel

      this shit is messy

    95. Dahlonelyduck

      Am I the only one wondering what that mouth do

    96. lolYoruichi

      Poor Marcello he needs to get far away from his ex wife

    97. Abby Stolk

      the only thing that looks worse than the fish is maggie’s hair😂

    98. Panda 369

      22:01 Bro, that girl's haircut XDDDDD

    99. anja pesic

      owner/chef? she is just taka taka taka

    100. Game Vids

      It's not fighting, it's ARGUING. Oh and, "word has spread" actually means "we paid a load of people to come for dinner".