Gordon Has A MASSIVE Meltdown At Fiesta Sunrise | Kitchen Nightmares

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    Gordon visits Fiesta Sunrise, where things go from bad to worse.
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    1. PAC_ jon

      13:24 "a hungry cat would walk away from that..."

    2. Sebastian Szefer

      22”00 no that’s a free protein shake lol

    3. Jp Reddy1002

      Gordon: Husband and wife? Patty: Step daughter Me:🤣

    4. ag0nii

      Isn´t the young man that was complaining the same dude that got yelled at by Gordon in an episode of Hells Kitchen? one of the earlier seasons

    5. Poké Gamer

      35:00 honestly this. How the fuck do you actually burn nachos?

    6. Gam nik

      His wife is so happy😂

    7. Str4t0sPh3rE

      When was Rome built? "Yesterday"

    8. Jared Chan

      the moment he said the ingredients were fresh, i knew i was in for a good episode

    9. Im' Blu

      I really love Gordon ramsay's accent.

    10. AJ Cantuba

      bruh i feel bad for people eating those meals with days-old ingredients, and the camera just zooms in them

    11. Vignesh Hariharan

      Gordon: What's your name? Vic: "Yesterday." Um sorry what!

    12. Amjad Mohammed

      “Fatter than YOU!”

    13. Aiden Pettigrew

      Emotions on reality TV look so phony. I don’t care how sad she was when I saw her like that I laughed so hard!

    14. mativ73

      Whoever gave Patti a loan to run a bysiness was not too smart like Patti

    15. Félix Champagne

      Godon is THE BEST !!!!!

    16. mativ73

      Just always wonder how such people run restaurants. They do not have any idea about cooking and they do not even check a kitchen. Owners from this episode should be judged for trying to kill people. Idiots.

    17. Bundana Ezio

      13:50 😂😂

    18. Annie M.

      Get this"so-called" owner out and let the real owner, that girl stand up and run HER restaurant.

    19. tRaIT oF sɪИN

      When Gordon Ramsay walks into Fiesta Sunrise it suddenly changed to Fiesta Sunset.

    20. Senaritra Chowdhury

      YESTERDAY all my troubles seemed so far away

    21. ZEUS

      Chef : when were you born? Vic : yesterday

    22. HOPE PEACE


    23. Niuqrat1

      love how the cameraman just stays behind to film vic crying while gordan just leaves camera man is dedicated

    24. msriver11

      Gordon banging his head on the stainless door while saying HOLY FUCK, epic!

    25. Mushfique Kamal

      If vic became president which would be the biggest miracle, he'd drive america into the ground

    26. Grey Alien


    27. Nascha Souterrain

      "You must be out of you tiny mind" is a whole mood for me.

    28. Needs Chips

      Just the fact that the ingredients were disgusting yet they show those poor customers eating those disgusting stuffs--

    29. vincentius willy

      might as well play the song Yesterday, that face invites people to laugh all the time

    30. Stefanos Photiou

      Gordon: Do you even know the days of the week? Vic: Yes of course. Yesterday, Yesterday, Yesterday, Yesterday, Yesterday, Yesterday and Yesterday. Gordon: I'm Groot.

    31. Raffiq Adzwar

      14:28 Yes, you are😂

    32. GETDOWN YT

      she was his step daughter lol

    33. Artistic Me

      The answer to everything: Yesterday.

    34. Joseph matthew

      I blame mom. It's her job to not put her daughters future at risk.

    35. TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson

      *Gordan picking up raw chicken* "look at that?" *Gordan letting it slide out of his hand* "what the fuck is that?!" *Gordan licking the juices from his fingers* "it's fucking disgusting" *Gordan submerges his hands into a bucket of raw chicken* "how old is this chicken?" *Gordan takes his hands out of the bucket and rubs raw chicken juice all over his face* "are you fucking seeing this?! how fucking old is this?!"

      1. JIX NIX

        @TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson it's my 3 language, not great yes.... But great you spotted it and did point it out as a answer to my comment

      2. TheGreatElipitcalTransformation - Jefferson

        @JIX NIX You can't ask me if I can write normal when you put an ellipsis at the start of a sentence.

      3. JIX NIX

        .... Can't you write normal?

    36. Quackskii

      Gordon both rocks that hoodie-jacket-thing but also looks like he's trying to relate to the kids at the same time

    37. Levi Noir

      Jeez....This is the most disastrous episode I've watched.

    38. Yeetthemandarin e

      I always find it so confusing when they serve Gordon the old food (rice in this case) because if Gordon Ramsay visits my restaurant I'm making everything the best I can

    39. Jordanna Warner

      Yucky Food 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    40. Jordanna Warner


    41. Peter Carruthers

      I have never seen a program like this one. Thank god Ramsay was called in. The Manager had his head buried in the sand and would not listen to anybody. What an idiot he was. PC. 09. 05. 2021.

    42. jack Lindsey

      no one gonna talk about kent weed?

    43. VVGirl

      Friday, Friday, everybody's talking about Friday~


      the fact he's not scared by cockroaches :0

    45. Adityo Wahyu

      always YESTERDAY, so YESTERDAY basically a week ago lol

    46. haphazardly maed

      I'm truly curious of how the cameramen feel about all the shit they're filming. It would be fun to get some direct commentary from them while they're recording. "See this folks? Damn shit's fuckin disgusting, yeah? Yet they eat 'em all!" *proceeds to zoom into the customers eating rubbish*

    47. Cube copyright

      Idk what the fuck the cooks are on. They always look like they're doing something illegal when they interact with ANYBODY else in the building.

    48. Sushiline

      Parents when I say I don't want to clean my room: 20:50

    49. VK


    50. Chesco

      *That guy is CANCER*

    51. KiwiDemon

      when did world war two happen?....Yesterday

    52. I am not interested in your video

      Gordon: there's a customer vomiting there. Vic: yesterday

    53. Derick Brown

      Fiesta Sunrise closed in September 2008. The restaurant was seized due to failure to pay taxes that were owed. ..Incase you were wondering

      1. A* សាហ្វីរអើរ៉ុនគ

        When did this restaurant close “Vic” Yesterday

    54. SniperSd Sid

      Gordon is an unusual saint ! .

    55. JamSpam

      Did they even pay Julieta or did they just sayd thank you?

    56. Ella CR

      The ram: "When was you born" The Vic: "Yesterday" lol

    57. Matyas Dedek

      “When did you pay your bills?” “Yesterday” “When did you last eat?” “Yesterday” “When were you born?” “Yesterday”

    58. rafay abdul


    59. Kaisergun


    60. Kaisergun

      Not even the first time on Kitchen Nightmares where a parent forced their child to finance their restaurant. Wtf.

    61. FBI

      Kinda sad that most of the restaurants featured here that succeded in repairing themselves, they last barely a year. Most have been shut down for years already. Like after a year or so due to the already COLLOSSAL debt theyre in.

    62. Kelly & Doug

      Gordon "you need to change your tune" Vic "how about yesterday"

    63. russ pc

      Gordon: I forgot what the word was for "previous day" Vic melding out from Gordon's wall: "Yesterday."

    64. Andrew

      Gordon "hi, i'm Gordon and you are?" Vic "yesterday"

    65. Obstbrei

      Gordon: Thats disgusting! Thats disgusting! Thats also disgusting! Also Gordon: Proceeds to touches everything 😂😂😂

    66. Krispy

      Gordon:feels like someone sick in my plate *LMAO*

    67. Nie Wiem

      "its fatter than you" better insult than "HEY PANINI HEAD"

    68. It's Kenji

      14:25 (Now im feeling like stupid) well yes u got 1 thing right :)

    69. Evos

      eh now i peeling lik stoopid

    70. Sidhaant Gupta

      Gordon: "When were you born?" Vic: "yesterday"

    71. rosegold.sunset

      I really hate when they show the rotten food in the kitchen and flip to the customers in the dining room eating it.................. 😬😀

    72. The Original YEET

      nobody: netflix character development 24:29

    73. Natasha Worrall

      Her dad is so waird

    74. Natasha Worrall

      My word it looks horrible

    75. Eliisorp Eliisorp

      poor daughter

    76. Mary Sibley

      This is literally the worst restaurant I've ever seen Gordon tactle... am sure it closed.

    77. Antonina Bielawska

      can someone time stamp the meltdown

      1. Antonina Bielawska

        i cant live through an entire episode

    78. Jaekurrin Ma

      Vic: Yesterday Gordon: Not Yesterday Vic: Friday Gordon: 🐸

    79. Kalle Mattila

      You know that there’s nasty stuff coming when they start inserting close-ups of the food going into the customers’ mouth.

    80. MrDragonfyr

      Why can't Gordon just say to these idiots, 'You eat that, right now' @ 13:44

    81. Myst

      vic: whatwould you guys like to drink? customer: a chicken fajita vic: ok

    82. Newt

      I was eating whilst watching this and nearly blew chunks 🤮

    83. FreddysFrets

      It's fatter than you! ah....hahahahaha

    84. FreddysFrets

      If there's one thing Ramsay's shows have taught me....never eat out. In fact I have learned to cook watching Gordon's numerous videos.

    85. Hi Bye

      If you’re 100 percent owner just kick out the dad then ._.

    86. ikkedansk

      never understood why gorden don't call the health inspectors/fda or whatever, and shut the place down

    87. Temo - M8

      Gordon:when were you born?! Vic:yesterday

    88. Yogit Kishore

      Gordon: "whats the problem here Vic?" Vic: ................... "Yesterday

    89. Shojiro

      Gordon: "What day is it today?" Vic: "Yesterday"

    90. Sourav Sarkar

      When did u get married ? Vic - yesterday Chefs - friday

    91. Jordan Ault

      35:43 Is that a caveman? Who holds their cutlery like that?!

    92. Callum Freebairn


    93. YouTube Dragon

      Surprising with fresh food😂

    94. YouTube Dragon

      Vic is just lazzy 😬

    95. No Name

      Just here to point out the multiple uses of the Matrix Theme 19:30 22:45 probably more, but I'm not done yet

    96. Anton Fernandez

      13:57 I died lmao

    97. Neropi

      I love re-watching the series

    98. Lina

      I love this shows but i think it might be the reason for me to stop eating at restaurants 😭😭 I can't believe there are kitchens like this serving food for people who don't know about the shit that they are eating 😭😭🪳

    99. y

      “ground beef? Half of it is fat, ITS FATTER THAN YOU!”

    100. TheHitman488

      I wouldn't know what to buy without those ads every 2 minutes - thank god!