Gordon Ramsay Can't Stop Laughing At The Food | Kitchen Nightmares

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    At least the doggo ate it?
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    1. Potato

      0:57 I thought the guy was Asian until he said ¡órale wey!

    2. Mejgan Zia

      This is just ridiculous. Shows how stupid people are for eating that food.

    3. Shaelyn Betournay

      That salmon is more disappointing then the score on my math test.

    4. Merlin Aldan

      [USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Thursday, 06 May 20211620308552Thursday

    5. ramon j. murphy

      0:04 wtf? 🤣 myhahaha

    6. Muscle Pig Ggukie Hyung

      I can't stop me, Can't stop me ~

    7. YA_KK_00

      "what the hell was that"

    8. PockyGoGoGoGo

      Me: MMMM this looks so good!, Gordon: Hates it Me: ya this is gross...

    9. Nickolas :

      I wonder if Gordon practices his insults

    10. Yara De Bois

      Rice...cooked ...to hell

    11. Recon Drone

      I would do the costumer is a asshole treatment to this guy.

    12. Slayer-33


    13. Madeline draws

      1:55 kind looks like they chopped of a birds head 😂

    14. ILike Beanies

      Imagine being the dog that got fed directly from GORDON RAMSEY'S hands. XD

    15. E Mack

      A dog in a restaurant? Nope.

    16. Aditya Singh

      Why is he always in so much hurry 😂?🇮🇳

    17. Shep

      “Your hands are sweaty” well you insisted on shaking his hand 😭

    18. Shanu irshad

      The moment he looked at the dog I knew dog was going to get some good treats

    19. David Leonard

      Someone please get Gordon to listen to this song about cooking!!!! He's mentioned in it!!! seprom.info/clone/video/zbGNgpt9j4aXlqM.html

    20. Prajaya Pathak

      When Gordon was born, he ordered boiled milk because the breast milk was fucking raw!!!

    21. jim bob

      Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league?

    22. Noah

      Come to walts hitching post in ft Mitchell Kentucky promise you won’t be disappointed

    23. Jemarie Pomar

      What episode is this please

    24. Esbenrose

      I seriously waited for Chris Hansen to enter from behind the curtains saying "Hey Boo" to the manager....

    25. graeme purkis

      i love that he laughs at the kitchen for no reson

    26. Def Bet

      But that's what is really happening in America Not dog food standard

    27. San Jose Sharks

      Does he ever compliment something?

    28. yyh Hong

      Ship Ramsey

    29. Bradley Giles

      Has that guy got a rangers sweater on?

    30. lheydon

      To be fair, mapo tofu (mápó dòufu) is a pretty well-known dish in Chinese cuisine. A chef of Gordon's global experience should be beyond mocking the name.

    31. roy baker

      What episode

    32. MLP Shawn

      I wonder if this video is gonna have a comment like this "iM hApPy GoRdOn DoEsNt YeLl aT tHe WaItErS, hE iS aLwAyS nIcE tO tHe WaItErS iTs NoT tHeIr FauLt ThE fOoD iS bAd"

    33. Ciana Pate

      Wtf does this dude have a tic?Nvm lmao

    34. Atharva Gadkari

      how has he never got food poisoning before

    35. Jaegar19Ultima

      Is it weird that Ramsay laughing is making me laugh?

    36. Kari Myhran

      Man takes one bite of everything lol

    37. VL

      0:18 “I’m very hot” Well, this guy has confidence in himself! Good for him!

    38. Jacky Dooley

      That guy has a MEDICAL CONDITION that causes him to over sweat DON'T LAUGH at him I'm. Sure he's self conscious enough!!!!

    39. Sunita kanu

      Please don't waste food.

    40. Mike Corleone

      0:32 What can I get you?

    41. SneakerUniverse

      Is that mirage

    42. Me Shell Country Gal

      When plates are constantly pushed aside...do they NOT get it? Healthy food. LMAO

    43. yixnorb

      It would be funny if the dog wouldn't eat it.

    44. Jonathan Ribnick

      Oralé guey! Haha

    45. Black Doom

      im your fan im just 9

    46. J JD

      What??? They call that a 麻婆豆腐 mapo doufu??? Seriously?

    47. Thomas D

      Oh Jesus -- that "moodoodoofu" was supposed to be mapo dofu? That was appalling.

    48. Eyesmysteryasmr

      How did I miss this episode 😮

    49. Crystal AFTON & Willow AFTON

      Yay he gave a dog a burger ❤️❤️.

    50. Roland Perez

      Do a video with faze nikan

    51. mistofoles

      Gordon didn't know modo dufo meant "shit" in Chinese ? I guess next time he should get a phrase book before he orders..

    52. HersheyPark Coasters

      FUcking gell

    53. Piotr kukliński

      Once i saw a dog i knew he was going to give food to it

    54. Shannon Carson

      Gordon, Please take a look at this outdoor kitchen. I would love for you to do a video of what yours would look like and what is in it. seprom.info/clone/video/0dxon5ilkXiplJE.html

    55. MrPoupard

      "He's picking thro it like it's dogs shit" : )

    56. OFV

      You will never find me

    57. ILT87

      If I got served THAT plate as “Mapodoufu(麻婆豆腐), I get out of the place, come back with some retort Mapodoufu, barge into the kitchen, cook and then serve it.

    58. ILT87

      If I got served THAT plate as Mapodoufu(麻婆豆腐), get out of the place, come back with some retort pouch of Mapodoufu, barge into the kitchen, cook it and then serve them.

    59. chubbchubb

      Sooo many fucking adverts...... Why..... Its youtube, you dont need this many adverts on youtube, imagine trying to listen to a song and an advert pops up half way through, or you watch something like this and there's atleast 3 on every series. Frickn Joke

    60. ethiraj mudhaliar

      Gordon : your palms are sweaty Owner : it's hot Eminem : mom's spaghetti 🍝

    61. Paddie

      bruh the food looks good

    62. Jim Marcum

      He's such a snob I can't stand him.

    63. M. Hanan Brian Prakoso

      better than wasted

    64. Jipsu mies

      These foods looks so fucking good

    65. Pain Eternal

      The calm before the storm

    66. Sassi Llama

      Ok but he’s working and it’s fucking hot! Gordon Ramsey no sweat glands and his shit smells like lavender candy🙄

    67. Darkice Prince

      I officially declare gordan a plank, the fish is to fishy for him

    68. Lana Mandour

      The owner is ICONIC

    69. Neethu Choudhary

      "I'm so glad the dog ate. Cuz I thought if the dog doesn't eat the burger we're fucked" He's so smart. That's exactly what I thought.

    70. Jonathan Kosyjana

      Never knew chiefs caused like sailors

    71. Celine G

      Why am I attracted to the waiter 😭

    72. jav

      1:49 😭😭

    73. Lima Romeo

      I can’t believe John mulaney used to own a restaurant

    74. David Sidharta

      This video can make someone bankrupt and couple mens lost their job......

    75. Mohamed Hussain

      The video quality looks like an early 2000’s TV show

    76. Poip Richards


    77. Yuka Catto

      Any other Asian friends who want Uncle Rodger to raid that Mapotofu to pieces? Fuiyooooo

    78. Angel Trea123

      Where's the mask-?

    79. Croaklikeatoad

      That’s rude feeding that to the dog, you’re training the dog to beg at the table and possibly breaking its diet or giving it something it’s allergic to. One of my dogs breaks out in a rash when he eats turkey

    80. Melissa Ismail


    81. NubiaStylez Readings

      Orale wei

    82. Robin Casey

      I'm surprised Tubs ate the turkey. If that's cooking at a restaurant then the hotdogs stand on the corner of 5th is a Michelin star restaurant compared to that dog shit

    83. PD

      In the eastern culture,food has to be treated with respect,the shouting/denigrating food making is a no -no.Bad energy from chef affects health of consumers Ramsay needs to learn a lot from the east

    84. human nature

      Gordon : who cooked this? Random chef : we make wonderful food Gordon: it tastes like a dog shit pie....unbelievable

    85. bruh

      It actually looks good...

    86. kinky48

      he at least finished his drink. looks like a matcha milk shake or something

    87. Razan ALAWADHI

      she's a runner she's a track star

    88. yaboy yaboy

      What episode is this?

    89. Sierra Clark

      “If you declare with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). Now is the time to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Obey His commands and repent of your sins because Jesus is coming back soon. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

    90. Pumla Nonti

      This is a very very old video, why are comments recorded 2 weeks ago or one week ago. This is a lie.

    91. Amlis Vess

      What episode is this?

    92. Electra Henderson

      I fill bad for Gordon because he have to eat disgusting foods UnU

    93. Commissar Purity

      That dog was like "yo this is my man now"

    94. bcvbb hyui

      the person running this account has such a good job

    95. Jacrispie Jackson

      That turkey melt looked good af he’s trippin

      1. VII187

        It really didn’t

    96. Dusk Review

      Gordon is so funny he gets a sandwich and is furious when he realizes that it two pieces of bread and meat

    97. Xi Xi

      "if the dog doesn't eat this burger we're fucked"

    98. alternanthera six7five

      For all you people out there Have a wonderful day❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💯👍

      1. bcvbb hyui

        you guys can all go fly a kite and smell pink farts

    99. The realisation

      I see the owner has a Glasgow Rangers top on in a sad attempt to impress Ramsey

    100. Devin Dotson

      The Blackened Salmon, Dead Giveaway. Not Real.