Grandmom has to go to the hospital

Lance Stewart

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    1. Lance Stewart

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      1. Fabian Ramirez Fire 2

        How can I join y’all crew? It looks fun

      2. Kira Haas

        eldeberry really helps i've been useing it

      3. coolfamily

        Be strong

      4. coolfamily

        Sorry for grandma

      5. Bianca Schenck

        You curse to much

    2. joey musselman

      Long wood gardens is beautiful. Live near it, beautiful through all seasons!

    3. Jay Stevenson

      Dont get me wrong it is funny when you prank grandma, but I do prefer it when your not pranking here and your bonding, it's just so cute.

    4. Amartey Tv

      Read your bible and praise Jesus and god.

    5. Louis full HD

      Nicht ins Krankenhaus

    6. k’s world

      I hope she’s okay

    7. Capten Fun

      Chocolate? Chocolate?! Chocolateeeeee!!!!!

    8. Bradley McKee

      Is this in the United states I'm all ways here if u r

    9. Amiyah janjua

      Get better soon grandma 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    10. cupcake 345

      Hope your grandmother fell better

    11. Cheshire cat

      Awww feel better grandma

    12. Shane O

      I think all the cops are from like a dog died or something a cop died even🥺 maybe that’s why there where so many

    13. Stowers Carter

      I know a Lady that makes the elderberry syrup and sell is

    14. Mohamad Hoseini

      I feel like this is where corona spread in your family started hope the best fo you hope you all get better soon🌹

    15. Joshua Orkin

      I was just there

    16. maura

      i’ve been there

    17. Riwa Hammoud

      Is she okay i hope she'll get out off the hospital soon

    18. Colton Montague

      That’s so sad

    19. Xana Starr

      I watched this whole video and gosh Lance you just jump over to different topics every few minutes that I didn’t get bored and fast forward as I do for other videos at all 👌🏼

    20. Ivan Drago

      Ahaha 🤣 classic lance whoa! 15% off that’s awesome 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    21. Kemar Law

      Love grandma so much❤️and those cars and all was the United States secret service

    22. anna Heart

      I hope she gets better soon prayers for her 🙏 love you grandma I'm a big fan😔❤️

    23. Ava Brown

      When she go to the hospital 🏥

    24. christa hardymoore

      Friday Thursday Wednesday Saturday sunday Tuesday Monday 🎄🎉🥰😍

    25. mcpegodplayer

      My grandma is in the hospital rn on life support in so nervous and sad :((

    26. George Rios

      8:58 23 cops I think

    27. Hudsen Husted

      Hey lance might be a weird question but what is grandmoms bedding conferee material

    28. Kaydence Goff

      Pray for grand mom Liz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    29. meme lord Master 7

      Pray to god that she makes out of this alirght

    30. Mai Lima

      I love Grandma 🥺🥺🥺shes my favourite family member lol

    31. random man

      Me s watching in hungary 😊 I m from hungary

    32. Like Pazz

      Was trump there

    33. ROSE LEE

      Aww, poor Grandma, hope she gets to felling better. Love her crazy spunkiness ❤️

    34. Damir Selimovic

      Why don’t you guys build one of those in your back yard and make content that would be great

    35. Franny Ward

      Is that Longwood Gardens?

    36. Samantha Cooper

      is she okay?🥺

    37. Percussion Dude

      I love Lance's Family, Grandmom is such a nice lady, when Lance isn't bothering her. Hope she stays healthy!!!!


      This is sad..

    39. tote nop

      Sometimes you're an a****** to your grandma and sometimes you're really nice to your grandma good for you

    40. Stephanie Boyer

      Like ya cute j

    41. Stephanie Boyer

      Probably she has a cold

    42. Stephanie Boyer

      Hope your grandma feels better soon😞😞

    43. Keke Ramsey

      I love your girlfriend and she pretty I ain't told my lips like that but

    44. Patricia Haynes

      I hope your grandma is ok lance

    45. Arianejoy polis

      Stay safe always

    46. GamerIzaiah

      My mom makes us take ElderBerrys every morning

    47. Phelanise L

      Lance:not doing distance with her when she is sick

    48. Sniffiestspark

      I'm a fan

    49. LuCkY PeReZ

      I have not seen you in a long time but for some reason your name popped in my head and I went to check up on you and I swear every time I see your videos I have a smile on my face

    50. Tencho Xero

      We love you grandma hope feel better 🥺

    51. Noah Yamat

      That may be a motorcade

    52. Christian Lee

      That's what happens when you execute a search warrant

    53. Brandon Collins

      Grandma didn’t even go in the hospital

    54. Brandon Collins

      Grandma didn’t even go in the hospital

    55. Bella Sarbia

      I hope she fells better by all the time you pranked her

    56. Ashley Snowdon

      Hope grandmom is ok

    57. ShinichiPlaysRoblox?

      I hope your grandma gets well. i don't wanna lose another angry grandpa :(

    58. Homemade play fight Boi

      It’s sad knowing she has little time left in this world 😭😭😭

    59. Antonia Rose

      I hope grandmom doesn't leave us we really lost so many people in 2020 was a really bad year

      1. Collin VanNoort Vlogs

        she definitely wont leave us!

    60. Maria Castro

      I like your car Lance

      1. Collin VanNoort Vlogs

        his car is super cool

    61. Morgan Ward

      I live right outside of PA in Maryland, and I’ve heard so much about the greenhouse. I’d love to go. Also, prayers for grandmom!!!

      1. Collin VanNoort Vlogs

        the greenhouse looked super cool

    62. Luca Plays

      Can I get a howyaaaa plz thanks

      1. Collin VanNoort Vlogs


    63. Landon McGeehan

      We are praying hope you get better grandma

      1. Collin VanNoort Vlogs


    64. ZX9

      I'm only 15 and I am getting gray hair on the side of my hair

      1. ZX9

        @Collin VanNoort Vlogs For real my dude it's nothing new in my family 😅

      2. Collin VanNoort Vlogs

        yikes hopefully you stop getting them

    65. Crystal Wilkins

      I am a big fan of your TickTock

    66. Lynx By Daylight

      Even in real life you can get 5 stars lol

    67. S M I S T L E Y ツ

      We hope thhat your cool grandma doesn't dies cus she is goddess to us. And kind nice im not fakin it

    68. goodguynow


    69. Zhaoming Wang

      Who else thought it was Covid?

      1. Collin VanNoort Vlogs

        Probably a lot of people

    70. Luka Lucin

      I got a m2

    71. BIG BOY Edits

      I’ll pray for you grandma

    72. Casey Shafer

      Get better soon, grandmom

    73. Aslan B

      That bag is ugly as f**k 😅

    74. Faze Jarvis

      6 pieces of chicken nuggets and a cheese 🍔

    75. Usman Shafy

      edit: thanks for the likes but lets just hope that grandmom is getting healthier!

    76. Lightning

      f**k up

    77. Alani Carter

      i hop she ok

    78. Mr Chubby

      That was a presidential type of escort

    79. Dominik Pelzer

      Damn lol I subbed at 700,000 and this dude got 6 million

    80. JaceD4V1S88

      if you lose your smell and taste you def have covid. Hope your grandma doesnt have it and she gets better soon!

    81. Jr The Gamer

      God bless grandma she is my favorite of the lance family

    82. Maria Castro

      Get well soon Lance grandma

    83. scannaunderscore1

      Love grandmom

    84. metalhead 5000

      I hope your grandma is doing okay I'll send my prayers

    85. RobandHolly Groves

      Lance being excited Title: Grandma going to the hospital

    86. Alex R

      Hope your grandma feels better and keep us updated. Stay safe

    87. Melissa Marvel

      Longwood gardens I lived near there for awhile

    88. Brandon Gecan

      I hope she gets better

    89. Larry Pig

      Those cops be feds lol

    90. MPrestige Julia

      1 time i feel bad for grandma

    91. Gp Games

      Poor Grandmom, such a sweetheart! Lots of love. Wish you the best! Get week soon!!

    92. Оля Тодорова


    93. turtle king

      The half of my childhood was watching his vlogs and I miss Lizzie in the videos watching his blogs around thanksgiving and christmas time was the best feeling ever and it’s just not the same without Lizzie :((

    94. Keeley Eubanks

      Noo my favorite prank victim ;( prayers

    95. Tencho Xero

      🙏🙏Prayers for grandma 🙏🙏

    96. Jordan Kardules

      I hope she feels better lance your videos being me such joy I'm a 22 year old woman with 2 daughters already. My mom recently just died and your videos give me so much inspiration you really make me smile you make the best of every situation. that throws you a curve ball and I really hope I get to meet you someday. I'm from Ohio I'm broke or I would have bought your merch by now I wish you the best and I hope she feels better.

    97. Jacob Price

      Lance where did you go to see all the plants that is so cool.

    98. hasan gaming

      Pls don't be hurt lance grandma

    99. Lee Williams

      I hate sponcers