Guess Who's Straight | Lineup | Cut


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    Guess Who's Straight | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Challenge

    Publicerades den Månad sedan


    1. Mustafa Al-Saadi

      The fact i got them all right in my head doesnt surprise me

    2. Lena

      i died when he said "i´m not into older people"

    3. Sunaii Parks

      anybody came from tt LMFAOOA

    4. Emma B

      get more asexual people oh my god this was great

    5. a. leigh

      anyone else coming from tiktok 👀

    6. mou


    7. mou

      that bisexual man is WUOOO

    8. Robert Patt

      whats felix instagram 🥺🥺

    9. Exotic Oreo’s

      The black guy touching the invisible wall during the first dude confused me

    10. Kendra Elliot-Sobral

      How do I slide into dms 🤣😍

    11. bee


    12. Sarah de Koning

      Am i the only one who never knew that the room is not endless???

    13. TheBusyJane

      Being attracted to straight women as a lesbian doesn't make you trans, it just makes you a lesbian. What was she even talking about half the time?

    14. G1 EXPERT

      Should have gotten me Cause im hella confusing to people

    15. OmqItzDanielle

      I can tell I wanna watch this based on the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣😅

    16. elctmquetomamonster

      0:48 she just perfectly described my sexuality

    17. Mr. X

      Timmy looks a gay Adam Savage.

    18. Norah Mott

      The ace girl seemed so nice! I'm ace, and I love how she explained it to them!

    19. Funky Chicken


    20. jam maam

      me @ every woman in this video: please be gay please be gay please be gay

    21. I_make_songs songs

      3:37 I think he is from the 1980 or maybe lower

    22. Jonathan Marc

      I don't understand how this isn't offensive? I mean how are we assuming sexuality here when we live in a world where assuming gender is wrong. Furthermore, describing mannerism or appearance as either masculine or feminine seems wrong, regressive, and promotes notions that their even is such a thing as either of those words. I'm pretty shocked at the hypocrisy contained in this 'lgbt' video... I feel like this is why people make assumptions about people. This promotes stereotypes and nomenclature.

    23. mannequinofchaos

      “Double bump plumper dumper”

    24. Purple Lavendar

      That one man with the hat. Fuck.

    25. kvllingray.

      that guy continually asking other men to pronounce words lmao

    26. EmperorJXL

      Dayum that white girl in the green is so caked up 😩

    27. asdpuff

      the white guy was just expecting all gay people to use aave

    28. Irene Serrano Añó

      -I really love your outfit ·Ok so you’re attracted to me -*shocks* ·I think you’re straight wtfff

    29. Hen. Jamz

      I like what I like, when I like it. PREACH 👏💅

    30. dumbalek

      I have 100% accuracy with men and 0% accuracy with women. I'm a wlw. Well fuck

    31. JanG

      the asexual has a lot of integrity, I like her.

    32. Neo Utete

      "an entity with a penis" i am absolutely in awe of the phrase and will be furthering using it

    33. Kingsley MAENZANISE

      I wouldn't share a locker room with a gay person... But I don't have problems with them

    34. Marah Omar

      Guys if u don't know the girl in the suit turns straight girls into lesbians, and straight girls are attracted to her, I know u missed that it's okay guys I got u

    35. Progamer

      Bro at 5:30 she or he tried to hard

    36. Abir El Abdellaoui

      Timmy is giving me strong Mitchel Pritchett vibes ajjajajajaj

    37. southththss

      the guy with the red beard using gay stereotypes to try and clock this economy? no baby.

    38. Fernando Villanueva

      Say yes but pretend- *face of disgust and says nothing*


      So is nobody gonna talk about the "I like what I like when I fucking like it"....?

    40. VOUT OO

      Im not gonna lie. I am a straight woman but damn I am attracted to that lady in a suit...

    41. Dog dog

      So what if I as a male identify as a lesbian woman, am I gay?

    42. Chakram Bleu

      the trans person confuses me

    43. Aditya Alvyandana

      please bella tell me where did you buy your glasses 😭

    44. Ashley Hill

      “I’m not opposed to giving an entity with a penis an opportunity” 🤣

    45. • H å ž ë ł •

      Ok we all noticed how the guy touched the wall to the blank white void that is the cut background

    46. Yareli Castellanos

      I’m gonna guess that your a HoMaSeXuIaL

    47. aurora

      my wish for 2021 is to have like 50% of the confidence the woman in the blazer has

    48. Matthew Rosa

      Felix is so handsome! I saw him in the other video with his parents. Hope his partners treat him well ❤️

    49. Joss Dakin Harris

      Straight people use up space 😩😂

    50. F0RG3

      Ok so i got the algo yall do a bunch of shots and cut them and release them at different dates so the suit lady did all the people and yall cut it to add shorts dude and rose jacket guy

    51. Yona

      I really need an aro heterosexual out there to identify with... TT

    52. Grxcie✧

      ok but the last guy was cute

    53. Brian Chen

      The earthy dolphin latterly stretch because authority lily pass amidst a wet suede. unaccountable, quarrelsome judge

    54. symphonieeeee

      loving the asexual representation🥺💖💖💖

    55. Greatest Ever

      "Okay so you're attracted to me. I think your straight!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    56. wingdsabrtoothdpanda

      Belle is so cute

    57. AnimeObsessed234

      Idk my sexuality label tbh. Im female and feel more attracted to men but I will say masculine presenting women are attractive to me. Idk if it is more of a sexual attraction or a girl crush thing tho. I also can’t picture myself with a women long term only a man but that could be a society thing

    58. Rohin

      i love the interviewer behind the scenes person being unprofessional at the beginning SKDKGK

    59. Bex Sil

      Okay does anyone have that bi guys insta because I’m literally enamored

    60. Julia White

      I think the asexual girl would still technically be straight since she's heteroromantic. Being straight just means that you are exclusively attracted to people of the opposite gender, it doesn't have to do with *how* you are attracted to them.

    61. Muskan Gupta

      9:30 he's a sweety pie

    62. Muskan Gupta

      7:30 this guy was a surprise

    63. Gabby Oyarbide

      Cannot stand that one lesbian. She’s so full of herself

    64. Dritoss

      Ah yes im straight so im slower

    65. Agus Prasetyo

      Ask the number for snapback guy haha

    66. Picklenuggets

      In honor of prom season... since juniors and seniors in the US aren't getting prom this year... they should do "Guess who was Prom Queen/King." Or "Match Prom Dress/Toledo to person."... cheer us sad seniors up....

      1. Picklenuggets


    67. Smith James

      The billowy pentagon phylogenitically tire because susan visually impress between a tart client. lying, common chard

    68. Mr. X

      “I like what I like when I fucking like it!” Put it on a shirt and sell it.

    69. Mr. X

      The lesbian looks like Maddow’s little sister.

    70. Mr. X

      The black girl reminds me of Whoopi.

    71. Carl Smith

      Are all drag queens gay? Is a cross dresser a drag queen? Is drag a lifestyle or a hooby?

    72. Lauren De Looff

      if that guy with the hoodie and jacket is ever single imma need him.....

    73. Eleepyhead's Life

      Who is this guy 7:44

    74. Eleepyhead's Life

      They are my inner self 😂

    75. Username Password

      I love this! I'd wanna try! I got a few right and a few wrong. But ultimately I just want to know so I can break that "gay/straight" stereotype of what people are supposed to look like based upon their personality or simply outward appearance

    76. Agatha Chris

      7:12 bro is what you call DL looking dudes. The earrings

    77. vay

      that one guy who was like “the gay accent” is literally stereotyping gay people-

    78. republicrat

      Why is Jeff Goldblum here

    79. Amanda H

      This channel is all fake, disgusting, sinful, immoral, family destroying liberal, communism propaganda straight out of the biggest sh*thole mismanaged city in the US, Seattle, WA.

    80. Yaroslava Zhuk

      So can someone explain to me, why asexuality is a part of lgbtq+? Technically a straight person can be asexual, if they have romantic attraction to the opposite sex only but no sexual attraction. On the other hand you can also be bi asexual, gay asexual, transgender asexual, etc. So I always felt like aromantic and asexual people are in their own group and that's the first time I've seen as asexual person identifying themselves as lgbtq+

    81. Kavi

      "I cannot imagine you dating a straight woman because they would EAT YOU ALIVE" And that is the kind of guy I want to be with, damn. I'm not straight tho so it's okay, he'll be fine.

    82. chotu dramewala

      Yessss ace representation!!!!

    83. Liv Wisely

      “I’m gay.” *Screaming*

    84. Euniceee Davies

      It's the way I guessed all of em right

    85. AwesomeKitCat

      I got them all right except the trans person. My gay-dar is FIRE.

    86. BreakIToffRoading

      Bella Bellagio make a youtube channel.. by the way I'm a straight male. She just looks cool as fuck

    87. AwesomeKitCat

      Dude the way they worded that was so perfect. "I like what I like when I like it" but also "I am not opposed to giving an entity with a penis an opportunity" 😹😹😹 Never heard anyone word it like that before but I love it.

    88. Shot in the Heart

      I knew the bi guy was bi from the moment he stepped in. I guess my bidar is working. I was immediately attracted to him lol

    89. Gulick Kelso

      The axiomatic archaeology critically arrive because sphynx basally bow midst a righteous brake. pointless, strong apartment

    90. pokelover223

      He said “f*ggot” :0

    91. Zoe Mattler

      The laugh at 4:25 made my day

    92. Zoe Mattler

      “I prefer women but I am not opposed to giving an entity with a penis an opportunity.”

    93. Melanie Felix

      6:05 yes asexuality confuses me too sometimes !

    94. Floofi Rainbow

      I knew that guy was trans from the second he walked on the screen. The blazer gave it away🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

      1. Jes Noparat

        You got mee XD

    95. Raven The Wendigo

      The guesser when the black guy with "very tailored pants" came out 😂 literally my best friend any time a cute boy comes around. He cannot keep his eyes up

    96. FuLchecker

      i'm gone for like TWO MONTHS and cute flamboyant timmy is now a daddy?? that's character development

      1. Fc Cc

        You haven't seen any past videos of Timmy from years ago?

    97. Daniel Sánchez

      6:30 WHO IS HE????? My guess was: "I think he's straight but i hope he's not"

      1. destiny medina

        His @ is Felix4felix

    98. NikaHime._.

      that pickup line just whooped my mind with a whisper of "straight" to me.

    99. Frank Eastbrook

      “My straight friends are all attracted to me” Ew. Gross. No. Just stop. You’re not attractive

      1. Static Doggo