Hearts of Iron 4: When Germany Doesn't Start World War 2


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    Hello chaps, recently we've been getting back into Hearts of Iron 4. The idea for this video came about after an incredibly boring game as Germany. Anyway, thanks to Private Internet Access for sponsoring this one. Check out a wunderbar deal here: www.privateinternetaccess.com/Squire
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    1. Squire

      Right, everybody watch this 11 times before SEprom notices I'm dressed up as Hitler. If anyone asks what you're watching, It's a serious historical documentary.

      1. Andy Bogdan

        @Squire suggestion from fans: try out Enlisted. Best ww2 shooter ever made. It's even free!

      2. Edward2Fan47

        Ever think of doing ‘If Memphis Belle’ was a British film?

      3. StarWars Pros

        Im sorry to interrupt, but as Re-enactor i got slightly triggered by the uniforms. Not the one of the Führer but the other one has officer collar taps, i hope you can replace them one day, if not id sponsor you a jacket with the right ones.

      4. Oliver Sherman 2

        Could you do a live action battlefield 1 parady?

      5. Rum&Coke

        Gonna have to do one about the unholy alliance.

    2. Kyle Hankins

      to be honest I guess this is the best timeline isn't it

    3. Mao Zadong


    4. Flakey Bran

      5:46 Legendary Reference

    5. Guns Günstiger

      Das Erfeut mein Deutsches Herz!!!

    6. Genral Kranz

      0:17 Staufenberg??? (Without his eye patch)

    7. disLudo

      Got balls dressing like Hitler in today's world mate, love it 😅😂😂

    8. Meh Gaming68

      Me when I try to Invade Czechoslovakia for the first time : 5:29

    9. bravo999bomber bomber

      When will the book be on sale?

    10. Maco

      "Hess isn't going anywhere"

    11. Panzer Kampfwagen VI / The Gamer Aviator

      6:35 Best scene lmao

    12. Magyar GabeN

      Like a big purple man once said: "Impossible"

    13. kingofkilps

      5:50 DAT REFERENCE!!

    14. Richard093

      Adolf Hitler In a Parallel dimension:

    15. NotTodayWillJ

      2:08 could this be a Friday night dinner reference

    16. Jaimejamón

      I need to know where you get the uniforms.

    17. LikeADiamondBro

      Well that was a twist going from Hitler being shot by his personal aide to a man with half his arse out to have a dump. Can't find better comedy than that.

    18. Rivendel

      When Germany try’s to be Australia

    19. Mr Slavinator

      I just installed a mod that replaces Hitler’s portrait with Squire’s

    20. PsychoLucario

      "I have a feeling that a 2nd world war wouldn't go well for us." I wanna know what timeline this is

    21. IcantSignIn

      I opened a private window on a VPN using Tor and my computer disappeared.

    22. Meesikian Province of New Klingenthal

      I love the Steiner seen where it parodied Downfall. That movie has been so memed that its funny just seeing it without subtitle, you can't help but make up something random and ridiculous.

    23. RII 5

      British wearing German ww2 uniforms?, Ahh the British free corps

    24. M Sherman

      That Downfall reference was recognized and appreciated.

    25. Hailstorm

      “What is it like only having one testicle?” “Not that” That is just pure gold, You could also ask the Americans what it was like losing the Vietnam war.

    26. CobraPlayz YT

      *the attack on Steiner was an ORDA!! A FAKIN ORDA!!!*

    27. Michael Myers

      In HOI4 if Germany doesn't really do anything & just plays pacifist too long, the Soviets or the USA gone Fascist can both be pretty good at filling the "main bad guy" role for WW2.

    28. Firefly

      Hitler actually had 1 testical

    29. rustboi

      Man I haven’t watched you in years

    30. Saluda al monarca

      Actually, Hitler had two testicles. I don't know why people still allege this "one testicle" nonsense.

    31. MaziReich Mapper

      Where could I get myself a "Reich's Best Boss" mug?

    32. Isaac Von Richthofen

      Take a seat biscuits on my desk my furheh how can I help

    33. Isaac Von Richthofen

      Jill good work chaps you did it again

    34. Garrett Webster

      “HEIL ME “ - under rated line !

    35. СУКА БЛЯТЬ slav

      British Hitler

    36. So much panic but no disco

      Germany: The Good Karma Ending

    37. Spicy Lemon

      Nice Friday night dinner reference with the “250? 250?!” Bit

    38. Internet Stranger, Stranger of the internet

      this would be Hitler if he was a hoi4 gamer

    39. boiwutyousay watupdawg

      turns out this is actually what happened but it was being covered up by the allied forces. After all history is decided by the victor.

    40. Actograv

      well i mean... they really didnt start WW2... that was Poland who started it... so they deserve everything they got during that time

    41. Harrold Sellick

      MEIN GOTT!

    42. Jacob

      When you get teleported into Hitler's body from the future

    43. Darkness Nighthingale

      I do this every time. 600 civ's by 1941 is fun.

    44. volbound1700

      There should have been references to Italy starting the war... typically if Germany sits around, you can always count on Italy, Japan, Mexico (yes, I got that right), and Soviets to start of a big war.

    45. volbound1700

      Germany not at war until 1941? I thought this was the Kaiser Focus Tree.

    46. No One

      I got a warpath ad before this,anyboddy asking funny questions?

    47. Pooshan Kapuganty

      Fun fact- America killed itself because there was no war

    48. Pooshan Kapuganty

      Hitler looks like a British general instead of aust- German sorry

    49. 卐 HitlerLoveϟϟ Anime 卐

      Britain and France: British Hitler isn't real, he can't invade you. *British Hitler:*

    50. sacrilege


    51. Klppp

      If Hitler was british.

    52. Hugo Hedén

      next be like. When germany wins against comintern

    53. German Memer boi

      This sums up my playthroughs of germany. Way to paranoid to go to war with ingerland, so i just build roads.

    54. Ramsey Wrinkles

      Loved the throwback “Mein fuhrer... steiner...... steiner

    55. Ewa Gonera

      Shut up. It Germany started Wars

    56. Frikkie Yeen

      2:37 "Three?! We're Germany, not Tannu Tuva!"

    57. Frederick Youn

      5:48 Mein Führer... Steiner... Steiner konnte nicht genügend Kräfte für einen Angriff massieren. Yes, I ctrl + c ed this

    58. Grimman

      played as germany with friends, kicked japan out of the axis, defended nationalist china from japan, got poland to join axis, russia declared war on poland, america sent us supplies, japan bombed pearl harbor, america joined axis (and also sweden and finland)

    59. Brian Burdette

      Greetings from across The Pond Squire! “Happy Patriots’Day!”😁🇺🇸🇬🇧

    60. El Brahh

      Mein Renovations: the history of Hitler's fight for better roads

    61. Quill Maurer

      Other SEpromrs: Worried about being demonitized if their content is too offensive. Squire: Makes ad for a VPN featuring a guy shitting in a demolished building. As for the rest of this - had Hitler actually done this, focused on industry instead of war and killing anyone who wasn't a cooperative ethnic German, he probably would have been remembered as one of the greatest national leaders of all time. But power went to his head.

    62. InfantryVet11b

      "Heil me" I died

    63. The War Channel

      Do a video on the infection mod for HoI4

    64. Gamer

      *"The industry will take care of it"*

    65. John F. Kennedy

      Good ending

    66. Jake H

      In reality germany didn't start it. russia did against finland. Despite forcing finland to come to terms they lost hundreds of thousands of troops and much armour had they not done this they probably could've done better when barbosa came. I think finland lost 40 thousand.

      1. Kissakala

        How did Russia start ww2 by attacking Finland, when Germany attacked Poland first?

    67. Cyber Hans

      What's it like to have one testicle that killed me

    68. The Gopnik Fish

      0:43 Bomber Harris would like to speak with you

    69. Fred Dawson

      Epic militaria?

    70. Slick Nick

      keeps your in 7:34 keeps your infomation safe from ISP

    71. SpaceMonkeyBoi

      ww2: the good ending

    72. Herschel Flanders

      England and France started WW2.

    73. Oliver Sherman 2

      Bill dressed as German: serves Herman Goring breakfast Germany: starves over night

    74. Capitaine Corbeau

      Where can I buy one of those mugs at the beginning lol

    75. Michael Nigrelli

      Somebody literally made a steam mod of him as Hitler

    76. Spicy Lemon

      lol the downfall joke lmao

    77. ネプギアGO

      Q: How to make a Hitler sketch A: Steiner

    78. David Bliss

      The worst bit is I only got HOI 4 2 weeks ago and this is pretty much what I did. Everything went great till I pressed the danzig or war button then well...... Hi russia, france, uk, holland and belgium oh wait is this world war 2 or that meme with the girl on the sofa?

    79. bork

      3:05 every Fucking game, every Fucking game I get denied. The last 4 games I played I got denied.

    80. Essex Class

      >It better be Dynamite heh

    81. fpower

      I watch it fast before it gets blocked in germany

    82. Despot

      Peaceful Hitler is unironically one of the funniest strats in Hoi4 multiplayer. It annoys so many people

    83. SaikoScout 555

      I find it ironic that the wermacht roundel or smth is the same as RAF roundel

    84. Spyro Jyro

      5:48 I love the Downfall reference.

    85. 6L3THAL

      Not even Rutherford's had a thousand

    86. castylisim

      on hoi4 theirs a mod for you

    87. Calum Kocher

      Greetings mr. Squire and Bill, it’s now time for “If Top Gun was a British film”!

    88. A B

      2:39 tannu what?

    89. Yankee Retard

      5:48 nice Downfall reference

    90. th3gr8Makarosc 666

      wouldn't Japan still be doing stuff?

    91. Drevin McKornish

      Like HOI4 this went on far too long

    92. Caden Kruger

      The end of the phone call where Hitler said “Heil me” had me fucking dying.

    93. michel Guevara

      pointy stick in the jacksey, sir? suits you, sir..

    94. Gavin Hastings

      Its a shame Squire. Once you made quite funny videos.

      1. Gavin Hastings

        @BootlessBill I would of said his peak was in the years gone by, when the action was cgi and warthunder generated. I'm not such a fan of live action heroes who have more of what I would say is a face for radio. That said, youtube is here for the home made video's I guess..

      2. BootlessBill

        When was that?

    95. Gabriel Augusto

      British humour still the best

    96. Marll Angelo Aguado

      Fun Fact: Hitler are actually Austrian so Austria is the one who start World War 2

    97. cloner one

      Guy: Mein fuhrer... Steiner.. Steiner has redeployed to an previous front without permission Me: People who've seen the memes will get this

    98. Morgan Fraser

      "The 'good' ending"

    99. henk visser

      The united nations in dutch is actually pronounced as the united nazis.

    100. Jonas Vikberg

      I love the stéiner gag haha