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    Publicerades den 2 månader sedan


    1. Hollie Paterson

      I'm still at college everyday then I'm at work on the weekends so there's no lockdown for me :(

    2. Ana Vargas

      I am working on my book, currently writing a book with my best friend. Also working on getting fitter/more flexible and strong. As well as always working on my mental health and communication within my relationships with others.

    3. Ana Vargas

      You really don't need any more cardio I would say, unless you of course enjoy it. But if your goal is to gain muscle/look more defined it all come down to weight lifting and diet, that's how body recomposition is best achieved

    4. Claire Farmery

      I’m working on my revision for my gcse mocks in 3 weeks time 😩

    5. Aleksandra Lorek

      I am putting a little bit more effort into making connections with old and new friends. Now than ever it is important to keep your friendships vivd and make some effort to have a chat with close ones every now and then. A simple text message or a call will do and might make your day a whole better, trust me :)

    6. The Next Imaginer

      I’m working on designing my own washi tape! As an artist and someone who LOVES stationery and especially washi, I’m very very excited about it 🥰

    7. Lauren B

      I started learning French during the first lockdown and I'm one book away from reading 100 books this year.

    8. Gabby Gillespie

      During lockdown, I’m working on finishing a screenplay 🙂

    9. Trish Wheeler

      Started taking Spanish lessons with a tutor

    10. Chloe Jane

      Currently doing up an office room for me so i can WFH in a space which feels productive and separates my home life from my work life! IT LOOKS AWESOME SO FAR :D

    11. NinaMae15

      Love the new haircut, Alfie!!

    12. Savannah White

      I've been working on my first novel since March!

    13. HKuzsh

      There is a machine that peels your potatoes just FYI :)

    14. Tytle

      Are Llamas always that frequent in the UK? 😂

    15. Ju_ly

      startet a photography college :)

    16. Hannah O ‘ Neill

      from ireland 🇮🇪 ❤️

    17. nicole

      Hey Alfie. You might like this video where the dictionary of obscure sorrows describes the word sonder more detailed, really good! I love it too.

    18. Olivia England

      I’ve become a bodyshop consultant during lockdown and I’m loving it keeps me very busy. If anyone wants to join my Facebook group let me know x

    19. Lola Creed

      im working on fitness, before the first lockdown i was really athletic and was so into fitness and eating healthy. I then lacked a lot and i am going to try and di more bike rides as im really not a runner lol. And gyms arent open either x

    20. Farah

      i think your short hair looks so much better tbh

    21. Greg

      Your hair looks great!!! Love it 😀

    22. Quudsia Balqis

      Big forehead?? Do you even know what a big forehead looks like 😂

    23. Hayley Townsend

      Lockdown isn’t as strict in Australia atm but I’ve just started yoga at a studio close to home which is beautiful where my neighbour goes and I’m loving it. Oooh also became pescatarian 4 weeks ago so feeling much better with that as well. Loved this chill vlog, always appreciate you Alfie!

    24. Megan Francis

      I'm teaching myself to play an Adele song on the piano so I can play and sing to it eventually

    25. Natalie Klima

      I'm currently working on getting into a routine which allows me to spend time on hobbies I want to improve! :)

    26. Edith Gomez

      during lockdown I am working on applications to study my masters next year :) hope to get a good scholarship

    27. laura kelly

      I'm so bored I started to teach myself to knit 2 days ago and I'm finally getting the hang of it

    28. Brett Ashley

      Feed those animals with a flat hand unless you want to lose a fingernail 😬.

    29. Madison Schrimpe

      your hair cut look nice

    30. Birta Marin

      Hello from Iceland ! ❤️ stay save

    31. Alexandra Hill

      "Sorry about my forehead guys" 😂

    32. Dylan Sousa

      Alfie i love your videos

    33. Ice Skater

      Is it bad that all I can think about is Alfie running up the road to set up the camera, then running all the way back with Zoe and Nala, then walking back towards the camera with them for the intro shot 😂 BUT I LOVE ITTTT! 👏🏼

    34. Inger Sagemo

      I escaped lockdown to come to Norway (where I'm from) so lovely and getting those endorphins flowing with workouts!!!

    35. Analice Armbruster

      Hey Alfie, I can relate to the whole 'i wish I enjoyed running' thing (I always sort of hated cardio, never really found anything that I actually felt good doing, and always 'wish I could do what some other people were doing') and I wanted to comment a couple of things... Things changed a LOT for me when I stopped seeing 'working out' as a way to get something (be it health, a nice body or whatever) and started doing it for the good of it (like just to move my body and feel how powerful i am with it!) - like it changed a lot how i not only view it but how I show up to it and my performance... Also, I experienced with a lot of things (also the ones I used to think I simply 'not like', such as dance, running or calisthenics) with a different perspective and that also changed things for me... But mainly I want to recommend you to look up 'movement training' and 'primal movements'... I don't know what type of work out you enjoy but I like the free/playful one, and if you would like to try it, movement training brings a lot of mobility, strength and cardio in a not so ordinary way but also constantly reminds me of how badass my body is and how amazing it is to be moving around and experimenting with it! -it feels SO GOOD! (also I throw some dance and yoga and random stuff in there and it's super cool) Lastly, I wanna share that I grew up with a personal trainer mom and went to Uni for Physical Education (Health&Fitness) so I had a quite 'clear' idea of what working out should be like and how the human body respond to certain things and this and that and recently (studying Human Design that i STRONGLY recommend to anyone to look it up! It changed my life in all areas) I have allowed myself to not follow so much other people's rules or my own conditioning from society and 'specialists' and instead experiment with what my body truly asked for and how it responded to things and I dont think I've ever been in a better shape and I'm (quantity) doing less than I have before but I feel so much more quality out of it and just well being and self confidence that I thought it was too amazing not to share! Long comment but I want to finish reminding you (anyone reading this) that it's awesome to be inspired by other people's journey but it's extremely important to have in mind how unique we all are as individuals and how different things work differently for each person and maybe what will work for you isn't yet out there and you could need to find it within doing your own thing... Lots of love, take care :)

    36. Persemony

      I MADE A TWITCH lol, trying my best to work towards having a job i love since working in an office 9-5 aint it for me

    37. Kailyn Whipple

      Alfie I love your vlogs so much! You motivate me and I am working on being more productive and not letting my anxiety getting in the way of my daily activities. Thank you, I have been watching your vlogs for over 8 years!

    38. rebecca g

      In lockdown, I'm perfecting my graphic design and really hoping to turn it into a source of income for myself ( and deamscapedesignco on Etsy). I also started therapy sessions and a new 14-day lockdown workout guide by Lilly Sabri (a lovely fitness girl who has the most enjoyable workouts!)

    39. Si14

      11:07 yes there is a electric potato peeler. It's always on those 'testing kitchen gadgets' videos. You place the potato upwards and it spins, then there's this peeler that sticks out and peels it as it spins to give one long spiral!

    40. roses

      I'm working on healing an injury I developed at the start of both lockdowns due to "overuse" - it's SUCKED so much that I haven't been able to work out at all for basically the whole year!! But at least my gym isn't open and my social sports are all cancelled and not tempting me to go back before I'm fully healed! I'm also working on my needlework, Grandma eat your heart out. Good luck, UK! Australia is proof that it never really goes away (after twelve 0 case, 0 death days, we've got another cluster!), but once you control it, life can look so much more normal again!

    41. Mae

      I've been clearing out my digital space this entire quarantine. Much like a physical space (storage unit/basement/closet), it just felt like all my devices were filled with unnecessary things & scattered all over the place. My photos needed to be stored together safely, people that I followed that made me feel bad needed to be unfollowed, the countless websites/bookmarks saved on my laptop. It was all taking up valuable space where I could have so much more of a minimalist and cultivative environment. Also, pressing delete feels pretty addicting once you start 😌

    42. Samantha Tun

      makes me wanna work out again haha

    43. Jenny Vesterlund

      Alfie, just so you know there is an electric potato peeler ;) (It have been around for a couple of years!!)

    44. Eliza Sandra

      Some ideas for at home videos: piano update/learning, building a rube goldberg machine & creatively filming it working, trying to do cool spray paint art, how you come up with designs for future self merch, a more advice video on how to become an entrepreneur/the business side of things as a twenty-sonething.... I hope y'all are doing well in this second lockdown- I live in the US and my state has just reinstituted some lockdown measures. We'll get through this!

    45. Angel Walker

      I’m working on building a website and a business!! Youre always so inspiring, Alfie! Just your vibe!

    46. Kaylee Frede

      Started therapy in lock down

    47. stdtkd

      Do you have a new tattoo on your left arm just above the inside of th elbow?

    48. Rebecca Leah

      I found lockdown has been amazing for feeling creative and making youtube videos. I have been trying for the passed 4 years while I've been in uni to consistently upload and have failed due to my busy schedule yet lockdown has given me time to film and actually enjoy it a lot more. I have filmed so many videos that I had 4 months prescheduled and ready to go for my once a week upload schedule.

    49. Sophie May

      If you find running super difficult, it’s probably because you’re not doing it right. Usually if you really slow down, or adjust you’re form, you’ll find it a lot easier! And then you can build up speed from there :)

    50. Kate Brownlee

      Alfie you need to get a rotato! It’s an electric potato peeler x

    51. Jerrica Goodwin

      I'm not in lockdown in the US right now and my husband is currently deployed overseas and all I'm really working on it managing my anxiety and not participating in my Eating Disorder. Tough but so far so good.

    52. ThisIsHannah _

      alpacas are my fave animal!

    53. Elizabeth Kral

      Journaling daily

    54. Isa Masoulas

      What I’m working on in lockdown: starting my own business with my mom of a product I designed in school! I’m from Mexico and I’ve been watching your videos since 2013 :)

    55. APfan001

      I really love the short hair!

    56. Laura Hix

      I've been working on rehabbing my wrists and shoulder. Also, starting to walk 30 minutes and stretching every day.

    57. Chelsea Louise

      I’m working on losing some lockdown weight from before and it’s working so far! Keep smashing it Alfie ❤️

    58. Vanessa Sartori

      Sonder is a feeling I distinctly remember feeling for the first time when I was around 6 or 7, to realize that other people live the same as me was the start of my personal growth and awareness I think

    59. Amanda Kriti

      A couple of years from now, we're going to see Alfie; a jacked person with a ton of tattoos

    60. Claire Farmery

      Why did you both wear white trainers for a walk in the countryside?😂

    61. W A

      I started online therapy this month!

    62. Erica Carson

      Hi Alfie :) I hope you are doing good and staying safe! I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to create my own SEprom channel. I'm now at 13k subscribers and I know that's not much but it's a start right? I hope some day I can be inspirational like you and even though you won't see this I still wanted to make sure to thank you :)

    63. The Chaos Diaries

      Honestly it’s a 10/10 for the thumbnail before I’ve even watched the video

    64. Amy Charlotte

      gunna do couch to 5k this lockdown!

    65. Mia May

      Just a little experiment, please like this if you have had covid or personally know someone who as had covid.

    66. Lucid Dream

      I'm trying to write an album 💿

    67. Damage & Joy

      Check out Slice of Matt on youtube, particularly his Paris vlogs. He started doing a creative challenge every few days to push himself as a creator. Most were done in his neighborhood. He'd randomly select a song/track and then create a short video based on the vibe of the track.

    68. Muskan Arora

      physically i am in India, but mentally i have been living with zoe and alfie in brighton for the past 6-7 years

      1. Annesha Banerjee

        Uh bro sameee

    69. Sarah MacPhee

      Alfies hands look massive peeling the potatoes

    70. a mothers blog

      Loving myself

    71. Lizzie Crabb

      Shoot a high quality video of you cooking?? (something like the Lurpak adverts)

    72. A P

      you look 10x better with shorter hair lol

    73. KrissyShoe 925

      Taking time for myself in the morning and my fur babies without any disruptions including socials

    74. Jaime Sissel

      I love how I was like I am going to beach and now I am burnt this is what i get for going outside

    75. katy studholme

      loving ur content and aspiring words alfie! keep it up

    76. Евгения Жаренова

      It’s so interesting that I’ve realised that I’ve already had moments of the sonder (but obviously I didn’t realise it was it)

    77. Shelby Gates

      My future self hates me because I'm so lazy

    78. maria marilou

      In Greece 🇬🇷 we are on a lockdown again we can go to the supermarket or for a walk but we have to stay close to our house. And also we are not allowed to go out at all from 9 in the evening to 5 in the morning. :(

    79. Ruby Bailey

      “But then do you feel like you haven’t even when you have and you don’t know that you have because you feel like you haven’t “ ... “I don’t think I have “ 😂 I felt that

    80. TeenSquer

      There is nothing wrong with ur forehead, it isnt even that big haha

    81. Rebecca Sunnybrook

      Hey, Alfie, your haircut looks GREAT! And this video has inspired me to order some mandala coloring books. THANK YOU! xxx

    82. Ana Miriam Velasco

      Alfie this are my fav videos, you and Zoe at the house ✨👌🏼👌🏼

    83. Daria Shklyaeva

      U look good with this haircut:)

    84. Hannah Dewe

      I figured out my 20 year plan and it’s sick!

    85. Ashlee Vlogs

      Tbh I like the short hair 🤷🏼‍♀️. Where I’m at in America you would think there isn’t a global pandemic. People posting online how they’re going to gather no matter what and how wearing a mask makes you a sheep. How a covid vaccine is the “mark of the beast” and will track you and it’s the end of times. Anyways when restrictions lift advice on how to move to Brighton welcome 🥴

    86. Chantelle Nadine

      Working on stretching everyday

    87. Alicia Cutts

      Have you decided whether you’ll get a ps5 and play that in lockdown.

    88. Abbi Glover

      I have no idea why but this motivated me SO much to get on with so many things I'm supposed to already be doing. Cheers Alf 👌

    89. R Mc

      Allie buy muckers for walking

    90. Holly Turner

      I’m working on my mental health and seeing a psychologist! Which I am loving 🥰

    91. Kytarna Lilith

      i have lost 17 kilos and walk 16 kilometers a day and im starting the gym this week i have been doing this for 5 months and i feel unbelieveable its the best thing i have ever done i just need to loose 20 more kilos and i will be at my goal weight im in melbourne australia

    92. Tegan Walsh

      Im working on my self confidence

    93. Katie xo

      It’s kind of weird because the first lockdown I think that’s the laziest I’ve ever been. I was in year eleven no work was set because we didn’t have to do our GCSE’s. I was going on to do a btec so could not prepare like people who did for their a levels. Lockdown 1 was quite depressing and unproductive. And now in the second lockdown it seems better, I’ve got work to do (coursework) it makes me productive and I’ve got college to do and something to work towards that feels nice. And with the news of a vaccine things seem a lot better 😁

    94. Lucy Rodney

      Woah, didn’t know my family were in the video! 0:45 Love llamas lol If you watch Liza Koshy you will know what I mean when I say this but.. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    95. keira Garner

      I'm writing a book something I always wanted to do, its turned into a trilogy and I'm on book 3 😁 love watching your vids xx

    96. Laura Dove

      Your haircut looks good don’t stress lol

    97. Group 25 Squared online

      I bought a Peloton in the middle of the last lockdown. It's an investment but I love it. Best investment I've made.

    98. Рената Еникеева

      Thank you) Vlog is nice, but quite random)

    99. Shyn Ee Chin

      Omg i relate so much. Were currently in a second lockdown in Malaysia. I was supposed to have a really important exam that was supposed to start this month and now it has been postponed to Feb of next year. We had school before lockdown and when the second lockdown was announced, i was so excited because i finally have more time to really prepare for the exams. But now, i feel like gargabe compared to the first lockdown where i was so productive. In conclusion i dont know what or how to feel currently :'((

    100. Molly Miller

      During lockdown, I have been trying to write more. When I am at school, I always am either doing school work or watching tv or hanging out with friends. I want to use the time when I can't hang out with friends to do something more productive than watching Netflix all the time so I've started writing a book and I am going to work on a script for a TV pilot that started a couple years ago. Hopefully I stick to it.