His voice does IMPOSSIBLE things

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    Dharni is FINALLY BACK and he BLOWS MY MIND again!
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    His voice does IMPOSSIBLE things
    Today we once again take a look at Dharni and his amazing beatbox. We also check out the best of the Swissbeatbox championship
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    1. Diether Roi

      Day 1 of telling roomie to react to d low vs. Zekka

    2. Diether Roi

      YOOOO ROOMIE PLEAAASEEEE CHECK OUT D LOW'S BEATBOX ROUNDS IN SBX Check out the 2021 gbb (grand beatbox battle 2021) HE IS SOOOOO SICK

    3. Valyras

      Hey Bro, i just watched all your beatbox reactions and I´d love to see you react to Beatbox House vs Berrywam. Its a Crew battle and a whole new World of Beatboxing. A classic

    4. Thor Jensen

      React to 2018 wildcards. Specially Chris, cause he sings

    5. Killer Jasonn

      Hey If you react Beatbox ,Don't miss ShowGo ShowGo can make the most musicality beatbox and can take you to Navana with his beats

    6. Papiermond

      The low sound is a subbass liproll (8:45)

    7. Rafi Esteva

      React to zhang ze elimination gbb 2016 pls it really cool.

    8. grunt leg peice

      The first guy is saying stuff like that because he sounds like an alien while beatboxing

    9. TheStruggle IsReal

      When Joel tried bassline off Dharni's tutorial last year, he nailed it almost immediately with a pretty developed sound. I'm wondering if that's because he's using the same false chords or flaps or folds or wtf ever when he speaks... that sorta raspy Kevin from Vsauce sound, the extra energy or grit you hear ontop.

    10. Bryan Del Rio Martinez

      You should check out the Russian beat boxer

    11. Neo Karrman

      3:37 you paused at the most perfect fkn transition

    12. Konrád Szabó

      You should definitely check out Reeps One!!!!! It's worth your time

    13. ᗩтѕÙωÚ - ᑕнαɴ シ

      everyone does it really well once they mastered it while all I say is "PUAH"- HOW TF?

    14. ᗩтѕÙωÚ - ᑕнαɴ シ

      key to be a successful beatboxer : *make fart noises 30% of the time- WAIT ALSO MAKE ANIMAL NOISES*

    15. Oscar Connelly

      you should check out bass ventura

    16. xD Sh0ckwav3

      Watch remix

    17. Ерик Бакушлари

      please make reaction on remix|Insane

    18. banana man

      17 seconds when my drone crashes in a tree

    19. Louielittle123

      I want a Reaction to codfish

    20. Luca Heil

      7:29 My cat when I try to pet it

    21. Bhutanese Beatboxer

      😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

    22. sivakumar sivarathnam

      ok i give u a chalenge Roomie , u have to practice beatbox ( i know he will never see this comment but we cans try it)

    23. Shivam Kaushal


    24. Grave Digger

      React to berywam tiktoks

    25. Amr Ahmed

      check madness from the Friday Night Funkin Tricky mod

    26. Zephyr Lucis

      How come roomie didn't show us his progress? also a throat bass isnt always good......

    27. Luka Van Der Graaf

      Plz react to nme vs rythmind loopstation battle and to inkie, from gbb 2019

    28. Kyle Lewis

      You should look into Dudz! He is a more musical beatboxer instead of heavy drops.

    29. Melsi Bakollari

      He should react to Remix Insane

    30. Fayisaa Hordofaa

      The lopsided wallet thessaly saw because line intermittently soothe plus a industrious recess. unhealthy, thinkable scanner

    31. Chu Tep

      Y the hell u u damn talented in acknowledging the music ??? Oh did makes me big fan of yours

    32. Chu Tep

      If your hair but glasses doesn't suits u... sorry bro... big fan of ur voice and vid

    33. Ian Terwillegar

      Roomie should see the SBX kickback battle final for 2021

    34. Bane

      finaly i waited so long haha

    35. Joshua Kim

      The timing was perfect. Roomie: That's what the ladies always tell me. To focus on the sweet spot. Dharni: *And you can lift your tongue up* Ok. I'll stop.

    36. COOL TM

      Roomie you need to react to Show-Go! You will like him, he is the perfect "music"+beatbox beatboxer.

    37. Globster LP

      12:06 song from what?

    38. Choiri Eko

      1:54 you looks like SYN a7x, wowww 😎👍

    39. Raehan Baist

      Ey roomie You should check Show-go channel He is such a musicality and fashionable beatboxer :3 And his hair lol

    40. laxmidevi sharma

      From india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 love from india to dilip

    41. Mister Faze

      U need to react to NAPOM beatboxing and do a reaction on his (cant roll like this) video its so dope

    42. Ishaan Chakraborty

      Joel,if you want you can send me a message on my Instagram and I can teach you a little bit of Beatboxing if you want. Have been practicing since February 6th of this year and I practice each and every day you know Much love bro and your content is sick dude

    43. crack at games

      The low bass is inward lip roll or sub bass lip roll

    44. TheTwistFiasco

      I love that in the Vocodah v Zero battle Dharni is just vibin with his Friends background.

    45. Sparkie

      Should check out reeps one

    46. younes khadraoui

      Love that 🤩

    47. Horse Says Quack

      I used the 80 fitz tutorial to learn inward and it was super straight forward and descriptive. Learned it within the week at that point.

    48. aldi nugroho

      I think u must react zekka awokwowo

    49. RIFN._

      14:44 - 14:48 i'm dead 😂😭😭

    50. Fresh

      I got inward bass in the 1st try lmao u should be able to get it pretty quick

    51. Rayen HFAYEDH

      Please up

    52. Rayen HFAYEDH

      React to dlow vs zekka final round

    53. Ashkan Kazemi

      14:15 little does joel know that the guy he was looking at is actually half swedish

    54. roli 153200

      Hy Roomie. You should do a reaction on Marcus Perez:

    55. Transformers Finn

      D low with the awesome liproll

    56. Tristan E

      Loved you getting into this, love watching soclosetotoast for these usually

    57. T i l q

      React to inertia

    58. Christian perez

      Watch SBX tutorial😉

    59. TroyBoi

      React to D-LOW vs B-ART Kickback Battle plzzzzzzzzz!

    60. Daniele Scielzi

      React to the last video of reeps one

    61. Lukas Seles

      Joel you should react to inertia smoke bullet

    62. Trevor Simon

      6:06 The demon I just summoned from hell

    63. Yvea Le Oui

      Thank you for giving visibility to the beatbox community ! Maybe you could try to invite people from this community, to help you learning cool beatboxing stuff, cuz some impressive techniques are actually easy to learn, and just need practice (like throat bass/singing)

    64. Gabriella Mottura

      Hey Joel, please read this! If you want you can translate this. Ragazzi italiani della community, questo è un messaggio per voi. Joel non ha MAI reagito alla musica italiana! So che molti di noi non ascoltano musica italiana ma dobbiamo fare qualcosa. Copiate e incollate questo commento. Joel, we want to see Italian music on this channel! So che insieme ce la faremo.

    65. Emilio Romero

      More of this please!!

    66. Muhamad Faishal

      You should check @berywam for their musicality skills

    67. Wrekless

      6:18 ive been trying for 3-4 months Barely progressed & almost puked trying again just now. Merci. Have good day sir

    68. Dat boi

      I want more 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    69. Yuri_Joseph A_Ortiz

      5:35 though XD

    70. Im mighty Op

      Roomie : that fart sound... Beatbox community: "sick subb bass*🔥

    71. Gaming Is Fun


    72. Milla Jk

      Wait this was the seeding rounds

    73. Milla Jk

      I love d lows the best he was the second one

    74. Pablo Solimeo

      I learnt the inward bass in 30 seconds

    75. LoneDarkHero

      Roomie: Calls Liprolls fart noises Me: *Angry beatboxer fart noises*

    76. MELİH UYAR

      hey roomie do you react to the turkish songs

    77. Conceited Scoundrel

      Try watch trung bao and nme 2019 compilation

    78. Utkarsh Kumar Sahu IIT BHU

      ROOMIE REACT TO IMMORTAL | Indian Evil Bass Prodigy BEATBOX REACTION!!! 🔥 On beat box international . He is dope and his beats are sick......

    79. ParisBtw

      the first dude sounding like the terraria soundtrack

    80. Naoise

      Should check out dudz seeding round he is insanely musical

    81. Calvin


    82. Echo Space

      Please react too all of Zekkas kick back battle rounds so far you'll love them.

    83. Youtube Videos Watcher

      Pin Dharni

    84. TSM beatbox

      13:08 that sound tho

    85. Bad Boy

      imagine Davie504 playing bASS while beatboxing

    86. tree tree

      so much intense vibing

    87. Gravitino100

      I remember watching this show a while back and there was this guy who was a really good beat boxer. Some doctors put a camera tube thing down his throat and found that something in his throat was shaped differently than in other people or something. That's why they can make sounds that normal people cant and layer stuff.

      1. Candies

        That's Tom Thum, he is a legend in beatbox community.

    88. shubh sahu

      React to @saro

    89. Emma Cusick-Mace

      I legit don’t know what it is about beatboxing but listening to it makes me so uncomfortable it’s like asmr any mouth or close sounds just makes me tense. BUT I am always I awe of them and they make my head hurt trying to figure out they do it

    90. UnknownZarbyYT


    91. Jackson Barbier

      He should watch the Fantasy Jam of Napom and Ball-zee and maybe even the Fantasy Battle Both are good but the Fantasy Jam is really nice

    92. Akshat

      Legend says Dilip was born wearing sunglasses 😂

    93. ABL Debbarma

      When you about to die , But you have last word to say 14:45

    94. Swabblio

      Check out DUDZ. He is very good with singing and all

    95. Anthony Basco

      the arranging is called structure in the beatbox world.

    96. Enrique Mayen

      Fun fact: Balstix background is actually the cover of a book called Inside Out And Back again

    97. Ilgmars Rubins

      1:50 *That sounds more like a drone lifting off.* :D

    98. ブラズBlaze

      do more beatbox reactions 😃

    99. Jake Woods

      2:40 he is the most white guy ever 😂

    100. JOY SAMUEL

      Beat boxer's mic : ah shit here we go again